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Request: Fanfic additions.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jeydis, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. To be more specific I was looking for prople do do some artwork for me relating to my fictionary pokemon world, the Korei Archepelago. I know there isnt a huge amount to work on but I do hope its enough to inspire some.

    I must warn you I will use the artwork in some topics relating to the fan made region but I shall ALWAYS credit the original artist. I catch theives, I am not one.

    As for the requests, its very open to all artists. What I would need most is shots of human trainers and the starters of the region. Since the starters are still only sprites, you have my permission to modify them at whim as long as they remain recognizable. As for the human partners, let your imagination fly. The Korei Archepelago is a southern region so think tropical!

    For anymore information on the matter please post here or send me a PM, I am on very very often and wont tardy giving you a reply.

    PS: Link to the region topic is in my signature area.

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