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Re:Rise of Team Neos

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Psycho Monkey, Jun 21, 2010.

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    If you give a monkey a typewriter can it write Shakespeare?

    Yeah, screw the old introduction, we're changing this up for the better! What does that mean exactly? It's the very reason I added the "Re" to the title. I'll be the first to admit, Rise of Team Neos is loooong. In fact, it's longer than I ever intended it to be... which is not a bad thing, it just means I have to edit my plans for it. Origionally, Volume 1 was only suposed to be 50 chapters or so. Considering I just finished Chapter 29 and have yet to even reach the half way point gives you guys an idea of what we have going for us.

    With the rebirth of PokeCharms, I get to fix the miscalculation I made almost 18 months ago. I'm scrapping the Preface completely and will reorganize the Prologue as the first chapter of Volume 3. Yes, this fic really will be that long! I never do anything half assed and I never quit a project I start. That's why I'm calling a five year plan now and I hope I can stick to it >>;

    ...Just please don't kill me if I'm still writing in 2016 ^^;

    Unless you're new to this fic, you've all read Chapters 1-28 already, but here they are as a refresher if you need one. They remain unchanged save for the edits to 1-22 that Phoenix so kindly provided me. If you want to leave me any comments after a chapter or wait until the new one that's up to you, I'm always open. Now then, I think I've kept my ever loyal fans waiting long enough! Next post anyway ^_^
  2. *insert horror here*

    If it weren't for you reminding me how long Neos was, I wouldn't have remember how it had begun. With your commitment and planning have you ever considered writing a Pyscho-book? And why, despite you only naming three volumes, do I expect this to have five?

    I hope to read Neos again, it certainly does seem to be very much an ebodiment of you.
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    Warning: The following contains scenes of blood, gore, language, material that may be offensive, and may not be suitable for some readers. You have been warned >:D

    The Rise of Team Neos

    Volume 1: A Changing World

    Chapter 1: Enter The Monkeys

    One was eighteen, had spiky black hair, blue eyes, and dressed in lng black pants, black boots, black fingerless gloves, and alternated between a black T-shirt or longsleeved shirt of the same color depending on the season. The other was a monkey with a flaming mane and unusual gold fur for a species that normally had brown fur or red for the shiny variety. Both were freaks of nature. This is their story...

    “Prepare yourself!” I shouted lunging at my Infernape with my hands pointed so that I would jab him with my fingertips. Axel dodged my first two strikes but I was able to get him with a surprise kick. Before I could pull my leg away, Axel grabbed my shin in both arms and threw me to the ground where I made a crunch in the newly fallen snow. The Flame Pokémon lifted his leg for a stomp but I rolled to the side and got back up to my feet. After wiping some snow off my black long-sleeved shirt, I took the Repulse the Monkey stance with my left arm outward and my right arm closer to my body. My legs were spread so that my left foot was in front and my right leg in the back. Although Axel knows this stance, he still came at me with a punch. Fool. I grabbed his punching arm in my outstretched left hand, took a step back on my left foot while pulling the monkey in, and did a palm strike to his chest with my free hand. To my surprise Axel used the momentum to lift his legs off the ground and kick me in the chest with both causing us both to land in the snow.

    “Not bad.” I said at last. “You really surprised me with that last move.” I complemented.

    Well I had to do something to counter Repulse the Monkey. Why do you insist on that move anyway?” he asked.

    “Because you’re a monkey.” I said straightforwardly.

    Touché.” Axel responded.

    “Come. We have a boat to catch.” I said getting up. It wasn’t a long walk back to Snowpoint City from Acuity Lakefront where we had been sparring, but I didn’t want to miss the boat. It was a lot faster and safer getting to Veilstone City in this manner than travelling through Mt. Coronet in the dead of winter. I didn’t want to find out the hard way that the legend ‘Articuno appears to doomed people in the frozen mountains’ is true. I got to the dock and presented my ticket to the sailor standing guard at the ramp.

    “Have a nice trip.” was all he had to say. I stood on the deck and leaned against a railing to watch the shore. After about ten minutes the ramp was pulled away and the ship started moving. There was a crackle at the speaker.

    “This is your captain speaking.” came an old but strong voice. “We will be arriving in Veilstone City in about a week so make yourselves comfortable. I hope you enjoy your stay.” The speakers went silent after another crackle.

    “WAAAAAHHHH!!!!” cried a little girl. Based on her small height, my guess is she’s age 12 or 13. “This isn’t the boat to the Resort Area!? I wanted to go to the Ribbon Syndicate!” she wailed.

    “Pipe down!” bellowed a brawny sailor. “It’s too late to turn around now, so you’ll have to make due with what you’ve got. I think we should battle if you got Pokémon.” The girl stuck her tongue out at the sailor with a childish ‘mmnn’ sound.

    “My Pokémon are only for show, not battle.” she said. If she won’t then I will. I love the thrill of battle.

    “I’ll battle you.” I said stepping forward. The sailor turned his thick head to me. He looked me and Axel over to see if we were worth his time before getting a sly grin on his face. I guess we passed.

    “Sure, I’ll take you on. I think I could have some fun with you boy.” he said pulling out a red and white sphere. From it came a tall pink Pokémon with a scaly tan belly, a stupid look on its tan face, and a large grey spiked shell for a tail.

    Uhuh! No way am I fighting a Slowbro. Pick someone else.” declared Axel. I couldn’t really blame him. Slowbro can best both Fire and Fighting Types one way or another. No matter, I had a better idea on who I was using. I readied a GreatBall and sent out the Snover I caught last week. The Pokémon looked like a snow covered evergreen with its legs a wood brown color, tree green hands and tail, and a bright white head. The moment he appeared, the clear sky was covered in white clouds. At the same time clumps of ice began falling from the sky.

    “Start us off with Mist Snover!” I called. The Frost Tree Pokémon stretched out his hands pulling together the water vapor in the already cold air to create a fine mist around himself and Slowbro.

    “Dammit, I can’t see anything!” complained the sailor. “Slowbro! Hit it with Water Gun!” Slowbro looked to the side like it was distracted; then a gear must have turned in its head because it decided to comply with its trainer’s command. Slowbro opened its mouth wide shooting a powerful stream of water at Snover, who just shook the attack off as a refreshing bath. A golf ball sized chunk of ice fell from the sky and hit Slowbro in the head. The Hermit Crab Pokémon didn’t even seem to notice.

    “Never mind that. Snover! Razor Leaf!” Several blade edged leaves fell from the cone on Snover’s head and made their way toward Slowbro. Slowbro put its hands over its head crying out in pain having finally noticed the strike from hail. It then crossed its arms infront of itself to block the leaves that were no longer coming. I couldn’t help but to laugh at this situation. Another chunk of hail hit Slowbro, this one smaller than before.

    “He’s makin’ a fool of you Slowbro! Teach ‘im a lesson with Headbutt!” ordered the sailor. Slowbro lumbered over to Snover and smashed his head into the Frost Tree Pokémon’s. Once again Slowbro had a delayed reaction to the hail strike.

    “Now Snover! Powder Snow!” I called. Snover waved his arms and summoned the hail storm into a steady blast at the Hermit Crab Pokémon freezing it solid. “Looks like the battle’s over. If you don’t have an Ice Heal for Slowbro, you can use one of mine.” I offered.

    “No thank you. I’ll take care of this myself. I don’t need your pity.” he said bitterly. The sailor called back his popsicle Pokémon and went inside the ship. I hope Slowbro will be alright. Suddenly I heard clapping and cheering all around me. I guess our battle drew some attention. As usual I was too focused to notice the crowd.

    “Yeah Onii-chan!” cheered the little girl from earlier. What the hell? Onii-chan?

    What the? Over already? Pfff. I forgot how short the early chapters were.
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    Technically, this IS the Psycho book. 230 some pages on MS word already, with the end five years away (I hope...). Trust me though, it will be only three volumes of as of yet undetermined number of chapters. Pretty much whenever a major world changing event occurs will be a new Volume.

    And one more thing. Unless something happens that makes my mind change, this fic will not include Gen V or up just because it will be at least another year before the games are out in English and that is just too much maintainance for me. But like I said, I might change my mind. Now I better shut up and post the next short chapter already.

    Chapter 2: Onii-chan

    “You were great Onii-chan!” the girl squealed glomping me. Ok, why is this girl calling me Onii-chan? I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me, I’m getting hugged, this is weird, I’m gonna stop ranting now…

    I pried my arms free of this kid’s grip and pulled her off of me. “Why are you hugging me and calling me Onii-chan?” I inquired. The girl looked up at me with her enormous brown eyes. The top of her head only came half way up my chest. She had mostly brown hair except for her bangs which were died pink. I think.

    “Wow! You’re so much taller up close.” she said getting on her tippy-toes and stretching her arm to the tip of my spiky hair. “*squee* And look at your Infernape! I’ve never seen this color before, and I’ve lived in Sinnoh my whole life!”

    “Yeah, he’s a freak of nature like me. Now could you please answer my question?” I begged even putting my hands together.

    “Oh, sorry. It’s because I’m a really, really, really, [about 10 more reallys later] big fan of yours. Your battle just now was really, really, [not this again] amazing!” she said excitedly. I raised an eyebrow at this comment. I think I’m confused, but I’m too confused to notice.

    Brian’s got a stalker! Brian’s got a stalker!” Axel taunted while dancing around like a fool with his hands on his hips and his legs going every which way.

    “She’s not a stalker.” I told him. Then I turned to her. “You’re not a stalker are you?” I asked in a worried tone. She gave me a strange look.

    “Did Onii-chan just talk to his Infernape?” she asked. Does this girl have ADD or something? “And how can I be a stalker if I just met Onii-chan?”

    “That’s what I thought. And yes, I did just talk to Axel. He and I understand eachother perfectly after travelling together for so long. Back on the more pressing issue, how are you a fangirl if you don’t even know me?”

    “Because Onii-chan defended me from the meany sailor and I really, really, [definitely ADD] appreciate it!” she said in almost one breath. I shook my head.

    “You realize that sailors are grumpy 90% of the time and always looking for a fight with anyone that rubs them the wrong way? All I did was give the guy what he wanted; helping a youngling just happened to be a coincidence.” I explained.

    “I’m not a youngling! I’ll have Onii-chan know that I’m fifteen!” she shouted. No way! Someone this small is actually three years younger than me? I know girls are usually shorter than guys, but damn! She’s totally puny!

    “First off, quit calling me Onii-chan, it’s annoying. The name’s Brian, and as I already said, that crazy monkey over there is Axel.” I introduced. “Yo!” Axel interrupted waving. “Secondly, I’m eighteen so you’re still a youngling in my book.”

    “I’m Madison, but Onii-chan can call me Madi-kun.” she said cheerfully with complete disregard with what I just said. I closed my eyes and reached my right hand to my left waist and drew an invisible nonexistent katana. I swerved my wrist so that the would-be blade faced my chest followed by me slamming my fist into myself. Note to self: obtain a real sword.

    I took a deep breath to prepare for what had to be done. “Madison, I’m only going to say this once so clean out your ears and pay attention.” I said calmly. “Enough with the Onii-crap! B-R-I-A-N! Pronounced Bry-en! If you must address me, call me by that name! No fancy titles or nicknames, got it?” I said not so calmly. More like boarder line rip your throat out. Dammit all, she’s starting to cry.

    “You don’t have to be so mean about it!” she cried before running off. I sighed. Maybe I was a bit over the top, but I can only be pushed so far with annoyance. Great, now I have to apologize. I hate apologizing. Worst part is now I have to find her. Let’s see, if I was a pissed off teenage girl, where would I be?

    “I’ve got it!” I said out loud snapping my fingers. “In my room eating a tub of ice cream while watching a chick flick.” I refuse to acknowledge where that information came from. “Come Axel. We must find Madison and *shudders* apologize.”

    Finding her room was probably the hardest part. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack or as Axel said that was rather creepy, “A Skitty on a Wailord.” I went down to the kitchen to ask if they had given any ice cream to a small girl with pink bangs in the past half hour, but alas. If this search keeps up I’ll probably lose what little sanity I actually posses. Well I do have a week before the ship gets to Veilstone, I’m sure I’ll run into her by then. If not, meh, I’m sure I’ve pissed off other people in my years as a trainer.

