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Rocoso High School RP: CLOSED FOR NOW

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Ooookay, so I'm aware that people won't have a clue what I'm talking about, but that's okay. Basically it's a regular high school that's set in Veilstone City and half the student population has Pokemon. As a result, Pokemon battles are huge. I want to create an RP set in that universe ^^ My plot so far is to have a battling tournament but the twist is that you're also a regular high school student too. It's not much of anything yet, and I'll continue to post here as I develop the plot I want to use. The purpose of this thread so far is to see who would be interested in something like this.

    I wrote a short little one-off set in this high school as well as a wiki entry about it. I'll post links here so you can get an idea of what the high school is like:

    One-off thingy
    Rocoso High School

    Hint: It's totally different from Veilstone High if you read that fic XD

    ...Sooo, you let me know if you're interested ^^;

    EDIT: This RP is currently closed to people joining because we hit the limit of eight. These are the people we have so far.

    Tim Norwind
    Damian Kulash
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  2. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Oho, this seems rather fun ^^

    I'd love to join your RP, Carmi, as it would also give me a chance to unveil my newly refurbished charrie ^^
  3. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    I've been wanting to join a Pokemon/High School PRP for ages, and this one looks really interesting. I'll join, provided that I don't get any surprise assignments and stuff.
  4. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Ooh, I really love this idea, seeing as all of my RP characters are currently fourteen- With the exception of PRP character Nicola, who is sixteen. Apart from being able to reach higher age, I like the idea of combining the boring life at school with the thrill of PokeMon battles.

    Count me in, Carmen~
  5. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Eeeeeeee I've been waiting for a PRP to join for a while now, and boy, do I looove school RPs ¦D

    Count me in. :> This sounds very interesting ♥

    (also, it would be one char per RPer, right? Would it be possible to have another, non-competing character? Just wondering (even though the answer is probably no ¦D) :>)
  6. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Wow, four replies already! I shall get to work on the plot asap ♥

    Actually I think that would be fine because I'm fairly sure my character will have a friend who doesn't compete.
  7. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Sounds really cool. Haven't been RPing in a very long time, so it'd be nice if I could join as well.
  8. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Oohooh, that's wonderful~! ♥ Glad to be part of this <33
  9. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    I'll definitely think about joining this RP if you make it, Carmen. It sounds fun :>

    Now to read the one off!
  10. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Boring life, hmm? I like it. If it is all right, I shall play a senior because I want to add the heckishness of graduation planning and college apps to the normal school routine.
  11. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Carmen this is a great idea ^^

    I'd love to join said PRP if/when it gets going...but it seems to me the first six are already here ^^;;

    I will be keeping a close eye on it, though! ;)
  12. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Thanks for the interest ^^

    I decided to let in the first seven people who replied into the RP. Tailon let me know last night in chat that he also wanted to join so I raised the cap to 8 which would make more sense anyway. So far we have...

    Mio Akiyama

    I'll more than likely be posting a more detailed plot tomorrow. If anyone on that lists loses interest/realizes they can't do it, just let me know here ^^
  13. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Pretty awesome. Will there be a plot, or will it just be what comes along?
  14. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    It'll have a plot (that I'm still typing up ahem), but rather like Diaries, the RP will still be heavily character based;
  15. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    OOC: Double Posting because I'm adding new information and I want it to count as a new post. I have a plot typed up and I'm posting it here to get critiques. If the people in the list agree that it's all right, I'll post the first post (hopefully) sometime this week (I'm studying for a test so I'll do my best XD;)

    It's Spring and Rocoso High School is bustling with even more activity than usual. Why? Because it's that time of the year--Festival Time! \o/ Think of it as homecoming except for Pokemon battles instead of (American) football. Festival lasts two weeks with the second week corresponding with Spring Break. It involves everything that comes with a festival; different clubs setting up their booths, games, and all kinds of other fun! And all of that is just the first week...

    The climax of the festival is definitely the second week when there's no school and the battles begin! Rocoso's battle teams will face off against East Veilstone's--a cross-town rival school with a similar culture. Despite the fact that it's spring break, there is never a lack of an audience for any of the battles because Rocoso's students aren't the only ones interested by far. Anyone interested in battles will be there including traveling trainers and students from other schools. T

    OOC: The eight people in the previous post make up two four man teams. Everyone will be limited to battling with three Pokemon though your character can own more if you want. The regular rules of the RP forum apply of course, but no one can own legendaries of any kind (not even Phione pfft) for obvious reasons. And it's also perfectly fine to have not fully evolved Pokemon too. It doesn't matter what grade your character is in either. I think that covers everything. If anyone has any questions, post them here ^^
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  16. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Excellent, lets add dance worries to the senior! I cannot wait.
  17. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Sounds fine to me, just one question: How do the teams work? Do you mean we group together and battle at the same time (which I cannot picture; having a quadriple battle would be very cluttered), or what? I don't see how...
  18. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    lol, no quadruple battles this time. I was planning on one team engaging in single battles against another four man team while another engages in double battles.
  19. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Ah I see, thats how it works. Thanks. Can't wait to see this up and running - it sounds great.
  20. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Since I know Tailon has asked, and if anyone is still interested...

