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Rebellious Suns: Odette, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    The third of Elohim's teams find themselves on the south-western tip of the continent, at the edge of the beach as it turns into cliff. Though the atmostphere is calm, there is something unnerving about the grooves and mounds of sand on the beach, as though something enormous has been tunnelling just under the surface. There are no such mounds on the grassland, however.
  2. Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    The soft, distant sound of the shore woke the geokinetic from his slumber. As Tobias gradually opened his eyes and looked up to the mellow blue skies, he caught a glimpse of the beach in the distance. Taking in a large breath through his nostrils and smelling the scent of salt and flowers in the air, he arouse on a field of fresh green grass, the light brown sand slowly overlapping the grass. Getting up slowly, he checked for his possessions; His hat, sword, and wrist device were all there. He knew they were important, but something didn't feel right. All of his memories of the items had suddenly disappeared. How and when he received them he'd completely forgotten about. Familiar faces from his travels all felt distant now, and practically invisible. With that in mind, he went from sitting up to standing up, looking at the area to see if anything looked familiar.

    To his left, there were tall, rocky hills and mountains piercing out of the distant foliage. Tobias did remember a large mountain, holding a large temple for something. It was the temple of a Goddess, but the only thing Tobias could remember was that the Goddess was presumed a myth.

    To his right, he could see the beach even better. It seemed very calm, but there was something about it that didn't seem right. There were mounds of moist sand scattered across the flat sand. It put Tobias off straight away. Suddenly, after pacing the area, a potent memory, somewhat recent, hit him.

    Elohim. The Rebellious Suns. Interception. A four man squad.

    Tobias had been assigned by the leader of the side, Rebellious Suns, to intercept their enemy, The Moon Order with other warriors. He took a closer look around. Where were these warriors he heard of? Maybe he was looking to hard. Still pacing around, he patiently waited for a presence.
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  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    Collapsed very close to the beach was a crimson figure. By all appearances, he seemed to be humanoid weasel, with red fur. Normal black hair spiked up slightly from the top of his head, and made a slight goatee on his chin. His red fur was replaced by a similar shade of black on the very end of his tail. He seemed to be pretty muscular. His outfit was simplistic, just a pair of baggy black jeans held in place by a brown belt.

    Slowly, the weasel came to. What was he doing here? How had he gotten here at all? Climbing to his feet, with a hand on his head, Ryder Rainer, smuggler for the Chicago Mob, slowly took stock of his surroundings. He was close to a beach, the shore was in sight. Though at the moment, he was on the grass very close to where the sand took over. For some reason, he was glad about that. The way the sand on the beach had been arranged into grooves and mounds slightly unnerved him.

    That's right! He remembered now. Ryder was here as a soldier, one of four in this area. Four people was just enough to make a Fireteam, if what he remembered about learning about the army was true. They hadn't even been properly armed with weapons. The butt of his revolver, a Smith & Wesson Model 29, hung out of his pocket, which meant he still had his own firearm, but nothing fitting a soldier.

    Though, he remembered something else about this weird place. He had been brought here, by means of which he didn't know. Coming here, he had paid a toll. He didn't know what that toll was, but he'd most likely find out eventually. If he knew anything, he knew that this place wasn't his home planet. Upon turning around, away from the shore, his thought was confirmed. He saw, just a bit away from him, a humanoid figure. It wasn't any species he'd ever recognize.

    Ryder pulled his gun from his pocket, and loaded it. Slowly, he approached the humanoid, and pointed his firearm at him, pulling back the hammer. The humanoid had a blade, which meant if it attacked him, Ryder would have an advantage at range.

    "You! Where am I, and who brought me here?" he yelled.
  4. Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    After a long time of wandering around his local area, Tobias still hadn't seen signs of anyone. He really wished that Elohim had went though the bother of at least summoning the group to the same small area, not as widespread as this. Then suddenly, the geokinetic felt a sharp, powerful presence of energy behind him. Being used to this, Tobias flipped around before the man even had time to shout.

    "You! Where am I, and who brought me here?"

    Oh shit, Tobias thought to himself in a panic, more worried about the man's weapon then his odd furred appearance. A gun! Wait a second, if he's asking questions like that, he must have came from at least somewhere around the beach, right? Simply reassuring himself in such an odd situation, Tobias replied, not even bothering to draw his sword.

    "Woah, calm down man! If I'm right about this, you're probably not my enemy. I have no idea where we are, but in terms of who sent you here, it was probably Elohim, the leader of the Rebellious Suns. I mean, you woke up in this general area, didn't you? Because I'm pretty certain that you're one of the members of our four man team."

