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Open Ready Player One: A new beginning (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Finch~, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    This RP is set after the events of the Ready Player One movie. Make friends and Allies in the Oasis, meet them in real life and have fun!

    Romance is allowed
    Gore is allowed but no more than PG-13
    Swearing is allowed
    One character each, to keep things simple
    For the moment you may have one artifact
    Put Pfft in other to show you read the rules


    Avatar age:
    Avatar Appearance:
    Avatar Gender:
    Avatar Species:
    Allies: (Real world and Oasis)
    Coins: (No more than 1500 at the moment)
    Level: (No higher than 50 at the moment)
    Favourite game/planet:

    Name: Delphini "Delphi" Stormheart
    Gamertag: AstrapiDT
    Age: 15
    Avatar age: 19
    Appearance: Silver hair fading to blue, White hoodie, Black ripped jeans, blue trainers, blue eyes
    Avatar Appearance: Humanoid cat wearing a silver and blue croc top and ripped jeans. She has snow leopard fur and patches of cream all over her. She has a long, fluffy tail and wears 3 silver hoop earrings, 2 on one ear and 1 on the other. Her eyes are purple
    Gender: Fem
    Avatar Gender: Fem
    Sexuality: Bi
    Avatar Species: Cat race (Look it up for a reference)
    Personality: Loyal, stubborn, Psycho, Friendly, easily annoyed
    Allies: None yet
    Enemies: None yet
    Crush: no
    Weapons: Plasma guns, grenades, Homing Bow, Extra life quarter (artifact)
    Coins: 1267
    Level: 39
    Favourite game/planet: Minecraft
    Hometown: Southampton, UK
    Other: Pfft
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  2. I'd love to join, but I never saw the movie unfortunately XD
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  3. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I added the intro scene to give people the idea. Its practically all you need to know to join the RP
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  4. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    I might join later.
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  5. Name: Wynn Cynara
    Gamertag: Cpt.Pokéboy
    Age: 14
    Avatar age: 20
    Appearance: Wynn has ash-brown hair that he never styles, brown eyes, and is short and thin, but not super muscular.
    Avatar Appearance: WynCyn is pretty similar to Wynn in build but is taller. He has pure black eyes, tattoos all over his body in different patterns, and black hair. He is also more muscular.
    Gender: Male
    Avatar Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Avatar Species: Genetically Modified Human
    Personality: WynCyn loves his friends and hates his enemies. He can’t think of anything better than winning, espescially against his enemies. Some might say winning is what he lives for.
    Allies: His Parents (Real World), Delphi/AstrapiDT (Oasis) If that is OK with you, and Rhyperior, his Pokémon partner.
    Enemies: None Yet
    Crush: Delphi/AstrapiDT If that is OK with you.
    Weapons: Phaser Rifle (Star Trek Online), Enchanted Diamond Sword (Minecraft/Texture Pack), 99 Ultra Balls (Pokémon), Propulsion Cannon (Subnautica), Stasis Rifle (Subnautica), and Bag of Holding (Artifact)
    Coins: 1456
    Level: 41
    Favourite game/planet: Star Trek Online (Minecraft 2nd Favorite, Overwatch 3rd Favorite)
    Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
    Other: Pfft
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  6. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Accepted, but would you mind using a different Gamertag? You can't use your characters name or any parts of it in your gamertag in the Oasis
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  7. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Thanks. I'll wait until @The Bog Hog or someone else creates a character then i'll post the rp ;)
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  8. I’ll make a bio tomorrow, as well as watching the video, you can start without me, just catch me up afterwards, I’ll be fine with that
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  9. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Name: James Raven

    Gamertag: DeathsHallows

    Age: 17

    Avatar age: 18

    Appearance: Blue ripped jeans, sneakers, blue t-shirt, black hair, 6,1 feet, swimmer body.

    Avatar Appearance: Black ripped jeans, black combat boots, black t-shirt, black cloak draped over him (think Snape from Harry Potter), Black hair, green eyes, tanned skin color, scar over his left eye.

