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DPPt/HGSS Red Silvers Trading Post

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Red Silvers, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. So I thought I would see if people are willing to trade.

    I have 2 10 ANIV Celebi to trade.

    I'm interested in the following for Celebi:
    Ho-oh (MATTLE OT only)

    Other Pokemon I am interested in (make a reasonable offer and I will consider)

    Updated August 11
  2. Ill Trade You A Hatched Phione
    For your Celebi as long as its Legit
    (cloned is fine)

  3. I can get all of the non-legendary Pokemon listed that you want.
    Just what do you have to offer first, and do you have any starters to offer?
  4. ToXic-Jeo

    To the best of my knowledge they are legit. They match the info from Serebii but I got them from a Saphire game my friend bought used.


    I have several Adamant and Impish Turtwig. The other starters I don't have availible but I can breed. (I have all 12 starters)
  5. Yeah, if you could, I need a Charmander, Torchic, Chicorita, Treecko, Totodile, and Mudkip. That covers six right?
    I'll think about the other two choices I've got and I'll let you know later.

    -Edit: I meant Totodile, Sorry!
  6. Ok then ill trade
    im ready now
    can you trade?
  7. I could Trade you a Natu with a Timid, or Modest Nature, I also have an Adamant Metagross, Level 100, if your interested (Im never gonna use it)
  8. ToXic-Jeo

    I can trade now, PM me when you are ready and I will get on Wifi


    I need time to get the eggs and such, I will PM when ready (may be little while).


    No need for Metagross, thanks. What are you interested for in exchange for Natu?
  9. Which of the eight Pokemon do you want?
    Just list them and can get them right in Diamond (But Slakoth, I'll have to migrate that one)
  10. Go ahead and shoot for Cubone, Makuhita, Snubbull, Phanpy, Delibird, and Surskit.

    That way you dont need to port Slakoth and Figs can trade for Natu.

    I should be ready to trade tomorrow.
  11. Yeah, I'll see you then. You don't mind all of the traded Pokemon being Lvl. 1 do you?
  12. That's fine with me, the starters will be the same.
  13. Hey, Red. I can get you the Paras, Yamma, and Dratini.
    Do you have a Magby with a Magmarizer by any chance?
  14. Paras is not on my list anymore but thanks!

    I don't have the item, but I DO have Magby.

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