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Reynald's Art Emporium

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Reynald, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. So I guess everything's back to normal around here. I went into the archives and noticed a lot of my newest work had vanished into thin air. So I figured I will start off posting all those pictures that were lost.

    Also yes I am taking requests so just lemme know what you want and I'll get it done ^_^








  2. Rey, I've always loved your art. Like foreverz, with all the clothes wrinkles and faces and details and... I've always wanted you to draw a picture of this character, so I'll request now before you get like 8.

    So the character I'd love for you to draw is named Tharros, and cuz it's easier to show you some pics than describe him, that's what I'll do. Link and link. I'd like the clothes in the second picture better, but if everything on that one starts to bug you, go ahead and just draw him in the tee shirt. Also, he's a pretty happy guy, so a smile on his face would suffice for emotions and junk.

    So yeah, if you get the time, I'd love to see what you can do! Thanks.
  3. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    hello reynald first off I adore your art work, Secondly I was wondering if you could draw my character there are sprite links here http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=14.45 the sprite is the on the second post on the page. If you do pokemon with the trainers can you do my girafarig which shows up on my avatar.

    thank you in advance...

  4. Sorry for the severe delay in any of my pictures. I have had a massive head on collision with life pretty much. Haven't had any time to draw until recently so here is the hand drawn sketches of the two requests you guys gave me.

    Sorry it took so long. Lemme know what I should change ^_^



    If I could smile right now, I would be grinning ear to ear ! (Wisdom teeth removal prevents that...) Ahhhhhhhhhh he's so cute and lovely and awesome andandand... I love you Rey! ♥<3<3
  6. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Reynald she looks fabulous she was well worth the wait!


  7. Hi Reynald, I was was wondering if you could draw me a picture like Dark Soul's.
    Could it have a boy about 15, wearing a black hoodie, Blue-ish jeans, with a slightly lighter blue around the knees. A red shirt, and black shoes. Could he be holding a grey metal sword with a ruby in the hilt, and the left hand immersed in a dark purple-ish flame, as well as three of the same coloured flames hovering around his head. He would be facing away from the drawing, facing a silhouette of a person of about the same age. The left side of his face would be visible, due to the view angle being behind him and to his left. Could he and the silhouetted guy be standing on a flat, thin piece of rock, with others visible around it. The sun would be setting to the right of the picture, giving it an orange-ish glow, and some stars would be visible over head. Could he be down low, right leg in front of the left leg, like he's about to lunge forwards, and could both arms/hands be behind his body, looking like they're about to swing around. The silhouette is just standing up, arms crossed.
    Thank you!
  8. Hey, Renald I love the Artwork! It rules!
    Anyways I was wondering if you could make a colored art pic of Corvus from Dragonquest 9?
    The Pic is attached!

    Attached Files:

  9. He's there.

    It took a while, but now he's there.

    I love you Reynald.
  10. Naaaaaice. Is that an elf? I don't really know what it is, but I like the sharp details.
  11. Dia


    heeeey!!!! I haven't your art since my first time around :D **well, the last time I was actually somewhat active on 'charms**

    I have to say, your art is fantastic as usual and you have improved since I saw it last : D
    I absolutely lovelovelove the very first picture you have up, it's stunning!!

    Thank you for posting up your super amazing art : )
    I will now be stalking you....again X D

    keep up the awesome work!!
  12. Thanks for the compliments everyone and I am currently working everyone's requests. Bear with me because I don't have an accessible scanner right now sooooo yea heh. But I AM working in between college and homework ^_^
  13. Wow, Reynald these are freakin' amazing! I don't even want to try to draw anymore, I'd feel really.... what's the word..... I don't remember but yeah man, like to see how those other requests come out and anything else you make ;D
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  14. Hey All! Sorry for the EXTREME lack of anything. You can blame my lack of scanner, this crappy school, annnnnnnd the smudge tool deciding that its going to take LITERALLY two hours to finish doing ANYTHING I tell it!!! *in rage mode if it's not obvious*

    ANYWHO I managed to FINALLY after sitting at this computer smashing my head on the friggin keyboard waiting to get this request done.

    Please tell me if anything is wrong ^_^ and criticism is always welcome

  15. ...What the hell is this awesomeness.

    I will shed a tear and salute you, my good man :'D

    Also, the above is also part of my reaction c:
  16. ...

    *Blazi Dies of Extreme Awesomeness

    Thankyou SO much Reynald! That picture is awesome! It's even better than I imagined! Thanks!
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    After a loooong, tiresome day, I come back home from a gig and I see this awesome piccu by my mostest favorite artist evah~

    It's so beautiful!
    And colorful!
    And makes think that I've died and gone to heaven because your skills

  18. Well a computer always crashes on you when you bash your face on the keyboard like that. You need to repair your relationship with your electronics or you'll never get far with them in life. Remember: bad parents make bad children >:3


    Welcome back :3

    That art is really cool. A shadow with a big grin always hits a high score on the badassometer. And that purple glow is really cool and ominous. The water below has an exceptional amount of detail that is really pretty. Though I'm not sure whether it's a lake, an ocean, or a levitating basin (though the curve in the side makes me think of the latter). I don't remember who requested this, but that person is a very lucky guy. I hope your technology starts behaving and you continue to revitalize us with your artistic works!
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    Moar art~ This has to be one of your masterpieces, Rey. The water, the sky, everything is very detailed~

    (Also, when I saw the silhouet, at first I really thought it depicted me. Why? Because I am sometomes portrayed as a silhouet; Just ask Rayn. And also because this seems to happen on a cliff. Then I noticed that the silhouet must be a geokinetic xD)
  20. I like the purple smoke effect the best. What tool did you use to obtain this lineless magic?
  21. I know its been like...over half a year since I put up anything new BUT I figured it wasn't worth starting a new topic for just one picture.

