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Ask to Join Realm of Introspection

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Aon, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Aon


    Once you see the truth behind one’s lies, your soul suffers.

    But once you see the truth behind the reality, you lead all others to suffer.

    Think of a world. That should not be so hard, because you obviously are living into one. And now, think of that world full of all the creatures that you know from the tales. Pixies are living in the forests, but they can only be seen if you believe them. Vampires are hunting at nights, and may be one is your boyfriend. Humankind is protected by a group called Shadow Warriors.

    Life of an ordinary shadow warrior starts at a very young age. Unlike the normal human population, they can see the truth behind one’s reality. From fangs of a vampire, which a normal person can never see, to the dark balloon-like demonic beings that are flying everywhere. Those balloons are funny if you could see them. They walk around and whisper to your ears, and that’s may be the reason why you stole five dollars from your father’s jacket the other day. Some demons, on the other hand; can possess, murder, curse, poison and even can make you fall in love with them. They are extra-planar beings, who came to invade your world.

    Some shadow warriors can cast magic; they are well educated to fight against the demons. Some others are instead better in using sacred weapons, and that is what they specialize. They protect humankind not only against demons, but also against the vampires and warlocks who are evil. Warlocks are half human and half demon; but they usually hate demons and are good. They look like humans mostly, and are capable of casting magic too. Their magic is usually even stronger than the shadow warriors, so whenever one decides on joining the evil forces, that causes a lot of problems.

    Shadow warriors have strict rules. They can only marry with other shadow warriors as that is the only way to give birth to other shadow warriors. Homosexuality is something that is strictly forbidden. (But I am willing to see at least one in the role play who tries changing that.) Starting with their childhood, they are educated in fighting and their educating methods might not always be considered humanistic.

    The story will start with our arrival at New York, or you are already living there. Recently, New York seems to be the place where many demons are attacking.


    1) Official role playing rules in this site need to be followed.

    2) At least two or three literate paragraphs are needed for every post, unless really there is not much to say.

    3) Respecting other role players is important.

    4) Story is not something that I am building up and players are following. Story will be something that players will build all together.

    5) God-modding is unacceptable. Do not control any other player’s character or NPC.

    6) Every NPC that are being created should have a reason. Logic is needed. Being saved by a dragon all of a sudden in the middle of a combat, for example, is not something that you can face every day. All characters in the game are special, but we will power up throughout the role play.

    (I really apologize if the rules look too strict, but really, those are essential. Believe me.)

    Character Sheet

    General Information:


    Age: (16 – 20)


    Race: (Vampire/ Warlock/ Shadow Warrior)

    Appearance: (I want this part to be quite detailed. The more we can visualize, the more efficient a story will be.)

    Background: (Well, do not include so many details here. Our characters had never met before, so nobody knows too much about each other.)

    Weapon: (It’s appearance and special powers, if you have any.)

    Other: (Anything else you want to add?)

    Systematic Information:

    Level: 1 (Officially 1 for everyone at the beginning)

    Skill points: 25 (You will gain another 8 each time you level up.)

    Acrobatics: (I’m a monkey, am not I?)

    Bluff: (Good lies save lives.)



    Magical Powers: (How good you are at the magic?) (This skill is banned for vampires)



    Dark Magic: (Curses, seals, summoning etc. Can only be used by Warlocks)

    Divination: (Healing, removing curses/seals etc. Can only be used by Shadow Warriors)

    (Please note that you cannot give skill points to more than two spell types)

    Physical Strength: (Do you like muscles? Do you want to punch people? Or do you like swords? That is for you.)


    Stamina: (How well you protect yourself from one’s physical attacks.)

    Will: (How well you protect yourself from one’s mind-affecting magical powers or compulsions?)

    (For vampires only):

    Compulsion: (You can force someone to obey, if their will is not strong enough.)

    Super speed: (Every vampire has super speed. Some are even faster.)

