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Ringing in the Holidays (A Pokecharms RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Linkachu, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Rules: If you're not familiar with Role-playing or the RP rules be sure to check ‘em out on the RP forum. If you still have questions, contact one of the mods/admins for help.

    The setting is present day Pokecharms. Picture the place as a big city/kingdom were all the different forums are buildings, mods and admins are keepers of the peace, and Oakster is ye royal Head Honcho. Anyone can join, but you must either:

    (a) RP as yourself (aka. you in real life)
    (b) RP as the character that directly relates to, or is represented by, your screen name.

    People can shift back and forth between their RL self and forum character if they wish.
    Lastly, anything goes - so go nuts! Just keep the holidays (and forum rules) in mind.


    As the green-capped Raichu crawled out from her burrow under the Pokecharms Staff Room she gave a yawn and gazed around the area. Immediately she was struck with an odd feeling... Something just didn't seem right.

    "Eh? Where is everyone?" Raichu murmured, staring at the nearby structures. Big metal padlocks were stuck on all the front doors. "Hmm... Either someone went mod-happy, aliens finally invaded, or..." She gazed down at her digital wristwatch, "It is! December 21st already! Damn holidays always screw me up..."

    She looked up and squinted her eyes, catching sight of bright flashing Christmas lights in the distance. "Yep. Looks like Gary's started the party without me. Stupid time-zones differences... I wonder if anyone else has arrived?"

    Making sure her hat was secure, she fell forward onto all fours and took off running towards the Christmas Party Hall.

    OOC: Crap, but you get the point ;)
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  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Lights blinked on and off as a string of them snuggled themselves around Gary, his doctor's coat badly painted red with white fur stuck on with obvious sellotape. His santa hat sat bedraggled on his head as the fairy lights tied themselves around him.

    "...Hello Katie..." Gary Grumbled as the Raichu wandered into the Christmas Party lounge and was greeted by the living Christmas Tree, standing in front of a mostly bare actual Christmas Tree - a Pokecharm sitting atop it like a star.

    "..Uh... Merry Christmas..." He said, a straight face barely visible under the blinking lights.

    "Any chance of some help? My hands are too tied up to use my Admin Powers..." He indicated what he meant when he tried to move his arms and failed - them being binded to his body.
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  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Raichu snickered at the sight, "I'd give you a hand, but they're kinda stubby. Instead..." She grinned as her yellow cheeks began to crackle with electricity. When it'd reached its peak the energy shot out like a beam and enveloped the Doc's body, making the lights flash brightly before exploding all together.
    Finally ceasing the attack, Raichu stared up at still bound Oakster and scratched her temple. Laughing sheepishly she murmured, "Guess that didn't really help. Bloody wires..." As she spoke the tip of her tail began to glow a steel grey, and swinging it up she sliced the bindings on Gary's front as carefully as possible. Only one small gash noted through his jacket as the wires fell to the floor.

    "Whoops... Sorry about that. Clumsiness n' all... So, what were you up to anyways? Trimming the tree?"
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  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    With a swipe of his hand and a frowning face, Gary banished Katie backwards and watched her sparkle as she transformed.

    "You can be a Pichu for the rest of the afternoon for that..." He said, a smirk finally appearing on his face as she finally formed again, tail gone, form smaller and power minimalised.

    "I was decorating the tree... Figured doing it manually would have been more fun."

    He turned back and looked at the bare tree before clicking his fingers and instantly being forced back by the blinding flash of light that eminated from it and began to blink on and off as the lights appeared around it.

    "Clearly I was wrong..." He looked around and with another click watched his outfit reform into a full Santa Outfit. "I figured making my own costume would be fun too... Again - a mere error of judgement..."

    "So, " He began as he knelt down to look at the cute little Pichu Katie. "Where's everyone else?" he finished with a grin.
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  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    "I was wondering the same thing," Katie replied, "But that's besides the point! You do know that..." She pictured her human form in her mind and snapped her tiny fingers, but nothing happened. "Dammit all!" she squeaked angrily, snapping again and again. Still nothing.
    Glaring up at Gary she growled darkly, "I'll get you for this! Or something... Be right back."

