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Requests Rules

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Teapot, Feb 14, 2015.

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  1. Teapot

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    Fulfilling requests takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity. It is extremely important that those doing requests are given the respect and consideration they deserve. As such, we have a few rules to ensure things go smoothly here:
    1. Artists are not required to fulfil any requests given to them. If you are asked to do something you don't want to do for any reason, don't feel pressured into doing it. If your request is rejected or ignored, please have the courtesy to understand that you are not entitled to the work.
      • In the same vein, if an artist has rules on their thread (for example, they ask for critiques of their work before agreeing to do a request), please follow them.
    2. Please keep requests to one thread. If you've posted a thread asking for a request, please don't then go and post in individual artists' threads with the same request. Keep it in one place - it will still be seen!
    3. Regarding thread bumping: Unlike other forums on Pokécharms, you are allowed to bump your own thread if you have something new to add to it – for example, you're reopening requests, or have changed your thread rules. However, if you're just bumping to push your thread up the list, that isn't allowed.
    4. Commissions are allowed. However, please be careful - we are not PayPal, so we can't really help if you pay for a work that never comes, or do a work that is never paid for. We will of course do our best to help in these situations if we can, but we're quite limited in what we can do.
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