    (Please note that vampires have bloodthirsty, but they prefer animals because of the agreements with shadow warriors. They immediately die if they expose to sun light. They can never use sacred weapons. However, they are immune to diseases, they heal quickly, and they can never get old. To become a vampire one needs to die after drinking vampire blood.)

    (Warlocks do not get old after the age of 19 and they also can not use any sacred weapon.)

    *** I will post my own character sheet later.
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  2. Name: Rex Lawson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shadow Warrior
    Appearance: Rex's most unique factor is his eyes. They are a different color from each other. His left one is emerald green, while his right eye is a deep crimson. He has a tanned thin face, with a faded scar over his right eye. His hair is an oily black, that is about four inches long, shaggy, and is unkept. His bangs are tucked up out of the way of his eyes. His entire body is dotted with faded scars from past fights, with his one over his eye, being the most noticeable.

    He wears a tattered grey t-shirt that hangs loosely on his chest. It's kinda grubby, but shows no skin. Over it he wears a black trench coat, open, that reaches down to his ankles. It's looks pretty beat up, but overall is still in decent shape. He wears black jeans, with black combat boots. He carries a black backpack with him, that contains a black baseball cap with no design and a black hoodie for blending in, when he needs to. He also has other assorted belonging init, along with a black riding helmet. He has everything he needs, including, clothing, money, weapons, and etc, all in this bag.

    Rex rides a black 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300. His motorcycle helmet, mentioned above, is black, with no design and a tinted visor. His bike is his main way of transportation.
    Background: He, at a young age, like all Shadow Warriors, were set to train early on. He become a quite proficient fighting, and left his family, to fight alone. He is always moving around NYC, with only his gear and bike.
    Weapon: His weaponry consists mainly of a sword, with a 6" blade, and a sawed off shotgun. The sword and shotgun are both kept hidden behind his trench coat. The sawed off can fire bullets, that are made of silver and are enchanted with fire, causing a burst of fire when they land. The sword has a silver blade and is primarily for close quarter combat. He keeps a 2" knife in each boot, as a backup.
    Other: His fighting style consists of having his shotgun in one hand, while his sword in the other. He hits them at close range, jumps back, and fires his gun, creating a multi range strategy.

    Level: 1
    Skill Points
    Acrobatics: 2
    Bluff: 6
    Dodge: 1
    Magical Powers: 0
    Mind-affecting: 0
    Elemental: 2
    Dark Magic: 0
    Divination: 1
    Physical Strength: 5
    Profession: 1
    Stamina: 1
    Will: 6
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  3. Aon


    Accepted ^^. One and only problem is that I guess you have spent 26 skill points instead of 25. ^^.
  4. Oh, sorry, math is hard, let me fix that.
  5. Aon


    Name: Joshua Cabell

    Age: 17

    Gender: M

    Race: Warlock

    Appearance: Joshua has straight yellow hair covering his forehead up until his eyebrows. His eyes are green, and are hardly similar to humans’, they look more like a cats’. The periphery of his eyes is also shadowed with green, and a tiny star-shaped tattoo can be seen between his left eye and ear. His small nose is in harmony with his lightly tanned skin; forming a very charming, impeccable appearance.

    He is just a little shorter than the average, around 1.72 meters. Despite he likes eating, he is slim and lean. He generally wears open collar black shirts, even at the winters. With that, he displays his various rune-shaped, black-colored, small tattoos that are perfectly dyeing his neck. He generally prefers track suits instead of trousers, thinking that every spell caster should wear relatively comfortable clothes. During the winters, he generally prefers wearing a jacket onto it.

    His dysfunctional, black, long, skinny tail is mostly hidden underneath his clothes, and very tiny, triangle-shaped two horns on top of his head are hardly seen behind his hair. Tails and horns of a warlock is the only reason why many might find them unattractive, but Joshua is different. Even among the warlocks, he is handsome.

