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Rocking the boat

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    How many of you would consider yourself activists, or the types of people to take a stand no matter what was at stake? (ie. your reputation, your job, or most extreme scenario - your life) Maybe you're okay with taking a stand but only to certain degrees, on certain issues, etc.?

    Now, for any of us who live quiet, middle class lives in relatively safe jobs - you're probably not putting your life on the line for anything. Usually it's more your rep or job position that'd be in jeporary depending on how you react to certain news or situations. Example: Your boss is treating you/fellow co-workers unfairly. Are you the type of person to let it roll off your back and try to distance yourself from the issue (accepting that's just the way things are), or would you stand up for your rights/someone elses at the risk of losing your job?

    My mom is actually my inspiration for asking this. She's the type who seems to run face-first into "scandals" but shies away from taking a stand if her job is at risk (government funded position). If it's not government related she's completely gungho, but if it gets political she tends to be all talk, no action (and I'm talking ranting hours on end about these things for week after week). One of the recent things irking her I've thought of ways to deal with (how to get the news out without revealing herself as the submitter), but she's still worried that if she says anything it'll get back to her somehow... so she might not do anything, just continue to angerily rant at me about it :p

    I guess since I have few debts, risking a job in order to stand up for myself doesn't really scare me if some good might come about from it. Or so I say. I've never really been faced with something like that, so maybe I'm all talk and no action too? (Most I've done is "kindly" correct people - ie. previous boss, a few University instructors - when they're talking down to me) Taking a stand on a forum doesn't really count either XP

    Stories are the best way to show what you're made of (or not made of ;)). Anyone have any? Tell us of times you took a stand in a risky situation (and what resulted) or cases where you wish you had, but didn't.
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Honestly, I don't find myself in this situation that much 'cos I'm pretty apathetic about the human race and its activities in general >>.

    The only example I can really think of is from Pokeschool where I spent literally an entire night doing nothing more than fighting with Chedy when he did his whole board transfer bullshit. Of course, the worst that could have happened there was that I got banned - so it's hardly that much of an epic struggle...

    If something happened that I -did- care enough about though, I'd probably fight tooth and nail for it. Like - if anything happened regarding the running of this site, by now I'd drop everything at an instant to fight to keep Pokecharms going.

    Though I'd really rather that never happen >>.
  3. ....

    We totally did this during school today. The Language Arts (English) teacher that I have had this "check system". On the blackboard, are five checks. Each time we get too loud, he erases one. If they all go, we stay after lunch. Rather juvenile, yes, but it worked.

    Yesterday, we had a writing prompt to write to a teacher or someone about a rule we disagreed with. The entire class hates that Check System. I was the one who had enough balls to write about it. After I had read my piece (Which, based on reaction, may have been the best thing I've written in that class, second maybe to my 9\11 paper) he agreed to get rid of the rule.

    Today, we came in, and nobody said a single word. It was our way of taking a stand, and proving we could be quiet.

    Of course, nobody answered his questions, either. That made him a bit upset, and a few of us, which he no doubt could tell were the "ringleaders" so to speak, stayed behind a few minutes to discuss it. Thankfully, no punishments, he just explained to us how it was like a slap in the face to him.

    Not the most amazing thing ever but meh.
  4. Our college has about three walk-outs every Semester. I don't think I've ever seen anyone other than upperclassmen participating in them though. But basically our college is a ticking time bomb of activists waiting to explode. Ironically enough, we're the country's leading university and get most of our fundings from the same source we're protesting to. Biting the hand that feeds us? totally.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    As a Libra through and though, I hate conflict of any sort. Generally, I'd rather keep quiet about something, rather than cause a fuss or an argument. If my boss (There are five of them in my part-time Supermarket job) has a go at me or isn't helping like the say they will, I tend to just simmer about it inside for a while, but ultimately I get on with it. That being said, I won't tolerate it when anyone treats my friends that way. Working behind the customer service desk, people tend to vent their dissatisfaction or anger on me, or whomever is in their at the time. When it's me, I just listen to them rant and try to help as best I can, without taking any of their comments to heart, because I know they aren't really angry at me, just at the Supermarket (often with good reason, to).
    Others however, especially the younger workers or newer ones don't handle it very well.

    There was one time that we were down by a couple of staff members and the queues for the checkouts were rather long, which is annoying to anyone even slightly in a rush. As I came into work to begin my shift, I spoke to the girl in the kiosk to ask her what I'd be doing that day (There is a rota in the kiosk). A customer suddenly started having a right go at us, though mainly this other girl, for talking and not doing her job. She went on for a little while. The girl said it was because we were understaffed and that it wasn't her fault. The woman started to be threatened and the girl was getting upset, so I took the woman to one side and told her that if she wanted to talk to a manger, I'd happily go and get him/her, but please don't yell at the staff who are already doing their best. She calmed down and asked to see the manager. On my way upstairs to get ready, I asked the manager (who was the main manager) to go see her.

    When I came back down the girl was close to tears, saying that the manager had told her off for not doing her job properly and telling customers we're understaffed. Well I'm sorry, but that's not right. Mangers are there to back up staff members, not upset them. I went and found him and told him so. I said yes, she'd said about us being understaffed, but the woman had been quite aggressive towards her. I had a fair rant and later, before the girl went home she said that he'd apologised to her.

    It's not a life-threatening situation or anything, but talking back to a manger, let alone telling one off is never a good idea, especially with him being the main one. He could have fired my ass right then and there. Like I said, I'd never have stood up for myself like that, but friends are different.

