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Rebellious Suns: Indie, Jasper, Luckii

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    The last of Elohim's Warriors are near the river that seperates the Crabclaw Peninsula from the main continent. The river is wild and rapid, but there are bridges that join the two lands together. Other than that, the land is unremarkable, the grass slightly overgrown and the weather neutral. They can see the mountain of the Crabclaw Peninsula, the clouds that surround the summit and conceal what hides there, and they can see the Elven Forest, with trees so dark it may as well be a void of blackness.
  2. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: Right, because someone has to take the initiative to make the first post in the group, huh? :p)

    Jasper opened his eyes to the sunlight, and blinked a few times to adjust his eyesight. Where am I? the boy thought as he slowly got up. Instinctively, he began scanning his surroundings, trying to get a good, clear picture about just where he was exactly.

    To his left, he could hear the roaring of some sort of river, faster than any he’s ever seen. Around him seemed to be just a large stretch of grassland, with weeds and grasses growing way higher than anything he would’ve liked to see back home. There were things protruding out of the seemingly uniformity of the grassland, like some sort of dark area in the far right, but without his glasses, Jasper couldn’t exactly tell what was there. Beyond the river and the bridges appeared to be some sort of a mountain, though, due to his horrible depth perception, he couldn’t tell how far it was.

    Jasper didn’t seem to look any different from most boys who were seventeen. He was about 5’9, and wore a simple black leather jacket over a grey t-shirt that advertised about some school or another. His hair was brown, long, wavy, and somewhat messy, covering part of his brown eyes. He had on simple blue jeans and black leather boots over his feet. On his back he carried what looked like some sort of a case for an electric keyboard. He wasn’t strong physically for a teenage boy, though.

    The boy looked around himself once more before shrugging and walking towards the water. He stared at the river, the sound almost reminding him of someone he knew. Someone who enjoyed swimming, and would shove him into the river near their own house on a daily basis...

    Jasper shook his head, frowning. Why couldn’t he remember that person well? He knew that there was definitely somebody who did that in his world with him, but the face seemed to have been obscured by some sort of film in his memory. Every time he almost thought he had a firmer grasp of their identity, the image would slip away like it was water itself. Jasper continued to contemplate, before he just gave up.


    Turning sharply around, the teenager saw a figure approaching him from some distance away, but couldn’t make out their exact features. What he would do to have his glasses back at that moment, he thought to himself as he got himself in some sort of ready position, with his palm facing outwards away from his body. Whatever happened in his old life would have to wait. Right now, he had a more pressing mission: find that thing he had been sent to look for, and defeat any enemies he found on his way. Hopefully, if he accomplished both tasks, he would be sent back home, and his memories would come back. If not...

    The figure got closer to him, and Jasper prepared himself. Memories could wait; right now, he had something more pressing on his hands than the past.
  3. (OCC: Sorry, Shiny! I hav'nt been checking 'Charms regularly, so I missed the first post from El.)

    Luckii stared blankly at the jagged cliffs that made up the coastline on the Crabclaw Peninsula from the canopy of a lone-standing tree at the edge of the mainland. The river separating the peninsula from the mainland roared below, crashing against the cliff sides, slowly chipping away the limestone. The river was flowing at a ferocious pace. Anything that entered this particular river would have been hastily swept away by the speeding water. A human would be killed or at least knocked out if they hit one of the rocks planted right in the middle of the river. You would have to be an idiot to attempt to cross it. Luckii, fortunatly, was not stupid enough to do that.

    He lept down from the Birch tree. He landed rather clumsily, staggering forward a couple of paces, and then landing flat on his face. He had horrible balance. He stood up, dusting himself off after his triumphant landing. He was very tall for his eighteen years of age, about 6'7 or 8, he hadn't measured himself in a while. He always had been tall for his age. He wasn't lanky, either, with thick, toned arms, the result of many hours put in at the gym. He wore a crimson and grey checkered shirt, over the top of a white t-shirt, with a rolling wave printed on the chest of it, with the word "Surf" scrawled across the wave, in graffiti-style handwriting. It was hardly even readable. He wore royal blue jeans, tatterd in places, along with black leather plimsole shoes on his feet. With socks, of course. Luckii's hair was brown, and of short-ish length, a messy and wild bedhead at the top, with a scruffy side fringe. He also had a casual beard going, although it didnt droop down at his chin, or anywhere else for that matter.

