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Recoto: the island of life. (open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DragonTrainerMalachi, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. "How long do you think itll be till we finally get to the island?" Destu said to his Blaziken. The Wingulls screeched their call as the boat dashed through the waves. Recoto: this island was made after the huge battle between land and sea years ago. and on this island is where Pokemon from all regions come to thrive. only the most trusted trainers can accompany the pokemon rangers on this island. and on the island they are free to play, bond, breed, train, and catch the pokemon living on the island. but this trip was different. the air had the scent of mystery in it. "Wonder what awaits us when we get there." Detsu said as he went below the deck.
  2. James woke up in a room on hs boat. He got his pokemon from his bag and let his charmander out."Hey Char, you hungry?" He asked. Charmander nodded and ran for the door. "No!" He yelled "Charmander come bach here!" He ran until James bumped into another trainer.
  3. Suddenly a Charmander ran by and before he could react a person ran into him. Dazed Detsu got up to help the trainer to his feet "Watch out dude, stairs are dangerous." he said in a condenscending tone trying not to laugh. "Was that Charmander yours?"
  4. "Yeah, sorry about him,im James " he said getting up. "He is a troublesome charmander." He searched through his bag." May i see your pokemon?" James asked.
  5. "Oh trust me I know alot about troublesome pokemon." Detsu said as he glared at Blaziken while he grabbed the other pokeballs. As he threw them out there was a Ditto, Eevee, Charizard, Feraligatr, and the Blaziken ran over to join them. " I only brought five cause thats all I thought I needed, oh and my name's Destu.""If I may ask, how did you get your pass to come here?"
  6. James took out his pokèdex and registered all his pokemon.i got my pass from professor oak because i was his aide." James heard a loud boom and charmander ran back and grabbed his leg before water went everywhere. A chef cleaned up the water from his pot and gave me a dirty look. Charmander let go when he saw the charizard. Charmander started to hug the charizard. "Sorry,he was seperated from his parents when he was only a egg" James let his two other two pokemon ,alakazam and piplup out. "Let me call professor oak and ask his somthing."
  7. The captains assistant, who went by the nickname Wave, turned around to see that the two trainers were awake. As he turned around, his Oshawott let itself out of his poke ball. Then, a Wingull, probibaly his, landed on his arm. He almost said something, but kept quiet when he realized they were calling Professor Oak.
  8. "Ok," James said "what i am about to show you is very secret. James pulled out another pokeball. A pink catlike pokemon came out and said "Mew" happily Before he returned it."Im supposed to take it to the professor on the island"
  9. Wave barely saw a pink figure behind James back before it went away. Wave wondered what it could of been. He then left to go help the captain with many questions on his mind. When he thought about the figure again, he remembered he saw it in a dream once.
  10. James thought he heard a crash he looked to see the captain was sleeping and the captains assintant was there "What happened." he asked
  11. Detsu trailed behind James shocked at the Pokemon he revealed "Is everything okay here? We only got a little bit to go." Detsu said as he rubbed his Feraligatr. "If you need help we got you - um.. Whats your name?"
  12. Wave looked nervous as he tried to steer the boat away from the big wave. He looked back at Detsu and James and loudly replied "You can call me Wave" so he could be heard over the roaring waves. He picked up his Oshawott into his arms as his Wingull flew ahead to see if it could see the island.
  13. "Okay Wave you have my assistance if you need it!" Feraligatr jumped into the ocean ready to help. "Be careful Rex!" Detsu yelled trying to keep his balance. "What should we do about this wave...Wave?"
  14. Wave dove into the water to save the captain who had fallen in. His Oshawott looked at Detsu in fear. Wave grabbed onto the boat and weakly said " Can you start steering?"
  15. "Yeah Okay lets see what I can do Destu sighed as he looked at the wheel and slowly turned.it the whole ship slapped the wave. as Feraligatr pushed from behind. "Rex help Wave an the captain I got this." Rex raced to the duo to help.
  16. Oshawott jumped onto Rex's back, wanting to save its trainer. "Thanks Destu I really appriciate it". Wave's hand slowly started to slip off the boat.
  17. "Oh man watch out! go Ditto!" The Ditto jumped out and Detsu showed him the card of the Bulbasaur andit transformed "save him with Vine Whip!" The vines wrapped around Wave's hand as Oshawatt and Rex waited below.
  18. Wave held onto the captain tightly as he was dragged up. "Thank you for saving us, Detsu."
  19. James was watching when his piplup pulled him into the water."Dangit Piplup!" He yelled "ill meet you on the island." He yelled. Alakazam jumped on his back and used teleport.
  20. Wave looked at the teleportation at awe. He said "Oshawott, you have to see this."
  21. "Aw man James is gonna get there before us!" Detsu groaned. He reched in his pocket for a wooden whistle and blew it right before he jumped into the water. "Dont worry Wave your gonna have one WHALE of a good time!" He laughed at his pun before taking off."If you didnt get it I called Kyogre!"
  22. After teleporting he just sat at the docks and pulled out a sandwich and waited.
  23. Detsu finally made it to shore before laying down face first in the sand."Well We're here..." he sighed.
  24. "Yeah" James said "want a sandwich, my mom overpackes anyway" he said,getting up handing him one" lets get going.

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