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Open Ready Player One: A new beginning (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Astrapi, Jan 5, 2019.

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  2. O lol, I thought you were already with us at the entrance XD I'll delete my post XD I'll wait for Otis then
  3. @Jodie.xox I don't believe there are any forests on Ilum. It's an ice planet :p
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  4. A forest of ice shards. XD

    (I’ll change it)
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  5. Sorry @Jodie.xox but i don't know how you were planning to have them breathe if you'd need to get them into space. Besides, on Nyan Cat you're pretty easy targets. You are that on my ship too but in there you're protected unless they use a gun strong enough to blow up the whole ship
  6. It's a game, you don't need to BREATHEEE
    Think of Mario, does he breathe underwater? No he does not, and he is perfectly fine
    And how does nyan cat breathe in space, hm? It doesn't, because it is MAGIC
  7. I'm pretty sure the star wars part makes you breathe when you're in space. Because that's a big part of the star wars universe
  8. magic.
  9. The only magic seen in star wars are used by witches that care very little about soace travels. They can't use it to breathe in space though
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  10. logic is weirddddddddddddd!!
  11. But not weird enough to do something like this
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  12. Sorry! My IPad died and I had to go to the store before I could charge it. Will post as soon as I can.
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  13. Watch the whole video because it is a revolution.
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  14. I'm not gonna watch that video because i'm spending time with my brother that only comes every other weekend
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  15. Is anyone gonna reply?
  16. Oh right. I forgot about this roleplay xD

    Sorry. I'll reply soon
  17. All my roleplays are dead, xD
    Also Astrapi is in Read Only, so this roleplay basically has no owner now and stuff usually dies when that happens
  18. Why is she in read only?
  19. I thought Goldie was in read only. Not Astrapi
  20. Astrapi got Read Only, too
    Apparently admins have things against 12 year olds.
    She tried to make an account for her cousin but it was on the same laptop so they thought Astrapi was just making herself another account, Stellar put her in Read Only without even letting her explain, and he locks every convo to the first message, so there’s not much use in trying, really.. I mean, I already have for my other friend, it’s not exactly working
  21. Well they do take sockpuppeteering just as serious as art stealing. Neither of them have done anything wrong but that's how it is. But i wonder one thing, i've logged into @Joelkjn's laptop a few times but that have been without consequences. How??
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  22. It’s another laptop, it won’t have the same url, if you don’t use anything in your own house, they’d never know it was the same person

    Also, is anyone able to post? If you want, I could see if Astrapi could make posts again from Discord, she does it with another roleplay and it works pretty well, someone else just needs to put them on for everyone to see here
  23. Then shouldn't Joel get into trouble for it?
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  24. If they were made on different laptops, it should've been fine.. I think? xD
  25. Makes sense
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  26. I'm kinda waiting for @Killerbunny to reply, since he is the one who is going into the settlement
  27. You can continue without me. I'm gonna leave now
  28. Leave the RP you mean?
  29. If he is, I think I might to, sorry..
  30. Well, if that would be the case, there is no point in going on any further, since Pokeboy and Delphi also seem to have left...
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  32. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Well damn, Astrapi was in another rp I'm in, but because the owner won't respond, it's pretty much dead.
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  33. I think i'll pass now. Sorry. But i figure that such a roleplay will be too fast for me
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  34. Well, the RP is kinda dead, so I don't know if we should go on XD

    Edit: if more of you also join, I might come as well. I did enjoy this RP
    #157 SquirtleLover, Feb 19, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  35. I kind of don’t want to, anyway
    I chat too much on Discord to be able to do an actual working roleplay on it xD
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  36. I am never on Discord, which also makes it hard XD
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  37. Ooof well I have Discord, so I joined the chat.

    Man, I really loved that rp. I’m sad to see it die ;-;

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