    Now my search shifted to finding my room. A hell of a lot easier considering the room number was written on my ticket. On my way I saw two guys dressed in whitish grey wearing mid-shin high boots, hakama pants, gloves, and long sleeved shirt with a hood on it. On their chest was a silver X with red dots in the upper cross, grey dots in the lower cross and blue dots between the two crosses. They had some random guy pinned against a wall.

    “We know you’re with Team Galactic, so why don’t you spill it already. What are you doing on this ship?” one of them asked.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never done anything wrong. I’m innocent, I swear.” the guy pleaded in a shaky voice. “Hey! You! You’ve gotta help me, please!” he begged when he saw me walk by.

    “You’d best keep walking, boy.” warned the other hooded figure. I turned to look him in the eye.

    “I can’t do that.” I said defiantly. “You’re blocking my room. Take it somewhere else.”

    “Hmph. Smart move. Allow us to get out of your way then.” said the first one. He grabbed the so called Galactic and dragged him down the hall kicking and screaming. Whether the guy was with Team Galactic or not, it wasn’t my place to get involved. Before I could swipe the ticket through the card slot on the door handle, the door across the hall opened. Coming out was none other than Madison.

    Madison! Brian has something he wants to say to you!” blurted Axel.

    “She can’t understand a word you’re saying nimrod!” I scolded. Our bickering did manage to get her attention.

    “Onii- I mean Brian. What are you doing here?” she asked indifferently looking away.

    “Dis is my room.” I responded stupidly pointing behind me.

    “Well if that’s all, then I’m getting more ice cream.” she said turning down the hall.

    “Wait!” I called. “I’m s-s-si-ar-ar-eeeeeee.” Madison looked at me in confusion. Ok, let’s try this again. “We’re sorry!” I said quick enough to get it out of my mouth but tangible enough to be understood. I drove the point across by bowing.

    “I’ll forgive you on one condition.” Madison said sternly while pointing at me. “Please train me!” she said almost as quickly as I apologized if not quicker while putting her hands together.

    “What?” I asked.

    “You are such an amazing and powerful trainer. I completely suck. I want to participate in contests and win ribbons, but because my Pokémon are so weak, they don’t know many moves. As they get stronger they’ll learn more moves giving me more variety and combinations to pick from.” Madison explained.

    “Fine. It’s not like I have anything better to do for the next seven days. We start first thing tomorrow.” I said.

    “Yes Onii-sensei!” she cheered saluting me. *sigh* What have I gotten myself into now?

    I've missed Madison. She was fun to write for. I also forgot how much of a jerkass Brian was back in the day.
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    Chapter 3: Those Who Can’t Teach

    “Madison. Oh Madison. Wakey, wakey.” I cooed over her sleeping body the following morning. She made no response, not even a yawn. An evil grin came across my face. “This is going to amuse me a lot more than it will amuse you.” I said pulling a Pokeball from my side. Coming out of the ball was an orange furred otter Pokémon with two tails and a flotation ring around its neck.

    “Buizel. Water Gun.” I said pointing to the sleeping girl. Buizel did as told spewing a stream of water at Madison.

    “WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!” she screamed when the cold water hit her. I put my left hand to my mouth trying to contain my laughter. Ah, sweet revenge. Madison looked around in a panic trying to figure out what just happened. She saw me, Axel, and Buizel, then realizing she was soaked, and put 2 and 2 together. “Did you do this Onii-sensei?” she asked angrily while water dripped from her short brown hair and pink bangs.

    “Yup!” I said proudly. “You wanted me to train you, so we’re doing it on my terms. I wasn’t about to let you sleep away your first day.” Madison looked over at the clock sitting on the stand next to her wet bed.

    “WAAAAAHH!!!” she screamed noticing it read 6:10am. “Are you serious? The sun isn’t even awake yet.” she complained.

    “Six is a good time to wake up. It gives you a good two hours for each Pokémon, along with ample time for rest and food.” I said pacing across the floor with my arms crossed. Then I turned to face my trainee. “Now unless you want hypothermia, I suggest you get changed and dried off. No use going back to sleep in that wet bed. Meet me outside your door in five minutes. I’m sending Axel in if you’re late.” I called back Buizel and walked out of the room with Axel. Once the door was closed, I started laughing unable to contain it any more.

    Exactly five minutes later Madison came out wearing what could easily be considered a purple Sailor Moon cosplay. The skirt was short enough that I could see the black (or maybe just a dark color) bike shorts underneath. At least she has some decency. I led her to the deck of the ship to take advantage of the open space. “Now, show me what I’m working with.” I told her when we got outside. Immediately I regretted coming out because of how cold it was.

    “Yes Onii-sensei!” Madison said enthusiastically pulling out six Pokeballs covered in stickers. Released from them came a Mime Jr., a Mantyke, a Pachirisu, a Buneary, a Cherubi, and a Cherim. I scanned the newcomers with my Pokedex to gage their strength. Madison was right, they are pretty weak, and yet they all have diverse and higher leveled move sets already. All except Cherim that is. So says she, her parents are breeders and that Cherim was theirs. Said Cherim is also the mother of Cherubi. All her other Pokémon are the result of breeding, hence their already decent move sets.

    “Ok, this is how we’re going to work this.” I pulled a piece of paper conveniently located in my pocket along with a conveniently found pen. I began doodling up a little chart and passed it to Madison. “This is today’s schedule and sparring matches.” I said.

    “What do you mean no breakfast until 8:00!? And what are all these names?” she complained. I snatched the paper back and overlooked it again.

    “These are the names of your Pokémon, Fool.” I said giving the list back.

    “No they’re not.” Madison insisted.

    I pointed to the pink clown looking Pokémon. “Mime Jr.”

    “Mimi.” she said like she was correcting me. I cocked my eyebrow.

    “Mantyke.” I said moving my finger down the line.








    “Cherim.” I said almost out of breath. What nickname did see give this one I wonder?

    “Well ok, that’s what Mommy and Daddy named her.” she admit. *face palm*

    Holy shit, she’s stupid.” Axel said in complete disbelief. I shook my head with my hand over my eyes.

    “Are you feeling alright Onii-sensei?” Madison inquired bending sideways looking up at me with her arms crossed behind her back.

    “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said regaining my composure. “I just didn’t realize how much of a pain this would be.” Emphasis on ‘pain’. I revised the names on the schedule so my seemingly brain-dead apprentice could understand it. “First sparring match will be against Fluffy and Chuchu. Begin!” I declared.

    “Question!” Madison shouted raising her hand. “Why do my Pokémon have to fight eachother?”

    “Because mine are too strong, they’d rape the shit out of yours.” I said bluntly.

    “Aaaahhhhhhh!! Naughty words!” she screamed holding her ears. Shameful.

    “Are you sure you’re fifteen? Regardless, if your Pokémon spar with eachother, then you can get more accomplished in a shorter period of time. What you do is have one act like a wild Pokémon to build independence, while you give commands to the other like you normally would. After awhile, you’d switch off to give each Pokémon equal time.” I explained. “And go!”

    “Chuchu! A- Umm… Use… hmmm…” Madison stared at her Pokémon like she was thinking.

    “Too slow! Use Pound Fluffy!” I commanded. The Buneary reluctantly did as told by smacking its fist into Chuchu.

    “Hey! I wasn’t ready! And besides, you said Fluffy was going to be wild! Why did you take command?” Madison complained.

    “Because you were slow. You must be able to make split second decisions in combat, no time to think. A Pokémon is only as strong as its trainer, and you are weak.” I said lowering my voice. “Those words I have lived by since I first became a trainer, and it will be those words that you will live by. You, Madison, must become stronger. Only then will your Pokémon be able to reach their full potential. Understood?”

    “Yes Onii-sensei!” Madison said saluting me.

    “Enough with the Onii-crap already. Anyway, get back to training.” I said leaning back against the wall next to the door leading to the inner ship. Watching Madison battle I’ve got to say, she’s a pretty smart fighter and a good listener to what I tell her.

    “Onii-sensei! What happened to Fluffy?” she cried. Did I say good listener? I meant selective hearing.

    “Relax, she’s only fainted. Consider it a nap when Pokémon can’t battle anymore.” I explained. “Take a break, now is time to feed.”
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    I could have combined Chapter's three and four, but meh.

    Chapter 4: One Week of Stupidity

    I kicked back and laid in my bed with my hands behind my head. The first day with Madison was finally over. Despite being her first time, she did exactly as I told her and her performance was spectacular. Aw I hope no one takes that sentence out of context. I meant her training.

    Before I had a chance to settle in for bed there was a knock at my door. What now? I jumped out of bed and walked over to the door. There in the doorway stood the girl who has potentially shaved a year or two off my life with her annoyance wearing fuchsia pajamas.

    “Onii-chan can I sleep with you?” Madison asked. My eyes were wide and twitching at the same time if that’s even possible. I think I even swallowed my tongue.

    “What!?” I questioned in a deep throaty voice, the result of having just swallowed my tongue and my throat collapsing.

    “My bed is still wet from this morning, so can I?” she persisted. I sighed and backed away from the doorway inviting her in. It was my fault her bed was wet after all.

    “Aside from teaching you the ways of Pokémon training it seems I must also teach you the ways of men as well.” I said. “Never, I’ll repeat, never knock on a man’s door and ask to sleep with him. It doesn’t matter who it is, don’t do it. In the world of adults that could be taken the wrong way. That goes double if it’s night or the guy’s birthday. Just… no.” I explained. “You’re lucky on two counts, my birthday is February 6th, and you’re too young for me.”

    “I don’t understand.” Madison said in confusion.

    “Well I ain’t going into any more detail. Just don’t do that again m’kay.” I said grabbing my backpack and tapping the sleeping Axel with my foot to get his attention. “You can have my bed, we’ll sleep on the floor of your room. Sharing a room is where I draw the line.” I walked down the hall and claimed the floor under the alarm clock.

    “It’s time for your training Madison.” I said standing over her bed again the next morning. Like yesterday she wasn’t getting up. I wasn’t about to soak this bed, but I’m a monkey with many tricks. “Axel, you grab the top I’ll grab the bottom.” I said. We stood at our ends of the bed and put out hands under the mattress. “On three. THREE!” Together we flipped the mattress and Madison, on the floor.

    “Onii-sensei that isn’t funny!” Madison screamed crawling out from under the mattress.

    “Then stop sleeping in and wake up when I tell you to.” I scolded. Actually I hope she sleeps in everyday, this is fun. “Anyway, I was doing some thinking last night after we traded rooms and I decided your Pokémon aren’t the only ones who need some training.” I said pulling out a Pokeball. “Meet Riolu!” A small blue Pokémon with a dog like face, black legs, a black stripe going across his red eyes ending off in weird ear-like appendages, and metal plates on the back of his hands appeared in a red flash of light.

    Madison’s face immediately lit up. “He’s so cute!” she squealed running over to Riolu to give him a hug.

    “NO!” Axel and I shouted in unison. I wrapped my hands tightly around Madison’s waist while Axel picked up the small Pokémon. “Riolu is only a few weeks old and is still very defensive. When Riolu first hatched, I went over to introduce myself to him. I almost lost the ability to have offspring after a single punch. Axel hit him with a Mach Punch and Riolu was able to endure the hit. Right now Axel and I are the only ones Riolu respects or trusts because we defeated him. Let him get used to you before you get yourself hurt.” I explained.

    “Umm Onii-chan. Can you put me down?” Madison asked. I hadn’t noticed before, but the girl’s feet were several inches off the ground. “Damn you’re light.” I said lowering her. Axel did the same with Riolu who looked more confused than pissed off.

    Training commenced as it did the day before, only this time Riolu was added to the mix so that he could get some combat experience as well. Although the youngest one in the group, Riolu managed to hold his own surprisingly well. His exceptional speed and strength allowed him to defeat Maki, but Mimi was able to take out the young Emanation Pokémon. I had to explain to the disappointed little warrior that losing is all part of getting stronger. Plus being so young his abilities weren’t fully developed yet.