    Anyways! HI EVERYONE! I'm back! I got a scanner for easter and was hit with a creative bolt of energy. SO I felt like working on a new project. I'm redrawing all my old characters for this story that I have conceptually created but never actually wrote or drew. I'm going to put all the remakes into one big picture to kinda show them all off.

    That being said, here's the first picture I have done! More to come.

    OH and secad, the smoke effects are brushes I found.


    lemme know what you think
  22. Those pants... are so cool... and I want them...

    She looks great too. I love the fabric that allows for a curtsy. Her costume is great.

    Welcome back ;D.
  23. Second on the list, Shiren! Not sure how much I like this one


    and Third up is Daeron! A character no one remembers lol!

  24. I must say, all your drawings, be they sketch or computer-finished, come out fabulous :)
    Of the latest three, my favourite would probably be the girl in the first picture, seeing as I adore that design of hers~
  25. Wow, you did a great job with the clothing! I love the wrinkles and shading--especially on what seems to be stiffer fabric. Stiff fabrics are always a pain to draw.
  26. An old d&d character I redrew for a friend

  27. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    You do such good work, and as always, I am thoroughly impressed. This most recent one is quite good... you say it's a D&D character? Looks very monkish... am I correct? :p Any way it goes, I quite enjoy your work and encourage much more of it. ^^ EDIT: Also, 100th post FTW. That is all.
  28. Whoo, love you Reynald! It's good to see you and your artwork again :)

    And I still have to say that I love your character and clothing designs ♥
  29. I can't believe this is my first post here after your grand comeback.

    First of all, the female elf. Please, please, please make your proffession game designer, because this would be an awesome character. I really like the way you drew her dress; The texture is so detailed, and as a whole, including the sandals, it looks epic.

    Shiren's armor is really well-made, especially the shoulder blades I love. The one thing I could point out is the slightly odd-looking boots- But they're almost certainly meant to look like that, so that doesn't matter.

    Daeron looks bad-ass. Is he a mage, or a librarian of sorts? I can totally imagine him being a Dark Mage.

    And although I have no idea what D & D is, your most recent character looks very good indeed. I'll eat my hat if he's not pyrokinetic in one way or another, guessing by his decorations.

    I hope to see more, Rey, and keep it up ^^
  30. It's Tim the wizard! Give him ram horns! XD (BTW, tiefling would be awesome for that)

    On this, in my opinion, due to the relatively simple clothing, I'm sensing a rogue/ranger/striker thing going on here.
  31. Turns out he's actually a half demon sorcerer. We were running a pirate game and he's the captain's brother.


    Nother character remake. Almarea! Don't like the bow but I couldn't get it to look right and said screw it
  32. This is great, I haven't looked through your art in a while, and I'm loving your newer sketches. They're absolutely gorgeous. Great poses, and perfect proportions. I like Almarea's bow and arms especially. ^^
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  33. Half-demon...as in half Tiefling? Or is this not DnD?
  34. it was I think. I don't remember it's been awhile. It is d&d but I think there was a different race from another book we were using. Or we were just playing Tiefling with fluff. W/E we sat around the three of us under a small boat and ate watermelon all day
  35. [​IMG]

    My newest 3.5 Dnd Character. He is a Half-Fae/Kenku Warlock/Binder/Hellfire Lock/Spellfire Channeler. He turns his eldritch blasts into a glaive and murders people. He can also store magical energy and then explode into beams of fire/raw energy or heal people with them.

    No. He's not overpowered
  36. I'm quite curious on what his sheet looks like. It must be ridiculously complicated. :p

    His head looks too large for his body. Is it supposed to be that way? Other than that, I love this piece. The coloring and special effects look superb.
  37. The picture i was using as a reference had it that way...but had a hood so it was hard to judge. Either way it looks fine to me lol

    His sheet isn't that complicated actually. He uses his eldritch blast with the eldritch glaive shape so it makes a weapon that he can full attack (touch attacks from up to 10 ft away) with. He uses his hellrime blast ability with it to give the enemy -4 dex if i hit, making it easier to hit and uses Hellfire Blast to give his e-glaive +5d6 dmg, I take 1 con point everytime I use it, so once a round. My 1 lvl of binder heals that damage at the end of the round so I can keep doing this as a free action.

    The only other thing I can do is store up my eldritch blasts for up to my con score in levels. And then I can either expend up to my con in lvls as a ray touch attack or a melee touch attack that does 1d6/lvl expended OR I can touch and heal my ally for 2hp/lvl expended right now (later it becomes 1d4+1/lvl expended).

    I have a bunch of fae feats to give me DR and other nifty tricks.
  38. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That's a really cool character, Rey. The talon claws and scales look very nice, and I super dig that scythe-like weapon and adore how you imagined it here.

    As always, your coloring quality is superb. I like all of your art, but I really enjoy looking at your colored artwork. :)

    Nice to see you posting stuff around here again! ^^
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  39. [​IMG]

    This is how I imagine myself looking after a huge battle in my Live action roleplaying games. I'm a sword n shield fighter so I am usually thrown into the front and because I'm a really good fighter...I usually have to fight ALLLL THE HEAVY STUFF!

    but it's ok. I got this

    and this is the colored version!!

  40. [​IMG]

    Random sketch I drew today. Haven't posted in awhile so I felt like I should. Not many comments or feedback or anything so I don't know.

    Yea. Not feeling very happy today

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