    Gender: Male

    Avatar Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Avatar Species: Modified Human (Exo skeleton in him)

    Personality: Cold, calculating, hard to trust people, gives respect to those he deem worthy, nice and friendly to his few friends

    Allies: (Real world and Oasis) Solo (For now)

    Enemies: None (yet)

    Crush: None (yet)

    Weapons: Dark Repulser (from sword art online) Ballista (From Cod: bo2) Mk 2 lancer (From gears of war)

    Coins: 1400

    Level: 49

    Favourite game/planet: Sword art online (season 1) (extra any cod game)

    Hometown: London, UK


    Btw I have a moderation until the 13th
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  10. This looks nice. I'm gonna join. But i'm under moderation so my responses will be slow :p

    Name: Isak Furby
    Gamertag: Sneakmaster
    Age: 16
    Avatar age: 18
    Appearance: 6'0 tall with a swimmer's body. He dress in a purple hoodie with the hood over his head, black t-shirts (mostly with a rockband logo on them) and ripped jeans. He also have a piercing in his left ear and spiderbites in the right side of his lip. His hair is black and he have green eyes
    Avatar appearance: Dressed in sith robes. Underneath is a black t-shirt with the Punisher's logo. And he wears ripped black jeans. He has 3 scars over his right cheek. Everything else is explained by his species :p
    Gender: male
    Avatar gender: male
    Sexuality: pansexual
    Avatar species: human-fox
    Personality: he's a trickster pretty much. He finds joy in tricking other's (which is pretty easy for him). He has a pretty carefree and sarcastic exterior but he always worry about his sister.
    Allies: N/A.
    Enemies: N/A.
    Crush: N/A.
    Weapons: magic (skyrim), shout (skyrim), blue lightsaber (star wars battlefront 2) and kunais (Naruto online).
    Coins: 1,250
    Level: 43
    Favourite game/planet: star wars battlefront 2.
    Hometown: London
    Other: N/A
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  11. (Oof I saw the intro and the moment I saw Minecraft, I thought ‘Do they have Terraria in it as one of the places you can go?’ I haven’t seen the movie but the intro gave me a basic idea!)

    Name: Otis Russell

    Gamertag: ThePumpkinPie (I like pumpkin pie, Okay?)

    Age: 12

    Avatar Age: 15

    Appearance: She has messy long brown hair, and hazel eyes. Otis wears any clothes, but mostly wears a fluffy white sweater, blue jeans, red sneakers, and blue glasses.

    Avatar Appearance: (Looks kinda similar to real appearance) She has long brown non-messy hair that is very wavy. Brown eyes, slightly pale skin, and is kinda tall. She will usually wear a dark tan colored hat with a slightly wide brim, a sleeveless green vest with a dark blue long sleeved shirt under it, and blue jeans with white shoes.
    But if you see her in the Terraria Game, (It said anything you can imagine is in the Oasis, so I’m pretty sure Terraria exists there) she will be wearing full Stardust armor, and usually wielding a Influx Waver or a Nebula Blaze, (a gauntlet) possibly the StarDust Dragon Staff, or even can be seen riding a UFO without the glass that would be on top of a normal UFO with a StarDust Dragon behind her and a StarDust Guardian. She also had StarDust wings, and has a Laser Machinegun. (She is the character from my Terraria game, sooooooo I just put all the weapons I used there...)

    Gender: Female

    Avatar Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Not sure... yet.

    Avatar Species: Human

    Personality: She is kind, but impatient and she won’t forgive others easily. She is cowardly in real life, but in the Oasis she is more brave. She has some knowledge on video games, but usually doesn’t share info.

    Allies: None

    Enemies: Doesn’t really have any.

    Crush: Not happening... yet.