    Tobias walked up, trying his best to be friendly to the man, as he would with anyone. If Tobias doesn't remember anyone, he should at least try and get to know some new people, be they ally or not. If this odd furry figure carries on with an offence, he'd do all in his power to take him down. Tobias held out his hand, and nodded with a grin, the other hand on the tip of his hat.

    "The name's Tobias. Tobias Aurelio. And you?"
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    "Elohim, right," Ryder frowned. "I woke up back there, not a foot from the sand." He paused for a moment, and glanced back at the beach, which still unnerved him. He then looked back on the man, who said his name was Tobias. "So you're supposedly part of the same Fireteam I am, huh? My name is Ryder, Ryder Rainer."

    The crimson furred weasel lowered the hammer of his firearm again, pocketing it without taking out the bullets. He felt a nagging sensation in the back of his head, of a name he had been called by other people. He couldn't remember what people though, so it mustn't of been all that important.

    "So what the hell are you supposed to be?" he asked.
  6. Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    It didn't offend him much, but Tobias frowned as he pulled back his outstretched hand, but his mood wouldn't hold for long. In fact, he was feeling fine a few seconds after. The man introduced himself as Ryder, and from what Tobias had seen, he appeared to be quite blunt in general. As Ryder silently put what Tobias thought to be a revolver away with his red furry appendage, he queried him once more, asking what he was supposed to be.

    Tobias was a little confused upon hearing Ryder's odd question, he thought he looked quite normal. Then again, maybe Ryder thought the same about himself, what with his weasel - like appearance.

    "Well, I'm a human. Ish. Really I'm an elemental - a geokinetic, but how I became to be what I am not I'm not sure about... I can't remember anyone from my past, so things are a little... empty at the moment."

    Taking a few casual steps backwards, Tobias looked at the beach again with his deep, brown eyes. He then spoke out with a laid - back tone to Ryder whilst still gazing at the sand and the sea, making the current situation the two men were in sound like no big deal.

    "I saw you looking at the beach just then. There really is something about it, isn't there? But, that's not really important at the moment. Have you seen any other members of our group? I've been here for about an hour, and I haven't seen anyone."
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    "Human? Never heard of it," Ryder replied, "Geokinetic rings a bell, but that's just a storybook ability. What do you mean you can't remember anyone?"

    The crimson weasel humanoid frowned when the man took a few steps away, changing the topic to the beach. Putting a hand back on the butt of his revolver, he backed away from Tobias a little himself.

    "No, no, and I don't care," he replied, "I have a better idea. Instead of waiting here, let's find this Elohim person and kill him. That'll end this stupid battle, and take us back to our own worlds, probably get back this mysterious thing that was taken from us too. I don't know about you, but I refuse to fight someone else's war."
  8. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    As two figures spoke, a fissure tore its way toward them through the sides of the mountains and hills. Just before reaching them, a man suddenly leapt forth from the earth, landing firmly on one knee, and cracking the earth around him for a few feet. The man stood, a long, black, hooded cloak flowing in the ocean breeze, its golden trim glistening in the sunlight.

    The man ran his fingers through his short, spiky, dark hair in order to remove any lingering dirt as he approached the two figures slowly, without any obvious hurry. The man caught the last of their conversation as he approached. He looked first at the bushy haired geokinetic, Tobias, then at the other, an anthropomorphic creature, he appeared to be some form of weasel or other mustelid given human shape.

    The man's name was Talon, and he spoke to the two amicably, "I don't think killing Elohim is the best of plans. It's seems we're pretty much trapped in this cycle for the time being. Now Tobias, I don't know if your toll was memory, like so many others, but I must introduce myself for the sake of this other man I haven't met. My name is Talon, I am an Arcanist, meaning I am a mage capable of commanding several of the elements to a lesser extent than an elemental. It seems I'll have to act as leader for the time being, as you two are already fighting amongst yourselves," Talon looked to Tobias again, "It really is very good to see you, though it is my understanding another old friend will join us soon. In any case, I think perhaps we should settle our differences and introduce ourselves."
  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Rebellious Suns: Zachary, Tobias, Ryder, Tailon

    "Fuck off, no one asked you," Ryder answered.

    The crimson furred weasel humanoid didn't like the way this new man entered the scene and started commanding them. He had been having a conversation with the first man, and it was finally turning to a point where he could get some answers.

