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Open Rivals!

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by donald.duck, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. I think yes, but you should contact the creator of rp, i guess

    Also is this end of this day? Do we roll to another?
  2. I'm fine with going to next day
  3. Please do, I can't wait for school to start so I can get my characters rolling
  4. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Im fine with it, fast lightning is just sleeping home
  5. So, are we gonna skip to the next day or.....?
  6. @Barefoot_Kittens, I'll tag right now the creator of rp. If he doesn't replay today I think it'll be ok to roll to another.

    @J-DWAG, hey, are you with us? Do you mind if we'll roll to the next day?
  7. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Umm yea ive been wondering that... i only replied so i know the rp doesnt die
  8. Yeaahhh. I think we should skip to the next day as you did
    I'll write the post about it right now
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  9. I'm gonna go ahead and post as well. Just kinda setting my characters up.
  10. Oookay... since J-DAWG hasn't been responding to our calls, I'm going to just add in two new characters...

    Name: Ellie McCain
    Role: Student
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Ellie is a smaller girl, with short blonde hair. She wears a purple hoodie and jeans, and appears kinda gloomy most of the time. She has grey eyes, and usually has earbuds in her ears. Ellie often carries around a backpack as well, and looks pretty wimpy.
    Quirk: Negation (Type: Aura)
    Quirk Explanation: Practically all people with quirks within 20 feet of Ellie have their quirks negated. Ellie does not have control over this power. When she gets scared, it can 'flare up' and weaken people with quirks at the cost of quickly tiring out Ellie. Once Ellie looses consciousness the aura disappears.
    Personality: Ellie tends to keep to herself. She keeps away from the other students... or maybe the other students don't like to be around her. It's a little hard to tell. Either way, Ellie doesn't talk to many of the students and is quite timid. She doesn't like fighting, and doesn't have many close friends.

    Name: Micheal Rodriguez
    Role: Headmaster
    Age: 35
    Appearance: Micheal is a taller man, with well kept brown hair and blues eyes. Pretty much always wears a suit, which covers up his tattoos. Micheal has tattoos all over his body. The most visible ones are flame tattoos on the backs of his hands.
    Quirk: Tattoos (Type: I don't know)
    Quirk Explanation: The different tattoos on his body give him various powers. He can only keep them active one power at a time.
    Personality: Headmaster Micheal has an upbeat attitude, running the school with the best of his ability. He turned down an offer from the Hero League to become an official Pro-Hero so he could focus on running his school. Micheal keeps a kindhearted attitude, genuinely caring about the students in his school.
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  11. So, actually, how about we discuss a little plot for rp?
    I guess, that J-DWAG had their own plot for rp but since they gone I think we need to come up with another so the rp will be interesting a little bit more :д

    As I mentioned already in my posts how about that there are exists the villain organization, that recruits teens in it? And lately since they have a big number of kids, they started to use them for their evil plans? :?
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  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    That sounds pretty good, but who are the organisation
  13. Well, if the quetion about organization itself, then I think we can call them "The Orphanage". They usually recruits teens and kids from other not-good orphanages, unstable families that abuses their children and etc. They grow their children with hatred to other humanity and when the kids grow a little bit it's time for them to pay to The Orphanage by doing evil stuff. For example rob the banks, steal stuff, maybe even some more serious crimes...

    And if quetion about who will play as them, then I can take a few people, who runs The Orphanage and some kids from there. But I'll be happy if somebody also takes characters for this organization and not only kids! :д
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  14. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    .....that could be good *in my mind* "AND THEN WE DO AN ALL OUT BRAWL!
    *back to reality* seems good
  15. @Barefoot_Kittens

