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Rock The Dragon

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rex, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    ---Red Ribbon Temporary Headquarters---
    -Several hours ago-

    The desert winds blew against numerous tents and vehicles. This small outpost was the current base of the reformed Red Ribbon Army, a splinter cell of Red Pants. This day was the organization’s one year anniversary. More importantly, today would be the day the organization made itself known. After one year of conscriptions, traditional recruitment, training, and, to be honest, a healthy dose of espionage and theft, the Red Ribbon Army had swelled in ranks. They were large enough, in fact, to afford to send a large number of troops out and still have enough to defend themselves.

    Colonel Stanford Crimson was alone in his tent, planning an assault that would make or break the Red Ribbon. Two 1300 men battalions, 2600 troops. Their target was West City, home of the Capsule Corporation. The headquarters of that building would be their new base of operations. They would have West City’s extensive wealth and population at their fingertips. Not to mention the awesome technological power of Capsule Corporation.

    Two majors would be controlling the battalions. Traditionally men of their rank controlled fewer troops, but battalions were normally left to colonels, and being the only one in the army, Crimson couldn’t spare himself, especially seeing as he was the group’s leader. If all went well, there may be a round of promotions. Crimson might even have to give himself one, seeing as his majors were only a pair of ranks below he already was.

    Their men wouldn’t be unarmed, of course. Red Ribbon had, through various means, acquired enough Battle Jackets to equip two complete companies of 225 men each. One of their majors would also be going into the battle in his own Battle Jacket, though his comrade, one Major Saffron, had opted against the suit. Each of the battalions also had a company of tanks, operated by a driver and a man on the turret. 450 men ran 225 tanks per battalion. That left 625 men in both battalions operating with just their firearms. It was the best they could manage.

    “Corporal Zaffre,” Crimson called.

    Near instantly, the polecat was by his side, buttoning his coat and fixing his hat. Crimson could tell the heat got to a number of their soldiers, affecting the animals worse of all. Living in the desert was bad for moral, but it was the only place close to West City that was rarely traversed. With today, they would either capture the city and move in, or fail and flee the area. Either way, this would be one of the last times Crimson would force his men to endure a desert home base.

    Crimson offered the polecat an envelope. Inside were his orders. Without a word, the Corporal accepted it, and, as quickly as he had arrived, he was gone again.

    ---Outside West City---
    -Present Time-

    Major Linus Saffron accepted the letter offered to him by the messenger. Zaffre was Crimson’s personal assistant, if he was here, the message was from the colonel himself. And, reading it over, Saffron had to say, it was quite the order.

    “Colonel Crimson wishes for me to lead my men to take the Capsule Corporation’s headquarters?” He said.

    “Yes sir,” the polecat replied, “City Hall will be covered by Major Fuchsia. Once the two of you have set up temporary bases, you’ll spread out from there until the entire city belongs to Red Ribbon.”

    “And this can be accomplished with only two and a half thousand men?” Saffron asked, handing the paper back to the Corporal.

    “Colonel Crimson trusts in your abilities,” Zaffre replied, “Once you’ve gotten the city under some measure of control, the Colonel will lead our comrades into the city himself.”

    “You mean once you tell him the city is under control, and he leads the troops here from the desert,” Saffron corrected, “Under forced march, it’ll take a day for everyone to get out here, and that’s not factoring in the time it takes you to get here.”

    The major paused for a moment, before sighing. “Fuck it. An order’s and order.” He turned to his gathered soldiers, “Alright men, order’s from HQ. We take Capsule Co., we take West City! Major Fuchsia and his men have no doubt already mobilized. We won’t let him show us up, now will we?”

    A chorus of “No, Sir!” resounded from the gathered men.

    Saffron smirked, “We march in five minutes, prepare yourselves!”


    Within half an hour, West City was burning.
  2. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    West City was burning, and a young martial artist named Josei was caught in the middle of it. He had been training in a public park when the Red Ribbon had attacked the city in droves. For a fighter of his skill, the soldiers were easy to fight off, and even now his black hair remained slicked down and his forest green gi remained mostly untouched. However, he was growing tired, and numbers could soon overwhelm him.

    Another group of soldiers rounded a street corner, and Josei turned to face them, taking on the distinctive starting stance of the Crane School of martial arts. Some of the soldiers seemed to realize early what was happening and opened fire, but not before an aura of energy burst out of the young man standing in the street and he easily sidestepped some of the bullets, catching several others in his hand with even more simply deflecting off of his skin as if they had just struck reinforced steel. Seeing this, the soldiers slowly began to back off, but Josei charged them faster than their eyes could process, knocking most of them out with short, swift strikes. Having dealt with them, Josei’s aura flared and he leapt forward, taking flight and climbing until he could see the entire city.

    Far below, Josei spotted tanks moving through the streets, causing massive damage. He flew over one of the offending machines and aimed his pointer finger at them. A point of yellow light appeared at the end of his finger, and was fired forward into the tank as a thin beam, causing it to explode, unfortunately killing some of the men near it and knocking out several more from the pressure wave. Josei nodded to himself, his aura flaring up again as he flew in the direction of some new explosions.

    As he arrived near the sound, Josei found a small group of large, mechanical suits of armor. The young martial artist was unfamiliar with the machines, however, he dropped down to the ground to confront the one that seemed to be leading the group.
  3. If he was a second slower in dodging, Rasiel would've had a gaping hole in his torso...if he was a second slower. Fortunately for the Namekian, he was anything but. For now. And as helpful as it was to either deflect a bullet or regenerate where it hit, tank cannonades were far more powerful, almost like a physical variant of a ki blast.

