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Reserve HeartGold or SoulSilver and get swag

  1. [img align=right]http://bitcast-g.bitgravity.com/pokemon/pokemon/production/us/assets/cms/img/news/news_top_vg_hgss_presale.jpg[/img]Pokemon.com has just announced that if you preorder HeartGold, you'll get a commemorative Ho-Oh figurine. Preordering SoulSilver nets you a Lugia figurine.

    These are the same ones that were released in Japan with the games, so if you couldn't get them then, now's your chance. At least, if you live in the US - no word yet on whether these bonuses will come to other regions.

    Pokemon.com notes that the Ho-Oh figure is 2.25 inches tall, while the Lugia figure is 2.5 inches tall.

    Both figures were made by the Japanese company Kaiyodo, renowned for their figurines and garage kits.

    As always, these sorts of bonuses are contingent on availability and participation. So, before you go out and place your preorder, it might be beneficial to call the place ahead of time and ascertain if a) they're participating in this offer and b) if they have any left.

    Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver release in the US on March 14.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by NonAnalogue, Jan 20, 2010.

    1. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      If an online retailer puts these up, and allows imports, that seals the deal on me importing these from America. As I'm getting both (one for me, one for Rach), I'd be able to get both figures too. :D

      Someone lemmie know if any such opportunity arises.
    2. Johto-Master
      i preordered them both from game crazy about 5 hours ago, not sure if they come with the figures though.
    3. Blisk
      My friend and I plan on preordering them at Gamestop when we pick up our Pichu on Jan. 30. I can't wait til then. Does anyone know whether you get the figurines before or after the games come out? They say while supplies last so...
    4. Xatu
      Has there been any word yet about the additional Arceus figure when pre-ordering both? That is what happened in Japan, right? Or am I just imagining things again?
    5. Linkachu
      I was wondering the same, Xatu, and so far all of the press releases have just mentioned the Ho-oh/Lugia figures.

      As for me... I do hope Canada does the same pre-order bonus as we did with the Giratina figures. I'd REALLY love to get my hands on both of those, and it gives me more reason to buy HG now (with SS) instead of purchasing at a later date.
    6. jertyuiop
      I just hope that I'm able to get a ho-oh figurine when I pre-order to the UK. I'm going to pre-order it and it would be great if I could get my hands on one..
    7. Luxetone
      I dont think they are going to since they have to import everything but i hope they do
    8. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      You can preorder now? That's awesome! I can do some double-duty when I pick up my Pichu next month.

      I preordered Platinum last year for the figurine, and I loved it! I want to examine the Lugia one up close now…:D
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
    9. ratsmilk
      the figures wuld b cool but i just want the game cause i dont want to miss any mistery gift events
    10. Teapot
      Ratsmilk, looking at your posts, you clearly need to work on your use of English around here - "be", not b, and "I", not i.

      Bear in mind that you need a certain grasp of the English language to post here, which you are consistently not possessing - please have a read through our rules and try using our spellcheck next time.
    11. Linkachu

      I didn't originally post this in the wrong thread. Noooooo... >> <

      Anyways, my local EBGames (the only EBGames on PEI :p) was holding this pre-order deal too, so I'm assuming it's happening across Canada as well. ^^
    12. D-World
      i heard you get an arceus figure if you pre-order both.
    13. NonAnalogue

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