    "What gives you the right to command anyone, you pretentious ass?" he snapped, "I refuse to help someone who has forced me to play his side. I'm going to find this Elohim person and kill him, it can't be all that difficult to achieve if he needs soldiers to fight for him. You aren't going to stop me. Now why don't you back the fuck off and let the adults talk, eh?"
  10. "Dear me, such foul language."

    A woman in rather heavy garb had been slowly making her way over to the two, now three men ahead of her, unnoticed due to the loud bickering caused by the not-so-human male. She carried with her a long cloth that seemed to be draped effortlessly around her arms and shoulders, and the bowler hat upon her head seemed to have been stuck through with many needles. The seamstress gave a cordial smile to the three, and continued to speak.

    "I apologize to intrude so carelessly, but I do believe that together, we would be a group meant to stop the opposing team? Like an exciting game of capture the flag, I suppose," She smiled, lifting her arm to cover it as if it was an offense, and moved on. "My name is Odette, and I am the female of your group." She frowned, brushing her neck-length brunette hair behind her ear absentmindedly.

    "But, this isn't currently much of a group, sadly. How can we band together and prevent the other team from winning if we are fighting amongst ourselves?" Odette let the question hang in the air a moment. The frown persisted as she turned to Ryder. "It sounds like you're not interested in playing."

    Taking another step forward, her long dress shifting a little, she smiled once more, doing her best to seem friendly, not condescending. "I know that you would rather not be here at all, but it might simply be best if you followed with the general goal of the team for now." Odette turned her gaze to the far off expanse of land away from the beach.

    "Well, I suppose you could strike off now, but unfortunately, none of us has any clue as to how large this foreign land is, let alone civilization. The question of survival is left in the air. Even if you could manage to live out there, and I believe you might..." She turned one last time to Ryder, affixing him with a piercing stare. "You have absolutely no idea where Elohim dwells, or if she is even on this plane of existence, and neither do we." The seamstress hoped her logic would have an effect on the humanoid as opposed to mindless yelling; It would be no fun if she couldn't play the game properly and reclaimed what she had misplaced.
  11. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "It sounds like it? Certainly not!" Ryder quipped sarcastically. Already, he wasn't liking the air of his two new 'teammates'. "Guess what sweetheart, I wasn't talking to you, either, but since you so kindly intruded on another's conversation, allow me to shoot down both your points."

    The weasel humanoid grabbed the revolver still in his pocket, aimed, and fired. The bullet flew by Odette's head. "You still think this sounds like a fun game of capture the flag? We're soldiers, lady, forced, against our will, to fight an enemy we don't even know. Trust me, we come across one of these mysterious enemies and, trust me, unlike me, they'll put a bullet between your eyes."

    Pocketing the firearm again, the weasel continued. "You're damn right I don't know where Elohim is, but I don't know where our enemy is either, nor how many people said enemy has working for them, or how strong said enemy is. Elohim is one person, and obviously if she needs people to do her dirty work for her, then she can't be all that strong."

    Ryder motioned towards Talon, "Now why don't you and this asshat bug off?" That done, he turned back towards Tobias, "You can't seriously agree with these two, right?"
  12. "Human? Never heard of it. Geokinetic rings a bell, but that's just a storybook ability. What do you mean you can't remember anyone?"

    "You haven't heard of a human? Hmmm, how odd," Tobias, a simple minded fellow was going along with the idea everyone in his team came from the same place. Maybe that wasn't the case. Could universes be co - existing in this juxtaposition world? "But Hey! I'm not fiction! I'm a real Geokinetic! There's no point faffing about with that anyways. I really can't remember anything - about my friends and allies, that is. I think it's that toll Elohim told me about..."

    As he paced up to look at the beach, Tobias carried on to query Ryder about the other members of the squad.

    "No, no, and I don't care," he replied, "I have a better idea. Instead of waiting here, let's find this Elohim person and kill him. That'll end this stupid battle, and take us back to our own worlds, probably get back this mysterious thing that was taken from us too. I don't know about you, but I refuse to fight someone else's war."

    Ryder expressed himself with fussy, orderly complaints and orders, which Tobias wasn't very fond of. He was fine following a leader, but to break off from the rules meant risking our chances of not leaving this... place, regardless of what Ryder said.

    Opening his mouth to express his thoughts to the weasel only left him gaping for other reasons. A youth teared through the ground like it was liquid, and stood up, looking at Tobias as if he was happy to see him. Could it be someone he knew? Immediately, he expressed his opinions about Ryder's decision, as if he'd been quietly listening to the two underneath the dark earth. Hell, he probably had been.

