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Ask to Join Realm of Introspection

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Aon, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Aon


    Joshua was walking back to his flat after a very tiring day. Flat that he was living was far from his shop; he preferred the flat to be outside of the city. He had the only shop in New York which was selling lots of ingredients used for magic, but normal people were seeing him as just a fortune teller. Joshua always laughed at that, but appreciated some money for telling a few lies about what people were expecting in the future. Once, his father was working that shop, but since he suddenly disappeared it was his duty to continue what he was doing.

    While walking, Joshua punched a black balloon flying above his head. Those black balloons could be seen everywhere around the city. They normally are harmless but lately were increasing in number, proving the increased amount of demonic activities in the city. Joshua watched the balloon to hit on a wall, falling to the ground and jumping towards him a little. This made Joshua to laugh; actually those things were really so much silly and funny. He wished normal people could see that too.

    He was wearing a black fabric coat unbuttoned, showing his white shirt behind it. Below those, he was wearing a black track suit and sport shoes. More than a fortune teller or warlock, he looked like a warrior ready to fight any time actually. He continued to walk in the dark streets, still angry for himself for going home this late. Suddenly, however, he heard a voice behind him, as if a car just hit to a wall. With a quick and reflexive move, he turned his face to look what happened. As expected, he noticed a car crashed onto a wall and within a minute its alarm started ringing suddenly. He expected the houses around to switch the lights on, especially the house which the car crashed onto. That weirdly did not happen.

    “What the…?”

    Joshua quickly walked towards the car to control whether the driver was all right. At that moment he realized many demonic balloons flowing through the car, and he stopped. “I didn’t like that, honestly.” he spoke to himself, loud. After a second of hesitation, on the other hand, he kept walking towards the car, ignoring the black balloons blocking the way as if they were trying to protect something. “Get out of the way, get out of the way!”

    He used his magic to open the door of the car, melting the lock with some fire. Driver was a man at his thirties; he was laying unconsciously onto the steering wheel. He did not seem much well, actually, it seemed like his neck was broken. “Poor man…” Joshua thought to himself.

    As he turned back to move away, he also grabbed his smart phone from his pocket to call ambulance or something. Before anyone would answer the phone, Joshua realized something popping up behind him, suddenly grappling him from his neck. A sudden, content pain on his neck followed that, and it needed some effort for Joshua to not to shout after that. Then, he saw what he was facing with. The driver’s eyes were now black, showing that he was possessed. His hands were instead black tentacles now, and seemingly one was holding him from his neck. Fortunately, demons were stupid and they never learned that grabbing a mage from his hands could be much more efficient. Joshua raised a hand and a small, intense black ray moved towards the creature. With that, demon let Joshua free so he started stepping away from the creature. He was preparing another ray, but he heard footsteps coming from the other half of the corner, before he could throw it. He held his breath to see whether that was another demon, or just a human. It was a dangerous situation either ways, but Joshua hoped that to be a demon.

    No more human needed to die that day.
  2. Violet was not one for the outdoors. It hadn't been a very sunny day, but she wasn't the type of vampire who went outside because of the clouds. Currently, she was sitting upright in her achy bed, wondering why she existed. It happened on a daily basis. However, on that day, she felt a bit confident. She believed she could do something correctly at least once today. Perhaps not. Violet looked up from her cold, pale hands. She directed her eyes to the stained window, covered in cracks and spiderwebs. The curtains left a sliver to see through. Those black balloon creatures were still floating. They didn't bother her that much, but occasionally she'd see them doing wrong, and she would have to teach them a lesson. Those were bad days for Violet. Her eyes were still locked on the dirty glass, examining the round creatures that levitated shortly. Violet looked back to her hands. They looked dead, almost as she did. Letting her hands fall into her lap, the vampire stood up, noting that she didn't want to sit in bed all day.

