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Rhyme Time!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by snetonobre, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Okey Dokey guys, Linkachu allowed me to create a thread to this game.

    The rules are simple. I'll write one random phrase, then next person have to rewrite the entire phrase, but changing the last word to another word that rhymes. For example:

    Player1: "My best friend name is Gary"
    Player2: "My best friend name is Larry"
    Player3: "My best friend name is Mary"

    And it goes on. The last word is the only part of the phrase that must be changed, the last word must rhyme with the previous last world, and you cannot use a word that was previously used in the same phrase. You can, however, change other parts of the phrase, as long as it's necessary to the phrase makes sense. For example:

    Player1: "My boyfriend name is Gary"
    Player2: "My boyfriend name is Larry"
    Player3: "My girlfriend name is Mary"

    Understood? Now, the last rule. If you can't find a word that rhymes, write a totally new phrase, and the game will continue from that phrase you wrote.

    Finally, the start:

    "I smell a trap."
  2. I smell a wrap (I hope it's tuna!)
  3. "I smell a lap."
  4. I smell a nap~

    (Kasumi is sleep desu~)
  5. I smell a cap
  6. "I smell a gap."
  7. I smell a tap...
  8. Hmmmm... Can't think of anything else. So, another phrase:

    "I'm thinking!"
  9. I smell crap.

    I mean... Heeeelp! I'm sinking! D:
  10. I'm linking!
  11. I'm thinking!
  12. Snetonobre already said that. Anyway, I can't think of anything else, so...
    "I'm falling!"
  13. I'm stalling!

    (As in my brain is stalling... No thought happening~)
  14. "I'm Stalking!"


    "I'm stalking this thread! And this is totally normal, I started it and I post here frequently!"
  15. "I'm walking"

    (No one does the moon walk quite like meh ;D)
    except...y'know... Micheal Jackson .-.
  16. I'm squaking
  17. That word exist? And if exist, ain't it's "a" sound closer the "a" in "bay" then the "a" in "talking"?

    So, next phrase: "I choose you!"
  18. I choose goo!
    I bet the next couple of turns will be inapropriate...
  19. I choose poo! :(
    #26 Louie Forest, Dec 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  20. "I choose pool!"
  21. I choose Yule~!
  22. That rhymes with pool (put question mark here)

    New phrase:

    "Vileplume! Attack!"

    I don't really knoe if there's a rhyme to "attack".
  23. I can't think of a rhyme, so...

    "Look! A lump!"
  24. I had also though of that! :D

    Anyway,can't find new rhyme, so: "I'm a mod!"

    Mod from moderator.
  25. I'm a cod!
  26. I'm a tod! (As in Toddler)
  27. Can't think of anything, soooooo...
    I have a pet Monkey.
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