    I was woken up with a violent kick to the ribs. “Onii-sensei! Oni-sensei! Come on, after all those times of meanly waking me up, here you are sleeping!” Madison whined crouching next to my sleeping bag. I opened my right eye and glared at her.

    “Do you realize we’ll be in Veilstone Harbor in-” I sat up and looked at the clock. It read 6:22am. “six or seven hours.” I continued. “I told you last night, your training’s over. Take today off or continue what I taught you, it’s up to you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going back to sleep.” I said laying back down on my pillow on the floor. I never bothered seeing if the bed ever dried, nor did Madison and I switch our rooms back.

    “I know that, I know that! But Onii-sensei needs to come outside! Quickly, quickly!” she cheered like a kid on Christmas. I grumbled and sat up again.

    “Fine, but you’re going to have to step outside. You may have noticed I’m not wearing a shirt right now. I’m not wearing anything else under this sleeping bag either, so unless you want your virgin mind scarred for life, get the hell out.” I said pointing to the door. Madison’s brown eyes widened to a larger size than they already were and her face turned bright red. She quickly ran outside and closed the door behind her.

    You liar. You’ve still got your boxers on.” Axel laughed before I even crawled out of my sleeping bag. He knew me too well. “Meh.” was all I responded with as I starting to get dressed.

    “What did you want Madison?” I inquired walking out of the room with my Infenape.

    “Outside! Outside! Quickly Onii-sensei!” she said in excitement grabbing me by the arm and dragging me on the deck which was covered in a thin layer of white. Snowflakes fell from the sky melting on contact with my warm body. “It’s snowing!” the young girl squealed gleefully. I’ve gotta admit, it was pretty cool. I hate the cold with a passion, but snow was something I could tolerate. It actually felt warmer when it snowed because the light reflected off the white substance. I started laughing when Madison laid on the deck and began making snow angels. Sweet relaxation.

    Madison seemed to disappear after breakfast. She was kind of acting funny, I wonder what was up.

    “Onii-chan!” Well so much for peace and quiet. She came walking up to me with her arms behind her back like she was hiding something. How suspicious.

    Watch out, it’s a wedding ring!” Axel teased.

    “If it is, burn me alive. Then run like hell.” I told. Now my apprentice stood in front of me with her hands still behind her back.

    “Whacha hiding?” I asked innocently.

    “Well I wanted to thank you for training me so please take this as a token of my appreciation.” she said producing a grey disc. She held it in front of her waiting for me to take it. I reached out and took it. The disc was inscribed with the number 10. “That’s TM10 Hidden Power.” said Madison. Wait a minute! She had TMs all this time that she could have used to supplement her Pokémon's moves with? You know what, I’m not even going to ask. If I knew the answer I’d probably throw myself off the side of the ship.

    “You look concerned Onii-chan. Don’t worry, you can have it. I have fifty TMs anyway, one less isn’t going to hurt.” she said completely unaware of what she had just done. I am a man of my word.

    “If you need me, I’m jumping overboard.” I said flatly turning to go outside. I walked over the snow covered deck and leaned against a railing.

    You wouldn’t!” Axel yelled in disbelief. I turned to the golden monkey with a ‘you have got to be kidding me’ look.

    “How long have you known me, Axel? I’m not emo, I just wanted some fresh air and to enjoy the view.” I said. I looked back over the edge and saw what looked like a human body float past. “SHIT!” I screamed falling on my ass.

    Brian! You ok?” my Infernape asked pulling me back to my feet. I looked down the side of the boat where the body had presumable come from. Standing over the edge were the guys dressed in grey from before. It didn’t take long for me to piece together that the body that just floated past was the “Galactic” they were harassing that day. My heart felt like it was about to pop out of my chest. Then came the worst part, they saw me and came running over.
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    Chapter 5: Team Neos

    “What did you see? What did you see!?” one of the hooded men interrogated. I was unable to answer, still in shock from the dead body I had seen float past. “Answer dammit!” he barked punching me in the face sending me to the ground.

    You’ll pay for that!” Axel said furiously getting in fight position.

    “Stand down Axel.” I ordered calmly. I got back on my feet wiping my mouth with the back of my gloved hand. There wasn’t any noticeable blood on the black fabric. Yet anyway. I turned to face my attackers. “The correct answer to your question, the one you want to hear, is ‘Nothing. Nothing at all.’ Or if you guys are more into scare tactics ‘N-nu-nothin’ suh.’ But I find the truth to be the more interesting route, so I’m gonna have to say that I saw the dead body of the guy you were using as a punching bag the other day float by the ship just now.” I said in spiteful sarcasm.

    “You should have just lied.” The other guy said venomously. “Then we wouldn’t have to kill you. Break his bones Tauros!” he commanded sending out a 200lb bull covered in unkempt brown hair with three whip-like tails and horns that could pierce bone. The bull gave an angry moo, the air coming out of his nostrils and mouth turned to steam in the cold winter’s air.

    “Rip his flesh Feraligatr!” the other joined in releasing a hulking blue reptile with plates running up its arms, knees, and tail. Three giant three pronged spikes ran down the crocodilian’s back. The beast opened its mouth with a roar showing off row upon row of sharp jagged teeth that could tear flesh from bone. Its savage yellow eyes stared us down like we were prey.

    “What lovely commands you give when you summon your Pokémon.” I said sarcastically. “Now let me try. Kick their asses Axel.” The Infernape walked between me and the enemy Pokémon cracking his knuckles. And to back Axel up I’ll use-

    “Onii-chan!” No, not Onii-chan. Wait! Woah! I turned around to see you know who coming at me.

    “Madison, get the hell out of here! NOW!” I yelled. A battlefield is no place for her, especially against dangerous people like these guys.

    “You should know not to get distracted during a fight boy! As punishment, Feraligatr! Use Crunch on the trainer!” the trainer ordered.

    “Tauros! Keep the Infernape busy with Take Down!” the other commanded. Tauros snorted as it began kicking snow back with his front right hoof. He then charged at Axel at an incredible speed. Before I knew it, the Big Jaw Pokémon was practically on top of me with its mouth gaping wide. Well shit. For such a large Pokémon, Feraligatr move faster than I thought and Axel was having enough problems dealing with the Wild Bull Pokémon to help me.

    “Magical Leaf Cherim!” Out of nowhere rainbow colored leaves flew past my head striking the giant reptile before it could clamp its massive jaws on my body. The sound of that command and the one who issued it filled me with anger.

    “You shouldn’t have gotten involved. I had this covered. You should have run away like I told you to Madison!” I scolded angrily looking back and forth between her and Cherim.

    “But I wanted to help Onii-chan!” she defended, tears starting to well up in her eyes. I took a deep breath. There was just no getting through to this kid.

    “Fine. However, if you dare hinder me or things get too intense, get the hell out. Understood?” Madison nodded with her smile returning to her face. “Good. Just do as you did in combat practice.”

    “This isn’t the sewing club! Now if you two are done kissing let’s get back to this!” Feraligatr’s trainer mocked.

    “Me? Kiss her? *pff* I don’t know about you, but I’m not a pedophile. Now the real fun begins!” A dramatic wind blew past. “Axel! Mach Punch Tauros!” I called. The monkey clenched a fist and sped off into a golden blur.

    “Cherim! Leech Seed… uhh…” Madison stuttered.

    “Feraligatr! Do it!” I interrupted. “Right! Feraligatr!” she continued. The Cherryblossom Pokémon shot several seeds from her purple flower at the crocodilian.

    “Not so fast! Dodge with Agility Feraligatr!” the trainer commanded. With even greater speed than before, Feraligatr dashed out of the way as the seeds fell harmlessly on the ship deck. Meanwhile, Axel landed his Mach Punch to Tauros’s left side causing the bull to cry out in pain.

    “Retaliate with Zen Headbutt Tauros!” ordered Tauros (trainer). The horns on the bull’s head began glowing a strange blue color. With an angry moo, Tauros pulled his head back then slammed it into Axel’s chest.

    Damn that hurt!” Axel complained rubbing his ribs.

    “Help Axel Cherim! Use Magical Leaf on Tauros!” called Madison. From underneath Cherim’s flower came several more rainbow colored leaves, all on a direct course for Tauros. The Wild Bull Pokémon mooed in annoyance at the attack and began whipping himself with his tails.

    “Don’t forget about me now! Use Ice Fang on Cherim Feraligatr!” Feraligatr (trainer) ordered. Feraligatr opened its massive jaws where frost began surrounding its giant teeth. The brute then charged strait for the Cherryblossom Pokémon. “And Feraligatr, don’t think it unnecessary to swallow.” he added cynically.

    “You won’t eat Cherim as long as I’m around! Axel! Flame Wheel Feraligatr!” I called. The flame on the Infernape’s head flared up as if lighter fluid had been splashed in it. He then jumped in the air and began spinning around into a ball shape rolling into the Big Jaw Pokémon before it could hit Cherim. Feraligatr may be fast, but Axel’s faster.

    “You’ll pay for that! Feraligatr! Aqua Tail!” Feraligatr (trainer) barked. It was almost like the reptile secreted water from its skin on how fast the Pokémon’s tail was covered in the liquid. The crocodilian swung its massive appendage into Axel sending the Flame Pokémon flying.

    “Now get the Infernape with Horn Attack Tauros!” Tauros (trainer) commanded excitedly. Just before Axel hit the floor, the bull came charging with his head down and rammed his horns into the monkey’s side. It was absolutely brutal to watch. Axel staggered back to his feet tightly gripping his left side where Tauros had hit. Axel pulled his hand away revealing a patch of red fur on what should have been white.

    Madison put her hands to her mouth in shock. “Axel’s hurt!”

    Don’t worry about me. Tis but a scratch.” the monkey said bravely.

    “He’ll be fine, Axel’s been through worse.” I said. Even though I knew he’d be ok, I couldn’t help but feel some concern for my friend and Pokémon. That’s when I came up with one of my unusually brilliant strategies. “Madison, have Cherim use Sunny Day.”

    “Um ok.” she agreed nodding. “You heard Onii-chan Cherim!” Cherim temporarily turned upside down shooting a white ball of energy into the sky. The attack seemed to explode in the atmosphere scattering all the clouds in the area while causing the sunlight to intensify. It began to slowly feel like a summer day outside. The extra light caused Cherim to burst from its flower revealing a small yellow pixie covered in sakura petals with cherries on her head.

    “You people are up to something.” Tauros (trainer) accused bluntly.

    “Gee, I had no idea we were up to something.” I said sarcastically. I turned to Madison. “Did you?”

    “I don’t know, what are you planning Onii-chan?” she asked. I should have known better.

    “Enough of this pussyfooting! Feraligatr! Thrash them!” Feraligatr (trainer) commanded. The Big Jaw Pokémon’s eyes narrowed as it became more feral. It let out a beastly roar and attacked the closest target, Cherim.

    “Cherim has to survive if my plan is to work! Axel! Close Combat Feraligatr!” I called.

    “You’re not going anywhere Infernape! Use Thrash as well Tauros!” Tauros (trainer) ordered. The Wild Bull Pokémon began whipping itself again becoming more pissed off. Being closest to Axel, that’s who it went after. Axel instead initiated Close Combat with Tauros.

    “Don’t worry Onii-chan, I can take care of myself. Use SolarBeam Cherim!” With the sun as intense as it is, Cherim had no problem absorbing sunlight then sending the golden beam of solar radiation at Feraligatr. In an agonizing roar the crocodilian was sent half way down the deck before the SolarBeam faded leaving the beast unconscious. Now that’s one down, and one to go.

    A little help here Brian!” Axel called desperately. He was surrounded in a flaming gold aura. It had been quite awhile since I had seen Axel in this state.

    “So you’ve been pushed so far that your Blaze is activated. Very well, this ends now.” I said silently. “Madison! Have Cherim use Helping Hand on Axel!”