    Weapons: In Terraria Game: Influx Waver, Nebula Blaze, Laser Machinegun, StarDust Dragon Staff, (Summons StarDust Dragon) and Terra Blade. (But if you can only have a few weapons, then she would probably just have the Nebula Blaze, Influx Waver and the StarDust Dragon Staff.) In any other games, she would either have a sword of any kind or a gun of any kind.

    Coins: 1090

    Level: 48

    Favorite game/planet: Terraria (So far it’s the only one she goes into, since she is very experienced in that game.

    Hometown: Landscheid in the real world (Trust me she is not German, she can’t even speak German)

    Other: Pfft

    If you don’t know what the heck I was talking about (StarDust Armor, Nebula Blaze etc.) then I have the link to the Wiki of Terraria, but you don’t need to click it. I just love Terraria, Okay? And if Minecraft was in the Oasis, then I’m 100% sure there could be Terraria in there too, as it was almost as popular as Minecraft.

    https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Terraria_Wiki (Terraria Wiki)
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  12. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Everyone is accepted! Rp should be posted when I feel awake enough. Still Jet-lagged + its 6;30 O.o

    @OtisRolePlays Oh i remember Terraria! I got it not long after minecraft. It would probably be in the oasis, we only saw a fraction of the worlds in the intro. I bet Space Invaders would be in the Oasis too, despite how old it is!
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  13. Yeppp, I bet that every single old game will be in the Oasis... even Pong might be there!
  14. There should be a world of cats. HEAVEN!

    I quote, “you can do anything, go anywhere” so I should be able to go to a world of cats, xD

    (And lol, that guy at the end)

    Can my character be ANIMALS? Or change into them?
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  15. Name: Hugo Janse
    Gamertag: MostDeliciousFruit
    Age: 19
    Avatar age: 19
    Appearance: Brown, messy hair. He is very tall and skinny. Likes to wear any type of sweater, and some classic blue jeans.
    Avatar Appearance: His hair is brown, just like his real hair, but it's short and never grows. Tall as well, but not as skinny as he is in real life. Wears the same as in real life.
    Gender: Male
    Avatar Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Avatar Species: Human
    Personality: Shy, humerous, honest and has a ton of imagination. He isn't really confident, since he loses a lot.
    Allies: (Real world and Oasis): None.
    Enemies: None.
    Crush: None.
    Weapons: (if it's okay with you) a blue Lightsaber (Star-Wars), and an assault rifle.
    Coins: (No more than 1500 at the moment): 50.
    Level: (No higher than 50 at the moment): 2.
    Favourite game/planet: Star-Wars (any Star-Wars game, really. But most of all the MMORPG's, like Star-Wars The Old Republic)
    Hometown: Voorhout, The Netherlands.
    Other: Nope.
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  16. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

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  18. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

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  19. Name: Crystal Spark
    Gamertag: Meowzers
    Age: 14
    Avatar age: 14
    Appearance: She has blonde hair with a tint of pink in areas, along with sometimes wearing a pink lily in her hair. She wears a white top with a cat face, quite high denim shorts and sneakers. Sometimes she wears a denim jacket over it.
    Avatar Appearance: She still has blonde hair, but it’s down to her waist. She has a small pony tail at the back laying on top of straight hair. Her highlights change all colours of the rainbow like a coloured mood light sort of thing. She wears a thin white jacket with gloves with wholes in and all her bare fingers sticking out. She has black shorts with black fish nets on her legs and black boots with white streaks that can hover and fly like rocket/hover boots. On her head, she has white cat ears with greyish tabby-like stripes.
    Gender: Female
    Avatar Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Avatar Species: Human, but she often likes to turn into animals.
    Personality: Basically, a rainbow coloured personality, she’s always cheery, sees the bright side of situations and is ignorant to bad feelings such as fear. She’s learned to have fun in what she used to be scared of and get through things. She easily makes friends, even thinking everyone is her friend, even others who don’t like her.
    Allies: None as of yet.
    Enemies: None as of yet.
    Crush: None as of yet.
    Weapons: Two guns with a bottom to stun, and a top to shoot bright rainbow bullets, resulting in a rainbow explosion on the hit target. The stun bottom is able to temporarily stun anything. She also has a mask she can equip that is an invisible force when put on, but protects her from some damage.
    Coins: 750
    Level: 31
    Favourite game/planet: Slime Rancher (http://slimerancher.com/ (Slime Rancher) for anyone who doesn’t know it and wants to see)
    Hometown: Sydney, Australia (But she travels the country a lot to see the wildlife)
    Other: Cat person, xD
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  20. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Jodie.xox Accepted! RP should be up soon
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  21. One question: A serious question. Can I have a cat planet? XD
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  22. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Everyone has their own personal planet, like there base, where they can invite others. You can customise it by buying items for it in a store. If you customise yours to be like that, i guess so.
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  23. My planet is a cat planet. Everyone is invited for my cat party.