    The attack on West City by the Red Ribbon army was swift and unprepared for. Apart from himself, Rasiel had maybe seen only a small handful of people fighting back. Not exactly good odds. A large number of buildings were on fire, and all of that smoke clouded Rasiel from seeing the scene from the sky, forcing him to fight closer to the ground than he would like.

    Being Namekian, Rasiel was similar to humans in appearance, but instead had green skin, large pointed ears, and two antennae on his forehead. Over white pants and brown shoes, he wore a blue gi and a purple belt. His gi bore the symbol of a Namekian Warrior over the left breast, a testament to his heritage.

    Turning his attention back to the tank, Rasiel focused his ki and let loose a golden-orange beam from his mouth, obliterating the tank and a small part of the road with it. Temporary obstacle removed, he raced through the streets, calling on his training as a Namekian Warrior to quickly dispatch some of the ground troops. Another tank not too far away fired, but instead of hitting Rasiel, hit a higher part of one the building directly behind him.

    The green-skinned warrior raised his hands above his head and fired a brilliant golden beam, reducing the falling rubble to ashes. A little ways off, Rasiel heard some explosions, but with a slight variance to them that he hadn't hard before. A new weapon? Intrigued, he ignited his aura and flew over, ignoring troops and tanks for the sake of his own curiosity.
  4. Ten-Sei was shocked to see soldiers parading through West City as if they already owned it. He began questioning the amount of soldiers and leapt into the trees and up onto rooftops. He stopped short when a bullet whizzed by his shoulder tearing the fabric of his gi. He turned and looked to the soldier that shot at him, the soldier looked serious about injuring or killing him.
    "Well now aren't you brave." Ten-Sei said with a smile as he jumped toward the soldier allowing the aura surround him as he landed a few yards from the soldier. The soldier began threatening him but he ignored him aLs he pulled his sword and took the starting stance he was taught. The soldier opened fire and Ten-Sei deflected any shot that came close to being a hit before charging the soldier as he was reloading his weapon. Ten-Sei jumped and kicked the gun from the mans hands before landing and spinning on his heel to stab through his chest. After watching the man fall Ten-Sei heard the shuffling of boots and turned to see a group of soldiers coming around a corner.
    "This should be excellent training...or maybe a simple warm up." He said wiping the blood from his swrod as he spoke.
  5. It was a day like any other day, and Majin Ko was spending it the way he normally would; wandering the city and looking around for anything that struck his fancy. Currently that meant participating in a game of double dutch that a small group of children were hosting on a street corner not far from his home. It was a fun game, and the pink creature was fascinated as he passed by; that tended to happen when Ko saw something that looked fun. Curiosity tended to get the better of him.

    It seemed that the day would continue without a hitch, until the explosions started. The Majin sensed them before they fired a single shell, a group of people moving toward the city, but he never thought for a second that they would fire upon the city.

    The explosions started at the edge of town and spread quickly. A shell fell toward Ko and kids he was with, and with a speed too fast for the human eye to follow, the Majin grabbed the kids and flew away from the resulting explosion.

    Setting down a few blocks away, he put the kids down and turned toward the nearest group of attackers, "get somewhere safe," he said to the children as he disappeared again, speeding toward a group of soldiers.

    It didn't take long for him to sense that there were others fighting the invaders, people who had a power similar to his. Maybe the city still stood a fighting chance, but the buildings around him burned and people panicked; the chance was slim.

    A group of soldiers marched down a wide street and Majin Ko set down at the end of the street, looking at the men with a vague interest. "Get out of my city," he said softly, not really to the men so much as to the idea of invaders disrupting his simple life. He lifted his hand and pointed his palm toward the rows of marching soldiers, releasing his ki he blew a group of enemies away easily.

    "Boring," he sighed, watching the rows of soldiers scatter in the confusion. Within a split second he was flying off toward a more potent threat, trying to at least salvage some semblance of fun from his day.
  6. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    With most of the city's forces attempting to defend either the civilians or City Hall, it wasn't hard for Major Saffron to lead his to Capsule Co. The building, while large, was quickly overwhelmed and captured by the well trained soldiers. Men patrolled the halls searching for any remaining resistance. The building itself was almost undamaged, Saffron having ordered his men to keep it in one piece. The technology of Capsule Co. would be a welcome addition to the Red Ribbon's arsenal.

    In fact, this part of the city was eerily quiet. Explosions rang out in the distance, and large parts of the city were still on fire. But the area around Capsule Co. was already well within Red Ribbon control. City Hall was truly the primary theater in this battle.

    Saffron, for his part, was standing in front of the entrance to the giant building, Zaffre at his side. Red Ribbon soldiers had set up barricades along the streets leading to the building, and had set up sniper nests and checkpoints. They were prepared to hold this position until Colonel Crimson arrived. But before that could happen, they had to get an all clear from Fuchsia.

    Saffron pulled a walkie from his coat and pushed the button in. "Fuchsia, we're cooling our heels here. Have you taken City Hall yet?"

    "We've encountered heavy resistance," the call came back, "Shouldn't take us more than another ten minutes, though."


    On the other side of the city, Major Fuchsia personally lead his company of Battle Jacket wearing soldiers towards City Hall. Things were going well. The mechanized suits of armor held up extremely well against conventional arms fire. City Hall was within viewing distance. No doubt foot soldiers and tanks were convening on it from all directions.

    However, Fuchsia's progression towards City Hall wouldn't be as smooth has he would have liked. A man fell from the sky in front of him, and struck a pose that Fuchsia found somewhat familiar. Thinking nothing of it, he fired a Blaster shot at the man with his suit's right arm.

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