    So, standing out of the wretched bed, Violet bent her back backwards, and it cracked multiple times, loudly. Then, she leaned over forward, getting lesser cracks. Violet was only wearing a loose shirt, that was slightly ripped and tattered. There were visible scrapes and bruises on her legs from simple clumsiness. She would fall over often, even without something to trip on but herself. Violet took small strides to her dresser, coughing into her arm. Pulling out the first drawer, Violet scanned the clothes she could wear. They were all black. The darker, the better. She carefully pulled out a black dress, lined with lace. She laid that on the floor, then pulling out a pair of black tights to follow. Violet stripped of her shirt, proving she was skinny and petite. She lifted the dress, pulling it over her head, sliding her arms through each sleeve. She straightened out the skirt, looking almost like Wednesday Addams. Then, she grabbed the tights, and sat on her bed. Holding a leg in the air, she pulled the right leg over, and likewise the opposite leg. A dusty mirror was in the corner of the room, and she directed her attention towards it.

    She looked ready for a funeral. Maybe her own. Violet added another decoration, a lacy black choker to hug her neck. Now, she looked like she came out of Hot Topic. She liked her choice of clothing, which she topped off with her obsidian ring. It was a gift from her father, before him and her mother mysteriously disappeared from Violet. She wore the ring everyday. Her eyes flickered to her hair in the mirror, and she sighed through her nose. Leading herself to the bathroom, Violet rummaged for a ponytail holder, successfully grabbing one. She bent forward, grabbing her long hair and shaping it into a cone. Then, she wrapped the ponytail around it, multiple times. When she pulled her head back up, she tightened it, and it perfectly suited her. Violet opened another drawer, to brush her teeth. When she got the toothpaste on the brush, she wet it and began brushing. Mint exploded in her mouth, stinging her fangs a bit. She spit it out after multiple seconds, shoving the brush in the cup and the toothpaste in the drawer.

    Violet had now put her combat boots on, and was down in the grimy apartment's lobby. She had an umbrella, in case the sun turned on her viscously. Stepping outside, she heard quite a disturbance. The umbrella held over her head gloomily, she walked outside to see the commotion. It seemed to be around the corner, which she certainly was going to investigate. Her ankle boots clicked with each step, as she turned around the building, seeing a violent scene indeed. Balloons floated helplessly as a car had smashed into a wall mercilessly. A man was helping the man in the vehicle, though the noises weren't very human from the driver. She stood at the corner, looking at the disaster. “What happened?” Her fangs glimmered brightly with each word. “Is he possessed?” Her eyes focused on the young man, around her age perhaps, directing the question towards him. Once again, her sharp teeth could be seen with each syllable.
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  3. "146,147...148,149,150!" Czar said as he dropped the bench press bar back into place. He sat up and took a guzzle from his Gatorade water bottle as sweat ran down his face and onto his grey tank top. After collecting himself, he tidied up his weight room from his daily morning excersizes and walked into the main room of his four room apartment, which served as a living room, kitchen, and entry way into his apartment.

    He walked over to the kitchen side of the room and started to pull out some ingredients out of his black wooden cabinets for his protein shake breakfast. His hands followed the pattern they were tasked with every morning. He dumped all the ingredients into a blender that rested on the quartz kitchen bar near the center of the room and turned it on.

    Afterwords he dumped the now white contents of the blender into a large glass. He took up the glass and walked over to his white couch, sat down and took a swig from his shake. He almost choked on it as he had never been very good in the kitchen. Setting down the shake, he set down the glass on the brown coffee table in front of him and exchanged it for a television remote. He put the channel to the news and got comfortable.

    "This is Ricky Martinez with your New York News. Last night was a new record for crime, with over 1..."

    His phone vibrated indicating that there was a text message. He grabbed it to see the message, 'Rouge Demon on 7th Avenue, minor concern, reward for kill $50.'

    "That's a decent warm-up", He thought to himself as he went into his room to get changed.

    He exited the 7-floor apartment building in his out and about attire, a nice white dress shirt, grey tie, black dress pants, and all covered by a black trench coat; his head covered by a matching black fedora.

    He continued to walk towards 7th street, minding his own business until he reached a crashed car with two people on the outside. He didn't care too much about it, they probably had everything under control. He just kept walking.
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  4. "God damn it," Rex Lawson mumbled as he lunged out of the way of the demon's attack. This demon was a nasty one, who had already had a few kills under his belt. Rex whipped out his blade and took a more fighting stance. "C'mon, let's go." He said calmly giving a smile.

