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Rocket's Teamup! (multi-player)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kit Katy, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    She has a secret...

    Little Yolei longed for the chance to join some sort of pokemon fan-base. When receiving a letter through the mail, a red envelope with a seal in the shape of a big bold 'R', Yolei jumped for the chance to be part of the infamous and often frowned upon group; Team Rocket. It didn't matter in Yolei's eyes wither the group did good or bad. She wanted to be known. She wanted the glory and the opportunity to prove herself in the battlefield.

    Sure she could've been a trainer, which her parents insisted on after hearing the news of the invite. She could've even tried to be a gym leader or a breeder for that matter. What fun was it though? There's more adventure, more fun, in doing missions and sneaking about. Despite the heartbroken tears of her mother and the booming shouts of rage from her father, Yolei stood at the Team Rocket headquarters with three of her treasured pokemon at her side; Meowth, Raichu, and Magmar.

    Guards stood on both sides with hands behind their backs. They wore black uniforms with the same large crimson R embroidered on their chests. Little Yolei, age 13 but mirrored around 7, stood agape at them with flowing lavender locks and fogged black glasses. The guards stared at her funny, for she did the same to them!
    "Scram kid! Head back home," the guard on the left demanded.
    "Yeah, before you get yourself into trouble," the guard on the right added with a sneer.

    Yolei scowled at them. "No. I was invited here! See?!?" she snapped at them while shoving the invitation into their faces. The two scanned the letter with bewilderment. "Our appologies m'am. Please proceed," the guard on the left said grudgingly. Yolei smirked, then marched into the tall structure that laid hidden in thick marshy lands.

    "I guess some of the members aren't doing a good enough job. Geovanni, though, would he really consider bringing in a child? Is he that desperate?" one of the guards murmured. Yolei paused at the door to eve's drop. "I don't know. I try not to get involved, as you should to," the other growled back. "Alright, alright...I was just asking..."

    When they turned silent again, Yolei headed inside.


    The building's interior consisted of cubbie desks, the type Yolei's father had at work, people dressed in black rushing about, and flashing monitors high up in the air with a map of Striaton city accompanied by a few hundred blinking red dots. Yolei circled around to see every inch of the place. A few passerbyers spotted her.

    "Hey, are you one of the newbies?" one man asked. Yolei nodded, presented the letter. "Use the elevator and go to floor 3. The boss is having a meeting with you new folk. Hurry along! You're already late as it is!"
    Late? Yolei spun around once more, then raced to the elevator. Once inside, she turned to wave at the helpful man, but saw that he no longer had any interest in her and had gone back to whatever he was doing before her arrival.

    Ding. Ding. Ding. "You have arrived on floor 3, watch your step," an electronic voice above stated. Yolei exited and entered a wide spaced room with a small group of new comers. Finding a seat, she waited for the leader to enter the room. While she waited, Yolei looked at the other soon-to-be members. Would she work solo, or with a group? She hoped a group. Solo was so boring!
  2. Eevee cried out as her cage was picked up from the lab. Was she going to die? What was going on? Eevee thought that the humans would be happy with her. They had achieved their goal of Eevee being able to transform at will, and still be able to change back to a Eevee or a different evolution. "man.. I wish I was the member who got this Pokemon..." The man carrying her said. She cowered in the corner of the cage, waiting for her fate. They man brought her to a room with many other humans. "Ah, mrs. Yolei, you have been chosen to work with this Eevee. Good luck." He handed the cage to the girl.

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