    After his escapade with the tree, Luckii suddenly remembered; he forgot the way he came to this place. One minute he was outside a nightclub with his girlfriend Anna, then a bright blue light appeared in the sky. He had felt a tingling sensation at this very moment, and the next thing he knew, he was completely unconsious. He woke up in the middle of this field about half an hour ago, then he had wandered to the coastline from there. But he had spent so much time surveying the scene, he had forgotten the path he took to get here. He was completey lost.

    "So, I took a left here, then right, right, straight ahead, right again, left... did I go straight ahead here, or did I go left past the dry-stone wall... ah FUCKING HELL!" he bawled in frustration, his North-Eastern English accent very apparent on the emphasis of the swears. He dropped down to his knees. There wasnt even a single person to ask directions. Then;

    Tip, tap, tip, tap...


    Luckii crouched down low. He had hoped for some company, but he remembered what he was told when he first arrived in this mysterious land;

    "Trust none exept your team-mates. Destroy all enemies. You shall be able to recognise your team mates by this symbol," the telepathinc voice proclaimed. Suddenly, the necklace Luckii wore as a good luck charm began shimmering in an odd fashon. The Yin-Yang radiated a bright, sprighty yellow, then morphed into something resembling an R and an S.

    (OCC: Yes, it's shit, but it gives you an idea.)

    Back to the present, Luckii spun with the elegance of a dead giraffe behind the nearest bush. He glared through, to get a peak of this human. At least, he hoped it was a human. Luckii was, thankfully, right. The character was not tall, about 5'9, and wore a leather jacket over a grey t-shirt. His hair was brown and long. He had on blue jeans and black leather boots. On his back he carried what looked like some sort of a case for an electric keyboard. Lickii aproched this human with caution. He had certainly listened to the telepathic voice when he first entered this world, and he was ready to battle this character if it happened to be a foe.
  4. Indie stirred from his curled up position amongst the wild, grassy plain. He rubbed his metal-blue eyes with his hands, slightly dusty from his impractical sleeping location. He looked around, raising his neck over the tall grass to check for anything, be it useful or hostile. Nothing caught his eyes, apart from the clear, rapid river that coursed through the area.

    Indie rose from the ground, his limbs rather stiff from sleep. Without much purpose, the short, twelve-year old boy walked towards the river. His clothes, navy hood with blue skinny jeans, were still okay, considering Indie had slept on the ground. His dark-brown hair was shoulder length, with a fringe that covered his eyes if he wasn't careful.

    Indie stared into the river, the water toiling away at an alarming rate. His mind drifted off, leaving him to think about what had happened.

    It was unclear exactly how Indie had found himself where he was. Mysterious voices and blurry, surreal ideas flew around, most Indie would rather not dwell on.

    Then, startling him out of his thoughts, Indie heard a soft crunch on the ground. A boy of 17, who looked the more than slightly bewildered, was making his way to the river. Indie, whose instincts told him to retreat to whatever would let him observe the boy, jumped back into the grass. He lay flat, his arms spreading out a tuft of long grass.

    The boy looked about 17, 5’9, and dressed in nothing spectacular. His hair was shortish, messy and brown in colour. The thing that interested Indie most was the keyboard case on his back.

    The seventeen year old didn't look that threatening really, so Indie decided to approach him.
    "Eh, hi. Um...I'm Indie, um...do you, like, live around here~?" Indie inquired nervously.
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: Two things, Luckii. One, I'm probably not going to mention the symbol ANYWHERE in my post, because I just find it annoying to write about. Two, how old is your character? ^^; )

    Jasper narrowed his eyes as the figure got closer, and noticed that the person was much taller than he was. He then saw that this person seemed to be in some sort of a fighting position; neither defensive nor offensive at the moment, but just ready in case something happened. Perhaps it was a person of the Moon Order, trying to attack him?

    "Eh, hi. Um...I'm Indie, um...do you, like, live around here?"

    Another noise from behind him distracted him for a bit, and the teen turned around and spotted a boy. Something about the kid, perhaps how young he looked, or maybe even the way he dressed, triggered something in Jasper’s mind, but he was sure he had never seen this boy or anyone like him before.