    Background: Joshua was raised up by another warlock up until his 15s. Warlocks can never have children, but he never wondered his real family anyway. He recently is working as a fortune teller in NYC, gaining money with his abilities. He has his own flat.

    Weapon: Joshua never uses any.

    Other: He’s biromantic.

    Level: 1

    Skill points: 25

    Acrobatics: 0

    Bluff: 1

    Dodge: 6

    Magical Powers: (Total: 11)

    Mind-affecting: 0

    Elemental: 4

    Dark Magic: 7

    Divination: 0

    Physical Strength: 1

    Profession: 0

    Stamina: 1

    Will: 5
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  6. Name: Violet Fifer

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Vampire

    Appearance: Violet is a small girl with an alluring aura. Standing at 5'3", Violet has a petite shape and creepy babydoll features. With pale skin, the young vampire has large, round eyes, each an icy color. The irises of her eyes are a pale snowflake-blue, with flecks of pale red scattered in them. The white of her eyes are slightly bloodshot, as the girl barely sleeps due to nightmares and insomnia. She has a small, button nose, and lips that are more in a pouting shape. Violet has light, silver hair that wisps in front of her ears, and the rest of her locks are pulled into a tight ponytail. Her hair, when it's down, goes to three fourths down her back.

    The clothes Violet covers in are quite dark. She wears a black dress that falls to the middle of her thighs. It has long sleeves, and at the end of each one is white lace. The same lace is around the collar of the dress, and at the bottom of the skirt. The dress doesn't exactly poof out, but it doesn't cling to her either, it's more in the middle. Around her neck is a black choker made from lace. On her thin legs are black tights, showing off the lovely shape. Finally, on her feet are black Combat Boots that go to her ankles. A zipper on either side of them, and they are laced. She wears an obsidian ring.

    Background: Violet would travel on her own, killing and fleeing from situations to survive. She recently moved to New York. She lives in a dark, gloomy apartment.

    Weapon: Often, her teeth.

    Other: Violet is a sufferer of anxiety and is often depressed.

    Level: 1

    Skill points: 25

    Acrobatics: 6

    Bluff: 0

    Dodge: 4

    Physical strength: 0

    Profession: 0

    Stamina: 5

    Will: 2

    Compulsion: 3

    Speed: 5
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  7. Aon


    Unfortunately sacred weapons are weapons with special powers and can only be used by Shadow Warriors.

    You are welcome to join the roleplay, but before that, you spent 35 skill points instead of 25, could you fix that? Also, unfortunately vampires do not have the ability to cast spells, they instead have abilities like compulsions, superspeed, fast healing etc. and are very hard to kill. So you can not give skill points to mind affecting and elemental spells, or any other spell types under magical powers.
  8. I knew I was doing something wrong. Terribly sorry.
  9. Aon


    It's fine, welcome again. Wow we have a very fast vampire here ^^.
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  10. Name: Czak Rikiel
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shadow Warrior
    Appearance: Czak is a white skinned Shadow Warrior standing at 6'4" and being decently light weight wise. He is decently ripped with well toned muscles.

    His face is well defined by his cheek bones, and when he smiles he displays a set of dimples. His eyes are a crystal blue, with small veins of green and grey weaving throughout the iris. He wears a scar under his right eye, a small slashmark highlighted with lighter skin than his tan face. His nose could be described as perfectly proportional to the rest of his face. His lips tend to be clenched out of habit.

    His usual attire is comprised of a white dress shirt, black tie, black dress pants, and black combat boots, all covered by a black trench coat that is left unbuttoned. Under one of the coat's sleeves was a expensive silver watch. His messy medium length black hair is contained in a black fedora.

    Background: Obviously both of his parents were Shadow Warriors before him, his mother dedicated to the arts of healing and his father an archer. He is an only child and just recently moved out of his parent's house to New York for employment. He has been living in New York for about a year now. He lives in a lavish apartment in Manhattan as his parents were able to support him with money and with friends from their old days of action. He has had minor action so far.