    The demon gave a shriek and slashed at Rex's chest. However, Rex was too fast and raised his sword to block it. The demon's yellow claws scratched at the blade. Rex gave a grin, before whipping out his sawed off shotgun. He pulled the trigger and destroyed the demon, dissolving it into dust. Rex placed the weapons behind his coat and spit in the ashes.

    His body ached as he placed his helmet on his sweaty head. He climbed up onto his motorcycle and reved up the engine, before he drove into the streets of New York.

    It wasn't until after a good amount of riding until he saw a wrecked car. He swerved to the left, just out of the way, in an alleyway, and got off his bike. After taking off his helmet he walked over to the wreck where two people were standing upright. One girl was holding an umbrella and speaking to the man. He saw the glint of her white fangs after every syllable was said. He reached his hand behind his coat, grasping his sword as he stepped beside the man. He gave a cold stare in the vampire's direction.
  5. Violet had noticed a young man was standing beside the one who seemed to be fighting off the man in the crashed vehicle. He reached his hand behind his jacket, almost cautiously as his cold hard stare focused on Violet. She narrowed her eyes, knowing that this man was not seeming to like her. She licked her teeth inside her mouth, knowing she didn't want to fight him. She still stood upright, standing her guard. Violet gripped her umbrella tighter, keeping assurance that shade would cover her. Truth be told, she was intimidated by this man. Her eyes glittered with absolute fear, yet her stance proved to be unaffected. Violet knew what he was capable of, but she also knew he had a very, very small chance of killing her.

    She cleared her throat quietly. Violet wanted to investigate the crash, so she got a little closer, cautious of the other men. She got close enough to peer through the window, and saw a gross face. She cringed slightly, backing away. “That's pretty nasty...” the pretty girl said sharply, looking at the man with his hand behind his back. “Ah, well, it's not really my problem, is it?” She nervously laughed. Violet turned around going to leave the scene. As she began walking, she held the umbrella at a safe reach above herself. However, she looked over her shoulder, the same fearful eyes staring down the man. There was more of a taunting look included.

    Violet turned her head, licking her fangs and sighing. She turned round the corner and stopped, pondering. She pulled the ring off of her finger, looking at it from a distance. Though she wore it everyday, despised it. Her parents were cowards, and the ring seemed to scream that she was too. Everyday, she was tempted to leave it behind. This was the day. She was sick of it tempting her and annoying her. She dropped it with a small clink, then stepping on it mercilessly. It certainly didn't break, but a large dent was left in the obsidian. “Good riddance,” she muttered to the dented jewelry, abruptly walking away, umbrella protecting her.
  6. Czar turned back to the sound of a small metallic ring to see one of the people from the crashed car walk away. A piece of metal caught his eye. He picked it up to discover an obsidian ring. Shrugging, he wrapped it into a handkerchief, deposited it into one of his pockets, and began once more on his walk.

    It didn't take him long to find the demon. He was a minor demon, kind of like a human and didn't appear to have any sort of powers. It was currently pickpocketing a young woman sitting on a wooden bench. He couldn't really kill the creature, as he might hit the young woman, so he decided the best course of action was to wait until the demon started to leave. He took up shop on the opposite side of the taxi filled street, ready to take a shot with his bow at a moment's notice.
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  7. Aon


    Joshua watched people coming and going, after a moment it became harder to not to face palm to that. That's what happens when a demon reveals itself; over seconds many vampires and especially shadow warriors show up. Joshua always wondered if that was a gift or curse given to shadow warriors by God, but each time he thought that he remembered he did not believe one.

    First of all, a vampire had showed up. Girl asked whether the man was possessed by a demon, and Aon nodded meaning a "yes". Right after that a shadow warrior showed up, giving a hostile look to the vampire. Seemingly, after that, vampire decided not to help. Joshua saw her walking away, and at that time her ring fell to the ground. One male passing through the road grappled the ring and Joshua was sensing his shadow warrior energy as a warlock. Seemingly that guy did not notice the demon because if he could, he would definitely help defeating the demon.

    Pain on Joshua's neck was growing every second as a demon's poison was always fatal. Demon was walking slowly towards him and he grew up a few more long tentacles over seconds. "O-oh... Those freaking, weird bas..."

