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Roaming Legendaries

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Sanae Kochiya, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. In pokemon heart gold, soul silver, diamond, pearl, and platinum there where roaming legendaries. They were all hard to catch, but which one was the hardest for you?

    For me it was Mesprit
  2. Gosh, catching Cresselia in Diamond was hideous. It took me years, hundreds of balls, and lots of time. Then, one day on vacation, just messing around, I caught her!
  3. Ikr....when my golbat finally learned mean look everything became easier
  4. For whatever reason in SS Entei refuses to be caught. It's very frustrating. Get into the pokeball already!
  5. In my original run through of Crystal, I never caught any of the dogs... But the second time around I figured out how they moved around and it was relatively easy.
    Latias and Latios were annoying... just hucked a Masterball at thems.
    Cress and Mess (lololol) were easy because of the tracker thing on the Poketech. Annoying, but easy.
  6. Gosh, I'm currently trying to catch the two dogs running around in Soul Silver. However, even when I put them to sleep, they still run away. How does that work?!
  7. Ah the roaming legendaries... good times.. goood times.

    Now, if you've ever read my post in the fav legendary thread, you'll know about how I encountered Raikou. But, I'll tell you anyhow 8D

    Raikou was an odd one for me. He was the first legendary dog I met in Silver, then the first in Crystal, both within the routes between Ecruteak and Olivine. He was also the first I found in Soul Silver. I encountered him three times in Soul SIlver before Entei even came up. Afterwards, I captured him with a Fast Ball back in the same route I first met him in, which was, again, that route between Ecruteak and Olivine.

    However, I have an amsuing story for the Latios in Ruby I dealt with.

    In my Ruby, I encountered Latios right in the first route. Now, I wasn't exactly familiar with Latios yet, and I just thought he would stay there. So, I send out my Breloom to Mach Punch it. HOWEVER, it ran away after I hit it. Next time I encountered it was out in the Oceaninc routes between Pacifidlog and Evergrande, where my Dusclops managed to put it to sleep. IT FRICKEN' RAN AWAY!! Then, I encountered it in the forest route leading to Fortree. I managed to get Sableye to confuse him, but he ran away again! Finally, I encountered the fellow near the abandoned ship, where I cut him off with Crobat's Mean Look. I threw I don't know how many Ultra Balls with it on 3 HP. Then, I finally caught it with a Timer Ball. I wanted to nickname him "Scaredy Britches", but it wouldn't fit. So, I just left his name alone.
  8. Mine? latias, why? the first time i saw it i killed it by mistake thinking it was another random pokemon, so had to spend even more time just to find it again. never mind the pain and torment i went through just to get it
  9. Entei pissed me off last night. I was just casually going to Ecruteak when he appeared, broke out of my Fast Ball after shaking it once and then fleeing. I'll get you Entei...one of these days >:|
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I've never found any of them particularly easy to catch, unless you're chucking a Master Ball at 'em. Out of them all however, Entei and Raikou definitely annoy me the most. Maybe it's because I never gave Mespirit/Cresselia or Latios/Latias the chance to be annoying, but being roared at by Entei/Raikou while they're awake and having 'em refuse to be caught while they're at asleep at 1 HP almost drove me batshit in SS.

    For Entei in particular, I had a scarfed Snorlax with Block, a False Swipe Marowak, and a Smeargle with Spore... and the process of catching it went on for AGES. Tried all of my fancy PokeBalls from Kurt AND numerous Dusk Balls... The bastard just wouldn't stay caught. When it finally DID stay in the 'ball I bloody cheered.

    Stupid roaming legendaries. I'm dreading Isshu's already. :p
  11. Entei in LeafGreen was fucking annoying! It took me an entire Red Bull-fueled night with only a simple Wobbuffet and a whole homeless lady's shopping cart's worth of Ultra Balls, but I finally got the stupid thing to stay put.
  12. Really the newer ones I had more problems with than the older ones. Mespirit was pretty challenging but not as challenging as Latias was for me, Cresselia was indeed the most annoying to go after. It's like trying to catch a Chansey in the Safari Zone but have that SLIGHT chance to do damage first.

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