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Reflections (Indie Game Crossover RP Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Some time ago, a family dedicated to protecting the multiverse threw it into chaos. Maple, an inter-dimensional mage, gathered a cavalcade of heroes to defeat her brother, who intended to destroy the multiverse. Nathan McAllen, Shantae, Shovel Knight and the Hat Kid joined her in her strife, eventually saving reality. When her allies vanished from the worlds and the multiverse fell under attack once more, Maple gathered new allies. Alpha, Sash Lilac, Kris and a noble prince joined her effort, fighting back against the mysterious Plague and freeing her old friends from Plague's dark control. Now the multiverse is put under threat once again, as Kris' involvement has gained Maple and Quill the attention of a very strange man...

    Reflections is meant to be a continuation of a previously-established crossover story I plan to turn into a duo of video games in... maybe ten years or so? That should be long enough to get both Project X games made. Several indie franchises have already been involved with the Reflections canon, meaning any major characters from Project X, Shantae, Shovel Knight, A Hat in Time, TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, Freedom Planet and Delta Rune likely already know of the multiverse and have some involvement with its events. That doesn't mean other universes can't get involved, though! So long as they're an indie property and would mesh well with the world and its setting, I'll allow it. If it's not an indie property but isn't super-big-budget like a Nintendo game or something, you MIGHT be able to get them in judging on how you play your cards.

    Anyways, you can suggest any characters you might want as well as potential plot points. I don't have much yet, but what I DO have I'm super psyched for. (Oh, and for those wondering what Project X is, it's an original game series of mine with heavy ties to earlier plot, so I get some OCs; sorry folks! :p)

    Maple (H): @Eeveechu151
    Quill: @Eeveechu151
    Plague (V): @Eeveechu151
    Flint: @Eeveechu151

    Project X
    Nathan McAllen (H): @Eeveechu151
    X: @Eeveechu151
    Y: @Eeveechu151
    Michael Williams: @Eeveechu151
    Professor Henry Cypress: @Eeveechu151
    Z (V): @Eeveechu151

    Shantae (H): @Eeveechu151
    Rottytops: @Eeveechu151
    Sky: @Fraseandchico
    Risky Boots (V): @Fraseandchico

    Shovel Knight
    Shovel Knight (H): @Fraseandchico
    Shield Knight:
    Black Knight:
    King Knight:
    Plague Knight:
    Specter Knight (V): @Fraseandchico

    A Hat in Time
    Hat Kid (H): @Fraseandchico
    Mafia Boss:
    The Conductor: @Il Fantasma
    DJ Grooves:
    Snatcher: @Eeveechu151
    Queen Vanessa:
    Mustache Kid (V): @Fraseandchico

    TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise
    Alpha (H): @Eeveechu151
    Nylocke: @Eeveechu151
    Asterologist: @Eeveechu151
    Rockoon (V):

    Freedom Planet
    Sash Lilac (H):
    Carol Tea:
    Milla Basset:
    Arktivus Brevon (V):

    Delta Rune
    Kris (H): @Fraseandchico
    Susie: @Comic
    Ralsei: @Eeveechu151
    Lancer: @The Bog Hog
    Sans: @Comic
    Asgore: @Eeveechu151
    Chaos King (V): @The Bog Hog

    John Egbert:
    Rose Lalonde:
    Dave Strider:
    Jade Harley:
    Karkat Vantas: @Comic
    Terezi Pyrope:
    Vriska Serket:
    Eridan Amproa:
    Feferi Peixes:
    Equius Zahhax:
    Nepeta Leijon:
    Aradia Megido:
    Sollux Captor:
    Tavros Nitran:
    Kanaya Maryam:
    Gamzee Makara (V):

    RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

    Ruby Rose: @Eeveechu151
    Weiss Schnee:
    Blake Belladonna:
    Yang Xiao Long: @SailorInSpace
    Jaune Arc: @SailorInSpace
    Nora Valkyrie:
    Pyrrha Nikhos:
    Lie Ren:
    Roman Torchwick (V): @Fraseandchico
    Neopolitan (V): @Eeveechu151

    Let's tag some people who I think might be interested... how about @Comic, @Blatant Mokery, @Mockingchu, @Rohan Kishibe, @Fraseandchico, @GreninjaTrainer013, @BlueMew392 and @Sarah316? Also I know you're already flooded but I'll ask anyways - @Godjacob think you could handle one more so I can get another RWBY fan? Or for another option, @SailorInSpace, I've been wanting you to join into an RP or two here!
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  2. You're making video games?
  3. Well... I plan to, as a writer, director and voice actor. When I'm finished high school, I'll see about getting into contact with animators, modelers, programmers, artists, musicians and VAs.
  4. Huh cool, sounds like a big project
  5. Aren't all high-quality games? I plan for it to be a ten-chapter first-person puzzle-platformer.
  6. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    i'm fairly certain you're aware who i want, Eevee.
    but on another note, already knowing who the villain is, and considering you said this is an alternate continuation of Fiction RP, that begs the question, if the same you-know-who remains under my control, or if you'll be controlling both him and his GT counterpart.
    but yeah. the character i would claim?
    the gaster blaster caster master himself.
    Thanos Fortnite
  7. Are the characters in the list the only characters available or can we suggest characters from other series?
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  8. Eh, Fiction Crossover is kind of irrelevant to this one. Think of Reflections and Fiction Crossover as two possible continuations of the story. You want any Delta Rune folks?
    Feel free to suggest any characters from other series, the character list is just for characters I already have worked into the canon. (Except the RWBY cast this is their first appearance in the canon but shshsh)
  9. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    yeah, sure. i'll take one everybody overlooks. i'll claim Ral-
    *checks through character list*
    okay, nevermind what i was saying.
    i was gonna say Susie, anyway.

    also, having the freedom to suggest characters...
    and considering one of Rooster Teeth's franchises are already here...
    i would like to request a claim on Caboose from Red vs Blue.