    “No,” Jasper replied, his voice somewhat low but still audible, “and I can tell you don’t, either.” Maybe it had something to do with the kid’s willingness to approach him, when it wasn’t clear whether he was friend or foe yet, but the kid was really starting to remind him of someone. Whatever. Jasper smiled a little, and extended his hand in greeting. “The name’s Jasper, but you can call me Jazz.” Jazz, huh? Where had he gotten that nickname again?

    He shook his head a little, trying to clear these thoughts. He had a goal, a mission, per se, and these confusing half-memories were only going to get in the way. Glancing back, he saw the figure he had seen earlier, whose face was a lot clearer now. The person was definitely male, and had brown hair and something of a beard growing on his chin. He was still in the ready-to-attack position, which was almost laughable at that moment. “And you know,” the teenager said to the other person, “I don’t bite, so there’s no need to creep about like a stalker.”
  6. (OCC: Shiny, my character is eighteen, I mentioned it in my post :D)

    Luckii was still slowly stepping towards this person, when he noticed a much younger, shorter individual making his way towards the first teen. This new person wore a baggy, navy-blue hoody, and skinny jeans. The youngsters hair came down to his shoulders. He looked very timid in his approach of the first male, a little scared even. He didnt seem like an enemy. And even if he was, the boy only looked about eleven, Luckii could take him out with ease.

    The two then began to have a conversation, though Luckii couldnt make out their words. The younger boy appeared less frightened as the conversation went along. Maybe they knew each other? Suddenly, the attention of the older boy shifted to Luckii. The boy looked Luckii up and down, then let out a light-hearted chuckle. He then spoke.

    “I don’t bite, so there’s no need to creep about like a stalker.”

    Luckii almost fell over, anime style, at this response. Clearly this person wasnt as serious as he looked. Luckii grinned, then made his way over to the two boys. They seemed friendly enough, he would just have to chill with them for a while.

    "Hehe, sorry, I thought you were an enemy or something. Anyways, me name's Luckii! And yours?" Luckii asked the older boy.
  7. Indie breathed a small sigh of relief, glad that the teen, Jazz, wasn't hostile. So far, of course.
    Jazz paused, seemingly lost in thought for a second. He directed his attention away from Indie, to a young man Indie hadn't noticed creeping in the bushes.
    “I don’t bite, so there’s no need to creep about like a stalker.” Jasper said.
    The creeper jumped comically
    The man, who looked about eighteen, got up and made his way to Jasper and Indie, a litle less wary, Indie thought.
    "Hehe, sorry, I thought you were an enemy or something. Anyways, me name's Luckii! And yours?"
    "Mine's Indie~!" Indie smiled.
  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    “Indie, and Luckii,” Jazz noted to himself, nodding to each person in turn. “And I’m Jasper, or Jazz, if that’s too hard for you to remember.”

    He looked at his little group, a little happier, no, more content than before that he now had some companions. So far, neither of them seemed like enemies or backstabbers, and he was having a good feeling about them. Indie, the boy, was pretty young, and Jazz wasn’t sure how well he would be able to hold his own in a fight. Luckii was older, and possibly more experienced, but again, with no prior knowledge to either one of his companions, he could only hope that there was a fighter among them. Quite possibly he would have to change his own fighting style when the time came, but for now, he would try to focus on the matter at hand.

    “This place seems pretty empty,” Jazz commented once they were through with the introductions. “Usually, I wouldn’t mind if we just stuck around here, but I do believe we were called here for a mission.” He looked at the rest of his group at this point, and said, “I don’t think that includes dabbling around here, doing nothing.”

    Stooping down to pluck at a blade of grass, he continued, “So, what to do, and where to go? I personally don’t care which direction we go, as long as we actually have a destination and a goal in mind.” Gosh, and what he would do if these two ended up as those kinds of people who had no opinion for themselves, or were too scared to actually say what they really thought... The mere thought made a small crackle of electricity run down his spine, literally. He absolutely hated people that relied on others to make decisions for them. Seriously, he'd had enough of that back home.

    But wouldn't that make him a hypocrite? No; he had a direction in mind, but the question would force the two to give him some answer, and he would be able to see what sort of people he was working with.

    Hopefully, he didn't have a pair of machines taking the form of humans.
  9. “Indie, and Luckii,” Jazz noted to himself, nodding to each person in turn. “And I’m Jasper, or Jazz, if that’s too hard for you to remember.”
    “So, what to do, and where to go? I personally don’t care which direction we go, as long as we actually have a destination and a goal in mind.”

