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Reminder: Explorers of Sky Release Dates and Oak's Letter

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    [img align=right]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/Linkachu166/PMDExplorersofSkylogo.png[/img]Hey guys. After a busy week at work - and some computer difficulties - I wanted to make sure everyone's up-to-date with a couple of bits of Pokémon news.

    Earlier this week, news about Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky's European release date was revealed by Nintendo of Europe, marking the date to be November 20th, 2009. People paying attention will note this date comes a bit over a month after the North American release which is now less than two weeks away on the 12th. As previously mentioned the game is not a brand new Mystery Dungeon saga, instead containing new episodes and extras that expand on Explorers of Time & Darkness's plot/gameplay. For more info, check out the NoE website.

    As for the Oak's Letter WFC Mystery Gift giveaway (which started this past Monday), if you missed the discussion from the previous Oak's Letter update you'll be happy to hear that it stretches beyond simply North America. Europe, New Zealand, and Australia are also in on the giveaway, and it all ends November 8th. Don't miss out on downloading it for yourself and unlocking Shaymin. Just remember - this is for Platinum only.
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