    Everyone do the kitty cat!
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  24. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Your ALMOST as cat crazed as I XD

    This is the most sacred video to hufflepuffs. They worship it XD

    Badger = hufflepuff
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  25. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Hufflepuff. Hmmmmmmmmm. Me slytherin lol
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  28. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Alexander (Alec )Bane
    Gamertag: Shade_Reaper
    Age: 15
    Avatar age: 58 (that is how old Reaper is)
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, tall, lean yet muscular. He wears blue jeans, a white t-shirt, black boots and a brown trenchcoat.
    Avatar Appearance: Reaper (Shiver skin) (see image)
    Gender: Male
    Avatar Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Avatar Species: ?
    Personality: Kind, loyal determined and friendly. He likes meeting people and playing deathmatches.
    Allies: None yet
    Enemies: None yet
    Crush: None yet
    Weapons: Hellfire Shotguns (Overwatch), a sythe covered in blue flames, ray gun (Call of Duty Zombies) and a Holy Hand Grenade (artifact)
    Coins: 1500
    Level: 50
    Favourite game/planet: Planet Doom
    Hometown: Shoreham, UK
    Other: He has Reaper's abilities in the Oasis

    Attached Files:

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  29. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

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  30. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    @Shadow_Pup Reaper is human. Human with some powers but still human
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  31. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I think I might make Delphi a little younger, because she certainly doesn’t act her age, and I feel a bit odd being the only one with an adult character. Trust me, all the plans I have for her make her seem younger than she is
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  32. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    You've attracted criminals, we have two moderated people.
    Name: Jacob Higgins
    Gamertag: WavesOfSounds
    Age: 16
    Avatar age: I dunno, they're a robot.
    Appearance: They have brown hair, and normally wear a grey hoodie, with black shorts, and white sneakers, he's the average weight for his age, but is above average in height, he's not that muscly, but is in shape.
    Avatar Appearance: Their appearance seems similar to that of Soundwave from the G1 transformers show.
    Gender: Male
    Avatar Gender: Male(?)
    Sexuality: Straight
    Avatar Species: Cybertronian
    Personality: He's smart, but hot headed, and isn't afraid to throw a punch.
    Allies: (Real world and Oasis) He has a few friends in the Oasis that share the same interests as him
    Enemies: None
    Crush: None
    Weapons: Plasma Blaster, Saw Blade, Neutron assault rifle, Gear Shredder
    Coins: (No more than 1500 at the moment) 1350
    Level: (No higher than 50 at the moment) 43
    Favourite game/planet: I mught change this later, but idk
    Hometown: Perth, Australia
    Other: His avatar has a few built-in functions, I'll explore them at some point in the roleplay. He has a voice modulator attached to his headset that changes his voice to the monotone one that Soundwave has. Pfft
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  33. @The Bog Hog Yes, all our favourite criminals are here xD
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  34. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  35. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

  36. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Just a note, he sounds like:
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  37. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    Ok then
    Also, don't auto Ravage please, he's kinda an npc, but he's something I plan on saving him as well as the other mini-cons for future plans, don't auto kill any of them, AT ALL. Did you hear me? @Pokéboy098
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