    I've also defended a tree from the Council, but I think this post is too long already XD
  6. I always take the stand for everyone if their too scared to stand up for themselves, cause in our school, we have some pretty mean teachers or at home against my father sometimes. Most of the time, it get's me into more trouble then I need, but I need to voice my opinion or it will nag at me until I just unload onto some random person that happens to be next to me.

    But yeah, I fight for my beliefs and such. I once risked my whole entire school career by telling off the vice principle when she threaten to suspend me because I was sitting with a bunch of my friends who she thought were the lowest scum in the world and she threatened to suspend one of my friends because of something stupid and that pissed me off, so I called her a thundercunt and flipped her off, it wasn't my brightest moment, but she needed it so bad. I nearly lost my education because of the woman, but it turned out okay in the end.

    I fight in what I believe, even if it means I have to go against someone dear or higher up then me.
  7. Ehm... Yeah... I don't really take a stand for much. I fume, I cry, I get pissed off, but I don't go and say anything. Most of the time.

    Last semester we were working on our finals. One of my classes, which I got put into because the ASL teacher got a better job at the college, was basically student council without being voted in. It wasn't fun or really helpful, we just sold stuff and decorated the school. I gritted my teeth and bore it, but working on the finals was the last straw. It was a speech on a leader, which had nothing to do with the class. The worst thing was that our teacher wouldn't let us listen to our MP3s. She put on the radio instead, which was a rap/hip hop station. I was listening to mine when she said take it off and I argued that the radio was worst than what I was listening to. She turned off the radio and took my MP3 for the rest of the class. For me, it really didn't help anything at all. I was just frustrated and tired of that class, and I'm really glad I don't have it anymore.

    With my religion, I used feel my blood boil if someone got a detail wrong and/or was bashing it. But now I just let it roll of my back, smile, and correct them. Much more simple and satisfying.​
  8. I've been an activist for several years, granted not one of those constantly preaching ones, but I'm the kind that sets up and collects signatures for petitions, goes to protests occasionally, and things like that.

    I've written to members of parliament, participated in debates with politicians, and emailed one of the daily politics shows on BBC about a year ago and completely shut up Jaquie Smith (our ridiculous home secretary) about the safety of the country's drug laws, basically counter arguing every one of her points in my initial email to point out how rehearsed the governments lines are about certain laws and how they're completely false.

    I mostly tend to be up in arms in regards to animal rights and drug laws. Drug laws I protest because they do the reverse of their intended use of keeping people safe. And Animal rights I see as being important because there are so many crimes against animals that people never get punished for, some of which are just disgusting and make you think, how the hell could people do that to an animal *shudders*
  9. Anyone that knows me would understand how much respect means to me. This can result in very different situations. I am great friends with people who respect me, and I give it all back and then some. I have professors that are my friends, that have probably developed because I decided to speak my mind. On the other hand, if someone looks down on me.. I can be a menace. I've never been one to be intimidated. Not by people at "my level" or authority. If I had to give myself a title of justice, it'd be "chaotic good." :p I tend to do things my way because I believe it to be a fair and the right way.

    Anyhow, throughout my life I have stood up to especially teachers. For some reason they often feel that they are higher than their students and because of this, treat them like crap. (I'm generalizing, of course. There are many fair and wonderful people out their with teaching as their profession.) I've never put up with this. I refuse to be intimidated. This would often result in days in the office at my middle school because the teachers didn't know how to get me to do what they wanted. They had lost my respect. There was no way I'd follow what they wanted me to do. I'm sure I'm an extreme case, here.. and this may get me into trouble in the future with potential jobs.

    What I find frustrating about this world is that despite how strongly you may feel about something, it's so hard to be heard. As one person, there's really not much you can do. You have no influence.. and the people that do have it seem to be blinded by power. It's very hard to make a difference. My brother would say one of the best things to counter this would be to make sure everyone continues to educate themselves, and not blindly accept what's being broadcast on the evil box known as "TV."
  10. I'm not one to make a stand...

    While some stupid spot covered youth, with his tracksuit bottoms somehow clinging onto his hips plays his music at the back of the bus... I won't encounter him and say "Turn it down". Instead, I would put in my ear phones and home my tunes drown his out. Ahh well, that's me...
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  11. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    *raises hand*

    Well, our PE coaches are all racist and sexist. Like, all of them, no joke. One of them in particular is extremely racist against Asians (which over 50% of my school is) and puts people into extremely stereotypical categories. Anyways, once, she made all of the boys sit out just because three of them were being stupid (as in throwing volley balls at each other HARD just for fun). I got really pissed, so I went up to her and told her that it wasn't fair to make all of them sit out.

    Then she went all, "Hey, you don't tell me how to run my job. I'm the teacher here, now go sit back down." I was totally shocked, so when I tried to tell her again that it wasn't fair and I was only giving her my opinnion, she told me to go into her "office" to have a talk. After that, she kept going on and on about how she was sick of "me" going all rebellious against her all the time. Then she called my dad and told him what happened.

    And good thing is that my dad supported me and hated Coach Burch from then on, and my mom told me to tell her that "stupid people and smart people don't mix".

    I tend to feel really bad when people are treated badly just because they're, well, different. Or don't talk much. Or something. Usually I find myself making friends with the new kid at school and stuffs (though I'm not really as goodie-good as I seem to make myself sound, trust me...).

    I hate people who're biased just based on looks, race, gender, etc.

    Also, maybe not the best example, but I still hate that stupid Coach. As do all of my friends. And even when my friends and I complain very loudly during Geometry (as EVERYONE in that class, yes, everyone, even the person who always disagrees with others, hates her), the teacher doesn't care. My US History teacher also tends to dislike her. So I thought I needed a place to rant about her and stuffs, and here was the topic. ^^;

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