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Rebellious Suns: Garret, Violet, S.E.R.V.O

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    The first of Elohim's warriors have arrived at the Southern Coast, just a short walk from the beach itself. The ground is fertile, the grass greener here than anywhere else on the continent. The sound of the waves is soothing, the air has a sweet taste to it and the temperature is always perfect. There isn't a single cloud in the sky, and a refreshing breeze picks up from time to time.
  2. As S.E.R.V.O. stepped across the grass to his team's meeting place, he analyzed his current surroundings. The sky was sunny with no clouds, the grass was lush and green, and the sound of gentle waves from the ocean constantly filled the air. Most would consider this paradise, but SERVO thought of this place as anything but paradise.

    As the silver, robotic being stood upon the fertile soil, he could imagine eradicating all the disgusting lifeforms and slimy beings that formed the ecosystem of this imperfect field and replacing it all with clean, productive technology. Unfortunately for the robotic individual, his mission was not to improve the landscape. Instead, he was to meet up his party and await further orders.

    SERVO searched the flat field for any signs of his group, but there were no signs of any other sentient beings. Figuring he was the first of his group to arrive, SERVO knew that the only thing he could do for now is wait. As he stood there and stared out towards the ocean with his blank face, he could feel every nanobot in his body trembling with excitement, ready to transform SERVO's thin, frail structure into a massive weapon of destruction and help him get his freedom back at any cost.
  3. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    A soft cackle escaped her lips despite herself as she moved through the shadows, her lithe form almost dancing in the sunlight. Violet looked at her pale skin, stroking it slightly before tugging on one of the long, black strands of hair that mopped her head. She was alive again, brought back from the brink to terrorize and destroy the lives of others as she had before.

    But something was missing, as Violet couldn't help but to feel empty on the inside. She realized that the life inside of her was gone in some way, like something had been torn from her very body. Was it possible that with this life came a spirit, and that spirit had been taken from her? She raged internally at the thought that something so vital could be given to her and just as suddenly whisked away from her grasp. Her glowing purple eyes narrowed in frustration, her fanged teeth gritting together to keep herself from screaming out.

    Violet calmed herself in a few breaths, a slow smile spreading over her lips yet again when she realized her purpose here. She would fight to get her spirit back, which would mean tearing into any unfortunate souls that crossed her path. The thought of blood, gore, and unwitting destruction made her bubble up with cackling laughter yet again, her limbs flickering into shadowy fire as they reached for the heavens.

    But of course, she had been given much more than her shadow abilities to defend herself. Violet picked the large scythe from its place on the ground, her fingers touching the top of the blade in an almost endearing manner. She also wore leather armor that hugged her body nicely, dyed a deep purple as if to honour her namesake, dark tendrils of black designs weaving themselves up and around key points of her body to enhance them all the more. It was different from the last outfit she remembered wearing, but in contrast she found herself favoring this one much more.

    Violet gracefully made her way over towards a metallic being that was waiting in the grass. Part of her wanted to test out her powers on this thing, but another part held her back. She licked her lips deliciously as she realized she could probably 'have her cake and eat it too', as the saying went.

    "Well, hello there," she said heatedly, a lustful purr to her dark, rich voice. "Might I ask the name of this great sight before me?"
  4. Garret strolled calmly across the lush-green grasslands on the southern part of the largest island. To the north, behind him, the multi-terrain world unfurled. With a forest, lake, and towering mountain making up only part of it. To the south, in front of him, the grass continued until it reached the sandy beach of the southern coast. Not a single cloud was visible in the early-night sky and a gentle breeze blew around him. This world was many kinds of beautiful despite being designed as a battleground.

    Garret was a fairly young man, yet he was barely four and a half feet tall. Despite the small stature, he was brimming with muscle and strength. His golden-brown hair was tied up into a ponytail that stuck straight upwards, the locks swaying gently on the wind as if they were leaves, which made him look suspiciously like a vegetable. His skin was tough and could almost be described as leathery, with scars painted onto it. His short, thick legs were clad in brown leather, while a dirty white shirt along with a brown waistcoat covered his bulging chest. On his back, a massive battle-axe was strapped onto his back. A beautiful weapon with silver carving layered onto it. A small panel of buttons connected to various parts of the weapon showed its’ powerful technology locked within. The shaft was bigger than half of what he was, and the head of the weapon completed it and made it bigger than him. The axe blades jutted out of either side of the head, their silvery blades glinting beautifully in the light; a disguise for the weapon’s lethalness.

