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Remember "What Kind of Pokemon Are You?"?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by David Da Bomb, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Yeah, its that song about the Pokemon types. Anyway, if that song was ever updated, what would any of you guys think be good for new lyrics (minus the refrain)?
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Fun topic. For anyone who doesn't remember the song or remember how it went, here is the part of ze lyrics DDB is referring to:

    Take your NORMAL type like Jigglypuff
    Against the GHOSTLY Gengar the battle's real tough
    Yeah, thunderbolt's a great ELECTRIC attack
    'Til you get GROUND down by a Marowak

    Don't you BUG me with a Caterpie
    For a FLYING type the win's easy
    Good Luck with Muk and POISON gas
    Make one wrong move and it'll kick your GRASS


    Reach higher with FIRE-go Flareon!
    Think twice about ICE to be number one
    WATER's in order if you wanna to be slick

    Mewtwo's the best bet when you get PSYCHIC

    Hitmonlee's the key for your FIGHTING mood
    And you can ROCK 'n roll with a Geodude
    Dratini comes first when you choose DRAGON
    But evolution's the solution if you're gonna win!

    ---> Full lyrics

    Anyways, I have no response for this as of yet, but I'll tinker with the idea.
  3. Those lyrics are really cool Link. Ilike the electric attack one.
  4. Yeah but can you think you come up with raps for say Dark and Steel type Pokemon?

    P.S. Nice to know that someone recognizes this topic's exsitstance...
  5. Like...ah, I suck at rhyming...X_X

    Imagine yourself on one DARK night
    A dual-type Sableye'll give ya a fright!
    But if you like defenses of STEEL
    Aggron's might will make you reel.


  6. You recognized this topic's existance so, yes I'm happy. That was really quite good :D.
  7. thats nothing compared to when you make a Charmander ryme

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