    With my mountain of school work, I hope to start this the second or third week of December as I have about half of my opening post finished. I just wanted to throw out an actual date so people don't think this is an RP that will never get off the ground.

    Thanks for everyone's patience. ^^
  21. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Oh goodie. It should be indeed fun, and it's nice to know an acutal date. Oh but if you throw it out in the second week, I won't be able to post unless its after the 10th, because I'm away that week till then.
  22. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Good that you set up a date, I was wondering what happened to this RP :) Test week should be over by then so it should be no problemo.
  23. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Oh, that fits my schedule perfectly~ I'm still very much into this RP and I think it'll be a lot of fun~
  24. Re: Rocoso High School RP

    Fits my schedule good, as well. I should be out for Christmas Break on the 13th, so I'll be able to spend time towards this for realz~
  25. Err, sorry EliteFourAutumn, but we already reached the limit of people in the RP. I apologize for not saying that in my first post. ;_; Like, seriously. I'm so sorry. This is my first time running an RP and I forgot to update it.

    But for anyone who was on that list of eight: if you no longer want to take part, just let me know ;)
  26. Double posting because I can and because this is important~

    I'm officially making the first post on Thursday, and it will be...Friday in the RP. That means it takes place on the last day of the School Festival. The battles will start on Monday (we'll likely move through the weekend quickly).
  27. Hee, sounds perfect<3

    I should get to making a character... GoGo Gadget PokeStudent :'D
  28. Yaay! I'll have my first post on Thursday/Friday then, depending on when on Thursday the first post is and whatnot. Not gonna start writing my post before I read the first one in the RP, but I do have two characters planned all ready :> (only one will battle, of course)
  29. Now this is going to be busily awesome for this senior. Applications, dances, festivals...this is going to make for some interesting stressed character.
  30. Crap. I have strep, impetigo, some great infections in some cuts from my old guinea pig cage (I tripped and fell), and eczema. All found out from one doctor's visit after a half a week of feeling crappy. I'm sorry, but due to this, I'm going to have to drop the RP. I am sorry.
  31. :O

    Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Secad. I totally understand and I hope you get well and feel better soon. I hope to make another RP like it in the future so maybe you can join then because you'll definitely be missed ♥
  32. I'm going to be away for a week, and won't be able to come online. Don't wait for me or anything in the RP, I'll just start off from where I was when I get back.
  33. Thanks for the heads up, Aura! I'll probably be setting up the battle brackets soon, so there won't be much catching up. I hope that's all right...
  34. now that theres a space, can i join?
  35. I guess I should update, but there isn't any space. I've already filled one space with someone who asked a while back and I decided not to fill the other space so we would have an even number of eight. I'm sorry...
  36. oh....because i just really wanted to join, and are you restarting the rp soon?
  37. ...Why would we want to restart it? It's going absolutely fine. We do not restart an RP unless it's completely dead.

    Back on topic, I'm wondering if Wyatt and Eli should evolve during the tournament. I don't think Wyatt will evolve, but it might be a grand finale in one of Alexis' battles; And for Eli, I think it would be good to evolve into a Drifblim- Even though that makes him slightly less cute?
  38. I think Eli's evolution would add even more excitement to the RP, I say go for it!

    I myself was wondering how many Pokémon are we expected to have? I mean, will these battles be one-on-ones or should we have full teams of six Pokémon? If one-on-ones are the case, can you have one battle with one Pokémon, and the next with another?
  39. @GalladeMaster998: I do plan to do another version of this RP, but only after this one is finished. But the new version will have VERY DIFFERENT rules and more restrictions.

    @DarkSoul: I'd recommend only evolving one. My character will only have one fully evolved Pokemon, while the others either don't evolve or will be in the second stage of a three stage line.

    @Weeds: The battles will be three on three...so you only need three battling Pokemon xD
  40. Good to know ^^ I already have Shane's team planned out, but I don't want to spoil it just yet >:3

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