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Re:The Death Wizard's Daughter

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by BeBeCat, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. OOC: I’ve never ever done RP so I’m really hoping this is well received! But it’s probably not that great! :-\

    An unfamiliar girl stood, hood up, at the entrance to the grounds. She wore a long black cloak with dark purple designs on it. She was new, anyone could see that. Andy and Henri were standing together, laughing at the new girl.

    ‘Newbie!’ Andy snorted, he looked at her again with malicious eyes, hungry to tease her.

    ‘Yeah. I wonder if she’s crying under that little hood.’ Henri laughed gleefully.

    ‘Boys, what are you doing now.’ Frantia strode up to them and looked down sternly into their now guilty eyes.
    ‘Ah…well…’ they shuffled their feet nervously.

    ‘Yes. Thought so. New girl? You should really be careful you know.’ Frantia was popular and knew everything about everyone. So she would know if anyone was new and how much respect they deserved.

    ‘Why should we be nervous ‘bout teasin’ a newbie.’ Andy asked dumbly.

    ‘Well…she is the daughter of the most powerful Deark wizard in the region…’ Frantia laughed at their horrified faces.

    ‘What?!’ Henrite exclaimed, ‘Oh god, uh… you don’t mean…’ he lowered his voice, ‘Manclashtar? The wizard…that Deark wizard?!’

    ‘Yep. She’s his only child and he spoils her rotten apparently. But he also thinks she has extraordinary magical powers…but she doesn’t seem to have reached her full ability. Her father says she has exceeded his expectations in everything. She’s dangerous... very dangerous. Her name’s Rosalla.’

    Rosalla was nervous. She hated being nervous. It made her feel weak. Father told her if you were weak people began to doubt your power. She would make any students who dared disobey her or disrespect her pay.
    She watched two boys sniggering at her then a girl walked towards them and began laughing too. Rosalla smirked and released Smiffliess her DearknesseSphere. He rolled, invisible to all but her, up to the group. She flexed her hand and Smifflies formed a rope, tying it round all of their legs. With a swift jerk Smiffliess yanked the rope. They all fell onto the cold earth and began shouting at each other. Smifflies cackled and zoomed back to her, his deep purples and blacks swirling like oil on water and a soft trail of Dearkness following him. She scooped him up and made towards the now-not-so-intimidating doors of Maliferk Academy…

    OOC: I need to know if it's too short as well?
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