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Requests : currently open :

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Htf and Marshmellow lover, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Hey,it's marshmellow,and I'm going to make a request area.


    Show containing blood allowed,though a I won't draw blood.

    Love not allowed. Hugs and Talking are not forms of the love I'm talking about.

    Crossover characters allowed

    Cartoon characters allowed

    No personal stuff.
    ( bathroom, secrets, etc. )

    Thank you,and request as much as you can!!

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  2. Helloooooo, do you think you could draw the character in my profile pic in a different pose?
  3. Ok! ill draw it now on my computer but it wont be perfect ill redo it on paper. :)
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  4. I'm sorry but do you have a favorite animal? I can't draw good people ;-; but serpirior I can do!
  5. It's okay if you just do the serperior, thanks
  6. I'm done with your request!
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  7. Yes I can!

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