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Open Real life RP disscussion.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. As stated in the title this is about the real life of people in Spring Wood Maine.
    A small town where everyone knows everyone.
    This is simply a slice of life type of RP. nothing to big, just characters and a plot that we can create together.

    Character Bio
    age (Any)

    Here's mine
    Name: Xavier Andrew "Drew" Lueric
    Age ( 32)
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Apperance: Short blond hair with green eyes. While working he usually wears a dark blue button up shirt and black slacks. Off of work he wears a green t shirt and blue jeans. He uses a cane to walk since a car accident injured his leg.
    Occupation: Private investigator
  2. Name: Felix forest
    age: 16
    Sex: male
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    appearance: Tall with red hair and freckles. He wears a green tee shirt, blue shorts and grey shoes
    Occupation: high school student
  3. accepted
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  4. Eh, why not?
    Name: Erik Sage
    Age: 29
    Sex: M
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Appearance: Black hair, a white tee, navy jeans, grey sneakers
    Occupation: College Biology Professor
  5. Character Bio
    Name: Ivy Tyrath
    age (Any): 26
    Sex: female
    Sexuality: pan
    appearance: brown hair long enough to be put in a braid or bun, brown eyes, usually wears long sleeve shirts, long pants, hiking boots and a apron
    Occupation: nursery owner and green house owner
  6. For some reason I thought those zeros were in the front of you're name. sorry. want to join?
  7. Character Bio
    Name: Evan Bark
    age (Any): 24
    Sex: male
    Sexuality: Hetero
    appearance: wear square glasses, short brown hair, green t-shirt, short jeans and black running shoes
    Occupation: Gamer
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  8. yeah

    Storm's OC the only girl
  9. Welp I'm making another oc
  10. Name: Jasmine winter
    age (Any): 21
    Sex: female
    Sexuality: Hetero
    appearance: jasmine sports long aqua blue hair and a red tee shirt she also has blue shorts
    Occupation: None (will try get one in the Rp)
  11. I don't quite see why I'm here... but why not? I'll join. Gives me something to do, anyways.

    Character Bio
    Name: Jay Swift
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Blue hair, blue eyes, moderate height, jean jacket, blue shirt, black pants and shoes. Oh, and a black headband. He carries around a black bag.
    Occupation: Programmer
  12. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I answer the call Jagson! Thanks for tagging me.

    Name: Edward Handson
    Age: 17
    Sex: male
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Appearance: light brown hair with blue eyes. His hair is part blond. Normally wears a black shirt with two buttons, black trousers and sometimes a black hoodie
    Occupation: student

    Presumably Spring Wood Maine is an American town?
  13. Yes and accepted.
  14. Do I have to play match maker again!
  15. Well Ive filled out another form for a felmale and I'm waiting for it to be accepted
  16. Once you're accepted for one character you're accepted for any others you make as well.
  17. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Wait, joe changed his name to Fishykarp...should have guessed.
  18. Name: Roseland Moore 'Rose'
    age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Pan
    appearance: Crimson hair that goes up to her chest, and light blue eyes. She usually wears plaid, and black/white high top-vans. Her shirt is usually covered by a dark grey sweatshirt. She has pale skin and red cheeks.
    Occupation: None- just graduated.

    I'm in to many Magic RP's..
    Anyways, is this fine?
  19. Yeah it's fine.
  20. anyone going to post?
  21. I thought I was the last one?
  22. Name: Viper Serpia
    age 27
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Homo
    appearance: Red long hair, freckles, Normally wears black tank top and a black and grey skirt.
    Occupation: Mechanic

    (Hey Jagson ..back early)
  23. Welcome back. and also you're accepted.
  24. Question; what's the date?
  25. present time.
  26. That's kinda bad for me. I was hoping you'd say summer.
  27. Taken the fact that "That Guy." Already posted that his character was in school. but we can make it early May if you want.

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