    Garret replayed his first moments in this world in his mind. He was a warrior of Elohim, one of the Rebellious Suns, as he was referred to. He was here to fight against the warriors of the Moon Order and their leader, the being known to him as only Sem. Yet he still didn’t understand. What were they fighting for? How long would this battle take? What would happen after the battle? These questions haunted Garret as he walked. Each step, each foot that trod over the lush grass reminded him again and again he was on terrain he shouldn’t be on.

    “I’m not supposed to be here… I’m not supposed to be here…” His head echoed with each step. “I should be where I was before… fighting my own battles… a war in my home and yet I’m fighting someone else’s battle…” Garret couldn’t remember much else for some reason. He remembered his childhood, a huge city with his father… his three closest friends... and then a disaster that drove them all apart, yet he couldn’t remember what happened then… except that the disaster was the beginning of that said war that ravishes his entire world. Beauty like what he stood upon is no longer a part of his world.

    If Garret could find a way back to his own world, he would take it. For now though, all he could do was do what he was summoned to do: fight. Garret lifted himself over a gentle hill and saw two figures amongst the grass. A lean and lithe woman with a devious smile stood on Garrets’ right. She had black hair that streamed down from her head. She wore purple leather armor. And she was carrying a large scythe that curved around her head like a rainbow of corrupted metal. On Garret’s left, was what appeared to be some sort of android, a cybernetic being with a lean body that gave off the appearance that it was frail. Garret believed that if he swung his axe at it, he could cut it in half or at least make a big dent in its side. Then again, surely the look was some sort of deceit, a trap for anyone that did try to challenge it and expect an easy brawl. Garret couldn’t see anything like that on its exterior, its interior perhaps? Garret decided that now, with him about as lost as a blind kitten, wasn’t the best time to start picking fights, especially if they happened to be his allies. Garret’s ears perked as he realized that the two were beginning to converse, and haven’t yet noticed him. He made slow but certain steps, preferring to hear what they had to say to each other before he joined in himself.

    (maybe it's just me, but it does sound like Garret might be better off in the Moon Order. Too late now :p)
  5. As S.E.R.V.O. stood watching the sunset change the pallete of the scenery around him, he detected oncoming footprints heading towards his direction. The faceless android shifted its attention to the location of the sound waves: a nearby forest. The irritated machine payed close attention as a figure slowly walked into view. She was a ghastly being with pale skin, fanged teeth, and menancing purple eyes. She bore violet leather armor, and she carried a large, ominous scythe that curved back behind her dark hair.

    "Why, hello there," the being purred in a dark tone that matched her appearence. "Might I ask the name of the great being that stands before me?" The shady figure would not get an immediate response, for SERVO was busily collecting data on her. Analyzing... analyzing... a computerized voice repeated within the android's artificial brain. Analysis complete. Subject indentified as umbrakinetic vampire. Furter information is unavailable.

    "Name: Steering and Elevation Robotic Vehicle Opereator," the robotic intelligence responded in his computerized voice. "or S.E.R.V.O. for short. Give your identity and purpose."

    OOC: I hope I got the "umbrakinetic vampire" part right. If not, I can always edit...
  6. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    OOC: Violet is not a vampire, but that could be assumed from the fangs. You don't need to change it if it was an assumption. She is actually a shadow-being of sorts, though this was the form she was essentially 'confined' to when she lost her spirit.


    Violet sighed frustratedly, blowing some of the hair out of her face momentarily. Of course a being that looked like a robot would also act like a robot, making this far less interesting than she thought it would be. My feminine wiles will be no benefit in this situation, she thought to herself, her purple eyes narrowing slightly as she stopped smiling.

    "Call me Violet," she said in reply, her tone much less enthused than before. "It appears I have been recruited into a group called the Rebellious Suns. I've lost something important to me, and I intend to get it back... at all costs." She looked at the being menacingly, but there was still something holding her back from attacking, as if she thought it would be a bad idea. From her life before, this was a feeling that was completely foreign to her, as she would have greatly brought destruction upon any being that stood in the way of her goals.

    The sudden feeling washed over her that they were being watched, the ghost of a shiver running down her spine. Violet swiveled on the spot, her eyes falling on the new figure approaching them. He was shorter than she was, but he was at least more human in appearance. Her menacing expression almost seemed to soften, her pursed red lips slowly curving back into a seductive smile.

    "It seems someone else joins us," she said, the purr returning to her voice as she stepped towards him slightly, her hips swaying in time with the movement of her legs. "Who might you be?"
  7. Garret took his time approaching them, keeping most of his focus on eavesdropping.