    Luckii noted the names. Indie, the young boy, and Jasper, the keyboard case guy. Hopefully he would get to know them better, but those nicknames would do for now. Luckii survayed the area, with jagged cliffs and the crabclaw shaped peninsula, and lush green fields to the north. At the moment, with neither of them knowing their way around this world, north seemed the most viable option. Luckii spoke up.

    "Well, to the south, all there is is this massive peninsula, and the bridges to it are all out anyway, so I say we head north," Luckii answered, pointing towards the broken bridges linking the mainland to the peninsula.

    Flipping a coin he found in his back pocket, he continued to speak, "If I'm not wrong, we were told to 'kill all enemies', and if that's all we have to, I'm more than willing to kick some arse if it means we get back to our home planet. What do you guys think?"
  10. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Jazz listened to Luckii’s reasoning, and inwardly smiled to himself, but kept his face relatively emotionless. Yes, not only did this guy have an opinion, he also had logic to back up his choice. He would have preferred to go south himself; the broken bridges wouldn’t have been too much of an obstacle for him, but north wasn’t a bad idea either. Never one to argue, Jazz merely nodded his head in agreement. One thing bothered him about his companion’s argument, though.

    “I know we’re supposed to so-called ‘kill’ our enemies,” Jazz said. “But we’re not even sure who’s our enemy and who’s not. And how am I supposed to know that you’re part of the Rebellious Suns?” The teen sighed. “You are right, though. Northward it is.”

    Standing up, Jazz took one look at the northern direction, noticing the dark spot in the distance once more. He didn’t know why, but the place was giving him some slight shivers. For one who wasn’t easily frightened, why was a mere dark area in the distance making his skin crawl? It shouldn’t matter by now, though; with a destination in mind, Jasper began walking towards the void of blackness. Something told him that he would find people there. Whether they were friends or enemies, though, could only be determined when they got there themselves.

    Jasper paused in his advancement before turning around. “Y’all coming?” he inquired as he looked at his allies. “I want to get to that place before it gets too dark,” he continued, pointing at the dark area he had been paying so much attention to earlier. Oh, what he would do to have his glasses back now... It would’ve been so much easier to gauge the dangers around him.
  11. “I know we’re supposed to so-called ‘kill’ our enemies,” Jazz said. “But we’re not even sure who’s our enemy and who’s not. And how am I supposed to know that you’re part of the Rebellious Suns?” The teen sighed. “You are right, though. Northward it is.”

    Indie looked northwards, joining his colleagues in staring at the dark area there.
    “Y’all coming?” Jasper said, spinning to face them.
    "Mmm..." Indie said, still distracted by the somehow ominous area.
    "In a second."

    Indie spread his hands out, so that they were about 30 centimetres apart. He murmurred a spell, and his Mareep-horn headband appeared in his open hands. Putting it over his slightly girly dark-brown hair, he started walking.
    "Let's go then."
  12. “Y’all coming?” Jasper said, spinning to face them.
    Luckii was still glaring at the dark spot. He was completely blanking everything else. Somehow, that dark area made him feel all cold, and goosebumps enveloped his skin. He snapped back to reality.

    "Uh, yeah, ok," he mumbled, still slightly distracted by the dark. "Lets go!"

    Be began to walk towards the dark spot, humming the tune to "Sweet Child of Mine". He clicked his fingers to the beat.

    "Wooaaah, sweet child o' miiiine!"



    Luckii was knocked right off his feet by the blast, smoke enveloping his being. After about 10 seconds, the smoke cleared, showing Luckii standing there, astounded, with a longsword of pure, bright scarlet energy gripped in his palm. Luckii was bamboosled.

    "Hm. Err, never actually knew I could do that," he stated, clutching the blade within his grasp.
  13. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Jazz smiled to himself a little when he saw Indie put on the headband. It wasn’t so much the headband itself, but just how adorable the kid now looked with the cute little accessory on. Of course, Jazz didn’t know if it was actually for looks or if it helped Indie in some form, but it didn’t matter at the moment. After all, nobody knew what his keyboard could do until they met him in a fight.

    The group continued walking, and Jazz immediately picked up that Luckii, who was a few steps behind him, was humming to some tune. I wonder... The musician stretched his senses a little and listened to and felt the song’s sound waves, trying to discover his companion’s inner emotions and thoughts. He was just starting to get an idea of Luckii’s inner self when the humming was suddenly cut off by some sort of a loud booming sound. “What’s wrong?” Jazz demanded, spinning around to face the rest of his group.