    Sans, Susie, Caboose. that's my three to start with, and tbh, having limited knowledge of a lot of indie games save for anything involving Toby Fox, then my cast might not expand very much in the future. i think these three are pretty solid.
  10. I'll take Kris, Roman, Shovel knight, and Mustache Girl.
  11. Susie is yours, but I don’t think Red vs Blue has a game yet...?
    Sure, they’re yours. Tbh I’m surprised you didn’t take some Freedom Planet characters.
  12. Ay I know I’m really damn dead on this site but I’ll take The Conductor if nobody else wants him. If anybody wants him at any point they can have him, I don’t mind.
  13. Sure, he’s yours. You want any other AHiT characters, Em?
  14. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    probably in some alternate universe.
  15. They still need to have a game to be considered eligible. RWBY is here exclusively because of Grimm Eclipse. TOME is here using the game version currently in production.
    Speaking of which, Comic, I recommend you check out Terrain of Magical Expertise. The web series has 16 high-quality episodes and 8 shorts you can watch to get context on the alternate world of the web series that still bears similarities to the game version. Also, the demo of TOME is out now and free to play. It’s a small hour-long romp through one of the earliest areas of the game.
  16. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    y'know, Homestuck has playable game sections throughout it, alongside the normal text, flashes, and interactive flashes throughout the web comic. so technically, Homestuck fits the requirements. especially if ToME can come in with an unreleased game, right?
  17. ...I’d count it as Hiveswap instead. But yes.
  18. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    yes, there is Hiveswap, which is solely limited to the game, but if we're being honest, Hiveswap ain't got nothing on Homestuck.
    if anybody hasn't read Homestuck, i totally recommend you DON'T read it. it ruins you. i know.
    anyway, i'll replace Caboose with someone great.
    the one. the only.
    Karkat Vantas.
  19. ...it barely counts, but I suppose it does count. I’m just worried about the Homestuck characters removing narrative viability in the same way Deadpool would... but from what I know about Karkat, he should be fine. Are there any other Homestuck characters you think I should list as being up for grabs?
  20. Nah, I’m good, but I might think of some other smaller game to take a character from.
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  21. Actually, perhaps you might be interested in some of the TOME characters? I’d like to give Alpha some of the Dandy Alliance to play off of aside from Nylocke.
  22. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    any of the originals. definitely not any villains, and DEFINITELY NOT Lord English (considering Lord English can break the fourth wall and rewrite the entire story at will).
    so the classics would be characters like;
    Karkat, Terezi, Gamzee, Vriska, Eridan, Feferi, Equius, Nepeta, Aradia, Sollux, Tavros, Kanaya, Dave Strider, John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, and Jade Harley, though i doubt very many people will be claiming any Homestuck characters, tbh.
  23. Oh god, Gamzee. I remember him...
    I’ll add them to the list.
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  24. Gamzee could count as a villain actually, like Roman or Risky Boots. Unless he turns good later, but as far as I know he’s basically just a murder clown.
  25. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    Gamzee is only a good guy if he's high.
    when he's not high, his true self shows, and he's a heartless clown kid who kills for fun, and plays 'court' or something else with the bodies of his victims to entertain himself further. doesn't matter if the victims were his friends or not.
    but, noticeably, after his murder spree, he seemed to calm down a bit. at least, enough for Caliborn to befriend and recruit him.
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  26. He’s definitely a villain, then. Got it.
    I’ve modified the character list - some characters are now marked with (H) and (V). (H) means they’re already an interdimensional hero that’s partnered with Maple before, and (V) means they’re a potential - and likely - antagonist.
  27. Can I also take Hat kid and Spector Knight, along with Sky?
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  28. It’s been too long man, I wouldn’t be able to RP as them and do it well. I’ll leave them for someone else to take, and I’ll tell you if I think of someone else that might work.
  29. Aw, damn. Play the demo - that’ll catch you up! But I guess you’re fine with the Conductor for now. Just wish you had some major characters...
  30. I’ll play the demo when I can, I promise.

    What kinda of other games do you think would work for this, anyway? Something like BatIM?
  31. ...BatIM could potentially work, but due to how it works we have a lack of solid characters and plots to really draw on. It’s a very vague and small story relative to other entries here. But if you think you know a character from it that could work here, I’m not stopping you.
  32. I was just using it as an example, there’s no character from it that I’d want to use anyway. I’ll try to think of some other games with more of a definite story to pull a character from.
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  33. What about BattleBlock Theatre? Maybe I could use Hatty or something?
  34. Or maybe Mettaton or something?
  35. Battleblock Theater... I guess it’s possible. And does Mettaton exist in Delta Rune?
  36. I’m assuming he does? I mean Blooky’s house is in the town, it’s kinda hinted that he’s inside but you can’t see him or interact with him.
  37. Since Alphys isn’t the royal scientist, though, it’s not likely that Mettaton would even have a body...
  38. That’s a fair point tbh.

    I’ve been looking for other games and I can’t find any, so I’ll probably just stick with The Conductor for now. Might possibly take a TOME character after I play the demo, but no promises.
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  39. May I take Risky Boots as well? also,
    Says the Conductor because why not.
  40. Risky is yours. Just so you know, btw, in Reflections canon Risky and Z have flirted before and have some romantic villainous attraction.

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