    With that she whirlled around and scurried back out the Hall's front doors, returning a few moments later sporting a large pair of blue goggles.

    "Heh. Now, where were we...? Aw yes! Party guests! If some don't show up soon I'll have to start hunting them down..." Katie grinned evilly. "But until then, I need food!"
    Hopping over to the kitchen door on the far left she attempted to push it open with no avail. Sitting back on her hind legs and glaring up at it she called over her shoulder, "A little help?"
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  6. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Gary chuckled and clicked his fingers again. The door did not open but right in front of Katie formed a cat-flap.

    "There ya go." Gary said, chuckling again before turning back to the tree and clicking his fingers rapidly once again - presents appearing under the tree with every click.

    "Damn i'm lazy..." Gary said proudly.
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  7. "I want presents! I WANT PRESENTS!" shouted the eternally-smiling QuagsireQing as he waddled into the room. "Preseeeents!" He started running (or, whatever it is Quagsire do in a hurry) towards the tree before Gary stepped on his royal purple cape, sending him rolling into the Christmas tree and knocking off all the decorations.

    Hearing noises in the kitchen, his attention was soon diverted.

    "I want food! I WANT FOOD!" He ran (whatever) towards the cat door, but lacking the physique to fit through found himself stuck from the neck down. Using his Frustration attack, QuagsireQing was able to break a hole through the door big enough to fit through, smacking into Katie and causing her to drop the plate of buffalo wings she carried.

    "Step aside, loyal subject," he declared, and fixed his eyes upon what any Quagsire would love to eat: a cheese ball.
  8. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Yoshimitsu wandered around the Pokecharms Forum area, looking at all the doors.
    "Ok, I can get into the staffroom and the christmas forums." He said, poking all the padlocks on the doors. None of them did anything. Not that he expected them to. He shrugged and walked into one of the forums.

    He was surprised to see, when he walked in, christmas trees decorated and Gary clicking his fingers making presents appear. He adjusted the elf hat on his head and dragged in a sack he had dumped in front of the door.
    "Uh, hi!" He said, announcing that he was there. He opened the sack and started to pull out a few presents.

    A strange rectangular gift had 'Gary' written on top of it. A matching one had 'Nemesis' written on it, and a third had 'Lugiasian' on top of it. He gave Gary his and said cheerfully 'Merry Christmas!' Then he wandered about a bit, looking for Raichu.

    "Katie!" He shouted, holding a box in his hands. He pushed open a door to find a kitchen.
    "What isn't in this forum?" He said, grinning. He looked down to see a Pichu. Hold on, a Pichu. Then he realised. Gary was showing off his HTML clicking abilities.
    "Ahoy Katie!" He said, giving her the box. He looked around to see QuagsireQing with a cheeseball.

    "Hold on, I've got you a present too!" Yoshimitsu said, dashing back to his sack of presents. He pulled out a semi-sphere shaped thing that was poorly wrapped. Just as he gave it to QuagsireQing, all the poorly wrapped presents he had given out unwrapped themselves. By ripping.

    "Sorry, I didn't have enough paper." Yoshimitsu said grinning. Gary was now holding a DS, Raichu had a... box, and QuagsireQing had a new crown.
    "Uh, sorry Katie. Open the box, it has magic inside!" He said, half joking, half serious. He had filled the box with cheesy magic tricks, like what you saw on TV.
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  9. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    From outside the forum came a loud shout, clearly audible to all.

    "Bloody hell! That Delibird sure is generous, but how am I supposed to carry it all!" The door to the forum opened slightly as Nemesis tried to push it open, without using his hands.

    Nemesis, a young man completly dressed in black, with a blood red santa hat, struggled in, his arms crossed, holding various Pokeballsthem. In each hand the young admin was managing to keep hold of two bags, also full of Pokeballs.

    "Hey guys." He muttered in a gruff voice. "What a Chrismas this is turning out to be, looking what I got!" One by one Nemesis opened all of the Pokeballs, until the room was almost full.

    "I got all of these last week, you see on the 12th day of Chrismas Delibird gave to me;
    Twelve Chrismas Pokemon
    Eleven Jirachi Wishing,
    Ten Slowbro Yawning,
    Nine Ludicolo dancing,
    Eight Zangoose fighting,
    Seven Bagon crying,
    Six Miltank mooing,
    Five gold Seaking!
    Four Legendary birds
    Three French Combusken,
    Two Squirtle doves,"

    Nemesis paused as a small bird hopped up on to a large white beast. Nemesis sighed before continuing.
    "And a Tailow on a Shiftry."
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  10. "Let me in! Let me in!" A young man pounded on the front door of a building. "I want Christmas!" A bright flash of light enveloped the man and suddenly he was dressed entirely in blue, with a blue bow tie, thick blue glasses, and a blue ski cap.

    "Stupid alter-ego." The blue-clad person turned the knob and opened the door, waving to people as he passed by. He stopped when he stood in front of a small Pichu. "Heh." TheBlueAvenger pulled out a paintbrush. "Nice goggles. But... they don't match as well as they could." With that eloquent remark, he covered the Pichu from head to toe in blue paint.
  11. QuagsireQing, being the most unsuited of the unsuited rulers, wanted to be blue, too! (Yes, I know, but he is neither bright nor mature.) TheBlueAvenger humoured him, going the extra mile by colouring the cheese ball as well. "Mmm....blue cheese...ball..."

    He looked around to figure out why Baratron wasn't posting in this topic, and decided she must be busy grading papers. It must suck to be a teacher. Then he remembered...

    "I got everyone presents!" Then he remembered...

    "But I ate them already."

    Katie gave him a playful Thundershock, but this wasn't the anime, and it didn't affect QuagsireQing. He did seem a little wary of the Ludicolo and Shiftry, however... [​IMG] *ate cheese ball*
  12. Eevee wandered in, carrying a long rectangular package. "Hey, Katie, I brought you a..."
    He stared in shock at the small blue pokemon in front of him and carefully put down the present.
    "Katie? Is that you? Why are you a blue pichu?"
  13. A voice spoke up from behind Eevee. "Aheh, that would be my fault." Eevee turned around, and SPLOOSH! He got a face full of blue paint. TheBlueAvenger ran off laughing.


    "Heh, I wonder how long I can get away with this before someone turns me into a lizard or something," TBA chuckled to himself behind a table. He started to count on his fingers. "Katie, Eevee, QQ... oh, but he asked me to... does that count?" TBA was interrupted by a mild electric jolt. He looked up to see a small blue rodent running away. He slapped himself on the forehead. "Crud, she got me..."
  14. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Yoshimitsu tapped on TBA's shoulder.
    "Excuse me." He said. He grabbed the paint can off TBA and poured the contents of it on TBA's head. "Consider this revenge." He was grinning, Raichu had run past him previously smearing blue paint on his leg.

    Yoshimitsu clicked his fingers, using his recently learned HTML powers to... Uh, change his font colour to a purpley-violet colour.
    "I really need to figure out how to make red paint cans appear randomly." He said, walking over to a Christmas tree and emptying the rest of the presents in in sack underneath it, whilst cursing his lack of grammar today..
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  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The now blue Eevee picked up the now blue package and looked around for Katie.
    "Where did Katie go?", he wondered. Suddenly he spotted the blue pichu running away from TheBlueAvenger.
    Eevee ran after Katie. "Katie, I brought you a present"
    He wondered if she would like the Link to the Past style Master Sword he got her.
  16. TBA grinned as he wiped his glasses off. What Yoshimitsu failed to realize was that he was already blue anyway. He put his glasses back on and walked up behind him.

    "Excuse me," TBA said while tapping Yoshimitsu on the shoulder. Yoshimitsu turned around in time to see a splash of red paint coming toward his face. "Consider that re-revenge... Ha! The comeback has been come back upon!" TBA walked away.

    Yoshimitsu watched him leave and looked down. Beside him were three cans of red paint. He heard TBA yell "Merry Christmas!" as he walked off.
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    "So much revenge... This is going to be a busy new year..." Katie grinned darkly as she scribbled down Doctor Oak's and TBA's names on a paper simply titled 'REVENGE!!!' "I wonder if I'm forgetting anyone? Oh well!"
    Stuffing the paper up under her goggles she hopped back over to the box Yoshi had given her, gazing down at the top with intrigue. A paper with large words written on it was stuck on top : "Do not open till Xmas. Bad Stuff Will Happen! Seriously."
    But another inspection revealed some fine print: "What? Like you can resist now!"

    "Indeed!" she squeaked, viciously tearing off the paper and tape. "Now, let's see..."

    Suddenly the box began to tremble, a low muffled growl coming from the inside.

    "What the hell?" Katie yelped, taking a few steps back.

    "RAAAAAAAAAAAR!" the creature inside screamed angrily and with a loud "BOOM!" the box exploded, sending random gag toys and rubber chickens flying through the air (one smacking TBA in the back of the head). All that was left of the box itself was a cloud of smoke, slowly dissipating until...

    "Oh my heavens!" the Pichu squeaked shrilly. She couldn't speak; couldn't even blink; just couldn't look away from... it.
    There before her stood a tiny pink bunny, with long floppy ears, big blue eyes, and fluffy white tail. It was just to much!

    "CUUUUTE!" Katie wailed, lunging for the bunny - which quickly sidestepped and left the Pichu colliding face-first with the floor. "Ouchie..." she whimpered, quickly hopping back to her feet and snapping at the bunny, "What'd you do that for?!"

    "I hate mice..." it replied quietly.

    "Well, I'm not usually a mouse... not half the time any ways. I'm human!"

    The bunny narrowed its big eyes darkly, "... and I hate deranged mice even more. Damn vermin..."

    "Hey! I prefer 'damn rodents', thank you very much!" the Pichu yelled defensively.

    "Whatever..." the bunny rolled its eyes.

    "Them's fighting words, furball!" Katie squeaked angrily, balling her fists as her cheeks began to crackle with electricity. "Bring it on!"

    The bunny simply stared at her blankly and sighed, shaking its head and murmuring, "Stupid vermin... All alike. If you insist on advancing your death, so be it. I'll show you some ‘magic tricks'."

    At once a black aura surrounded the rabbits body, growing thicker and thicker until it was completely blocked from sight. Then it began to grow outward and up, towering over the small blue Pichu.

    Katie stared up at it, a large sweat-drop forming on the back of her head. "Oh. Shit." Spinning around, she dropped to the floor and ran like her life depended on it... Mainly because it did.

    "Here I come, vermin!" a loud, rumbling voice suddenly boomed from behind. Giving a quick look over her shoulder Katie cried at the sight of the new creature: a 5 foot tall, red eyed, needle clawed, pumped-up fiend with spikes covering its arms and legs. It mashed its jagged teeth viciously, reaching out for the Pichu and snarling, "Don't run, mouse! I'll make it quick by biting your head off!"

    "Eeeep!" Katie yelped, turning her eyes forward again, "Somebody help meeee!"
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  18. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Meanwhile, someone poked her head round the door on the other side of the room. Someone small with dark hair, dark circles under her eyes, & wearing a long white lab coat that was somewhat too big for her. "baratron! Are you coming to the party?" shouted QuagsireQing.

    "Eh" said baratron, stifling a yawn. "I'm too b... *yawn* busy to party right now. I just thought I'd drop off my Pokemon so they didn't miss out." She pulled three PokeBalls at random from her pockets and released a Pichu, a Pikachu and a Mightyena. Pichu and Pikachu cowered next to their trainer, and eyed the Pokemon commotion nervously. Apparently someone had released an entire poem's worth of Pokemon, and the fighting Zangeese, crying Bagons and mooing Miltanks were making a lot of noise for a couple of small Pokemon to feel safe. baratron pointed in the direction of the kitchen. "Why don't you go in there, it seems safer... and there's FOOD!". This was apparently the magic word, and Pika grabbed his smaller friend's paw excitedly. baratron watched as they toddled into the kitchen, through the suspiciously Quagsire-shaped hole, and emerged carrying an utterly enormous chocolate cookie, almost the same size as themselves. She smiled.

    "They're taking all the FOOD!" thought QuagsireQing, but just as he turned to scold baratron for adding even more hungry Pokemon to the melee, he saw she was gone. Then both doors flew open, and a roaring Gyarados entered. The noise in the room was such that most of the people and Pokemon didn't even notice the addition, although a few of the Ludicolos looked up to see why the light had suddenly been blocked out. Behind the Gyarados was a Bayleef, and they appeared to be dragging a large sledge covered in... food. The smell of the extra cookies, brownies and waffles attracted quite a few of the Pokemon to the doors.

    baratron's Mightyena, who had been prowling around the room disdainfully, helped the Gyarados and Bayleef bite through the ropes holding them to the sledge. The Gyarados roared again and slithered out to rejoin his trainer. Bayleef stomped off to examine the Christmas tree, and see if it looked like a friendly Grass-type creature. Mightyena remained behind, to guard the food and growl fiercely at any human or Pokemon who tried to eat it.

    OOC: So I've gone, but left you with a friendly Bayleef and Pikachu, shy little Pichu, and a fierce Mightyena. The Bayleef is called Dino (male), the Pikachu is called Pika (male), the Pichu is called Pichu (male), the Mightyena is called Luka (female). The Gyarados came home with me. You don't know what my sixth Pokemon is yet, or if I'm going to return later.
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  19. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    OOC: Runs over and hugs Bayleef till it pops. :mrgreen:
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  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Eevee quickly threw Katie's package to her and yelled, "Katie! Open it!"

    Realizing Katie would need time and space to open the package, Eevee cried, "LOOK! AN OBVIOUS DISTRACTION!"
  21. OOC: Oops, I forgot to log in and I forgot part of my post :oops:

    Eevee grabbed a stack of waffles and started tossing them at the monster that was attacking Katie.
  22. Meabwhile, TBA had just been hit in the head with a rubber chicken. He turned, glowering at the source of the chickeny distraction.

    "You fool," he growled quietly, and glowered some more when the 5-foot mnace failed to notice. He walked after it (it having been distracted by a stack of waffles) and tapped it on what appeared to be its shoulder. It turned and glared at him.

    "You, my friend, have made a very big mistake," TBA said quietly. He narrowed his eyes. "Now, fear my wrath!" A flash of light blinded everyone momentarily, which was followed by smoke billowing from the area of the room around TBA. When the smoke had cleared, in TBA's place stood a towering blue behemoth, still wearing glasses. He looked something like a blue Trogdor, only with better legs and another arm. Everyone stared as the bunny-monster cowered.
  23. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Well, this is silly." Muttered StellarWind Elsydeon as he watched the madness through the security cameras of PokeCharms, via a remote uplink to somewhere completely different, and then sighed and changed the channel.

    "If it wasn't for the bloody army, I might have made some more interesting comment." he thought "But I don't really have the time to. 'Sides, I don't celebrate Christmas. Too wierd for my tastes."

    He flipped through the channels, noticing that about 95% of them were christmas specials. With a sigh of frustration, he tossed the viewscreen into a black hole and went to do something more productive. Like playing Final Fantasy VII, for example.

    "I think I liked Katie as a Linkachu better anyway. What's with the Digidestined Pichu look?" he grinned bemusedly as the game crashed for the millionth time.

    "Ah well." Said StellarWind Elsydeon, and hit the 'submit' button, hopefully never to be heard from again.
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  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    As Katie watched the new and improved TBA terrorize the evil bunny, she looked at Eevee's still unopened package and felt a chill run down her spine.
    "More evil boxes... Eep!" she yelped, tearing out of the room. Peeking back in for a moment, tho, she gave a yell, "Hey peeps! Christmas is over and done with! ... Somehow. Clean up this mess, will ya?!" and disappeared again. After 7 days straight of partying she needed some sleep.

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