    "Well, hello there," the woman asked, her voice layered with lust and seduction. Enough that would make a normal man fall to his knees and call her a god. Garret himself needed a lot of willpower to keep out of the clutches of such a spell. "Might I ask the name of this great sight before me?"

    “Name: Steering and Elevation Robotic Vehicle Opereator, or S.E.R.V.O. for short. Give your identity and purpose” The android spoke in a computerized voice. The incredibly robotic voice made Garret curious about its inner workings, whether it had a consciousness like he did, or if it ran on a systematic program created by whoever built this robot.

    “Call me Violet," she said in reply, her voice was stripped of its seductive charms. Perhaps she thought the same thing that he did, and that she would be wasting her power on a cybernetic being that didn’t know such ‘trivialities’ like lust. "It appears I have been recruited into a group called the Rebellious Suns. I've lost something important to me, and I intend to get it back... at all costs." Garret relaxed at that, it looked like they were on the same side. Though the tone in that last phrase was pretty fierce, so he knew that she meant business. Suddenly, the woman turned around, realizing his presence. Garret was surprised that she noticed him first, and not S.E.R.V.O., who had just had to look behind her to see him.

    “It seems someone else joins us. And who might you be?” she said, once more her seductive voice flowed through his ears, Garret in his mind tried substituting this voice with her less enthusiastic voice to make it easier to look past her vocal charm. That didn’t work too well on the hips though, so he looked her dead in her violet eyes with his own jungle-green ones, and bluntly answered,

    “My name is Garret, you could call me a soldier, though I might be something completely different. And it seems, Miss, that we are both Rebellious Suns. So that would make us allies. Does it not?”
  8. Violet. SERVO made sure to commit the ominous creature's name to memory. Not only was Violet dangerous in appearence, but she also seemed to be on his side. Before the slim, metallic being could explain this, however, Violet began to focus her gaze towards a small hill behind them. "It seems someone else joins us," she said before she turned towards the sloped area.

    "And who might you be?" she called out, the dark thrill returning to her voice. As she did so, SERVO quickly scanned the hill, and sure enough, there was a stout, muscular man perched at the top of the small bluff. SERVO was slightly perplexed by how the stout human had managed to elude his sharp senses. However, he decided to let the matter go. The sentient machine was never one to mull over trivial errors.

    "May name is Garret," the human responded to Violet's question. "You could call me a soldier, though I might be something completely different. And it seems, Miss, that we are both Rebellious Suns. So that would make us allies. Does it not?”

    "Very well then," the android spoke in his computerized voice, "it appears that we are all on the same side, for I too am working for the group known as the Rebellious Suns. Thus, there is no reason to fight amongst ourselves."

    The egotistical android looked back at the sunset and noted the approaching darkness. "I suggest that we go find shelter," he asserted, "Night time hours will be upon us soon, and I am not sure what nocturnal dangers await us."
  9. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Garret. Violet memorized the name so she could better wrap her tongue around it, to later make his name sound like the most tantalizing word in existence. She could tell that he was trying to resist her charms, which made this game all the more fun for her now that she had someone to practice on.

    "Very well then," said the android, "it appears that we are all on the same side, for I too am working for the group known as the Rebellious Suns. Thus, there is no reason to fight amongst ourselves." Violet turned her head slightly to hide her disappointment, spinning her scythe to a position that was much less threatening. She had been hoping to get into a scrap as soon as possible to test out her new body and new abilities, but it seemed that the force that brought her here in the first place wished that she instead be placed with 'allies'.

    "I suggest that we go find shelter," came the mechanical voice again, breaking her thought process. "Night time hours will be upon us soon, and I am not sure what nocturnal dangers await us."

    "I'm not afraid of the dark," she said in response to SERVO, humor evident in her voice. "But if you insist, it might be a good idea to find a place to rest the night." Violet turned her face back towards Garret, winking at him with a sinful smirk on her lips, as if to imply that she wished intentions that were to not sleep at all.

    "Where do you suggest we go, SERVO?" she asked, pronouncing his name phonetically. Just because they are my allies doesn't mean I can't have fun with them, she thought to herself, licking her lips in a slightly seductive manner. Violet turned from Garret towards the robot, in such a way that made her hips sway enticingly, her backside now faced more towards him as she turned her attention back to the android in question.
  10. "I'm not afraid of the dark," Violet responded with dark humor in her voice, "but if you insist, it might be a good idea to find a place to rest for the night." Violet breifly turned back towards Garret to send him a wink accompanied my an evil smile. She then turned her attention back to SERVO. "Where do you suggest we go, SERVO?" the shady female inquired.

