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Reia's {Pokemon} Sprites ~BEWARE OF RANDOMNESS!~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by reiamari, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Intro-thing: Hello peoples! =D I'm Reia, and I'll be showing you my horribble sprites today. (: Hmm.. Me and my Sprites, well, I started because... I have no idea. Oh well, I used to think my sprites were 'decent', but now I'm not so sure. =( I like smilies. -randomness- Anyways, on to my rules for my Sprites! -weird music plays-

    1. /Don't/ just come here to tell me how inexperienced I am, okay? I know how inexperienced I am, thank you very much.

    2. Of course, I'll feed you to my pets if you steal these. Or better yet, I'll send you to Mars! ... Then feed you to my pets..

    3. Feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong (if you have the time to post a looong post..) or encourage me to do better! xD

    9. I skipped every other number because number 9 is the best. Deal with it. Well, this rule is... To enjoy my Sprites (if your eyes don't burn out first ^-^)!

    REQUESTS (you'd want to request from/me/? Yeah right.):


    Aaand I'll post my sprites in my next post. x_x

    Oh right, Requests I'll do:

    Pretty much anything I can.

    More specifically:
    *Candy Pokemon
    *Space Pokemon
    *Lineless Pokemon
    *Trainer Sprites (I'm a bit iffy on these though..)
    ~Just ask if I can do whatever request you have. x3~
  2. (Just a reminder, don't steal these. (: )


    Mixed Pokemon:

    Other Pokemon:

    Other /Other/ Pokemon:
  3. Hi Reia I like the treecko/umbreon its tight the easter psyduck is cool maybe there should be an egg inside its pouch...that is a pouch right?....
  4. The Vibrava/Weedle, Aron/Caterpie and Zigzagoon/Spoink all look really good. After those I reckon the Ivysaur/Poliwag and Plusle/Abra are the best. Nice work.
  5. xD No, I forget what it is.. But that have it on most Bunny suits that I've seen.

    Thank you Xanthier. (: That'd be the Vibeedle, Cateron, Zoink, Polisaur, and Abrasle. (I'm so unoriginal.)
  6. my bad I thought it was a pouch...awkward well good luck on your next sprites..
  7. The fusions in my opinion were superb...however the pirate was messy and James's hair just looked.....wierd? All in all real good!
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Please, next time don't double-post unless you REALLY have to bump your topic. You could have easily edited your batch of sprites into your first post rather than double-posted.

    As the rules state that you CAN double-post in your art/sprite threads with new stuff provided no one posted replies, I am not going to give you a warning - but for future reference, the 'Edit Post' button is your friend. Use it.
  9. ^^; Sorry, I forgot, and I thought that there might not be room in my first post. -hits self- I'll remember from now on! =D

    The Pirate /is/ messy because that was the first one I did, I think.

    I did a Venusaur in umbreon colors because... I like it. B) [​IMG]

    And I was bored so I made a (horrible) Made-Up Pokemon from other Pokemon parts. [​IMG] Sorekoni! -pokes-

    Here's some Pokemons that were made to look like another Pokemon.

  10. Your sprites are the Bomb, your fusions are almost the best I have ever seen and your recolors are very unique, my favorites so far are the wishcash/loudred fusion and Venasuar recolored with espeon colors is the best (poisonous plant)
  11. No, I wouldn't give myself /that/ much credit. >_< There's a /lot/ more better spriters than me. Thank you though!

    ...But there's no Venusaur.. With Espeon colors...
  12. I really like this. Your Pokemon Fusions are really cool! I especially love the Umbreon Treecko. And the Venasaur recolored as an Umbreon is really cool too, as well as the Ninja Wartortle. I concur, black rocks. ^^

    -Xela Otoku

  13. He meant Umbreon.

    You really seem to have a talent for fusions; I agree. You don't have a single bad fusion in my eyes, and the Vulpix/Ludicolo is one of the funniest things I've ever seen XD The Pokemon "cosplayers" (the Pokemon that look like other Pokemon) are really well done, and with me, it causes a right/left brain confusion XD

    Y'know when people write the word "green" in red, and they ask you to name the color and your left brain says green but the right says red? That's what you have. You could make a game outta that XD


  14. Red's PokéPet[​IMG] [​IMG] Batori the level 23 Cherrim!
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  15. sorry, this site doesn't use HTML code, it uses...well, forum code. you should put things in brackets and such, and it's a different code.
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  16. That Espeon playing Delcatty Is AMAZING! I also like the Dratini Cosplayer, Whats he playing?
  17. Why, Seviper, of course.

    EDIT: I wrote Sceptile by mistake XD
  18. :-[ Aww.. thanks guys. I think I enjoy 'mixing' Pokemon the best, it's what I started as. BUT, if you saw my earliest mixes.. Err.. Let's not go there.


    -eyetwitch- I'll have my armies destroy you!!! MUAHAHA! Go Fishies! Go Clones! -sends out my Fishie Cracker and Clone Army-

    Oh, and I call the Pokemon that are made to look like another Pokemon.. Uh.. I don't really 'call' them anything. But I put them under the 'Identity Issues' (and I got the idea based on a friend) category in my mind. 0:-)

    Speaking of which, here's two more Pokemon with identity issues!