    So... sCrosshair's quirk doesn't effect Crosshair himself, instead usually effecting things around him. Does that mean if Crosshair punches Tokaji, his quirk won't activate?
  16. @Captain Cardboard yep, fully aware of that. However, Tokaji doesn't know exactly what Crosshair's quirk is so he is kinda just taking a gamble and hoping his quirk will save his butt. I guess you just gotta learn some things the hard way XD. Tokaji really just wants to get some details on the fight that Crosshairs was involved in, but if it escalates to their own brawl then that's what happens.
  17. @Shadow_Pup Just to let you know there is not actual mugging. Tokaji is just luring Crosshair into the alley, you can just say that Bellamy saw the pro-hero and went after him anyways.
  18. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Ok sorry misinterpreted
  19. So, I've been noticing a few things...

    it's a bit strange how there's a lack of heroes in our RP so far. I mean, with villains like Bellamy and King just walking around and causing chaos, you'd expect other heroes to be chasing him down! Bellamy just broke out of a police station and killed a bunch of cops! Surely some superhero would be after him! Crosshair isn't because he didn't know the attack happened.

    There just seems to be quite an uneven balance with Heroes and Villains in this. Like, so far we've had 13 villains, compared to 2 pro-heroes and 8 students/citizens/neutral parties. And that was only counting the villains that are currently in the RP, because we're going to get more soon with the introduction of "The Orphanage". Seems like the current Pro-Heroes have the deck stacked against them. And there is a Hero League, it's kinda strange that villains have kinda just been attacking so much.

    So pretty much, what I'm saying is... More Pro-Heroes would be nice.
  20. I'd gladly make a pro-hero or two, of course then I would have to alternate between characters. But is the creator of the RP around to accept new characters?
  21. Well, I kinda just assumed that J-DAWG stopped caring about the RP. He hasn't posted in the RP in a while, and hasn't responded to us @ ing him. I would say it's okay, but if you feel bad about it feel free to @ him and ask him.
  22. I'll go ahead and create 2 new proheroes to even out the flow here and I will @ them. If they dont get accepted by the end of the day then tomorrow toning Ill start using my me characters. Sound good?
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  23. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Maybe hes got irl stuff to do?
  24. @Shadow_Pup So. Bellamy's regeneration powers. Are we talking, like... Wolverine/Deadpool levels of regeneration? Like, as in literally nothing can kill him? Not even, say, a shotgun blast to the head? Is there any parts of Bellamy's body that would heal itself slower than others?
  25. Pro Heroes- (btw, I'm sorry if this is horrible. I'm really tired and don't exactly know what 'm writing XD. I'll double check it in the morning)

    Nina Resenvite
    Hero-Name: Cottontail
    Role: Hero
    Age: 28
    Standing at 5' 8", this fair skinned woman
    has a narrow face, a pointed nose, small lips, and her hazel eyes are angular.
    Her brown hair is shoulder length and frizzy, and forms a large afro.
    She has short arms, a stocky torso, and strong legs.
    Suite Look: Nina's signature look is the large, white bunny hears that poke up from the top of her head that make a silky white mask around her eyes. She also sports a rather revealing suite of lush pink color, matched with pink and white accessories around her legs which better able her leg-strengthening powers.
    Quirk (Type): Bunny
    Quirk Explanation: The user has almost all rabbit-like abilities.This includes extremely flexible bones, sensitive hearing, and strong legs. She can both run extremely fast and jump rather high, though it's her technology on her suite that really utilizes her power. An immediate weakness is her sensitive ears.
    Personality: Nina is a bubbly person, though most of her hero work is done under a cutesy type of marketing personality. She is overall very kind and she loves all things cute, adoring everything from babies to puppies and having an identifiable sweet tooth. Nina serves more as a mascot than an actual hero, though she does tend to be successful when her help is actually needed.