    Weapon: Since his father and mother are retired, they gave him their sacred weapons. His mother's weapon, named Ethreil, was a quarterstaff made from Californian Red Wood. In the middle black leather was tied to form a grip hold, with ingravings of dragons on either side. At each end there was one foot blades, retractable by mentally willing it. The staff, for reasons still unknown, holds healing abilities, enabling the user to heal flesh wounds, and the more powerful the user in magic, the greater the healing effect.

    His father gave him a longbow called Adeniil. It is made of black Yew, and it's string is made of gold. At either end of the bow are golden knife edges, allowing for close combat with the bow. The user simply thinks of one of four arrow types, all with which have silver arrowheads: normal , fire, grappling, and explosive, the arrow appears, and lets the string loose.

    To top things off, he has 8 small throwing daggers hidden in various parts of his outfit. They have a simple golden handle and their silver blades are of various lengths ranging from 6 to 8 inches a knife.

    Other: Has a place in his heart for women

    Systematic Information:

    Level: 1
    Skill points: 25
    Acrobatics: 3
    Bluff: 0
    Dodge: 3
    Dexterity: 4

    Magical Powers:

    Mind-affecting: 0
    Elemental: 2
    Divination: 4

    Physical Strength: 3
    Profession: 0 (what does this even do)
    Stamina: 3
    Will: 3

    Oh, and how does leveling up work?
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  11. Aon


    Welcome, accepted. With that I am starting the role play.

    Profession can be anything from carpentry to arts, music to tailoring. More skill points there means you are talented of more things or better on one thing.

    We will level up over time, it depends on the situation. If you are training recently in the roleplay for your archery skills, it is expected for you to level up soon and gain a few points in dexterity.

    ***Important Note:

    I am adding a new skill called dexterity, for those who use bows or guns; they will definitely need that instead of physical strength. Dexterity will also affect our speed but still, a human or warlock can't ever run as fast as a vampire.
  12. Aon


    All right, people, I will be posting later today after my exam. There will be a party later that night that shadow warriors, warlocks and vampires will be invited.

    Tundra, a thousand dollars worth demons are expected to be stronger than that, and also you don't need to rush things ^^. Other than that you guys are doing fine.
  13. I changed it up, sorry I didn't have anything to base it upon.
  14. Aon


    I have tried combining the events. Hope that works.
  15. Name: Nyko Swy'yft (Pronounced "swift")
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shadow Warrior
    Appearance: Curly copper hair and 6 feet tall with an olive skin tone and a slim build. Wears a white leather jacket with black jeans. Under his sleeves are silver gauntlets. Wears black combat boots. Wears a Tourmaline ring and earring as well as having a Mike Tyson-like tattoo.
    Background: Grew up on the streets of NYC alone, his parents having abandoned him. Nyko is completely self taught, he used his skills not only to defend himself and eventually used them to make money.
    Weapon(s): Basically a Bound Bow from Elder Scrolls but bright purple instead of blue. Nyko summons this by feeding off the magic in his jewelry. Carries a 6" white-obsidian dagger that is enchanted to turn it's enemies into ice. Nyko calls this dagger "Frostbite".
    Other: His ring and earring are imbued with magic-restoring properties though they can only be used in moderation.

    Skill Points: 25

    Acrobatics: 5
    Bluff: 3
    Dodge: 2
    Magical Powers: 5
    Mind-Affecting: 0
    Elemental: 2
    Dark Magic: 3
    Divination: 0
    Physical Strength: 1
    Stamina: 2
    Will: 2
  16. Aon



    With that limit is full, we are 5 now.
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  17. Wait, Shadow Warriors have access to Dark Magic?
  18. Aon


    Oh. Thanks for figuring it out for me. Manatee, you can not use dark magic. You should fix that.
  19. Quick question - do vampires have pointed ears? Curious.
  20. Aon


    They can if you want to.

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