    Violet's question repeated itself within SERVO's mind as the android swiftly scanned the surrounding area. Far to the north, SERVO could see a tall, brown mountain that seemed to touch the pink and red sky. At the southern base of this mountain was a lake surounded by groves of trees. To the west of the machine's group was a golden shorline that ran for miles, and a group of large islands rested in the southward direction.

    After the scanning was complete, the android selected two locations to camp: the northern lake and the tiny forest that lay before them. For now, the best area to set up an encampment would be the gathering of trees next to the hill on which Garret was laying. Not only would the thick trees hide them during the night, but the small bluff nearby would act as a good lookout point. Tomorrow, the lean android and his group could hike to the lake, which would be a great location to set up their first real headquarters.

    "For now," SERVO announced his conclusion, "we should hide in that nearby forest." As he stated the first part of his plan, the sentient machine raised his right, humanoid arm and pointed towards the tall foilage behind Violet. "Tomorrow, we shall hike to a nearby lake, so make sure to get plenty of rest tonight."
  11. Garret looked up as the android spoke before Violet did.

    “It appears that we are all on the same side, for I too am working for the group known as the Rebellious Suns. Thus, there is no reason to fight amongst ourselves.” So that made them an unlikely trio of warriors: a robot, a seductress, and an axe-man. The seductress in particular wasn’t too pleased, as if she was eager to spill some blood. Succubus floated around in Garret’s mind, could she be of a similar race? “I suggest that we go find shelter," S.E.R.V.O continued, turning his head to the sunset. "Night time hours will be upon us soon, and I am not sure what nocturnal dangers await us."

    "I'm not afraid of the dark," Violet said in response, humor curled around her voice like a serpent. "But if you insist, it might be a good idea to find a place to rest the night." Violet turned and gave a sinful smirk and winked at him. Garret got the idea that perhaps she had no intention to sleep. Garret shuddered at the thought of what she planned instead. He would have to stay up all night to make sure she wouldn’t be able to carry out whatever was floating in her head. Garret was going to be on his toes both in and out of battle.

    "Where do you suggest we go, SERVO?" Violet asked, turning back to the droid, purposely swaying her hips slightly once again attempting to entice the stout warrior. Garret focused on the droid as it took a few steps and stared off at the land behind Garret; back from the way he came. Now that he thought of it, he wasn’t exactly sure where he walked from, as if he was in a trance and being pulled here by invisible strings. So all that Garret was certain of being in that direction was the huge mountain capped by snow and cloud. Garret turned around to face the mountain, averting his eyes from Violet, concentrating to try and recall what he passed by when he walked out here.

    "For now, we should hide in that nearby forest." The robot said, Garret’s mind clicked and he remembered passing by a forest of trees somewhere up north, his mind recalled a second landmark, just as S.E.R.V.O. started saying it, "Tomorrow, we shall hike to a nearby lake, so make sure to get plenty of rest tonight." Garret shuddered slightly, recalling that he might not get the chance for that unless he hid in a tree.

    “Well then there’s no sense in wasting time, the sooner we move, the less likely we will be attacked without our guard up.” Garret suggested, already knowing of two kinds of attacks that could happen if they didn’t move, and one of them wasn’t from their foes.

    (not much actual meat on this post, mostly just repeating what everyone said <<. Alas, that will change soon enough)
  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    (OOC: Same message as the other topic.)


    Violet's smile faded from her face, her mouth drawn into a thin line. Garret didn't seem to take kindly to her advances on him, which could possibly mean she was losing her touch. Her old self would have the man worshiping her like a goddess, willing to do anything to please her even in the slightest.

    My power is gone,
    Violet thought bitterly, I am merely a shell of my former self. He is playing hard-to-get, and I cannot plant my seeds of corruption. A scowl formed on her face, just barely visible from beneath the curtain of hair. Both of my allies are worthless. She was hoping to at least have a little bit of fun, but that didn't seem viable in the least at this point.

    "For now, we should hide in that nearby forest." SERVO raised his right arm and pointed towards the tall foliage behind Violet. "Tomorrow, we shall hike to a nearby lake, so make sure to get plenty of rest tonight."

    “Well then there’s no sense in wasting time," replied Garret. "The sooner we move, the less likely we will be attacked without our guard up.” Violet rolled her eyes slightly as she realized he was likely referring to her in some way.

    This thing called 'rest' was a concept lost on her, as she actually didn't need sleep. The memories she had of before she was destroyed told her that rest was something that fragile beings needed due to something called 'fatigue', which is why she suggested it. Violet sighed in a resigned manner, nodding her head to agree with the proposal, as she had no other choice.