    “Right! Do as Onii-chan says Cherim!” she called in her usual cheerful manner. Cherim extended a tiny little hand to Axel. He accepted and she began sharing her power with the monkey. His Blaze aura got slightly more intense. The sunlight, the Blaze, and the power boost from Helping Hand. Now for the last part of my plan.

    “Axel! Finish Tauros with Flare Blitz!” I commanded. Axel got down on all fours then lunged at the Wild Bull Pokémon. There was a reason his species was called the Flame Pokémon, Axel had become a speeding fireball by the time he collided with Tauros. The bull mooed in pain as it fell to the ground fainted. Even Axel fell to his knees heavily panting from the double edged sword attack.

    “You bastards think we’re finished here?” Tauros (trainer) said pulling out another Pokeball. Feraligatr (trainer) did the same. Shit, just when I thought we were done with these clowns. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Veilstone Harbor, and on the shoreline were several cop cars waiting. I began laughing triumphantly.

    “You fools. We have won, just look down there!” I said pointing to the harbor. Feraligatr’s eyes widened at the sight of the police.

    “Who called them?” he demanded in a mix of fear and anger. He looked between me and Madison before looking Madison dead on. “It must have been you! You came into the battle late! That’s enough time to have called the police!” he accused.

    “Little bitch!” Tauros yelled angrily charging at her like his bull Pokémon with his fists clenched. When he was close enough I punched him in the face so hard he fell to the ground causing his hood to fall down. He was probably in his 30’s with buzz cut blond hair. As he got up, he wiped blood from his mouth. “You’ll… pay for-” I kicked him in the ribs to shut him up. The man looked up at me getting a fearful look on his face at the fierce glare I was giving him.

    “Don’t ever touch my Nee-chan again, got it!” I said intensely. Madison’s eyes lit up at the comment. I turned to her and smiled. “What can I say, you’ve grown on me. (Like a fungus)” the last part said quietly. “So you called the cops?” I asked her in an impressed tone.

    “No.” she said shaking her head.

    “It was me.” came a deep voice. I turned around to see the sailor I battled on the first day. “I saw these guys dump a body over the side and called Veilstone City Harbor Patrol to look out for two guys in grey.” The sailor explained.

    I stepped forward to the guys who were now looking to the ground in defeat. “Who the hell are you people anyway?” I asked. Feraligatr looked up at me with a sinister grin.

    “Team Neos. Remember that name!” he said.

    Feraligatr and Tauros were confiscated along with the other two Pokémon and their trainers put in separate cop cars. Madison and I both gave our testaments to the police on what we saw and our involvement in fighting them.

    “Well this is it.” I said to Madison. “You should find yourself a boat that will take you where ever it was you said you wanted to go.”

    “No!” she responded defiantly. “There are a few towns in Western Sinnoh that hold contests and I want to win the ribbons there. Those towns just happen to be on the same road you were going to take to collect the badges you need to enter the Sinnoh conference.” I put my hand over my eyes with a sigh. Axel started laughing but was cut off when his side started hurting again.

    “You can come with me only if you agree to these conditions. We go at my pace, you slow me down I’m leaving you behind. You pay for your own stuff; food, lodgings, and whatever else. You hunt for your own food, what you find is what you get.” I explained. “This way we aren’t exactly travelling companions, more like two people going in the same direction at the same time who happen to travel together.”

    “Whatever works for you Onii-chan.” she said laughing at me. *sigh* This is going to be a long winter.

    Alright, this seems like a good stopping point for now. The titular Team has come into play and next chapter is the time skip that takes the cast from mid-December all the way to the end of June.
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  8. Man, I really have forgotten how small these chapters were. Or maybe it's the text...

    Anyways, if these become books I'm buying them. No questions.
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    I don't think these will ever get published Chibi, but you're welcome to still send me money 8)

    Chapter 6: Partaé

    Over time I began to live up more and more to that annoying nickname Madison had given me. As an only child, I never knew what it was like caring for a younger sibling until now. I had friends who said how annoying their younger siblings could be, and I sure as hell can empathize with them now. Madison and I travelled together all the way to the Sinnoh Conference. I made it all the way to finals that year, and this one turning into one close match…

    “Infernape and Torterra are staring eachother down.” The announcer spoke into his microphone to lay even more suspense on the audience. They were probably on the edge of their seats right now, I know I was. This final match had been intense from the word ‘Go!’ In the last 52 minutes my opponent Paul and I had completely decimated one another’s teams. Axel was my last Pokémon, just as Torterra was his.

    “Axel! Flare Blitz!” I commanded breaking the stalemate. The Infernape let out a battle cry as he surrounded his body in flames, then charged at Torterra like a comet. Torterra turned its head crying out as Axel landed a direct hit.

    “Don’t just stand there Torterra! Use Earthquake!” Paul shouted. The massive tortoise lifted one of its giant feet and stomped the ground with enough force to cause the whole field to shake. I even felt the vibrations from where I stood, so I know Axel was feeling it.

    “You’re still close enough! Close Combat!” I called. With a single jump, Axel began beating on Torterra with a high speed melee assault.

    “Get some distance! Leaf Storm!” my opponent commanded. As a strong wind began to blow, the leaves on the tree on the Continent Pokémon’s back started rustling as the whole tree started shaking. Axel crossed his arms in front of himself to keep from getting picked up by the wind, but that didn’t help when the blade like leaves were ripped from Torterra’s back and sent on a direct course for the monkey.

    “Destroy those leaves with Ember!” I shouted over the loud hum of the wind. The Flame Pokémon spat out a flurry of small flames. While a lot of the incoming foliage was destroyed, there was still too many for Ember to counter. “In that case, turn it up a notch! Flamethrower!” Axel inhaled launching a long stream of fire into the Leaf Storm burning every last one until only ash remained of the onslaught.

    “Now Torterra! Giga Drain!” Paul commanded. The giant tortoise shot three green tendrils of energy at Axel, two wrapping around his arms and the last one around his torso. The monkey looked at the energy whips disappointedly as they began sucking away his energy.

    Even your strongest Grass attacks are pitiful against me!” the Infernape taunted as he surrounded his fists in fire and slashed the vines of energy, breaking them apart like they were real vines. The green energy slowly dissipated into nothingness.

    “Let’s turn this up with Sunny Day Axel!” I called. After the battle on the ship with those Neos guys, Madison graced me with another TM so that I could make use of Sunny Day without her. And so I am. Axel concentrated a white ball of energy into his hand then threw it into the sky where it reacted with the atmosphere to absorb more sunlight making it feel hotter. In the heat, things will dry out from the increased evaporation of water making them easier to burn.

    “You fool!” Paul laughed, most likely at me. “Now I don’t have to waste time charging! Torterra! Solar Beam!” Torterra opened its mouth and made use of the plentiful solar energy by drawing it in faster than usual then shot a golden beam of sunlight at Axel. The monkey gave me a look that said ‘dumbass!’ before firing a Flamethrower to hold the beam back. No matter how much fire the Infernape breathed into the attack the Solar Beam kept coming. Finally Axel decided there was no stopping it and attempted to dodge it instead. However the speed of light proved faster, catching his foot as he cartwheeled to the left. Axel grumbled as he stood up albeit a little wobbly from his foot hurting.

    “Quit complaining! You know you’re having fun!” I said. It had been quite awhile since we faced an opponent this skilled. “Now Axel, what say ye for Combo Two?” I suggested, although we both knew I was telling him to do it.

    “Combo Two?” Paul repeated in confusion. The Flame Pokémon balled his fist before disappearing in a golden blur. Axel landed his Mach Punch on Torterra’s jaw, then opening his fist, began Furry Swipes. It’s amazing what can be accomplished by combining attacks.

    “Torterra! Solar Beam!” called my opponent. Shit! There wasn’t time to avoid this one! The Continent Pokémon rapidly drew in the sunlight before blasting Axel away with the attack. The way Axel bounced down the field there was no way that attack was anything less than a critical hit.

    “Hey! You ok?” I asked him. The first thing to rise was his right hand with the middle finger up. Oh yeah, he’s fine. Axel once again picked himself up of the ground. Some things never change, even as a Chimchar he refused to give up. It’s just not in Axel’s nature to quit unless he’s unconscious. “As long as Torterra can use instant Solar Beam, I say we play the distance game. Flamethrower!” Axel nodded in agreement not wanting another face full of solar energy, then spit a long stream of fire at the tortoise. The sun had been strong for at least five or ten minutes by now as was obvious by the grass igniting under the Flamethrower serving as fuel making the attack stronger. Torterra roared in agony as the flames licked all over its body. When Axel ceased fire (pun intended), there was a long black streak still lit with small scattered embers leading all the way to my opponent who was almost completely surrounded by charred grass and smoke. Barely noticeable was a burn on top of Torterra’s shell.

    “Enough of this! Torterra! End this with Frenzy Plant!” Paul commanded confidently. Frenzy Plant? Never heard of that move before. I wonder what it’s like. I didn’t have to wait long, Torterra was quickly surrounded in a green aura as it charged the attack. I don’t like the feel of this. The Continent Pokémon stomped its massive foot to the ground, only this time, instead of an earthquake, four giant earth-green thorned roots emerged from the ground. The giant roots lunged at Axel like snakes. In his attempt to evade one of them, Axel was struck by another landing on his back. The third root loomed above him thrusting downward like a spear, which he narrowly avoided by rolling to the side and back on his feet. The fourth one came for a frontal attack forcing Axel to jump backward. This had apparently been Torterra’s intention as the giant roots then spiraled around themselves like a drill before spinning into Axel’s chest. The Infernape screamed in pain as the roots continues twisting as if they would pierce him. Instead, he was picked up off his feet and thrown into the wall of the stadium behind me. The roots of the Frenzy Plant retracted and went back underground threw the gaping hole in the ground they left behind.

    The Flame Pokémon got up as always and staggered forward. As he walked past me, Axel turned his head to look me in the eye as an apologetic smile crossed his face. “S-sorry… I… can’t go on…” he said before collapsing.

    “Infernape is defeated! The winner of this match and the Sinnoh Conference is Paul Shinji and his Torterra!” the Referee declared.

    “Don’t worry about it Axel.” I said gently. “You did your best and that’s all I could ever ask for. Besides, we had fun and that’s all that matters.” I picked Axel up and threw him over my shoulder to carry him to the stadium’s Pokémon Center.

    “Brian.” came Paul’s voice. “Good match. You are a very strong opponent and I respect you for your skill.” he said extending his hand. I accepted the hand shake.

    “Thanks. You are also a worthy opponent. I had a lot of fun fighting you.” I said.

    “*hmph* Whatever.” Paul said retracting his hand. Did I say something wrong? I wanted to ask him about Frenzy Plant. Oh well, maybe I’ll see him at the after party. But first things first, I don’t plan on having an unconscious monkey on my back until he decides nap time is over.

    After getting my Pokémon healed at the Pokémon Center, I attended the Award Ceremony where I was given the $10,000 second place prize inside a silver trophy that read 2nd Place on it. All in all, this was a fun tournament. So what if I didn’t win, I haven’t won a League Tournament yet. I didn’t even place in Kanto or Johto, and I got 3rd in Hoenn. As far as I’m concerned, I’m getting better.

    “I’m sorry you lost Onii-chan.” Madison consoled as if I were upset when we met up after the ceremony.

    “Why? I’m not.” I said matter-of-factly beginning to walk back to the hotel we were staying at.

    “But you lost. Aren’t you sad?” she asked in confusion following me.

    “Disappointed, yes. Sad, no. Winning isn’t everything Madison. I live to test the limits of my abilities, so I actively seek strong opponents to give me the thrill of a challenge. If I always won, I’d get bored. Knowing that there are still people in the world who can beat me is what keeps me going. Combat is a learning experience, remember that.” I explained. “Besides, you saw how close that battle was. If Axel could have held on just a little longer, his next attack coupled with Torterra’s burn would have won me the battle.”

    Well escuuuuse me!” Axel said pretending to be offended.

    “So you’re saying losing is a good thing?” Madison questioned.

    “Indeed.” I nodded walking up to the door of the two-roomed suite. All the competitors were given one. There was still half an hour before the after party so I figured I’d take a rest before leaving, plus I still needed to drop off my goodies.

