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RE: The Advetures Of the Pokemon Crowd: Russell, Dawn, Amy, Joe and (You!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by RU553LL, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. [move]The Start:[/move]
    Russell Opened his eyes. He thought about his Gym Today. Russell Atkinson, Was the Proud Gym Leader of the Flare Gym. He shouted to his butler, Jeeves; 'Jeeves, make a bowl of Weetoes for me...' His Chimchar, Magma, Growled,'and a tin of Pokemon Fire Food!' He Leaped up and Put His 2 - Jointed T-Shirt Which Was Red on the Sleeves and grey on the T-shirt that shown Fire Flames on. He saw 2 people out of his window, going near the Gym. He Jumped up and Shrieked. 'Jeeves I'm going to the Gym.' When Russell Left, Jeeves Put on The TV. Now, No one should know what happened. But you should Guess. Now, That is when they all bumped into each other, Dawn First Screamed; 'What the-' When Brock Interuppted. He said: 'Have you seen a Boy named Ash?' That is when Russell rolled his eyes and said, 'You came for a Gym Battle?'
    'No,' replied Dawn, Holding her watcha-mi-callit in her hands...oh... A Poketch! Riiiight.
    'we were sent by Joe, the Leader of the Ghost Gym! He said to travel with you.' When that moment came, Russell said to the 2 to come to his house then he can go travelling.
    -_- The End -_-

    Note: Please Tell Me another Part of the Story so i Can Show You.
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    You might wanna read the rules, and have a look at other RPs around here, because this simply does not meet the required standards.
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