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Rise of the lupin-necros

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Leon-psypoke, May 16, 2009.

  1. The night air was still and the winds calm, suddenly there was a rush of air which streamed through the rapeseed crop leaving a trail in its wake however this was not wind it was ,in fact, the form of a 17 year old boy panting as he pushed aside the bright yellow flowers. He occasionally glanced behind him just to hear the growl which he had grown too accustomed to, the boy was clenching the left side of his body which had three deep slashes going toward his pelvis, blood trickled out which left a small red path behind him. The beast behind him suddenly lunged toward his now frail body, he just managed to duck underneath the beast's belly narrowly missing the blood stained claws which had struck him before. The boy decided to act and pulled out the titanium combat knife which he had strapped to his left shin, both he and the beast lunged at each other however only the boy felt a deathly silence as he was hurtling toward the beast.

    [O,O,C: oh this rp is kinda an adaption of a random thing i thought of, its meant to be set in america and the thing that was chasing the boy was a creature the citizens of americans call a stalker. I hope this explains every thing for those who want to join btw the to first person who replies could they do it as if it were the day after and its open to all]
    #1 Leon-psypoke, May 16, 2009
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  2. Uh, could you please tell what this RP is about? I would like to join, but I'm really not sure what to post. As soon as you fix that first post up, I'll edit this post into an actual RP post.

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