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Real time, open world pokemon game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by ragnarok, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. I can't believe this hasen't been done yet. I would buy this game the first day it came out i dont care how much my friends would laugh at me. heres what i came up with, theres a lot more but these are the three main points:

    -you'd be in an open world thats pretty much a 3D version of the world in the pokemon games. All the regions would be there, but you choose which one you start in. You're given full freedom of what you want to do, for example you can just be a trainer, become a ranger, or join team rocket. >=D You can do whatever you want as a trainer, but if you try to join the rangers, they wont take you if you've done bad thinks, and the opposite goes for team rocket)

    -combat would be totaly real time. You play in third person as the trainer, and when you send out a pokeball, the camera switches to your pokemon. Movement would be like in a shooter, with the right thumbstick for movement and the C stick for view. You use the four R/L buttons(lets pretend the people who made gamecube were smart enough to put a button opposite of Z) for the four moves you can learn. A would be jump, B would be dodge roll, X for a standard attack(Moves like Tackle or scratch would have a forward dash to distinquish them) Y would be to return to trainer while the D-pad would be for using items. The trainer would have the same A,B, and X controls, with Y being send out first pokemon. He can also pull himself up ledges(i HATE when games leave out this feature, and im stuck trying to make a jump with the ledge at my shins) The trainer would be able to defend himself to a point, equal to a LVL 5 pokemon, plus one for every five levels his strongest pokemon has.(a total of 25 possible) While that may seem strong, its a LVL 25 pokemon with a very low strenth and HP and only using a standard attack. If the trainer gets KOed he is sent back to his last pokemon center. He would also be able to swim, but not nearly as fast as a pokemon and can't cross harsh waters. This way you still need a pokemon to cross oceans. This brings up another large difference from traditional pokemon games. Moves like Surf and fly would only be for battle, as the trainer can always mount a pokemon, just like if it was IRL. now this may seem like flying would make surfing pointless, but this isnt true for two reasons. 1. the deciding factor of whether or not you can ride a poke isnt if it has a special move, but if its big enough, and large flying pokemon are harder to come by. You can simply hold on to smaller water pokemon, but only for a speed increase, you would still be limited to calm water. 2. Water pokemon can dive underwater to reach caverns, but if the trainer is riding them, they are limited by his oxygen levels. You can battle with pokemon you are riding, but if the trainer is hit he takes damage. Ok, i rambled a little in this section, sry :p

    -I realy wanted this game to have a large multiplayer aspect, but i dont wanna kill the "best in the world" feeling traditional pokemon games give you. Then i heard about how in fable II you can jump in and out of friends games, and that was the answer to my problem. Hmmm... not much more i can rly say about this topic :-\

    well, what do you guys think?
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    I don't know what they think, but I think that this thread concept of MMORPGs based on PokéMon has been done OVER NINE THOUSAND times and I'm frelling sick and tired of it.

    #2 StellarWind Elsydeon, Dec 25, 2008
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