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Requesting Screenshots of Your Pokemon Go Trainers

Discussion in 'Requests' started by X5-1026, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. I'm currently doing a Pokemon Go spriting project. The goal is create all available Pokemon Go clothing options for a trainer sprite base of my creation. You may ask, "If you know what your making, why do you want screenshots?" The answer to that is the Trainer Card Maker. I'm gong to be submitting all Pokemon Go sprites that I make to the TMC, and I think that doing an every-clothing-combination-possible thing would be overwhelming and unhelpful. I do realize that there is no guarantee that my sprites will make it in to the TMC, but this is fun and I'm going to do it anyway. ^.^

    • Please make sure that your username is visible in your screenshot. It will be used in the title of the sprite. If you don't want your PG username as the title, just gimme a name to use.
    • Make sure the whole body is visible. If I can't see what you have equipped, I can't do it.
    • Only one per person, please
    • If yours looks exactly the same as someone else's, the person who posts first will get the title.

    Screenshot Example:

    Submission Example:

    Category: Spinoff Games
    Title: Pokemon Go Girl X51026
    Pokemon Go Girl - X51026.png

    Here's the sprites I have so far
    Pokemon Go Girl - 2.png Pokemon Go Boy copy.png
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