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DPPt/HGSS RMETBIHTHU ( Rate my elite team before i have to hurt u )

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by LizardCharmer, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Gengar@Timid
    Wise Glasses
    252 Spd/252 Atk/6 Hp
    Shadow Ball

    Life Orb
    252 Spd/128 Atk/128 SAt
    Close Comat

    Focus Sash
    252 Spd/252 Atk/6 Hp
    Brick Break

    Shell Bell
    252 Spd/80 Atk/178 Hp
    Water Fall
    Stone Egde

    252 Hp/252 Def/6 Atk
    Leech Seed
    Power Whip

    252 Hp/252 Def/6 SAt

    Clinic Edit Jetters: Edited stuff out to lessen the SPAM around here. Also, editing it again. And no.
  2. Jeydis

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    That's a crappy song and thats an average OU team, id slap hypnosis on gengar for an opener. Rest of the team is pretty standard and seems ok. Your attitude about battling could use a bit of polish.
  3. I thought about Hypnosis but I got sleep powder...wait no I dont. Alright I will go with Hypnosis. Actually, something else might be better. I already got TWave AND Toxic, and it will be kinda hard to sleep something that needs to be asleep ( like a Ninjask on a switch, or a Swampter with a few curses up ) if its psn'd/para'd. I'll list a few of my idea's. And that song is not crappy.... and whats wrong with my battling attitude?
  4. Jeydis

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    the thing is you just hypnosis before they become a threat. dont wait until they cursed too many times just hypno as quickly as you can. As for that ong is probably the worse song to come out of europe and as for your attitude its just the terms used and the "leet" and "own" etc. that I dont like. Reminds me of the jerks I used to play WC3 with. Its just bad vibes I guess, no offense intended.

    If you really dont want hypnosis id consider Focus Blast and just slap some choice on him. Scarf would be best.
    Wouldnt be as good an opener in my opinion but it makes great fun of alot of stuff.
  5. I understand thet uses of Hypnosis I just dont trust its low accu even WITH wide lens or zoom lens. Same for Focus Blast. And dude that song owns! U know what I am going to play it right now on youtube. And terms like Leet and Own are the back bone of competitive gameplay on any game.
  6. Jeydis

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    Hmm alrighty then how about Hidden power Ice? Explosion can be pretty neat too if you dont like low accuracy.
  7. I dont want an all attack set though (Finish you words damnit!)
  8. Jeydis

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    Your a picky one, too bad too cuz choice gengar works wonders. Well substitute for me then.
  9. I was thinkin substitute too and give it a petaya berry? I know choice sets work wonders I just dont like them ; \
  10. Jeydis

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    Id say stick to Wise Glasses or Leftovers would be even better. The point of sub on this feller is not to get him low on purpose but to just use as cover.
  11. I get whatchya mean. I think this is a good idea

    Every so often, like every several battles, II'll use either WoW or Sub, just to make my opponents think " Okay wuts his non offense move..I gotta pray its not WoW " or " Please dont sub please dont sub please dont sub"

    lol I think that'd be cool
  12. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    For Blissey, swap Thunder Wave for Seismic Toss. Your current Blissey moveset has a weakness to anyone who uses Substitutes, and since most Subbers use Focus Punch, you'll want some way to stop anyone who tries this. Only problem with Seismic Toss is you can only get it from FireRed/LeafGreen, but I think Seismic Toss is worth it - not many Pokemon are capable of having a 101+ HP Sub as well as a Focus Punch strong enough to OHKO Blissey.
  13. ...? Lose...thunderwave? I cant! Thunder wave is team support man! It slows down stuff that Infernape is outsped or owned by ( like Salamence and Alakazam ) when Weavile is dead, and it makes it where Gengar can sub more safely!

    I understand what your saying, I just need thunder wave. Siesmis Toss is suckage I hate it it blows.

    --- In all passing of uberness,
    The Lizard Charmer

  14. Okay...Double Posting is against the rules at 'Charms here. We do have an edit button to add comments like that after. I suggest you edit that comment into your previous post, or I will delete it.
  15. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... So. I'm not around for a few days and this is what happens.

    (sigh) my, my, my. The idiots have been allowed to breed once again, and as usual, it is time to break out DAS BOOT and dispense some indiscriminate justice.

    ... What IS your major malfunction, LizardCharmer (aside from the ungodly length of your signature and the way you titled your topic, which ALONE would warrant a rapid DAS BOOT to the head... and another one for Jenny and the Wimp)? Well, let us take a look at this thread and find out, shall we? ^^

    For one, the SPAM. I haven't seen it but I trust the almighty Clinic Slave enough to know that if there was SPAM, it was serious SPAM. Also, double posts, and being told off numerous times... and yet the offenses continue.

    See, here in Pok
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