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Open Realm of Oprar(RPG/Custom Realm)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by OreoCookieBeta, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Please use the following information to for your character. Please now one sentence reply and be detailed. This entire realm was created by me and the lore itself was created by me as well. You may choose what happens in your story, who you are, and much more. You can even rule one of six,including Vox and Valk, empires. first come first serve, but please be the race that it was originally founded by. Here is a character sheet you can follow:

    Class:(Choose one branch class)
    Weapons: 3 is max must atleast have 1
    Armor(Use detail about outfit
    Traits: Max is 3 (Includes stealth speed stuff like that...racial abilities dont count)
    Occupation: Make your own if you desire or use list I supplied
    Alliance(Can be nuetral or with a clan or guild)

    Now here is my character you can have as many as you want as long as YOU keep track of them!!!:
    Name: Maggie Morg'an
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vox
    age: 34
    Class: Celtic
    Weapons: Celestial Staff, Rapier, Dart
    Armor: Wears a golden,shiny shoulderless dress with a silver breastplate and silver fingerless gauntlets. Wears Silver boots ans knee pads along with a holster for her rapier on her left hip. Her rober splits at the waist revealing her armored leggings. She also wears a Healing Crown which gives her a boost in healing magic
    Personailty: Sweet, persuasive, protective, keen, observant, demanding. intelligent, and wise.
    Appearance: She has very pale slightly yellowish skin with the same coor hair with bright yellow eyes. Her hair is braided and goes over her shoulder with her bangs swept to her right side. her skin is lively and smoothe.
    Traits: Stealthy, Persuasion, Alchemy skills
    Occupation: Empress of the Vox
    Alliance: Fallgoth(Allies)
    Backstory: Maggie was born as a princess and lived a life of luxury. She learned magic at a young age and her parents believed she had a gift. When her parents died, as the oldest sibling, she took the throne and refused to get married. She did adopt her brother's kids after he was sentr to prison for man slaughter and thievery. As the two children were not aware as they were babies at the time. The mother of the two kids had died when the twins were born. Maggie has two five year old twins one boy names Apollo and a girl named Pandora. She continues to hold the throne and one day wishes to have both of her children rule the Dimension of Vox

    The Realm of Oprar

    Races: Green Elf, Mor(human), dwarf, hobbit, orc, Grendals(plant-like humanoid creatures with different shade of green skin with moss hair and Vine like body patterns), Pogrils, human sized fury creatures that resemble different animals but are still humanoid), Hijaas(very pale, tall, skinny, humanoids with glowing eyes and pointy ears, hair is either grey or black), Valks(demonic like creatures with large horns in different shapes and are usually found with red,blue, and purple skin), and finally Vox(Divine creatures with large angelic wings and light yellow skin and golden hair with pointy ears)

    Classes: The Mage Branch:

    Mage- Celtic(healer) or Necromancer(Summoner) or Elemental(Nature,ice,fire, or wind)

    The Warrior Branch:

    Warrior: Barbarian(Tank/Heavy) or Duelist(DPS,medium) or Guardian(Defensive,healer)

    The Thief Branch:

    Thief: Assassin(Stealth) or Archer(Ranged) or Medic(Healer)

    The Battler Branch:

    Battler- Battlemage(DPS) or The Bard(Healer) or Outlaw(Ranged)

    More will be added...












    Tavern owner






    Grega'por(North/Mountains and snow)

    Megalion(South/Beaches and plains)

    Dreka(West/sand and deserts)

    Valgreen(East/Forests and rivers)


    Shattered Blade(Assassins guild,neutral)

    The Fallgoth Clan(Nomads,peaceful)

    Kari(Criminals clan, evil)

    Alliances: Each alliance desires to control the realm while many try to stop them... the Fallgoth clan has attempted to stop war for years but has failed.





    Race lore:

    Green Elves: The Green Elves are the most enhanced race. They have created golden palaces and great technology. They are the founders of Valgreen Kingdom and the Greenfall alliance. They are worship the goddess Grella which is a tall elven women with white eyes and longs white hair. She wears a shoulder less white dress and is said to be the goddess of knowledge. They are great climbers and have great agility

    The Mor: Founders of the Dreka Empire and the Palecrow Alliance. The Mor were said to be the first race to walk the realm but were the risky ones. The race is known for their brutality and strength. They are very strong and the Mor are very persuasive.

    The Dwarves: Founders of the Grayhelm Alliance and the Mega'por Kingdom. They are a race of negotiation and peace. They build their homes inside of mountains for protection. They can throw practically any weapon and they also have great dodging skills.

    The Orcs: They are the founders of Megalion Empire and the Blackstone alliance. The orcs are large creatures who create a large stone palace and town on the coast. The Orcs are great fishermen and are known for their great hunting skills and their keen hearing.

    The Grendals: They are peaceful creatures that are neutral and can be found all across Oprar. They mainly enjoy being around nature and are mainly found in cabins in the forest or even in hollowed out trees. They can live up to 200 years depending on their life style. They make great mages when it comes to Nature magic. Their nature magic is twice as strong and they can knock down trees in one touch.

    The Porgils: This race comes in varieties. They can be fox, bear, wolf, crow, falcon, cat, dog, and even lizard people and even more. They all have great instincts these many Pogrils dislike the large cities and enjoy being outside of the palaces and large cities. They are very light on their feet and have very sharp nails that can slash through flesh.

    The hobbits: The hobbits are neutral races as well and take sides. They can be found all around Oprar but they are criticized and dislikes by many mainly the Mor. The hobbits are considered thieves and deceiving. They are known for the delicate touch and can jump higher then other races.

    Hijaas: They can be cruel creatures but strong allies. Hijaas are part Elf and part Valks. They are very spiritual and are said to be capable of communicating with the dead. They are very smart and cannot be fooled easily. They are known for their great shot and powerful dark magic. Hijaas can be found in caves and the town sewers. They prefer to be alone and will kill anyone who trespasses into their territory.

    Valks: The Valks are feared by many people and live in an their sister realm of Valkora. The realm is small, dark, gloomy, and filled with shadow creatures. They rule that realm and live in war against those shadow creatures. They can pass through realms and they turn invisible for a short amount of time.

    The Vox: This race also lives in another realm of Voxore, a land of light, nature, and harpies. The Vox fight against the Harpies but control most of the realm. They have a portal rune that allows them to pass over to Oprar which can only be done by sacrificing four pairs of Harpie wings. The Vox can fly and take form of other races. Voxore and Valkora used to be part of Oprar until all four alliances began raiding the tow sistering islands they lived on. The Elder mage of both the Vox and Valks were capable of sacrificing themselves and the two islands were transformed into two different dimensions. They were no longer connected to Oprar.

    I hopw you enjoy roleplaying!!!! If you read all of this then your are very prepared type POWER at the end of your character sheet if you read all of this!!! HERE IS THE MAP OF OPRAR!!!

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  2. Name:zane
    Class:Elemental fire
    Weapons: dragon blade, staff, dragon armor (chesplate thag has two dragons fighting on it
    Appearance:5 foot, black hairl, wears skarf to hide face, and wears all black clothes
    Trait:fast, strong, and sneeky
    Alliance:Kari(Criminals clan, evil)
    Backstory:age 5 family was wondering the woods for bearys and all of a sudden we were attacked by the kari and my family was killed but they dididn't kill me they took me and trained me to kill.

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