    "I don't think killing Elohim is the best of plans. It's seems we're pretty much trapped in this cycle for the time being. Now Tobias, I don't know if your toll was memory, like so many others, but I must introduce myself for the sake of this other man I haven't met. My name is Talon, I am an Arcanist, meaning I am a mage capable of commanding several of the elements to a lesser extent than an elemental. It seems I'll have to act as leader for the time being, as you two are already fighting amongst yourselves."

    "Hey, you know me? I don't remember any Arcanists - oh right. The toll, but hang on a second! I wasn't fighting at all! I didn't even bring up an argument-"

    Talon carried on talking - it looks like he wasn't finished.

    "It really is very good to see you, though it is my understanding another old friend will join us soon. In any case, I think perhaps we should settle our differences and introduce ourselves."

    "That does sound like a good idea, but becoming a leader? Shouldn't we all decide on -"

    Tobias was cut off by a rude comment from Ryder to Talon; his patience was slowly starting to grind away, turning his laid back 'okay with most things' personality into a flustering wreck of a visage. Any further, and things would get ugly. He tried to stay calm as Ryder made a stand. And then the final member popped up.

    The kind lady introduced herself as Odette. She calmly and kindly quelled the argument, which helped Tobias stay calm and go back to his normal state for a bit. After Odette finished, Ryder turned to Tobias and asked him,

    "You can't seriously agree with these two, right?"

    Tobias took off his hat and ruffled his hair out with his other hand, and calmly replied.

    "Sorry Ryder, but I'm with Odette with this one. Sure, we might not know anything about our enemy, but if we don't know anything about what will happen if we kill our 'leader', then we might as well do the only thing we were asked to do. Anyway, that's my opinion, but there's still one problem. Talon, Ryder, you're both thinking for yourselves and disagreeing! If we're going to be working together, we need to think as one large unit, and trust and respect each other, right?"

    Tobias tried his hardest to get along and not insult either Ryder or Talon, but he needed to set his point down. He waited for a reply patiently.
  13. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    There was a quiet rumbling and a slight shaking, nearly undetectable by any normal person. Such a small earthy movement wouldn't have caused so much as a blip on any earthquake measuring equipment. Ants would feel it, and be fleeing in terror. Smaller mammals would scurry away, praying their burrows or nests would protect them.

    It took a moment, but the vibrations got fiercer. The trees were shaking under the force, grass swaying and a very audible sound. It sounded almost like a subterranean drill, piercing the earth. The waves nearest the shore were churning, violently thrashing as something was moving. Under the water, the sand was rising lightly, the path it was forming snaking towards the shore. The trails on the beach shook and collapsed, as a single path made its way further and further inland.

    As the path broke the beach and entered the grass, chunks of earth were sent flying, blades of grass fluttering to the ground in its wake. The rumbling noise intensified, more like a growling, something violent and angry. There was no mistaking the winding path at this point.

    Without any warning, something burst from the earth and short with incredible speed towards the group. A long beast, its body segmented and a dark blue colour. At regular intervals, both down its figure and on each individual segment, were jagged but razor sharp spines. There was no face in particular on the beast aside from its gaping mouth, lined with glistening teeth. It was incredibly long, and every single spike on the creature threatened a painful death.

    It roared as it closed in on the group, ready to devour all of them.

    OOC-I should mention, this worm isn't meant to be a pushover but it's also not meant to be super difficult either.
  14. Odette's smile twitched a little as the bullet whizzed past her head. He certainly would take some work to get used to. As the humanoid continued his incessant jabbering, her smile slowly turned into a frown as she could have sworn she noticed something tremble, ever so slightly. The woman was about to dismiss it as some phenomenon before she felt it again, and once more, right before noticing the earth seeming to simply rise towards them. "Ah." Was all she could muster at the time, right before the colossal worm-like beast rose out of the earth, bearing down upon them.

    "My oh my, how lovely!" She clasped her hands together, intertwining her fingers between each other. She turned towards the three males nearby, with a calm demeanor on her face. "Well then, it seems our first obstacle has arrived." She removed the hat from her head, and, seemingly defying logic, retrieved a light lavender parasol from it, resting it upon her shoulder. Tossing the hat aside, she pointed her arm at the beast.

    "It's not polite to interrupt others, dear," Fully aware of the irony of her statement, she turned her head to the men once more. "Let's get to it then, ahahah!" Having almost cut it to close, she took a leap to the side, wind blowing into the parasol to carry her further away from the creature's gaping maw.

