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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rex, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Dirt poor, completely inexperienced, and being sent to a god awful village for a year minimum of community service for being convicted of a crime. The Linoone named Rex spent his ride to Charming Town handcuffed to his seat. A correctional officer sat in the chair next to him, and the pair had spent much of the ride being stared at by the other people riding the bus.

    At least he had finally gotten out of the facility's uniform. He didn't wear a shirt himself, but he did wear a dark gray jacket was was slightly too big for him, being the all around size given to all Pokemon. Thus, the sleeves partially hid his hands, and covered up part of the cuff clasped to it. Along with that, he wore a pair of black jeans, which he had had to order custom from the city with some of the money he used to have, and a dark gray cap. He had been watching the scenery go by for several hours, and thought he was going to go crazy.

    Yet, finally, the bus pulled to a halt in the square of a decrepit looking town. The officer unceremoniously uncuffed him and dumped him in the sidewalk, telling him to head into the gate to the north for a map and a point in the right direction. With that, the bus drove off, leaving him behind. With a sigh, the Linoone started off to the town gate. Maybe if he was lucky he could sneak out while the police weren't looking.
  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    The Linoone grumbled, and slowly started to follow the map to the Post Office. He couldn't believe this was happening. Why had he been such an idiot and allow himself to get caught?

    "Stupid idiot," he said, cursing himself, "Stupid Judge, stupid Lawyer." He continued going on this way until he arrived at the building. Without taking a minute to compose himself, the Linoone entered.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Now outside, the Linoone did his best to put distance between himself and the Post Office. As soon as the building was out of sight, he returned to his normal self. He already hated this place with a passion. Still he had no choice but to seek out this Nick character. And so, paper in hand, and his map to guide him, the Linoone eventually managed to locate the shop.

    A Zigzagoon stood outside, waiting for him. Just looking at the Pokemon reminded Rex when he himself looked like that. Not fun times, not at all. Still, the predicament he was in now probably wasn't much better.

    "Well, it's about time!" The Zigzagoon frowned, reproachfully, after Rex handed him the paper. "I was told to wait for you hours ago by the Sheriff. You don't go and keep me waiting again now, boy, you hear?" With that, the Zigzagoon laughed, and patted him on the back. "Don't worry kid, I'll treat you well. Some of the early Community Service here you'll be doing for me."

    With that, he lead the Linoone away from the shop. "Because of you're, shall we say, circumstances, I've been instructed to provide you a home for the duration of your stay here." With that, the two crossed a bridge, and continued on until they reached a small shack. The place wasn't in the best shape, and barely looked inhabitable. "Now I was supposed to just leave you with this, but I'm a giving man, you see? So I'll make you a deal, you work for me a bit, and I'll let you keep the house. It might not look like much now, but its a fixer upper."

    With that, the Zigzagoon muttered something just too softly for Rex to pick up what it was. Before the Linoone could question him, the Zigzagoon continued, "Anyway! There are just a few tasks I'd like you to do before I let you have the house for yourself. So, when ever you're ready, just come on down to my shop, and I'll set you up with your first assignment."

    With that, the Zigzagoon left, taking the paper with him. Rex flipped him off while he wasn't looking, the entered the small shack. The walls were wood, and the floor dirt. It was definitely smaller on the inside then it was on the outside. A hammock was strung between two sticks. It was to be his bed. The only other furniture of the small shack was an orange box that was supposed to be used as a sort of makeshift table. Rex placed the map on the box, then threw himself into the hammock, almost getting deposited on the floor for his efforts.

    After a few minutes, he stood, and left the shack. He might as well see what that Zigzagoon had planned for him.
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Rex stumbled back into his shack, extremely tired. He had been up way too long now, and was looking forward to laying down and sleeping the rest of the day and following night away. He closed his door behind him, and collapsed onto the hammock. He was out within a minute.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Wednesday, Night 1, 6:24pm

    Rex didn't wake up until the next afternoon, and even then it was only at the prodding of a hungry stomach. He slowly opened his eyes, and noted with disdain that he'd passed out wearing his ugly work shirt. More over, it was storming outside, which rattled the shack Nick had given him. Still, there was no food in the shack, and he was hungry, but he had no money. Thus, the Linoone's only choice was to brave the storm, and hope that some of the town's many trees had some fruit in them.

    Not wanting to ruin his jacket or hat however, the Linoone walked out into the rain in only his pants and work shirt. Trying his best not to get too wet, he darted from cover to cover, putting his species' natural quickness to use. It was barely enough, though, and as such he was fairly drenched when he finally did come across a tree with a few shiny red apples hanging in it. Grumbling to himself, and not seeing any other way to get the apple from the tree, the Linoone tried to climb his way up, digging claws into any available surface as he went.

    Despite the rain, this went surprisingly well. Rex was soon among the branches, the apples within reach. Still, he wanted a large one, one that would sedate his hunger for a little bit. This sort of apple eventually caught his eye, hanging a bit further out from the others. He slowly shimmied his way out to said apple, taking care not to slip and fall. Once the apple was in sight, he reached out, grabbed it, and pulled.

    It held fast. He pulled again, harder this time, and still the apple remained attached. Finally, he tugged on the fruit with all his strength, and the apple broke off from the tree. Surprised by his sudden success, Rex released his hold on the branch, and quickly found himself tumbling to the ground. On the way down, his shirt caught on another branch. Rex heard a ripping sound, and then hit the ground, a few more apples, disturbed by his fall, following soon after him.

    The Linoone sat up, rubbing his head, and wondering if this is what a concussion felt like. He still had the large apple in his other hand, and seemed uninjured. However, there was also a huge tear in his work shirt now, running from near the bottom all the way up to his chest, bisecting the clover. Great. What the hell was he to tell Nick?

    Rex grumbled to himself, and stood up. There was no point in leaving the extra apples to waste. He took off his now ruined shirt and laid it on the ground. He then picked up the apples that had fallen out of the tree, five in all including the large one. He placed them in the shirt, and picked the shirt up, using it as a makeshift basket. He ran back to the shack as quick as he could, slamming the door behind him when he finally returned.

    The Linoone dropped the shirt and apples on the orange box that was serving as a desk of sorts for him, moving his hat and coat over to his hammock. That done, he did his best to shake the water from his fur, noting with disgust that the dirt flooring was starting to get muddy. He then grabbed the large apple, and sat down on his hammock, taking a nice sized bite out of it. He would need to go to Nick's shop eventually, but there was no harm in eating first. Besides, he needed to think of what to say about the work shirt, and would also prefer to see if he could wait out the storm.
  6. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Thursday, Day 2, 1:30pm

    The Linoone had chosen to sleep on it. With a full stomach, this was surprisingly easy. He woke up again hours later, now fairly certain he would never sleep again. Laying in the hammock was starting to make his body sore anyway, so the Linoone slowly got up and put on his coat and hat. He still had no idea what he was going to tell Nick, and at the moment he didn't really care. Something would come to him eventually.

    He walked out of his house, noting with some pleasure that there was now no sign of last night's storm. It was a little crisp out, but Rex didn't mind, having both his coat and a full pelt of fur to keep him warm. He decided to check out the town, see the place he would be stuck for a year. He wasn't going to waste a day like this being Nick's call boy.
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