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Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Rex, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    A few days ago, you received an invitation to the birthday party of Karla Rouge, your average trophy wife. The party is styled as a Haunted House party, and you expect there to be numerous contraptions in place to try and scare you and the other guests. You don’t know Mrs. Rouge or her husband Vincent personally, but Mr. Rouge is offering one million American Dollars to whoever stays a night in the supposedly haunted house, and is able to make it out alive.

    The tune of a million dollars sweetening the deal, you decided to indeed attend the party. After all, ghosts aren’t real, are they? On the day the invitation specified, a black car comes to your house, and drives you to the home, a giant former mental institution in southern Pennsylvania. The institution burned down years ago, killing most of the staff and patients inside. However, the caretakers rebuilt it, returning the place to its former glory.

    The building is large, standing taller then the forest around it. The walls are white, and the door is large and black. Your car stops in front of the gate, along with a parade of other cars led to the building by a hearse. The current caretaker, a young, nervous looking man by the name of Wesley King, is waiting in front of the gate. He explains that the driveway is too damaged to be driven on, and that you and the other guests will have to walk the rest of the way.

    Since it isn’t too far, you comply, quickly arriving at the front door. Wesley allows you all in, then stands at the door, looking a bit too nervous to come in completely himself. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all as white as the building is on the outside. The floor is covered by an expensive looking carpet, and there is stained glass in the ceiling, which looks like a bunch of eyes staring at you. Mr. Rouge is waiting for you on the staircase, his wife standing nearby.

    “Welcome, one and all, to the Van Blu Facility for the mentally insane,” Mr. Rouge grins, “Honestly, I don’t know any of you are, nor do I care. But since you are here, we will make the best of it. The rules of the game is that if you spend the night in this house, and, if you survive the night, you will receive a check for one million dollars, if not, then your money will be added to the pot, to be divided up for the rest of the survivors. If you are uncomfortable with this, then you can walk right now, if not, welcome to the show.”

    In the back, Mr. King raises his hand, “Uh, Mr. Rouge, I think I did a good job bringing your guests here, now I’d like my money so I can get out of here!”

    “Of course Mr. King, now if you’ll follow me, I’ll get your check written out. The rest of you can wait in the saloon, there is food and drink waiting for you there,” Mr. Rouge sighs, before leading Wesley off through one of the doors to the right.

    “If you would all follow me, I’ll take you to the saloon,” Mrs. Rouge sighs, before disappearing through a door to the left.


    Now then, this is a nice Paranormal Horror Role Play, feel free to pump as many characters as you want into the story, but, only one of them can survive, since you can’t have a good Horror story nowadays without death, a good atmosphere, and all your other horror tropes. If you couldn’t guess by the above, or it you didn’t read it, the plot is basic. A bunch of people get locked in a haunted house for a night, and have to survive the horrors until daybreak. Now then, rules…

    1. No characters younger then 21. These are supposed to be adults who all have or had jobs.
    2. Violence and Romance are allowed to be as great as the site allows. This is horror, and these are adults, so they are to be expected.
    3. As stated above, you can have as many characters as you want, but only one can make it out.
    4. If you haven’t posted in a week, I will auto your characters, after two weeks, I will kill them off. This is unless you have provided a reason for your absence before leaving.


    I think this sounds reasonable, and, if the right amount of care is given, might actually be a viable Role Play here on 'Charms. Of course, my last attempt with this failed miserably, but now the the Discussion Boards are up, I thought I'd give it another shot. I am open to any ideas for revisions, and I hope that this might turn out to be a successful Role Play.
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    That's uh... nice of you to say but not at all helpful. Do you want to join? Are there any ideas you would like to pitch? Which of Rex's ideas do you think are cool?

    "Looks cool! I like it." doesn't cut it as a proper reply, and so I'm warning you for spam. I suggest that you read the forum's rules before posting again.
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