    Joshua turned his face back to the shadow warrior again. Male's eyes were shining in ferocity, probably he was giving a helping hand about defeating the demon. Joshua appreciated that. "Finally. Yes. There are few shadow warriors who still do their jobs, huh?" He asked with a flirtous smirk appearing on his face. That was not something special, that warlock always gave flirtous smirks to people.

    Joshua was so sure that they could take care of the demon but suddenly another enemy showed up. One hedgehog demon, which are big hedgehog-like creatures with poisonous niddles on their backs, suddenly appeared in front of the vampire girl who was walking away a second ago. Then, Joshua realized one another onto the roof of the house which car hit a few minutes back. He was shocked, because he never saw this much strong demon at a place. He formed a black colored, fire like energy ball into his palm; preparing for the inevitable fight. He threw the energy ball to the possessing demon, but demon jumped up using its tentacles as his feet. With every second passing, this disgusting being was growing one another tentacle. He quickly threw one another black ball to the demon but at that time hedgehog demon who was at the roof earlier jumped through it in a defensive position, protecting the other demon. Joshua's attack hit to the hedgehog demon's stings at its back, and seemingly that did not harm it. Hedgehog demon was now standing in front of the possessing demon, giving a very hostile expression. Meanwhile, Joshua realized the second hedgehog demon which was preparing to attack the vampire girl.
  8. Czar saw an opening as the demon began to slowly go past the woman and head for the street corner with a wallet in tow. He opened the large case he carried to reveal Adeniil, his father's bow. He pulled the string taunt and connected it to both ends of the bow. Standing up, he held the bow in position, his left eye shut and his right eye squinting. He pulled the bowstring and released, from it an arrow, arrowhead shining from the crimson embrace of the inferno which bled on the rest of the projectile, flew past a dashboard of a moving taxi and connected with the neck of the demon. It cried out as the fire spread to the rest of the body.

    Czar undid the bow string and lovingly placed it back inside it's black case, and began walking back the way he came, slightly disappointed in himself. He had meant to hit the chest, not the neck, luckily the fire made it so that it didn't matter. He checked his bank account on his phone to see that his client had transferred the fifty dollars. It was intresting, the life of a contract killer. There was a few people in the city, people who knew the demons existed, that had money yet didn't want to use their powers and other tools to fight back, so they paid people like him to do the work for them. At times it got a bit rough financially as he didn't have many clients, but he made it work.
  9. Violet was quietly minding her own business for a moment. Until a wretched creature blocked her path with a vulgar expression. Violet glared at the spiky jerk, who was already crouching into attack position. Violet wasn't in a battling mood, and she easily could've left, but something was ticking her off about this particular demon. So, defensively, Violet set her umbrella down. It hadn't been sunny at all, and the sky had stayed grey all day, so she trusted that the sunlight would stay away from herself. The ugly hedgehog let out a snarl, stomping a foot in the ground as he charged towards her. Easily, Violet stepped to the side in a flash.

    The hedgehog had collided with a lamppost before turning around and roaring. He obviously didn't appreciate being outsmarted by the vampire. So, the brute crouched again, preparing to pounce on the pretty girl. It leaped in the air, straight above Violet. A calm, menacing expression was painted on her face as she quickly grabbed her umbrella whilst it was soaring. Abruptly, it was about to land on her, but she jabbed the umbrella into its gut. It crippled to the ground, groaning and spitting. A wound was noticeable in its stomach, but it still stood up. Violet rolled her eyes at the hedgehog. The beast foamed at the mouth, raging ferociously. Violet was already growing annoyed with the demon, and she sped to the same lamppost it rammed into before.

    She had an idea. Standing, unharmed, the vampire waited for the large animal to strike. When charging, she stepped into the street, avoiding the demon. He smashed into the lamppost again, nearly knocking him out cold. The lamppost was wobbling greatly, and the hedgehog groaned and fell on its back. With all her might, Violet pushed the heavy lamppost over, and it landed on the demon's stomach. It shrieked, and Violet stepped over to it. Using her foot to hold its head back, she bent over, sinking her teeth into the neck of the beast. Immediately, it roared and dissolved into flecks of nothingness. Violet stood up, straightening her dress. She bent over to grab her umbrella, and she opened it again, holding it over her head as if nothing happened.

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