    “Onii-chan, what should I wear to the party?” Madison asked as soon as we walked in the suite.

    “What you have on is good enough. I’m wearing what I have on.” I answered tediously sprawling myself out on the sofa.

    “You wear the same thing every day!” she retorted frustratedly.

    “No, I own two pairs of pants and three T-shirts. Not my fault if they’re identical in every possible way.” I defended. “One warning though, don’t drink the punch.” I warned changing the subject.

    “Why?” she asked stopping midway to her room.

    “Because the last party I went to, someone spiked it.” I responded flipping over into a semi-sitting position.

    “What does that mean?”

    “It means someone did something to the punch so that anyone who drinks it would do ‘funny’ things. For example, thanks to drinking some, I had my first kiss with Axel.” Madison’s eyes widened to the size of her face in shock. I was trying my hardest not to laugh It’s no fun having an annoying sibling if you can’t mess with them once in awhile. Axel caught on to my prank and started staring at Madison with an amorous look. He then puckered his lips and made a quick kissing sound. With that Madison ran to her room.

    “You’re bad.” I said laughing.

    I learned from the best.” he replied.

    “Aye, that ye did.” I agreed. I stood up and stretched. “Shall we be off then?” I offered.

    “I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it! Ya like to… Move it!” Axel and I sang into our respective microphones while dancing around like maniacs. It was our tradition for any party we went to, go up to the DJ, request ‘Move it Move it’, obtain microphones, and karaoke! Naturally we became the center of attention. “All girls all over da world! Original Psycho Monkey pon ya case mon!” we continued shamelessly.

    When the song ended, we took our bow to the cheering audience then walked off to get a drink. Just not of punch. I threw Axel a water bottle from the food table and grabbed one for myself. I pulled off the cap and took a long refreshing chug of ice cold water. “Ahhhhh…” I sighed pulling the bottle away from my face.

    “Excuse me, Mr. Brian?” someone asked catching me off guard. I turned around to see a pudgy balding man with glasses in a red suit with some sort of envelope in his hand. I recognized the man as the official that handled the award ceremony.

    “Don't call me Mister, I hate that.” I responded. I wiped some sweat from my forehead with my thumb as I felt it about to drip in my eyes.

    “The Champion was supposed to get this letter, but Paul Shinji turned it down saying he’d rather train for the Elite Four. Therefore, as the runner-up you get this.” he said passing the envelope to me.

    “What is it?” I inquired accepting it.

    “I have no idea.” The man admitted. “I was just told to give this to the Champion.” I tore it open and pulled out the letter inside along with a boat ticket.

    Dear Sinnoh League Champion,

    It is my honor to invite you to the White City Tournament on White Island, south west of Johto. You have been recognized for your exceptional skill and will participate against one hundred twenty seven other powerful trainers from all over the world. The tournament will begin on July 1, 2008. If any of the one hundred twenty eight competitors does not show up on this date or for their scheduled matches then they will forfeit. Included is a ticket for a special transport that will take you to White City. Further details will be disclosed at the Opening Ceremony. Good luck.​

    The White City Committee

    “Hm, interesting.” I said. Excitement began pulsing through my veins as I laughed quietly to myself. “I hope you’ve had adequate rest, we’re about to enter another tournament Axel.”

    Shamelss Paul exy is shameless.
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    With chapters this short, it's no wonder I was coming out with one a week before.

    Chapter 7: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

    “But *sob* I *sob* don’t *sob* want *sob* you *sob* to *sob* le-he-he-heave!” Madison cried with twin waterfalls flowing down her face. Her brown eyes looked like melted chocolate in a bowl of water. What a pathetic creature.

    “Look Madison, I was only given one ticket so you can’t come with me and I have no intention of missing a tournament to babysit you. Get over it!” I said sternly.

    For serious! After getting that last ass kicking, I want to give some myself!” Axel added. We were in Sunnyshore City at the moment where the ship to White City would pick me up along with the other Sinnoh participants on June 21st, one day from now.

    “But Onii-chan!” she pleaded.

    “No buts! You need to learn to stand on your own two feet without me. Just keep doing as I taught you.” I put my hand on her head and spun her around. “See that? That is the world. Tis most vast and is yours for the exploring and taking and all that other crazy nonsense I do.” I said philosophically. I don’t know what the hell I just said but it seemed to make sense.

    Madison turned her head up to look me in the eye despite me still using it as an armrest. “I don’t get it.” she said. I removed my hand from her head as I threw both arms out to the side like I was about to hug someone.

    “Neither do I, but it’s an answer that you must find alone.” I said emphasizing alone.

    “Like dude! Check out that Infernape man! It’s like, totally gold man!” came a voice belonging to what sounded like one of three people, a surfer dude, a hippie, or a stoner. Then again, the last option could fit the first two.

    “Dude, you are like, totally trippin’ balls. There are definitely like, two weirdo Infernapes man.” said another one. Yup, definitely stoners. There were two guys walking (more like staggering really) up the boardwalk toward us, each one had a joint in his fingers. I put the back of my hand to my nose to keep from inhaling the smoke. Last thing I want to find out is what happens when a creature who’s mind is already warped gets high.

    “Who are those guys Onii-can?” Madison whispered to me.

    “Those are what crawl out of the shallow end of the gene pool. Because human society frowns upon killing or letting natural selection eliminate those idiots, they are allowed to exist.” I explained.

    Excuse me, but what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Axel asked angrily as the potheads began examining him. He looked like he was about to make their already fried brains well done.

    “Can I help you foolish Homo sapiens?” I inquired stepping forward between them and a soon-to-be-postal Infernape.

    “Like dude, I think you got the wrong idea about us. We are totally not gay.” said Stoner1.

    “Seriously dude, you need to like, be careful who you call homo. It could really offend someone.” Stoner2 commented. An amused grin slowly came over my face. They had no idea all I did was call them humans, nor did they deny being called fools. This could be fun.

    “*snicker* You’re right. Please forgive me, I had no idea.” I said innocently with some sarcasm involved.

    “It’s cool man. Forgive and forget right?” said Stoner2.

    “Totally man. It’s all good.” Stoner1 said. “So dude, are we like, high off our asses or are those Infernapes really blond?” he asked. I began giggling at what I was about to tell them.

    “Well there is only one, and yes Axel has gold fur, he was born that way.” I said. That much was truth. This next part is not. “You see my Aunt Dolores had blond hair. She was also into very kinky things. One night she had her way with a male Infernape named Son Goku and got pregnant. Several months later Axel was born as a Chimchar with his mother’s hair color.” I said.

    Da fuck!? Where the fuck did that come from!?” a bewildered Axel asked in both shock and disgust at my random comment. I’ll admit that story was kind of messed up.

    “You mean Axel’s really your cousin because your Aunt Dolores did things she wasn’t supposed to?” Madison asked in as much shock as Axel. I slowly turned my head to with a WTF look on my face. She actually fell for that?

    “You’re naivety knows no bounds!” I stated in disbelief. “No he’s not my cousin. I was just screwing with these guys. The only truth in that sentence was that he was born with gold fur.” I clarified. Hell, I don’t even have an Aunt Dolores.

    “So wait. You like, totally lied to us man.” Stoner2 realized.

    “Uncool dude. I like, thought we were friends dude.” said Stoner1 sorrowfully. Give me a break, I only encountered these morons five minutes ago.

    “That wasn’t very nice Onii-chan. You should apologize.” Madison told me. I looked down at her with a ‘like hell’ look on my face.

    “What’s an Onii-chan?” Stoner1 asked dimwittedly. I rolled my eyes shaking my head.

    “It means big brother but-”

    “So wait! You’re like, that girl’s brother?” interrupted Soner1.

    “I would have like never guessed. You two look nothing alike.” Stoner2 said in amazement. *sigh* What the hell, I’ll run with it. I put my finger to my lips indicating I didn’t want Madison to interrupt while I went on another tangent.

    “Oh yeah, we’re siblings.” I said sarcastically. “Mom had blue eyes,” I said pointing to my eyes. “*points to Madison* and Dad had brown eyes.” I started playing with one of my spikes. “Dad also had spiky black hair, *puts hand on Madison’s head* and Mom had brown hair…” I broke from my sarcastic rant when I saw her bangs. “With pink in it apparently…. Ok seriously, all this time we’ve travelled together I’ve never seen you dye your hair and yet it has remained pink as it’s grown! What the hell?” I questioned. “Pink is not a natural hair color!”

    Madison smiled at me with a giggle. “A girl has a right to her secrets you know.” she said coyly. I don’t believe this! She’s actually messing with me! What have I created?

    “Dude I’m like, totally confused right now.” Stoner2 said blankly.

    “Aw man I know. That guy’s sister like had some crazy ass monkey sex and like, gave birth to a pink Infernape man.” Stoner1 stated not knowing what he was talking about.

    “Shut up ignorant masses! Are you so high you can’t keep your facts straight, even if everything I said was false?” I shouted.

    “Dude, I think he just like, totally insulted us.” reasoned Stoner1.

    “Like, get him dude!” said Stoner2. Even if they were sober they’d be no match for me, but in this state it was like kicking a puppy. The two staggered over to me attempting to attack. I simply sidestepped them and pushed one into the other sending both potheads rolling off the boardwalk into the sandy beach next to the harbor.

    “Weeee dude!” one of them cheered as they rolled. I clapped my hands together as if to wipe them off.

    “Today’s lesson children; don’t do drugs.” I told a nonexistent crowd turning around. “Now where was I in my rant with you Madison?” I questioned trying to get back on subject.

    “You were saying how I should learn to take care of myself alone.” she reminded with disappointment in her tone.

    “Then a bunch of naked apes began checking me out.” Axel added.

    “Right, right.” I said to myself getting back on track. “So I leave tomorrow, anything you want to know before I go?” I inquired.

    “Will I ever see you again Onii-chan?” Madison asked sadly.

    I shrugged my shoulders. “Dun know. Maybe. It all depends on where we go next.” I said flatly.

    “Then I should be ok. I’ll keep going as long as there’s a chance I’ll see Onii-chan again.” She declared cheerfully. Good enough for me.

    The next morning Axel and I left Madison in Sunnyshore City as we boarded the SS Megiddo for White City. This should be fun!

    Why the hell did I even write this chapter!?
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    Chapter 8: White City

    Team Neos Foils Team Aqua
    In an attempt to bring rain to the Hoenn desert with numerous Water-type Pokémon simultaneously using Rain Dance, Team Aqua was defeated by yet another intervention by Team Neos. At the conclusion of the battle, casualties included a Wailmer and two Golducks. Ten other Pokémon and six Aqua trainers were injured in the attack. Police were unable to make any arrests of Neos members. There will be no investigation on the incident authorities say.

    I threw the newspaper to the side in disgust. Ever since that day on the boat with Madison, Team Neos has been popping up in the news more and more frequently. The worst part is the police are just letting this go! Sure the Neos only target the major criminal organizations like Team Galactic and Team Aqua, which I guess makes life easier for the cops, but I just can’t get over all the shit they pull receiving no repercussions what so ever.

    “Team Neos. Remember that name.” I said repeating what the guy with the Feraligatr said over six months ago when I kicked his ass. Like it’s hard with how much attention they get these days.

    “Attention passengers.” a loud booming voice came over the speakers. “We have just arrived in White City. Please gather all your belongings and disembark the ship carefully. Enjoy your stay in White City.” the captain said until the speakers clicked off with a bit of static. Didn’t need to tell me that, I’ve seen the approaching land for the last half hour. I got up out of the chair I had been sitting in on the deck of the ship to leave with everyone else with a certain monkey behind me.

    Salty air blew past as I took my first step on to the island White City was located. It was a beautifully warm day and the scenery was exquisite. The land that wasn’t urbanized was a very fertile green. Not too far away I could hear the sounds of rushing water like a waterfall. If there ever was a paradise on Earth, this was it.

    The opening ceremony of the tournament is tomorrow isn’t it?” asked Axel breaking me from my trance.

