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Reminder: Our stance on leaks and non-official pre-release details

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    The new Pokémon games are just 2 weeks away, but unfortunately, that means we're now smack-bang in the middle of people getting hold of the game through less than fair or legitimate methods and uploading the entire thing for everyone to see well ahead of time.

    As we've previously established, Pokecharms will not be covering anything other than the officially released details and Pokémon ahead of the games release on the 15th. This is so that we're fair to everyone who wants to play these games, that we're not just spoiling the entire thing for them.

    That also means that we're not allowing any of this to be posted by anyone else either on the forums or on the Creative Corner. Until the games are out, please stick to the officially revealed Pokémon and information (which you can confirm on the Sword and Shield website if you need to).

    Breaking these rules will see your post deleted and if necessary, you'll receive a warning on your account. If you keep breaking it, you'll receive an actual punishment - most likely a temporary ban until after the games are out.

    Once the games ARE out on the 15th, we'll ask that - for at least the next few months - you refrain from posting story or game progression details (such as information about the game's towns, gym leaders, etc) without being spoiler tagged. That ensures everyone has the chance to play the games and find those things out for themselves at their own, reasonable pace.

    In the weeks after release, we'll also confirm new rules for RPs so everyone is clear on how features introduced in these games, like Gigantimaxing, will apply within the current framework we have.

    In return for being well behaved, we should have a Trainer Card Maker update starring the new Galar Region Pokémon available as soon as possible during November.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Nov 1, 2019.

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