    James Harris
    Hero-Name: Crash
    Role: Hero
    Age: 41
    Appearance: With age, Jame's hair has grayed but otherwise not much has changed since his younger years,especially not the spark in his hallow red eyes. A toned body is covered by rather tanned skin, he stands about average height but makes up for it in muscle. His hair, thick and straight is a silver color, slicked back all the way and matching the grey stubble on his angular face.
    Suite Look: James had an overall plain suite, purple baggy pants as matched with an orange shirt, typically ripped. And a headpiece which mimics and explosion is used to hide his face.
    Quirk (Type): Explosive Exaggeration
    Quirk Explanation: The user has the ability to make the smallest bit of contact create any leave of explosion. This includes either him flicking a wall or a piece of paper falling the the floor, with just the blink of an eye, James can exaggerate the collision made and create and explosion. Although, he tends to only be able to estimate the explosion size and has never really been able to control how big a blast is.
    Personality: James is a light-hearted man, always happy-go lucky and joking even in times when it seems like a serious situation. James is rather experienced despite his outward goofy appearance, and he tends to take charge easily. He really takes the upraise in children villains to heart, seeing as he was once bullied for his quirk being too 'villain-like' and almost joined the dark side.
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  26. Sorry if I'm keeping anyone waiting. School is super busy now and I dknt have time to post a rpely. Later tonight I promise to get one in, but I just wanted to let you know I fell bad if Im holding anyone up. I do intend to use my new heroes as soon as I can get on.
  27. It's cool, amigo! Don't push yourself!
  28. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yeah it's cool.
  29. @Barefoot_Kittens Actually, fun fact, shotguns don't use bullets. They fire "shot", which is a bunch of small lead balls. Gives the attack more spread.
  30. @Captain Cardboard... *cough* I knew that. I'm just gonna, go ahead and edit my post: for no reason. Because I know what a shotgun is.
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  31. I'm so sorry for my week of disappiernece q_q My work caught me off guard, so I had no time to properly rp and fill the sheets. But here they are!

    Name: Governess (also known as Hideo)
    Role: Villain, the member of The Orphanage, who takes care of kids and recruits them.
    Age: Around 30, but he looks like in 25
    Appearance: When you first see Hideo it’s common to mistake him for a woman. He has a very feminine body and face and actually prefers to wear female clothes rather than male. His hair also pretty long and colored as blonde. Usually he combs his hair with simple hairpin so the very young kids won’t mess with them. He always has a sweet smile in his face and his green eyes often half-closed. He also wears a lot of makeup on his face so he will look more feminine but it’s actually blends with his face very well.
    In The Orphanage Governess prefer to wear simple outfit which includes: white blouse with black, little tie and black skirt with leather belt. But in outside Hideo wears more bright and pretty clothes, but mostly dresses.
    Quirk: The Siren (Emitter)
    Quirk Explanation: Governess has a beautiful voice, to which you want listen forever. When Hideo sings or talks in sinning mannere, all your worries are melting away and you just want to stay near him and listen to his song. Governess song has a hypnotic effect, that causes you to relax and became a little dumb. Depends on how Hideo sings the hypnosis has different effects. Talking in sinning mannere causes the target only to relax, a little, quiet song only puts the target in dreamy-like state and if Governess sings really hard giving to it all his soul, the target start to feel obligated to protect him or after sinning to carry out a little orders.
    How strong his song will affect you also depends on your personality. The weak people, who have many troubles, worries and etc, and usually kids will more easily fall under Governess charm than strong people, who has their mind under control and some life experience. It’s also easy to snap out of song if you cause pain to yourself. The more pain means the longer you’ll be sane.
    And of course Hideo can’t sing forever despite all his trainings and how strong his vocal cords. He also gets pain in throat and can’t clearly speak after long, good song.
    Personality: Governess actually seems like a pretty good person. He’s nice to kids and really cares about them. It’s a pleasure to talk to him, because he’s always polite and modest. But, unfortunately, most of his act is a lie. Hideo actually hates people and he has some sadistic nature. He like to manipulate people, play mind games with them and really gets satisfied when he succeeds. Only thing that’s true about him is that he really cares about kids. He understands that kids aren’t responsible for actions caused by their parents and every their quirk has a potential. Although Hideo has a little twisted mind and despite that he wants to his kids the best he still teaches them about crimes and hatred to other people. That’s actually mostly because of his own past in which he was abused by other, grown-up people. Also because of his past he tends to be more feminine and woman-like. He even can sometimes reference to himself as “she”.