    “Hm? Oh, yeah. Why, what do you propose?” I inquired.

    I says we go ‘splorin’!” the monkey declared.

    “Splorin’s always fun.” I agreed. “Heads we go to the right, tails we go left.” I said pulling out a coin. I flipped it in the air, caught it, and smacked it on the back of my other hand. “Tails!” I announced turning to the left beginning to walk.

    Brian, you’re going the wrong way!” Axel called. I stopped and looked down at my hands. I extended the hand I write with, my right, and looked in the direction I had been heading. Curse my directional impairedness. I jumped up doing a 180° spin in the air to face the way I wanted to go, and continued walking like nothing had happened. Behind me I could hear Axel snickering. Like he’s any better, I must constantly remind him of things like days of the week.

    Starting from the southwest of the city going clockwise there was a residential area complete with apartments, hotels, restaurants, and shops. Nearby was a small island a few yards away from the main island with a flowing waterfall. Due west across a bridge was a large hollowed out rectangular building colored a whitish silver. The entrance was up a flight of stairs with eight pillars on either side of the double staircase, four on each side, holding up the roof as the double glass doors were more toward the center of the building. On top of it was a giant Pokeball, the same color as the building. So says a random passerbier, this is the research lab of Professor Alfonze Heimrich, the crazy eccentric German scientist. I’m gonna have to pay this guy a visit when I’m done ‘splorin’.

    My travels then took me to a castle in the northwest. It had a similar color scheme to the lab and apparently it’s some sort of historical monument of battle. I’ll have to find out more about that later. Directly north was a Contest Hall for Coordinators as well as a kind of Pokémon playground where Pokémon can play games that don’t have much to do with battle such as a type of soccer game for Furrets, Linoon, and Girafarig. On a small island to the northeast was a park that required you to cross a bridge to get to. All around the park there were benches to sit back and relax, water fountains for drinking, one big aesthetically pleasing water fountain somewhere toward the center, light posts for when it got dark, and a place to battle on the boardwalk. Luckily no one challenged me. I still haven’t seen all the sights yet, and I’d like to know where everything is before sunset.

    Continuing my travels, I passed by a school to the east. By the looks of it (and the plaque on the side of the building) this was the White City Pokémon Academy. Haha losers! You guys have to go to school to learn how to be trainers while I dropped out of school to become one. Then Axel took a piss on the wall. That made my day right there. The next thing on my stop to the southeast was the main city consisting of a ton of skyscrapers, most likely office buildings for various businesses. One of said buildings was particularly interesting; no doubt the largest one on the skyline.

    Hey Brian! Watch out!” Axel warned. I turned around just in time to walk into something and fall to the ground.

    “Are you alright?” asked a man in a calm voice standing over me. He had semi-neatly combed brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a white suit with a light blue dress shirt underneath and a white tie. His dress shoes were the same color as his pimp suit.

    “Yea I’m fine.” I said getting up. The man gave me a strange look, staring at me as if he were in deep thought. “Something wrong?” I asked confused with a hint of annoyance. The man broke from his trance.

    “No. nothing at all.” he said waving his right hand as if pushing the idea aside. “Sorry. You just look very familiar. Have we met?”

    “Can’t say that we have.” I said still confused.

    “Perhaps I have seen you around. Are you a student at White City Academy?” he inquired.

    “Nope.” I said proudly. “I actually just arrived in White City for the first time this afternoon.” I explained.

    “Puzzling.” the man said. He chuckled quietly to himself. “Anyway, you should be more careful young man.”

    “Oh yea, sorry about that.” I said embarrassedly rubbing the back of my head. “That building over there was just so interesting I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.” I said pointing to where my attention had been.

    “Ah, the White City Committee Building. It is the home of White City’s government.” he said turning to look at it. No wonder it’s so big, it’s the most important building in the city. “That would explain why you were so inadvertent earlier.”

    “What?” I asked in confusion. Why did he have to go and use a big word?

    “Are you disconcerted by my vocabulary?” asked the man. Stop that! “Very well, I shall expurgate my sentences if it will help you understand what I am telling you.” he said shrugging his shoulders. Now he’s just doing it on purpose. Stupid smart people.

    “So no more big words?” I asked.

    “For one so ignorant as you, I will stunt my vocabulary for now.” he mocked.

    “Fantastic.” I said sarcastically.

    “I see you have an Infernape. I have never seen one of this coloration before, quite a rare breed indeed.” said the man finally taking notice of Axel. Usually his gold fur attracts attention due being so unnatural and out of the ordinary, but I guess because this guy was so distracted by me he didn’t notice.

    Thank you for acknowledging me.” Axel said bowing.

    “Well I am a trainer.” I said. Then I realized something. “You said you recognized me from somewhere. I’ve placed 3rd in the Hoenn League, 2nd in the Sinnoh League, and participated in numerous other tournaments over the last five years, including the one that starts tomorrow. Is it possible you know me from that? The name’s Brian Nosurname if you’ve heard it.”

    “I believe I have, but only because the White City Committee was informed several days ago that Paul Shinji would be unavailable to participate in the upcoming tournament leaving his spot open for the trainer who won second place in the Sinnoh Conference.”

    “Wait, you work for the White City Committee? So you’re a political?” I inquired.

    “A politician, yes.” he corrected. “This tournament is the first one hosted by White City and we are hoping to make it an annual affair. If all goes well in the coming week then I can only surmise that the Committee will become very busy, maybe even flourish.”

    “Well from a combatant’s perspective I hope it goes well too. I look forward to challenging fights, and I know Axel is ready to kick some ass.” I said excitedly.

    Hell yeah I am!” the monkey said in agreement. The sound of a waterfall entered the silence of the evening. As usual it was found on a small island to the southeast. We had begun walking around the time the conversation started, and now the sky had started turning a beautiful purple-orange mix as the sun disappeared under the horizon.

    “I think now would be an appropriate time to part ways. Farewell Brian, I wish you the best of luck in the tournament.” the man said before taking off as I kept walking the opposite direction.

    Am I the only one that found that a bit uncomfortable?” Axel asked me.

    “That was pretty strange.” I admit.

    Did we even get his name?

    “No, no we didn’t.”

    We continued our tour of the city checking out the night life. The reason we wanted to be done before sunset before was so we could compare. Around 10 that night, we went back to the residential area and checked into the hotel that was reserved for us. It was a big room consisting of a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room/main area, and a two bed bedroom. Not bad, not bad at all. I striped down, crawled in bed, set the alarm for six, and went to sleep in anticipation for tomorrow’s tournament.
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    Chapter 9 pt1: Opening Ceremony

    Just as the Opening Ceremony was about to start, the band began playing the Pokémon Theme. It may be predictable but it just wouldn’t feel right to have a tournament start without that anthem playing at the beginning.

    “Good morning ladies and gentlemen!” a big fat balding guy with a mustache shouted into a microphone. “I would like to welcome all of you to the first ever White City Tournament!” The audience of spectators and contestants cheered in response. “We the White City Committee have searched the world gathering the strongest trainers we could find so that they may compete against one another to see which of these 128 individuals is the strongest of all!” More cheering.

    By strongest he’s talking about us.” Axel said confidently.

    “Most likely.” I agreed. “Though I hope that someone in this audience who’s fighting would be a challenge. It gets boring if you tear through the competition without even breaking a sweat.”

    Like Pidgeot verses Magikarp.” Axel said.

    “Due to the number of competitors, the first round will be split into a two day period. The first 32 matches will be today after this introduction, and the last 32 will be held tomorrow at the same time.” The old guy continued. Sadly I already knew I was scheduled as the third to last match tomorrow night. Before the opening ceremony, all the competitors were gathered together, given a schedule of all the matches, and had all the tournament rules explained.

    The battles go as follows: First round is as the old man said. The second round held Thursday July 3rd, the day after tomorrow, will be 32 matches. Friday will be the 16 matches of round three, and the eight matches of round four. All of these battles will be 3-on-3 elimination. Then Saturday will be the finals. All of these will be 6-on-6 elimination matches. The champion will be crowned that night at the closing ceremony. In battle rules are pretty basic, no healing except by held item or recovery move like Recover, Synthesis, Leech Life, etc. Have the three Pokémon you will use selected before the battle to prevent cheating. You may change your team line up between matches if you have more than six Pokémon. Pretty much nothing I haven’t seen before.

    Chapter 9 pt2: Science is Fun!

    “Well Axel, what do we do now?” I inquired after the ceremony. We pretty much had a good 36 hours before my match began and I’d rather spend it doing something other than watch the competition. Strange considering most people would watch their opponents to get a feel for their strategies and how they work, but not me. With the switch Pokémon between matches rule, by the time I fight a person they could have changed their tactics to something I would have been unprepared for anyway. Plus it would be kind of silly to memorize someone only to have them lose before I battle them.

    Why not visit that professor? Everyone said he was crazy.” suggested Axel.

    “And I like meeting fellow crazy people.” I said getting out of my seat. “Science is fun!” The two of us marched out of the stadium in the center of the city to where the lab was. Soon we stood in front of the large building staring mindlessly at it. “Well you go first.” I said indifferently.

    What? Me go first! You’re the human!” Axel complained.

    “But it was your idea.” I replied. Axel threw his fist out at me. I answered with my own and we began shaking them up and down. On the third shake I threw out my palm and Axel threw out two fingers.

    Ha! Scissors beat paper!” he cheered. I grumbled taking a step forward. “After you.” teased the Infernape politely, even bowing mockingly extending his arm to lead the way for me. I walked up the stair case to the double glass doors. Should I knock or just walk in? Ah what the hell. I opened the door and walked in.

    The inside wasn’t as fancy as the outside was. The entrance hall was pretty plain, with a door to the right and a second door in the back behind a spiral staircase. The staircase led to a balcony over head that looked to be the second floor, the only thing keeping people from jumping off that floor onto this one was a metal railing going across from the wall to the spiral staircase then serving as the staircase’s railing.

    “Yo! Anyone home?” I called to the seemingly empty lab.

    “Who’s down there?” came a female’s voice. That doesn’t sound like any Alfonze Heimrich to me. A beautiful female scientist with dirty blond hair and round glasses, wearing a long white lab coat walked to the edge of the second floor balcony looking down at me. Hello! Aside from being super hot, she’s also wearing a mini-skirt, standing up there while I’m down here with a very welcoming view. Part of my wanted to continue admiring the pink panties, while the other half was saying ‘turn away now.’ Cursed biology.

    Wow Psycho Monkey. You’re a perv.” Axel stated coldly catching me.

    “Shoosh you!” I whispered harshly turning around with my finger to my mouth. “You’d do the same in the presence of a good looking female Infernape.”

    Except my species is always naked so there’s nothing wrong with it.” he replied superiorly.

    “Well my species wear clothes so I have to take what I can when I can. Besides, you’re only a perv if you intentionally seek it out. If it’s a happy accident like this then it’s ok to look.” I justified. “As long as you don’t make a habit out of it.” I added.

    “What are you two talking about?” asked the scientist now standing a few feet away glaring at us. Oh how I hope she didn’t hear that conversation.

    “Axel here was just saying how pretty you are for a human.” I said. Her glare turned into a smile at the complement.

    “Why thank you Axel.” she said to him. “*squee* This Infernape has gold fur! Must experiment!” she said with great enthusiasm.

    No! Experiment on him! Him! He’s the one that wants to know anatomy!” cried Axel pointing at me every time he said him.

    “What do you plan on doing to Axel?” I asked anxiously.

    “Nothing serious. I just want his measurements, a blood test, and to observe his stats and IVs.” explained the scientist.

    A blood test? Does that mean needles!?” Axel asked fearfully. He ran behind me putting his hands on my shoulders so he could hide while still talk to me. “Brian, I am sorry for anything I may have done to piss you off lately, that includes stealing your pancakes this morning and blaming Snorlax, just don’t let her stick me with a needle!” he pleaded. I knew he was the one that stole my pancakes. I’ll apologize to Snorlax later.

    “Axel would rather you not experiment on him. He’s a wuss.” I said.

    So cruel…” whined the monkey.

