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Open Return to Pruie Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mockingchu, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. @LittleGreenBean, @Shimmering, @Kyle From Hoenn, @CosmicDreams -
    I did it! I finally made the new RP!
    And here it is: https://pokecharms.com/threads/return-to-the-pruie-region.18165/
    For you newcomers, welcome to Pruie! We're very excited to have you along as we rediscover a region we thought we knew.
    Real quick, here's an updated map of the region:
    [the map should be here but I don't know how to move images]

    And here's a nice character bio template-

    NAME: Seth Hawkins
    AGE: 15
    POKEMON: Wayne (Noibat)
    OTHER INFO: Loves superheroes (like, obsessively); wants to become a superhero one day (against his better judgement), and needs to train with Pokemon to get there; from Kalos, where Blaziken Mask is prevalent, thus sparking his love of superheroes

    BAM! Just like that, welcome to Pruie! (again)

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  2. Name: Zoe Voiq
    Age: 15
    Pokemon: Mimi (Mimikyu)
    Other: Very playful and energetic. Cares for her Pokemon tremendously.
  3. Amazing! Welcome to Pruie Morally Korupt! Or Zoe Voiq, I guess, since Zoe will be the one exploring... eh, nevermind. Just- welcome!
  4. Well!

    Name: Shawn Jackel
    Age: 14
    Pokemon: Way (Phanpy)
    OTHER INFO: Cares for his pokemon a lot. Listens to a lot of emotional music, and enjoys playing video games.

    (Quick side note: Shawn has a type of synesthesia, more specifically, one where things that he hears/sees causes him to taste something. So if someone says Enigma, he'd taste Tapu Cocoa. Or something of the sort. Or if he reads the word Zephyr, he'd taste waffles.)
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  5. Awesome. I'm ready to jump right in (I put the beginning of my RP at the end of the post on the actual RP page), unless you want to wait for Kyle From Hoenn, CosmicDreams, and LittleGreenBean.
  6. Mind if I get in on this? Got an idea...

    Gall Ferris
    AGE: 25
    POKEMON: Beldum (Beldum)
    OTHER INFO: Only started working with Pokémon when he stumbled across a discarded Pokéball. Inside was a funny little Steel-type that had a tendency to fling itself in a random direction whenever he said, "Take Down".

  7. Sounds good. Welcome aboard!
  8. Can I join?

    Name: Maddie
    Age: 12
    Pokémon: Cyndaquil
    Others: Came From Johto and came here to set on a Pokémon adventure
  9. Name: Rand Ezek
    Age: 16
    Pokémon: Daimyo - Froakie
    Other: Came from Kalos to start his Journey after six years of school.
  10. NAME: Mira Tseyo
    AGE: 13
    POKEMON: Moon-Drop (Cleffa)
  11. NAME: Delilah Etoara
    AGE: 16
    POKEMON: Dratini
    It's so shooorrrttt ahhaaaaaa :w:

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  12. NAME: Jaiden Jackson
    POKEMON: Rowlett
    Appearance: Light Green Long and Wavy hair (sideswept Bangs), pink tank top, white capri pants, green shoes
    Personality: Likes Flowers and Gardening, Loves to cook with spices, Pretty Nice
    Just make it obsequious
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  13. Sounds bien. You're good.
  14. Sorry everyone for not seeing the RP thread. I'm not getting notifications from it.
  15. So I got grounded because I had an 86 in one of my classes (Asian parents rip) so I'll just hop in now.
    Name: Raina Green
    Age: 24 (a lot older than the rest of the characters, but in the original RP she was 13 and this is 11 years later so yeah.)
    Pokemon: Skarmory, Quilava, Azumarill, and Aggron.
    Other Info: Considerably different and more mature than OG Raina. Red hair lightened to a dull blondish.
  16. Name: Leon Taylor
    Age: 16
    Pokémon: Wartortle and an egg (a Ralts inside.)
    Other info: dreams of being a gym leader but doesn't know what type to be. Hotheaded.
  17. Awesome! So glad to have a good turnout!
  18. Can you close the RP so it won't get crowded?
  19. Did it. Also, MasterBlastoise, you may want to work on splitting up paragraphs/spacing out dialogue. It's kind of hard to decipher your posts. I just want to catch this problem before it leads to a potential shutdown :D
  20. Are you still accepting? I'd love to join!

    EDIT: Nevermind, I saw that you closed the roleplay...That's fine.
  21. Sorry about that. It was just getting really crowded.
  22. I'll be attempting a mini-digital detox from tomorrow to Thursday. Thus, I won't be able to reply to the thread. So @_obsequious and @9012_dirt you guys can control Seth because you two are the ones mainly interacting with him.
  23. If anybody’s trainer is doing gyms the first gym leader has a Shuppet and a Haunter.
  24. Oh and the gym leader (Edgar) is supposed to be based off Edgar Allen Poe. A tragic author, with a very dark side. Take that idea wherever...
  25. Apologies for late response, I'll try to be active.
  26. Can we start making a time limit on how long u can go without posting
  27. Not really how it works.
    I'm personally waiting for Shimmering to post.
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  28. Name: Luke Storm
    Age: 18
    Pokémon: Riolu, Roggenrola
    Other info: Has an older brother named Kaleb that he looks up to, has dirty blonde hair and is about 6"4.
  29. @StormingCobra55, I'm afraid the RP is closed. Sorry about that. I wish you good luck finding another RP to join.
    Also, MasterBlastoise and 9012_dirt, I'm still active. I'm just waiting for your battle to continue until I post my gym battle. Because Enigma Town is a bit of a ways away from Pflugerville. So time needs to pass.
  30. Hey, @LittleGreenBean when are you gonna post again? I'm kinda sorry for being impatient...
    It's just, that battle between 9012_dirt and MasterBlastoise is taking a while. I'm waiting for you to post.
  31. I did a thing. I have about a million things to do, so sorry this RP isn't a priority.

    Gotta raise 2 of my grades, do lots of art for commisions and gifts, and read this book I've fallen behind in in English.

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