    Name: Demian Colse. The hero name is Frostbite.
    Role: Pro-hero
    Age: 35
    Appearance: Demian has pretty unfamiliar look as he is a foreigner. His features are more strict and sharp. He also has an unusual eyes: their iris is bright-blue but pupils are completely white. His hair also white and they always looks like there are a white hedgehog on his head.
    Despite his quirk, which allows him to generate coldness around him, Demian actually prefers to wear warm things like sweaters, hats and scarfs. You can notice wearing him a sweater or scarf even in hot summer! It’s not unusual that sometimes Demian can overdo with warm clothes and will look like a fat penguin.
    And Frostbite’s costume isn’t different. He wears white blazer with blue bloomers and fur boots. Because of minuses of his quirk his costume also designed to have heating, so when overusing his quirk Frostbite won’t froze to death. He also wears with similar effect glasses, which also helping him to fixate the temperature drop he is causing. His costume also have s special tubes that absorb coldness of his body and with some chemicals can shoot through special mechanism in his hands the freezing substance.
    Quirk: Ice Body (Emitter)
    Quirk Explanation: As it’s obvious from quirk’s name, Frostbite’s body is so cold, that it’s generates the coldness around him. Everything that Frostbite touches will covered in frost and with very long duration freeze. He also always generates around himself a cold aura, so it’s always pretty chill around him. But because of it and using his quirk Frostbite always in danger to freeze himself to death. So that’s why his costume has heating for him and he always tends to wear warm clothes and drink hot drinks. Sometimes he even drink alcohol in order to warm up his body.
    Personality: Demian often seems as a huge douchebag. He is very strict, sometimes rude and literally cold to others. Because of it he is not very popular hero among civilians but it doesn’t looks like he is cares about it. He also one of the people who thinks that people with “weak” quirks doesn’t belong to Hero League and shouldn’t even try to enter it. He doesn’t goes against them openly but if he has a chance to remind this kind of heroes that they shouldn’t be in Hero League he will not miss it.
    He also pretty quiet and a loner wolf. He doesn’t like coop missions and if he even gets one he doesn’t really communicate with his partner. Sometimes it’s look like that Demian actually scared of getting attached to other people.
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  32. I haven't been able to post schools nearly over for me and so a bunch of tests and investigations are due.
  33. @Ilikewater , hey, maybe you can get a photo with a better quality? Maybe I'll do a little sketch of Fast Lightning in his costume! x)

    Also I'll post as Frostbite later, don't really have ideas where I can put him right now, sorry ^^''''
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  34. So are you guys still letting people join? I havent read the actual RP yet so im not really sure where you guys are..but if i can join would it be better for me to make a hero since youre looking for more of them??
  35. @ThECoRgiGaL yes, of course you can! It's true that we'll prefer a hero, but if you create student it's also will be ok! And a villain too if you really want too. Especially the ones, who are part of The Orphanage (like kids or masterminds of it).

    We actually not too far from begining. So recently a differents groups of kids attacked The Academy, where was holding place a Sports Festival, and different banks and shops. Right now is the next day after all of this and I'm starting to try and start to moving the plot with my character of The Orphanage, Governess x)
  36. Ok awesome! :) im probably going to use one of my other characters i have in another RP...
    Name: Ann
    Role: Student
    Age: 13
    Appearance: She has red hair that she ties into a braid down her back with a green bow. She is fond of sun dresses and usually will be seen wearing one. She is pale, has freckles, and small, light brown eyes.
    Quirk: (Type: emitter??) chosen at random
    Quirk Explanation: Ann carries a small yellow bag with her everywhere, which is where she gets her “powers”. Basically she can pull anything out of her bag that might help her in a particular situation. If the item is given to another person, it will vanish. The bag can never leave her side as it will always come back to her. She can only pull out super dangerous things if she or someone else is in danger.
    Personality: she is happy go lucky and almost always positive. She can be a bit unpredictable with mood swings though, as well as in battle. She loves making friends and always tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
  37. Oh, forgot to mention. Due to attack right now in rp it's a day off in academy, yeah. You still can hang out by school dorms or do other things, I'm just warning about this part x)

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