    “Damn!” said the scientist disappointedly. “Oh yea, why did you come here anyway trainer? For that matter what is your name?” she inquired.

    “Humans call me Brian, and I came to visit Prof. Heimrich.” I said.

    “He actually goes by Prof. Himee.” she corrected.

    “Himee?” I questioned.

    “He said Heimrich made him sound like a Nazi. He also got tired of people asking him if he invented the Heimlich Maneuver.” she said flatly.

    “That makes perfect sense. So is he around?” I asked.

    “Prof. Himee is a very busy man. You can’t just walk in and say ‘Can I see him?’ and expect-” she was cut off buy a huge explosion blowing out a door on the second floor releasing a ton of black smoke. An old man walked out of the smoke coughing covered from head to toe in black ash and soot. His hair was messy sticking out in every direction. I wasn’t sure if that was the result of the explosion or if he was always like that.

    “*cough* Note to self. Vhen dissecting Voltorb, don’t start in zhe middle.” he choked in a German accent.

    “Prof. Himee! Are you alright?” the female scientist asked urgently.

    “Yes Asuna, I’m fine. But vhen dissecting a Voltorb, don’t start in zhe middle.” Himee repeated. I think I like this guy already. I’m not too sure about Axel though; his eye has been twitching ever since Himee mentioned dissecting a Votorb. “Oh! Vhy didn’t you say ve had guests?” asked Prof. Himee noticing me and Axel.

    “Well they just arrived. Brian said he wanted to meet you.” Asuna explained.

    “Vonderful!” Himee cheered running down the spiral stairs. When on the first floor he walked over to Axel. “Brian vas it? I must say, you are a magnificent specimen. Never before have I seen gold fur on an Infernape.” he said examining Axel, including lifting his arm and looking around him.

    Get the hell off me you freak!” Axel yelled pulling away.

    “You got it wrong. I’m Brian, this is Axel.” I clarified. The professor turned his head from Axel’s arm pit to me.

    “Vell of course you are. How silly it vould be if zhe Infernape was actually looking for me. Can I interest you in an experiment?” he inquired.

    “As long as neither me nor Axel are your guinea pigs.” I said.

    “Vell you two von’t be me subjects, but I may ask for your involvement. I vant to show you how Pokeballs vork!” Prof. Himee said. I looked at Axel who nodded in agreement.

    “We’re in.” I said to the professor.

    “Excellent! Follow me!” he said excitedly. “Oh, and Asuna, could you get me some blue Kool-Aide? It’s zhe best kind.”

    “Yes sir…” Asuna said sadly.

    “One for me too! It really is the best kind.” I called down as I was already half way up the staircase. “Make that two, one for me and Axel.” I added.

    “This isn’t a delivery service!” argued Asuna.

    “Zhen I’ll have three!” Himee called. I love this guy. Asuna sighed and went to fulfill her assignment. Meanwhile the three of us went into the now doorless room that reeked of smoke and recently got a new paint job. Apparently singed black is in this year. On a lab table were various tools and bent deformed metal; half of it red, the other half white.

    “Is that a Pokeball?” I inquired.

    “No. Zhat is zhe remains of a Voltorb I vas dissecting. Vhen dissecting Voltorb, don’t start in zhe middle.” he said again. He either wants to make sure we know, or he’s a bit senile and doesn’t realize this is the third time he said it. “Now could I borrow vone of your Pokeballs?”

    “Sure. Hang on a sec.” I said pulling my green backpack from my back. I started rummaging through it until I came across the red and white sphere. “Here we are.” I said handing it to him. He must need it for a demonstration. Himee inspected the orb, then threw it at my head.

    “Ow! What the hell’s the matter with you?” I asked angrily rubbing my forehead which now had a nice bruised bump on it.

    “You vere not sucked in. Vhy?” Prof. Himee questioned.

    “Because I’m human! Pokeballs only work on Pokémon.” I said annoyed. He’s a scientist, he should know this stuff. Ow my head hurts.

    “Zhat is correct. But do you know vhy Pokleballs only affect Pokémon?” Hm. He’s got me there. I never really gave that a thought before. “Return Axel to his Pokeball for a moment. I vant you to pay close attention vhen you do.”

    “Axel’s Pokeball is actually broken, so let me try with a different Pokémon.” I offered. Heh. Broken was an understatement. Completely destroyed is more like it. I pulled a ball from my waist and sent out Riolu who was in battle position with his arms out ready to attack. “Relax Rio. There isn’t a fight. Prof. Himee just wants to show us something.” The Emanation Pokémon lowered his arms and took a more relaxed stance.

    “A Riolu! Quite a rare breed indeed. Could I maybe…”

    “No you may not experiment on him.” I said firmly. Himee looked away in disappointment.

    “Anyvay, did you notice anyzhing vhen you sent Riolu out?” the professor asked.

    “Was I supposed to?”

    “Zhat vas zhe whole point of zhe procedure! Return Riolu, and zhis time watch very carefully.” instructed Prof. Himee. I apologized to Riolu as I held out his Pokeball to recall him. A red beam of light shot from the button on the sphere at the small Pokémon enveloping him in that same red light before condensing him and pulling him back into his capsule.

    “Zhere! Tell me you saw it zhis time!” said Prof. Himee passionately.

    “Yeah, but what was that?” I asked unsure of what I just saw. Sure I’d seen it daily for years, but I never paid much attention to it. Now I want to know.

    “An excellent question. Zhere are five Kingdoms of Eukaryotes in zhe vorld. Animals like fish, insects, and us humans; Plants like zhe trees in forests, and grass in fields; Fungus like mushrooms and zhat stuff between my toes; Protist which are all but microscopic; and finally zhe Pokémon vhich are zhe most unique of all. Zhe only kingdom zhat can spontaneously evolve, fight using numerous abilities, and, depending on zhe species, have traits of zhe first three kingdoms. Pokeballs are specifically designed to ze cellular structure of Pokémon and zhe energy zhey produce. Zhat is vhy you veren’t sucked in zhe Pokeball, zhat is vhy trees are not sucked in vhen you miss.” he explained.

    “Amazing Prof. Himee!” I said in astonishment.

    “Show more enthusiasm.” Himee scolded.

    “Enthusiasm?” I repeated.

    “No no no. En-THU-siasm!” the professor repeated moving his arms in a circle around his head.

    “Amazing Prof. Himee!” I repeated enthusiastically.

    “Now you’re just faking it.” the old man said glumly. Well I tried, even though I have no idea what I did wrong.

    “Here are your drinks.” Asuna said walking in the room with a tray carrying three glasses of blue Kool-Aide. She set the tray on the edge of the table where there wasn’t as much stuff. Prof. Himee looked at the tray in confusion.

    “Vhy did you bring three?” he asked.

    “For your guests.” she emphasized. Yup, he’s senile.

    “Oh right. Thank you Asuna. You may go back to vork now.” Asuna gave a sarcastic smile and left the room. “Cheers men!” Himee said lifting up a glass. Axel and I lifted our own to his. What we were toasting to, I had no idea, but this guy was fun. I could learn a lot from him.

    Admit it, Himee is your favorite character. ;D
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    Ah the tournament. This is where chapters start to get longer.

    Chapter 10: Let the Games Begin

    I ended up spending most of the next two days with Prof. Himee getting a tour of the lab in the process. The giant Pokeball on the roof is actually the fourth and fifth floors, with the fifth being an observatory. Later that night we watched the stars over dinner and got in an interesting conversation on ketchup. Why do we put ketchup on cheese burgers and fries, but not steak or mashed potatoes which are made from the exact same substances? We concluded that that was one of the larger mysteries of life.

    “It’s almost time for my match. I’ll see ya when I get back Professor.” I said running down the spiral stair case with Axel close behind.

    “Have fun storming zhe castle!” shouted the old man from the second floor balcony.

    When I got to the stadium, the 28th match of the day was already underway. I was mach 30, so I still had roughly 20minutes to half an hour before it was my turn depending on how long these people took. The current battle went by pretty quickly, a Goth chick with white-blond hair and a Banette completely destroyed her opponent. If my math is correct, she would be my fourth opponent providing she gets that far. An official came in seconds later to call in the next participants. I sat through that battle until finally my turn came.

    “Next participants are Brian and Cal.” said the returning official. A boy with medium length reddish brown hair coming out from under a black and red hat rose from his seat.

    “Finally.” Cal said stretching. He walked over to me and put his had on my shoulder. “Sorry dude, but you really don’t stand a chance against me. I plan on winning this so no hard feelings right?” he said arrogantly. I stared at him and blinked a few times.

    “Ok.” I said uncaringly.

    “Really dude? Aw you’re the best! Thanks for understanding.” he said smugly running out to the field. Oh I understand perfectly, you’re a pansy. I turned my head to Axel with a wild look in my eyes.

    “I say we rape this little bastard.” I stated just as indifferently as before.

    I like a good rape fest.” the Infernape affirmed. With both stated giggling crazy-evilly as we walked to join our obnoxious opponent. When we arrived on the field the crowd began cheering in anticipation of the battle to come.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen! This match will be between Brian and Cal!” shouted the Referee. “Please register the three Pokémon you will use.” I grabbed a Great Ball, a Pokeball, and a dysfunctional ball covered in duct tape (Axel’s) and placed the orbs on a machine for registry. On a score board above the arena three question marked silhouettes appeared under my picture, as was the same for Cal.

    “Begin!” declared the Referee. On cue we both threw out our first Pokémon. Well to be accurate, Axel was too heavy to throw, so I morely told him to go kick some ass. However, I don’t think Axel’s victim has an ass being a giant floating purple ice head with two pointy black horns, large blue eyes, and an angry expression. I almost feel bad for the Glalie.

    “H-h-hey! Weren’t you going easy on me?” asked my opponent nervously. I wanted to do this later, but I think now would be a good time to break this pansy.

    “I said ‘ok’. That means you have to show me I’m no match for you.” I said spitefully. “That just means I’m kind enough to give you the first move.” I mocked. Cal glared angrily at me across the field.

    “Big mistake! Ice Fang Glalie!” commanded my opponent. The Face Pokémon opened its large mouth surrounding its many teeth in ice and frost, then quickly, for a lack of a better word, floated at Axel. The monkey took a defensive stance with his left arm out and his right arm pulled in with both palms facing his adversary. When Glalie was close enough, Axel thrust his arms forward catching the Ice type, who was biting furiously at the Infernape.

    “That Pokémon sure looks hungry doesn’t it Axel? Why not give it some Embers to chew on?” I suggested, though we both knew I was telling him to do it. Flamethrower would have just been too cruel at such a close range on an Ice-type. Axel did as instructed spitting numerous small flames into Glalie’s mouth and face. The giant head’s eyes widened as it let out a deafening shriek of agony. The Face Pokémon aborted its attack and pulled away in an effort to escape Axel’s relentless assault. Doing so only set it up for our next move.

    “Now Close Combat!” I called. Without missing a beat, the Flame Pokémon was on Glalie hitting it with a barrage of punches and kicks.

    “Hey give me a beak dude!” Cal complained.

    “Then show me! Back up your big talk from the other room!” I demanded. “You said you were better than me. To me that means I have to let each of my Pokémon go all out so that they don’t get their asses kicked.” Cal looked completely nervous as a pansy like him should in this kind of situation.

    “Glalie! Push the Infernape away with Icy Wind!” he called. Not a bad response. The Face Pokémon opened its mouth and blew a bone chilling wind around the field. I pulled my arms close to my body as I could already see my breath. Axel had his arms up to block most of the attack, but was still getting pushed back by the force of the attack. With this distraction, the floating head took the needed time to get as far away from Axel as possible.

    “Distance won’t save you from us! Fire Spin Axel!” I commanded. The monkey shot a long stream of fire at the ground beneath Glalie which quickly grew into a spiraling tornado of flames around the Ice-type.

    “Glalie! Protect!” Cal shouted desperately. A purple force field that looked like it was made of transparent ice quickly surrounded Glalie. It was all he could do to help his Pokémon in this case, but I was still smarter and knew away around it.