    Guess that means I'm the one watching out for 'danger'
    , she thought to herself, smiling at the fact that she might get into a fight after all.
  13. SERVO, reading Violet's silence as a "yes," stepped towards the forest in which he and his team would be hiding. After setting foot amongst the trees, the sentient machine took a moment to look around.

    As he had expected, it was a very small forest. In fact, the other side of the woodland was already visible. However, the dark trunks of the immense trees and the unusually thick foliage would be enough to conceal his group from foes and nocturnal predators.

    The sleak, humanoid machine turned back towards the sea and focused his attention on the greenish hill that rose up near the grove of dark wood trees. Just as he had surmised before, the hill would be an excellent spot to position a lookout. The question was who should be given that task. The expressionless machine pondered this question for a moment. As he did, he analyzed what he knew about his allies.

    First was Garret. He was a stout human, but his muscular composition and the battle axe strapped to his back suggested he was more than capable of holding his own in battle. Unfortunately, the quickly-tired nature of Garret's kind could not be overlooked. No matter how strong they became, all humans had to rest or suffer the effects of fatique.

    Crossing Garret off his mental list of candidates for gaurd duty, SERVO shifted his thoughts to those of Violet. She was a dark, ominous creature that appeared to specialize in seducing her prey before tearing it to shreds. Her dark disposition suggested that her kind was nocturnal, making her a good candidate for lookout duty. On the other hand, Violet's shadowy personality also made her untrustworthy. If he let his gaurd down for even a minute, the demonic seductress might turn him into a pile of scrap metal.

    Removing Violet from the list, SERVO thought of hiring himself as the watchperson. Considering the lack of reliability of his group, this seemed like the most logical choice. Admittedly, leaving Violet alone with Garret seemed risky based on their earlier interactions, but that was a risk he would have to take.

    Having made his decision, the slim android switched his focus back to Garret and Violet. "I shall serve as the lookout for tonight," SERVO announced in his synthetic voice. "Any objections?"
  14. (School is trying to eat me up, and Mafioso isn't helping either)

    Garret heard her speak, and snapped his head around in surprise as he realized that her voice was no longer clawing at his mind. Had she given up on him this soon? Perhaps she was expecting her powers to be flawless, and have him enslaved by her charms on the first word. Did his magical resistances save him? Or… Garret paused to study her facial features better, they looked decent, but he could tell that they once made up part of the golden ratio, and came to a conclusion. It was her own powers that were weakened: some sort of harm must have damaged her seductive abilities. Garret let out a relaxed sigh; maybe he was safe from her now. The thought of it was already making him half weary, knowing that sleep would be less disturbing.

    The trio set off, heading towards the small forest that sprouted up like an oasis in a desert of grass. The light green trees were beautiful and the air was fresh with the forest air. Garret took a deep breath and felt that air flowing through his nostrils, then his throat, tickling him all the way down his lungs. Amazing that such battlegrounds could have beauty like this. There were however, thick branches that could easily support a person, making an ideal place to strike from above. And the many small depressions under the roots of many trees were also ideal places for a person to hide if he was waiting in ambush, if that person was small enough that is.

    “I shall serve as the lookout for tonight” SERVO’s synthetic voice cut deep into Garret’s mind, “Any objections?” Garret looked over to Violet, and then turned back to the android.

    “As long as I get to keep my axe in arms reach, I won’t need to complain.” Garret answered.
  15. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    When they moved into the forest, Violet paid little mind to the beauty of her surroundings. Her mind became focused on the sounds and smells of the place instead, her eyes flicking over the shadows with greater interest. She would be able to see in the dark better than perhaps a human would, which would give her the advantage over Garret whilst in the darkness.

    Now now, Violet thought to herself, No need to think about fighting your allies just yet. They were put on the same team for a reason, she was sure, and that meant these people could be of some advantage to her in the future. Use them for all they're worth first, then destroy.

    "I shall serve as the lookout for tonight," SERVO announced in his synthetic voice, making her purse her lips again. "Any objections?"

    “As long as I get to keep my axe in arms reach, I won’t need to complain.” Garret answered. Of course the human would have no problem, she mused, glaring slightly at their robotic companion.

    "Since sleep is a concept foreign to me, you'll find you have little choice in letting me join you," Violet practically spit out her words at the being, as if she was sorely offended. "Besides, I think being able to watch in numbers will be more efficient. Especially in a forest."

    There is no way I am letting this
    thing be the only one looking out, she thought, a defiant glare still placed on her face. Violet gripped her scythe a little tighter, almost as if daring SERVO to challenge her.
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