    The sight before him wasn’t anything that Jazz had been expecting. He thought that they were being ambushed by monster grasshoppers, or maybe were surrounded by a wall of fire, or were about to fall into a hole, or something like that. He had already partially unzipped his case, revealing part of his instrument’s pristine keys, fearing that his group really was getting attacked by some unseen enemy. However, he quickly realized that there was no danger before him, except for maybe Luckii swinging the blade around to test out its attacking capabilities.

    Nodding approval, Jazz said, “That’s one really cool sword you have there, Luckii.” His eyes traced the blade’s edge, and the teen found himself trying to calculate the approximate length of the weapon. Why should he care? It wasn’t like he was going to end up having to fight with the guy later. Luckii muttered something about not knowing he could summon the thing like that, and Jazz made a note to himself to try giving his companion a few pointers on handling and maybe fighting with the sword. He wasn’t going to have his ally accidentally hurt himself with his own weapon; that wouldn’t do at all.

    Jazz glanced at the sky, and saw that the sun had already moved a relatively significant amount across the heavens. It was still a few hours before sunset, but at the rate they were going, the trio wouldn’t make it to their destination for another day or so. The teenager turned around, a mischievous look making its way across his usually stoic face. “Y’know, walking just isn’t my thing,” he began, as his feet lifted off the ground a bit. Jazz then started to walk, no, skate around his two companions slowly, the air immediately beneath his shoes acting almost like wheels on roller blades. He found himself humming to some sort of an unknown melody, and his pace quickened ever so slightly. Suddenly, he shot off, dashing towards their destination like a bullet. “Let’s race!” said the teen over his shoulder, his voice suddenly taking on a more lyrical tone. “Last one to get arrive has to stay up all night to keep watch~”

    He didn’t even bother trying to see if the rest of his group would be able to catch up to him, instead using the power of the wind to push himself forward even further. With his destination getting closer and closer in distance to him, Jazz could tell that they were headed for what appeared to be a dense forest. He could tell, from the way the grass had folded over a little, that other people had been there not too long ago. Great, we might actually meet someone else here, he thought to himself. He slowed down a little, allowing his companions to catch up to and maybe even overcome him. He wanted to win, but he didn’t want to win because he had an unfair head start.
  14. “Let’s race!” said Jasper over his shoulder, his voice suddenly taking on a more lyrical tone. “Last one to get arrive has to stay up all night to keep watch~”

    Now Luckii was a very tired man at the moment, so while he was miffed about having to run, he wanted to sleep, and if it ment out-running a twelve year-old to do so, that's what would have to happen. He clicked his fingers, and the sword appeared again. He would need to bind a spell to this so he could control it. He looked over to Indie. Having witnessed the creation of the adorable Mareep headband, it appeared that Indie was the spell-guy of the three. He shouted for the boy.

    "Hey, Indie, mind if you bind a spell onto this sword for me? I need something to help me control how to make it appear! Please?"
  15. Indie stared from one thing to another, transfixed at Luckii's new sword, and now Jasper's equally surprising take-off. Indie was about to perform a spell of his own, if it not for Luckii asking if he could keep his sword for longer.
    "Hn..." Indie contemplated "I'm not that versed in that area of magic, but whatever triggered it's apparition would be a likely stimulant. Meaning, any feelings, sensations, and all that may be it's 'start button'".

    Indie clicked his fingers, and two small Sheepyrock appeared under his feet. Indie giggled, and sped off after Jazz. Leaving Luckii puzzled.
  16. The two boys sped off. It looked like Luckii was on guard duty tonight. With no apparitions to pop under his feet to make him go faster, he was never going to catch them. He may as well take his time, go at a steady walking pace.

    "Hey, you lot," he boomed out to the other two, "You go on ahead, I'll catch up in a bit. I just have to test summit out!"

    Luckii stretched his lengthy arms apart, bending the arm behind his body into a V shape. He then clicked his fingers. As he had hoped, red light flickered inbetween his fingers, and, eventually, a scarlet red bow appeared in this hands, with an arrow ready to fire. Well, it appeared Luckii had discovered his unique power.

    "Aye, not too shabby," he murmured to himself.

    OOC: Come on guys, I hope you havnt forgotten about this!
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