  19. Muahaha. Reia likes pink, Reia likes pink!

    I think you should make this thread devoted to Identity Issues. They're very entertaining!
  20. Yeah! They Are! And Stop bugging her with Pink! She might stop fusing... :'(

  21. Okay, one more thing pink-related (excluding the color red, black, or white) and I WILL stop. -_-; I'm serious, seing the color pink causes me to go blind in my right eye for at /least/ thirty minutes. /Thank/ you for that /lovely/ pink font. -sarcasm-

    And back to my sprites.. Well, I just /might/ put mostly my Identity Issues and Mixed Pokemon seeing as Recolored Pokemon aren't /really/ encouraged here. ^^ I was being bored, so I made a Christmas and Starry Espeon. =D


    Here's some II Pokemon I made as well (DON'T trash my Aggron, he was REALLY hard for me. -_-; Trying to make a Steel Pokemon with STEEL parts into a Pokemon with skin, is hard. Seriously.)


    EDIT: Okay, my eye hurts a lot right now. x_x Where'd I put my eyepatch..? YES, I actually made an eyepatch because of the first time I saw the color pink. I'm weird, thank you.
  22. Sorry, We didn't know. And that Espeon -is- Da bomb!! ;D
    And Pink is rather ugly.
  23. Thank you. (: Now just remember never to use a pink font, and we'll get along just fine. Which Espeon? o.o I see two. Oh yeah, I named the Espeons, Jarah. -randomosity-

    Does anyone have any suggestions/requests for a Mixed/II Pokemon?

    Although, some of my Mixes can pass off as an II Pokemon..

    And for a Mix, I only do TWO Pokemon to mix, I've tried three, it turned out... Strange. If anyone's wondering where I get the ideas to mix which Pokemon with which, I use a Sprite generator that shows random sprites that I fuse if I can. (:

    I feel more random today. =D
  24. ...Reading Artiste's pink font caused my high E string to break and cut the skin between my index finger and thumb. Pink isn't just a bland color, it's CURSED!

    ...I sorry :x

    In addition, that Aggron/Feraligatr is AWESOME.
  25. LOL. Sorry, dude!
    And oops, I was so busy feeling Guilty...I meant the Christmas one. The starry one's good too, though.
    I'll never use a Pink font again.
    And I think you should put Typhlosion in Umbreons colors, along side of Venasuar.
    Typhlosion, and Umbreon, My two favorites. ;D
  26. Sure, I'll get started on that now. (:

    Anyother suggestions/requests? I'm feeling bored, with nothing else to do. Help me stay awake! =D
  27. Thanks, Reia! Can't wait!
    Also, What type of Font are you using? It's Sweet.
  28. My type font is garamond, and I already ahve the Typhlosion/Umbreon recolor, but I'll put it up later because I feel really.. Really tired right now, and I need to rest my eyes.
  29. Alright! Thanks, Reia! You go take a nap. I can wait.

  30. What is the generator? it sounds cool.
  31. It's here: http://dragonflycave.com/spritegenerator.aspx

    Artiste: I made 3 versions of the recolor you wanted. The top one is of DP Umbreon's colors for the front, and then the colors are darkened for the top part. The left one is of R/S/E Umbreon's colors for the front, and the DP Umbreon's colors on top, and the right one is the reversed one of the left one. ^^ Pick which one!

  32. I think the one on the bottom right looks best 'cause of the synergy in the color scheme...Uhhh...Is 'contrast' the right word? It's none too dark, is what I mean.

  33. Yeah, I like the right one, too. Thank you SO much, Reia! They're ALL awesome!
    By the way, whats the generator do? I'm not allowed to click on random links.

  34. Thanks I wanna try some spriting myself now.

    I have a wierd suggestion but how about a MewPuff (MewTwo and Jiggly Puff.)
  35. The generator just has a little description of what it does above the actual thing, and there's three boxes you can type a maximum of three Pokemon at a time to see their R/S/E, FR/LG, and D/P sprites of POKEMON only. And there's also three buttons to generate random Pokemon. (:

    Hmm.. A Mewpuff.. Well, I could try, but I won't promise anything spectacular! xD

    Here's the Typhlosion, then Artiste! =D

    Personally, I like the top one because I tend to like darker colors the best. xD

  36. Thanks so much, Reia! I appreciate it.
  37. No problem, it was fun! =D

    This Mewpuff is /really/ aggravating me. >.
  38. How is it aggravating you? Is it just not fusing, or something?

  39. It's not fusing, and it tortures me. x_x

    I won't be able to do the Mewpuff. =( -points accusingly at Mew and Jigglypuff) It's their fault.
  40. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I always knew THEY were bad news. Never liked EITHER of those two. I'm not gonna name 'em either. THAT'S how much I hate 'em.
    Hey, Didn't he say MEWtwo? I like Mew. 'Tis adorable.
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