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Regions Collide

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by zekromXsogoleo, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. This RP takes place In a new region called Cellara. This RP is focused on fakemons however you may Have one pokemon on your team from any region as long as its not legendary. The Cellara region is focused on a monarch on a small island were all legendary pokemon were destroyed and shattered into shards. The shards were all turned into silver water and then the pokemon grandmaster turned to silver water into the elemental region of Cellara. The pokemon grandmaster was a person who had the power to make new pokemon. There are things called mythic keys which give pokemon unique abilities when used. The mythic key abilities must not be to OP so no Giant 300 foot Charizard. Keys are kind of like new moves but not exactly. Anyway only one key per person and keys are obtained by grand trials. Grand trials are a series of pokemon events including battles, races and many other things. You can make up whats in the grand trials but I have to decide if you win it. For the purpose of grand trials there has to be two real RPers and I will make up fake ones. The Kingdoms are Aqua, Ghost, Darkness, Volcanic, Shocking and Metalica. Anyway rules are

    Pokemon:four Pokemon one has to match with its kingdom
    Mythic keys: one (however you can swap one mythic key for another If you win another Grand trial)
    Pokemon allowed: Fakemons mostly But you can have one nonfake pokemon from any region as long as its not legendary)
    Romance: Romance is allowed but keep it to a minimum no kissing or any other stuff like that only hugs and compliments ( Just don't say for example "Hey there You lookin, Smexy (;")

    my Character

    Name "Zion"
    Gender Male
    Pokemon: Monarcheon the powerful butterfly pokemon Monarcheon absorbs solar energy at day with her solar panels and attacks at night her cubic like panels can form into other shapes at night si she can become a wall and other shapes her power is each panel has its own type her main weakness is she can't attack at day. Blimpy the blimp pokemon Blimpy can be rid and can unleash powerful air attacks he is not the most powerful but serves useful. Steelix (kingdom pokemon). Empty slot to catch pokemon. Backstory Zion wandered the streets of the Metalica kingdom scavenging for metals. he was abbandoned by his parents and siblings. One day when he was wondering a mysterious man claiming to be a grandmaster gave him a pokeball with Onix in it. Him and Onix trained for hours on end until the reached the top of the metal kingdom (Sidenote trading and item evolutions dont exist in this story except Evee and no fake Evees) put character under this post

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