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Rebellious Suns: Vivian, Reginald, Blazi

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    The second group of Elohim's warriors have been placed just outside of Elohim's Sanctuary on Andraste's Mountain. They can choose to seek the wisdom of Elohim if they so choose, or follow the straightforward but rocky path down the mountain and seek out the Moon's Order. While the mountain is fairly cold, the path itself has been blessed by Elohim for those descending, the Rebellious Suns feeling no chill and yet not ever getting too warm.
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Re: Rebellious Suns: Vivian, Reggie, Blazi

    Vivian stood on the slopes of Andraste's Mountain, overlooking the land spread out before her. To her left was the Elven Forest, a small sea of tall trees. In front of her were the glistening waters of Kraken's Lake, though whether or not the lake actually held such a creature remained to be seen.

    Vivian was clothed rather modernly. It had been quite a few years since her resurrection, allowing her to grow accustomed to a culture and society centuries ahead of the one she had left behind. Her torso was clothed in an emerald green, sleeveless, modern cheongsam made of a shiny cotton. The Chinese-styled piece went down to just past her pelvis and hugged her body. The cheongsam was plain and had a simple black trim.

    Her legs were covered in black skinny jeans and a pair of brown high-heeled boots, also made of cotton, that went up over her jeans to just bellow the knee. The heel of the boots was thicker and sturdier, but still quite fashionable. Vivian's upper arms near the shoulders were bare, but long, loose, black sleeves were fastened to her arms.

    The woman had creamy skin with rosey undertones, and her hair was long and wavy, auburn in color and styled beautifully with a black rose clipped into it.

    Her beautiful image faltered as soon as her saw the woman's eyes. Still beautiful, emerald green, almost glowing, but her pupils were thin, like that of a snake's. Her expression, despite being a smile, was overall dark and foreboding. In one of her hands she held a scythe that looked like two thorny vines wrapping around each other, and the blade was dark in color, made of some unknown metal and seemed to also have some sort of evil aura about it. The Rosethorn Scythe was what it was, and it was the woman's weapon of choice.

    Vivian resumed her descent of the mountain, eagerly awaiting her opportunity to destroy members of the opposing faction. As far as she knew that was the only way to progress through whatever game this was. After the Moon Order and its leader were destroyed she would turn her attention on several other people, not excluding the one who had summoned her there in the first place. He seemed like the all powerful being in whatever world they were in, and she had no doubt that he was watching their every move. He would pay for taking from her what she wanted, when she was so close to getting it.

    It would be fine. It wouldn't be the first time she challenged God.
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  3. Reginald stood on the rocky face of Andraste's Mountain overlooking the land stretching out beneath him. Despite the wind howling around him, there was no chill about him; a gift from Elohim to all of the warriors in the Rebellious Suns. A smile stretched across his face.

    He was dressed as one would normally find him. His long sleeve tee-shirt depicted the Union Jack, the left sleeve had been torn off at the shoulder; on his left wrist was a black leather band with metal studs. On his right hand he had a fingerless glove. His jeans were torn and tattered, with a chain hanging from his side. Black combat boots, untidy and faded, were on his feet.

    His piercing blue eyes surveyed the Kraken's Lake and the surrounding area, he didn't know whether or not there was actually anything in the lake, but it would be interesting to see such a beast. His hair was stuck up in tall spikes, he prided himself on his homemade gel that kept his hair firmly in place.

    A single tear formed in one of his eye, the cost that he had been forced to pay to join a war that was never his fresh in his mind. His mind seemed strangely empty and he didn't know what to do about it. He decided to preoccupy himself with his favorite pass time: he'd find the Moon Order members and kill them all.
  4. Blazi was the only one in his group who had a smile on his face. He was looking at the glorious view from the mountain, as his two companions looked sulky. Despite the elevation and winds howling around him, Blazi didn't feel the slightest bit cold; quite the contrary, he was feeling warm.

    He was dressed in clothes unlike what most were used to seeing him in. His usual shirt had been replaced with an orange t-shirt that had sleeves barely going past his shoulders. He was wearing brown cargo shorts that went just past his knees, and a pair of black sandals. His orange hair that was usually in it's Torchic-feather formation was now just messy, giving him the appearance of having spent the day at a windy beach.

    His scarf was no-where to be seen, but he didn't even look cold, despite the minimal amount of clothing protection. Even if he didn't have Elohim's blessing, he still wouldn't feel chilly. That was one of the advantages of having an eternal fire burning inside of him.

    Blazi knew that the other members of this war had lost something dear to them, but Blazi had no idea of what he had lost. Indeed, in his memories, there were times of when he seemed to be talking to a patch of air, about Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and the like, but these memories just made him curious, rather than sad.

    Blazi looked at his two companions again. One was wearing a shirt with the Union Jack on it, and the other was wearing some sort of chinese clothing. Both had a look on their face that made Blazi think they were planning to fight, but one of them, the one with the Union-Jack shirt, had a tear running down his face.

    Blazi decided that now would be a good time to talk to them, and said over the wind, "This may sound slightly silly, but I have no idea what your names are. I'm Blazi, nice to meet you. Should we go down and find those Moon-Order guys?" Blazi waited for their response.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Ah, yes. Vivian had forgotten about her partners. It was an interesting group they made up, her, the boy, and the young man. It didn't matter to her whether or not they would be useful in battle. She could always find other uses for them if they proved to be inadequate fighters. She sensed something dark in the young man, she could use that, but the boy? Well, time would tell.