    “Feint.” was all I needed to say for Axel to run though his own Fire Spin, put his right fist in his left hand, and use the force of both arms to smash through Glalie’s Protect and elbow the floating purple head between the eyes knocking it out. “Well that was a good warm-up.” commented the Flame Pokémon cracking his knuckles and neck. I should have known; he was just getting started against this weakling.

    “Glalie is unable to battle! Who will be the next Pokémon?” asked the Ref to build suspense for the spectators.

    “You won’t beat my next Pokémon so easily!” declared Cal sending out another giant floating purple head, or should I say heads, both adorned with a skull and cross bones with toxic fumes emitting from the pores on its body. I’ll believe Axel not beating this Weezing when I see it.

    “Let’s keep our game going Axel! Torment!” I called. Axel got a mischievous smirk on his face and started rubbing his palms together in excitement. He did some fancy acrobatics until he was right in front of Weezing, then he jumped on the Poison Gas Pokémon’s “back” and started banging on its heads like a pair of bongos while chanting “We are tormenting you!” The monkey got off Weezing’s “back” and ran back to his spot on the field while laughing like a giddy school girl leaving behind an angry Weezing. I started cracking up despite the situation.

    “You think that’s funny?” accused Cal angrily. “I’ll show you funny! Destiny Bond Weezing! Now even if you defeat me I still win!” he declared.

    “No you don’t! Taunt!” I commanded before the floating purple heads could get the attack off. Axel stuck out his tongue and held up both middle fingers. Then he started shaking his fists (with the fingers still up) at his opponent. “We are still tormenting you!” Weezing got angrier and launched a Sludge attack instead of what its trainer had ordered. Despite an attempt to avoid the attack, Axel was still struck by the poisonous purplish black goo.

    Man! I just got cleaned last night too!” whined Axel. If that’s all the monkey is complaining about then I guess he hasn’t been poisoned.

    “Damn it! Stop limiting my moves!” protested the pansy. My my, aren’t we full of complaints tonight.

    “Shoosh you and fight like a man! If you can that is.” I taunted.

    Tormenting!” Axel added obnoxiously.

    “Fine, have it your way. At least after all you’ve done, I can only hurt your Infernape.” Cal jeered. “Thunderbolt!” Weezing’s body began crackling with electricity before its body convulsed releasing the stored lighting attack at the Flame Pokémon.

    Fuck me.” Axel said in annoyance looking up at the incoming attack. At the last second he dodge rolled to the side only to get sent rolling faster by the energy release from the impact of the Thunderbolt.

    “Hey Axel! Are you still with me?” I inquired to the Infernape who was lying on his belly. He pushed himself up and shook off the dust. “Great. I say we lay this guy out with Combo 8.” I stated.

    Oh that’s a fun one!” the monkey cheered getting in position. The flame on his head intensified as he jumped in the air and began rolling toward the Poison Gas Pokémon. This was no Flame Wheel, though, it was a Flame Wheel combined with Rollout. And not just that, there was a special treat at the end.

    “Weezing! Double Hit!” called Cal. The giant siamese head floated at the rolling fireball attempting to hit the spinning monkey only to get run over. “Try again with Sludge!” my opponent commanded. Unfortunately for them, Axel’s rolling speed was just too fast as he rolled right past the purple gunk for another hit. This was so pitiful it was fun! For the finally Axel spun himself into the air, then ended his flaming Rollout with his tail covered in a coat of metal which he slammed between Weezing’s two heads smashing the Poison-type to the ground and fainting it. Yes, the special treat was Iron Tail.

    “Ugh… this can’t be happening.” Cal said ashamedly while lowering the rim of his hat over his eyes.

    “Oh but it is!” I said widening my eyes for emphasis. I can’t believe this guy was considered one of the 128 best trainers in the world.

    “It’s one Pokémon against three now. The battle has become one sided.” the Referee announced.

    “It’s all up to you Typhlosion!” Cal said unleashing a bipedal badger with tan fur on its front and dark blue fur running from the top of its head down its back to its ankles. The Pokémon had a large flame around its collar and a mouth full of vicious fangs that were most likely used for shredding meat. The Typhlosion walked up to Axel and looked down at the Infernape. The golden monkey looked up into Typhlosions eyes. I could tell that this bout between Fire-types was going to be a heated match. Pun intended.

    “Quick Attack Typhlosion!” shouted Cal breaking the stalemate between the Fire-types. Typhlosion jumped back, then pushed forward again turning into a blur.

    “Mach Punch Axel!” I commanded. The Flame Pokémon disappeared in a golden blur flying toward the Volcano Pokémon’s blur. The two Pokémon collided in a violent clash resulting in Axel’s fist in Typhlosion’s stomach and the latter’s head in Axel’s chest. The opposing forces pulled away, each holding their respective wounds.

    “Use Fire Punch Typhlosion!” ordered Cal.

    “Monkey see, monkey do Axel!” I called. Both adversaries charged eachother with flaming fists, each punching the other in the jaw. “Blaze Kick Axel!” The monkey covered his leg in fire then kneed the badger Pokémon in the gut, then kicked it in the face when it keeled over.

    “Come on Typhlosion! Use Swift!” Cal called. The Volcano Pokémon created white stars of energy in its hands and threw them like shurikens at Axel. The Infernape put up his arms in an attempt to block the unblockable with each star bursting on his arms, causing the monkey to wince after every strike.

    “Just a bit more! Furry Swipes!” I shouted. Axel threw his hands back then ran at his enemy bringing them forward as he neared Typhlosion and started slashing away.

    “He won’t be able to avoid you at this close range! Use Rollout!” Cal said as if he knew what he was doing. Poor misguided Cal. The badger Pokémon leaned forward rolling over the monkey like bowling ball to pins.

    Ow! Son of a bitch!” yelled Axel getting up. “Brian! Give me the order to Counter now!” What point is there to tell me what to tell him?

    “Counter.” I said uncaringly. Axel grinned evilly as the rolling Typhlosion came back at him. The Infernape shoved out his arms catching the Volcano Pokémon, then lifted it over his head and threw it into the nearest wall. As Typhlosion stared getting up, Axel took it upon himself to charge his opponent and Mach Punch it in the face KOing it.

    “And there goes the battle!” the Ref declared. The crowd went wild with applause and whistles. I held up both my arms victoriously.

    “I- I can’t believe I lost.” said Cal in shock.

    “I can.” I said matter of factly. “It’s because you’re a smug bastard that thought he could talk someone into losing for them. Tsk tsk.”

    Hey Monkey! Can I get a banana split?” asked Axel.

    “For the rape fest you just unleashed, I’m getting you two with Cheri Berries on top!” I said proudly which gave Axel a big smile like a kid in a candy store. I shouldn’t take this victory lightly though; I doubt the rest will be this easy.
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    Chapter 11: Round 2! Fight!

    Once again my match was in the evening, so I spent the day in Prof. Himee’s lab to see what I could learn. That and Himee amuses me. However, it didn’t quite go as I planned. Today was Asuna’s day off, so I had the “privilege” of being the errand boy today.

    I ran back to Himee’s lab as fast as I could. He sent me to the store to pick up any Whitney Houston CD that had I Will Always Love You on it, and of course now I had half an hour left before my match. I burst through the door to the laboratory and raced up the spiral staircase.

    “Here’syourCD!” I said in one breath quickly handing it off.

    “Oh good! I’ve been looking for zhis song for a long time. Now could you pick me up some milk?” he asked.

    “No time! Need to get to stadium!” I called jumping off the second floor balcony and barrel rolling so as not to hurt myself.

    “Damn. Zhere has to be anozher vay.” I heard him contemplating before I ran through the door again where Axel had been waiting outside.

    Took you long enough.” Axel said sarcastically. I paid the monkey no mind, grabbing a Pokeball from my side and sending out my Aerodactyl.

    “To the stadium!” I commanded hopping on his back with Axel. To get there from the sky was a lot faster than running to the arena. I had the prehistoric Pokémon descend as we got closer so I could jump off safely and call him back as I ran to the rest area with five minutes to spare.

    “Damn.” I sighed taking a seat to wait for my name to be called. At least Prof. Himee agreed to pay me for being his runner today. I’ll probably stop by after my battle to pick up my $50.

    “Brian. Katelyn. You two are up.” said the official. My turn already?

    Ready to kick some ass tonight?” asked Axel getting battle ready.

    “I am, you’re not.” I said straightforwardly.

    What!?” yelled the Infernape in shock.

    “You thrashed our opponent last night. We gotta let the rest of your teammates have the spotlight once and awhile.” I explained. Axel crossed his arms and looked away grumbling with a sulking look on his face. I think I’ll just let him brood for awhile, the battle is starting.

    “The second to last match tonight will be between Katelyn and Brian! Please register your Pokémon!” shouted the announcer. I placed a Pokeball and two Great Balls on the registry machine and like last night, my picture and the picture of my opponent, a female with short strait black hair and tanned skin, came on the screen with three question marked silhouettes representing the Pokémon we were using came on the big screen.

    “Let’s make this a fun match.” Katelyn said cheerfully with a smile. Finally, an opponent who isn’t a complete dick weed.

    “I agree.” I nodded unhinging the Pokeball containing my first Pokémon as she got hers ready. The second the Referee said ‘Go!’ we unleashed our chosen Pokémon. Riolu appeared ready to once again prove himself in combat. His opponent this time was a green frog with yellow toes, small pink cheeks, and a strange curly hair sticking out of its head. The size of the Politoed’s cheeks indicated it to be female.

    You’re using the infant over me? Not my fault if you lose.” Axel complained. I ignored him. We both knew that for only being six months old Riolu was one tough little Pokémon. Whether that had anything to do with being a Fighting-type or being able to sense and use aura or a combination of both, I don’t care. He does what is needed and that’s all I ask. Besides, Axel hates fighting Water-types.

    “Politoed! Bounce!” called Katelyn initiating the first move. The Frog Pokémon crouched low and pushed itself high in the air with its powerful leg muscles.

    “Detect Riolu.” I said calmly. Riolu closed his eyes trying to sense exactly when and where Politoed would land. I looked up watching gravity take its toll on Politoed who came falling right above Riolu. On queue, the Emanation Pokémon opened his eyes and jumped out of the way leaving Politoed to land butt first on solid ground.

    “Now Force Palm Rio!” I called. Riolu spun around to face his opponent then thrust his glowing blue right hand into her, pushing the Frog Pokémon back a few feet with a powerful burst of aura.

    “Try a Body Slam Politoed!” Katelyn called. Politoed jumped forward landing belly first on top of Riolu. It was quite disturbing when the amphibian started wiggling around.

    “Riolu! Counter!” I shouted. A WTF look appeared on Politoed’s face as it began rising off the ground as Riolu pushed up lifting the Frog Pokémon over his head. Then he threw Politoed and punched her for good measure followed by shaking his arms from the exertion. Politoed got back up and faced her young adversary.

    “Try and counter this attack! BubbleBeam!” commanded Katelyn. The amphibian opened her mouth unleashing a flurry of transparent bubbles at Riolu.

    “Hear that Rio? She challenged us. Pop the bubbles with Bullet Punch!” I called. The Emanation Pokémon began a rapid assault against the bubbles with his fists. Several got through and hit him, but Riolu managed to pop the majority of them. “Well done!” I complemented.

    “That was pretty impressive.” Katelyn acknowledged. “But let’s see if you can do the same with Hydro Pump!” The Frog Pokémon opened her mouth wider than before and shot a river of water comparable to a fire hose at Riolu.

    “Quick Attack!” I commanded urgently. Riolu dodged out of the way of the gushing water, disappearing into a blue blur as he circled around Politoed and attacked from behind abruptly stopping the Hydro Pump.

    “I’ll admit you got me there, but can your Riolu stand up to my Politoed’s Psychic?” my foe taunted.

    “Probably not.” I said humbly. “But he sure as hell can try!”

    “I’ll be completely outclassed if he does. Use Psychic Politoed!” she ordered. The amphibian’s eyes began glowing blue and that same blue glow surrounded Riolu as he was lifted into the air.

    “Riolu! Endure!” I called. