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Ring o' Death

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Razeal, Aug 12, 2007.


Has your Xbox 360 red-ringed?

  1. No, and I've never heard of it

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  2. No, but I know someone whose has

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  3. No, and I've never heard of it

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  1. So, last night, my Xbox 360 red-ringed, bricked, died, whatever you wanna call it. The thing is gone. I downloaded a required update for Rainbow Six: Vegas, and then it craped out on me. I'm not even gonna get into how bad the programming has to be to affect the hardware, but we'll go with "pretty flippin' bad". This is a tad bothersome since I've never had any problems with any system ever (my Atari 2600 still works...). I'm sending it to be repaired next week, and probably upgrading to the Elite, if only for the HDMI port. Anyways, topic, has your or anyone you knows 360 red-ringed, and if so, how? I waited in line for 10 hours to get mine day one, and this is how it repays me. *shakes head*
  2. i got the red ring of death when i plugged it in and started it.All i had to do was take the hard drive out and put it back in.
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