    "Ladies first, I suppose!" She called out carelessly, before the cloth on her arm seemed to stretch from her position, contorting into one sharp point that drove into the beast. A light hit; she was aware cloth would not penetrate such thick hide, and left it to her teammates to continue the assault.
  15. Still patiently waiting for a response, Tobias suddenly perked up as he felt vibrations pattering on the soft grass, and turned around to face the earth bursting open, revealing a large and rare...

    "Sand Worm!" Tobias grinned, back flipping into the air before the worm enveloped him and curly hair in one bite. As he skidded onto the ground upright, he assessed his surroundings. Tobias was right about the beach; during his travels through deserts in his world, he'd seen many of them, but none with such an armored skin like that.

    Odette had started to lead an offensive on the beast, but her large surfaced material shot seemed to not affect the beast at all. The Geo had no idea what Odette could do, but it seemed for now he would be leading the main offensive. He looked around - the ground was very soft, and to call rock from the distant mountains would be impossible. He'd have to form some rock for now. He held out his right hand, and focus. A small jagged pebble formed in his hand, and started to grow, until the pebble had grew into a boulder at least 3 times the size of the fairly tall Tobias. With a grunt and a roar, he leaned back, one leg in the air, and threw his weight back forward, catapulting the massive boulder into the worm's gaping mouth - that should distract it for now. Now it was time for the main attack.

    He may had forgotten a lot about the people he knew, but he knew one thing stuck in his head perfectly - how to wield a sword. Tobias removed his faithful sword Foresharn from its holster, and gripped it. The large, mysterious stone locked on the bottom of the blade itself, a deep sea blue, emanated with an of the same colour, and spread across the blade. Tobias gripped his weapon with both hands, and yelled as he ran at the worm, who struggled to deal with his unwanted meal. As he closed the distance with the worm, Tobias leaped up and sliced the worm's tough skin diagonally as he landed behind it.
  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Oh, great, so-"

    Ryder was cut off as the ground began shaking. Behind Tobias, the crimson weasel noted the ground being torn to shreds, and soon, a creature he had hoped he'd never meet started barreling towards them.

    "Oh shit, a Gravedigger!?" he stuttered.

    Well, it certainly looked like a Gravedigger at first, but after Ryder ran out of the creature's way, he noticed spiny armor lining the creature's body. That left one weak spot, if Ryder was correct. He also saw the powers Tobias and the woman had, and guessed that the jackass had them as well, based on how he appeared.

    "Hey! You three, you're the special ones, shoot things down its throat!" he yelled, "I'll distract it!"

    Ryder ran after the monster, attempting to call it towards him. Deciding it might need a little incentive, he shot at the creature three times, attempting to hit the spot Tobias sliced. That done, he ran to the side, attempting to get the creature to follow.
  17. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Quite suddenly, the earth crumbled behind Talon once more, this time not his doing. The Arcanist's amiable expression dropped as he leaped closer to the others as a massive worm burst from the ground, covered in armored spikes. Instinctively, the magic began to flow, and simultaneous flashes of white light surrounded either arm, leaving the clawed gauntlets of a suit of armor covering each arm.

    The other two humans took the first attacks, the woman attacking with an odd cloth that seemed sharp and under her control, and Tobias wielding Foresharn as powerfully as he ever had. The anthropomorph attacked next with his handgun.
    "Hey! You three, you're the special ones, shoot things down its throat!" the humanoid yelled, "I'll distract it!"

    Talon grinned, saying mostly to himself, "Gladly."
    The claws of the armor flashed with reflected light as he charged, jumping high into the air in order to deliver a barrage of fireballs down the creature's throat, and finishing with a blast of ice, forcing the circular mouth into place with a solid block of ice.
  18. Tobias turned around after his deft side swipe, and watched Tailon's barrage stop the worm from continuing it's assault on Tobias, who was still recovering. These last few attacks would most definitely take the beast down. From his first sword attack, he saw the problem - the group's attacks were strong, but they weren't damaging the worm's internals - the rough, plated skin seemed to have an absorbing quality to it. Fortunately, the barrage of spells aimed at the beast's mouth had helped. Tobias took a breath, and the deep blue energy that was focused in his sword grew to even higher levels. Another colossal roar echoed from Tobias' chest, as he threw his sword several feet into the air. With this move, he took a spin and slammed his leg into the back of the worm, causing it to straighten up in agony.

    Leaping up and taking his sword on it's decent, The Geokinetic displayed a surge of power, by plunging his blade, Foresharrn into the worm's armoured skin, and using the gravity of his descent to carve the skin open. As he landed on the ground, the plates loosened, raining onto the ground, and left the beast showing nothing but pale flesh and muscle. Tobias took deep breaths, and shouted out to the others.

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