    "Yes, I think we'll try our luck at Kraken's Lake," the dark witch answered with a bit of a smile. It was roughly the center of the island, so it was good place to start. Either they would find someone or someone would find them.

    The scythe Vivian held burst out of existence in a puff of black rose petals. She flexed her fingers, cracking the joints in them, and then in her wrists, and then cracking her neck. Then she set off down the mountain in a bit of a sprint, not seeming to be bothered by uneven surfaces. She landed on rocks and boulders with perfect balance, launching herself further down the mountain. The woman didn't check to see if her partners were keeping up with her - if they couldn't even manage that then they weren't even worth her time.

    Eventually she reached the bottom of the mountain, where the grass of the mainland was quickly taking over the scenery. The lake was just ahead, but on impulse the woman turned and ran instead towards the river that branched from the lake and into the ocean. With a snap of her fingers black runes appeared around her body, hovering eerily in the air, seeming to absorb light. The ground around the woman began to wither away as she ran. Grass died and trees were turned to skeletons. Life was flowing out of the earth and into her.

    With another snap the unholy runes vanished and the woman burst forward with speed she didn't have previously, cutting down hours of walking into minutes of running. Within no time at all she had reached the Starving River and launched herself across it, arching up into the air and flipping before coming down on the other side and continuing to run as if it had never been in her way to begin with.

    Within five minutes the woman stopped at the treeline of the Erebyss Forest. It was more like a jungle really. The part of the island they were in was noticeably more humid. There wasn't even a whisper of wind coming from the forest. Everything was very quiet. Vivian hadn't yet decided if she wanted to go into the forest. Perhaps they could simply go around it and shoot instead for the cliffs on the western side of the island.
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  6. Reginald glared at the boy who had spoken, breaking him away from his thoughts. He had forgotten about his "friends" who were traveling with him. He usually preferred to work alone. The witch said something about the Kraken's Lake. As good a place to start as any. She then proceeded to hurl herself down the mountain.

    "Do try and keep up, Blazi." Reggie said with a smirk before he flung himself off of the ledge he had been perched upon. He free fell for several seconds before the water in the air around him began to condense and then freeze, forming a platform that he landed on and slowed his fall enough to leap off onto a boulder. The boulder came free and changed shape, forming around Reginald's feet and propelling him down the mountain, not far behind the witch.

    He reached the ground, which also began to roll and propel him forward. He reached the Starving River and leapt off of his earth-powered propulsion system. He landed on the water, but didn't sink in. Instead it started to swirl before he started moving across the water as if he were jet skiing.

    Shortly afterward he was standing beside the witch at the edge of the Erebyss Forest. The humidity was unpleasant, but not unbearable. Still, he preferred not to trek through the more-jungle-than-forest. If they found someone to kill, though, then it didn't really matter.

    "Wonder if our little friend is going to be able to keep up."
  7. The lady said something about a lake, before running down the mountainside, then the man said, "Do try and keep up Blazi," and jumped off the side. Blazi was left standing alone, with only the wind keeping him company.

    "Charming." Blazi muttered, before running at the edge of the mountain, and then taking a flying leap off the side. As the wind rushed his ears, he felt himself coming closer to the mountain, so he gave off a small burst of fire from his hands to propel him away from it. He flew away, and as he was about to hit the ground, he spun himself so his feet were facing the ground. He gave off another large blast of fire from his hand, slowing him down enough to stop him from killing himself, and landed.

    A large crater appeared where he landed, and Blazi grunted a little bit. He looked up, and saw that his companions were not going to the Lake, but instead to a large forest. "Oh, really helpful," he growled, before running after them. He knew he was never going to catch up to them normally, so he decided to crank up his speed. Fires appeared underneath his sandals, and he started skating across the landscape, making long burn marks where his feet went.

    Eventually he reached some sort of river, and he took a large jump over it, his flaming skates making an arc of fire. Finally he had caught up to the two. Hearing the man say, "Wonder if our little friend is going to be able to keep up." Blazi felt an urge to reply.

    "I am going to be able to keep up, but one thing. If you don't tell me your names I'm going to call you Jack and Jill, and you will forever be called that in my books, alright?" Blazi cancelled the fire underneath his feet, and looked at the forest. "Big, isn't it?" he said.
  8. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Vivian," the fallen holy woman answered the boy as her emerald gaze pierced through the trees of the jungle, slitted irises expanding ever so slightly to allow her more sight into the darkness.

    A light rain had begun when Vivian decided that she could not resist the call of the shadows of the jungle. There would be something in there. Enemies or perhaps something more, either way it would be worth going in.

    "Come, my children," the woman said with a smile as she began to walk into the rainforest.
  9. "Reginald," the man replied looking at the boy. That attitude of his was annoying, but an adjustment would have to wait. They were technically comrades, after all. Though, that may change; one never knows.

    For the time being, he followed Vivian into the words, stuffing his hands into his pockets. He had never been a big fan of forests or jungles, or any thicket of trees at all.

    Still, if they found something interesting within, like someone to kill, then it wouldn't be all bad.
  10. Vivian and Reginald...

    Blazi repressed the overwhelming urge to call the Vivi and Regi, and followed them into the woods.

    Blazi felt the need to strike up another conversation, and so he said, "What exactly did you guys lose? I know that you lost it, because I have a feeling everyone lost something when they were pulled into this thing. I think I lost some memories, but I'm unsure." Blazi regretted saying it, knowing it might be a tender topic.
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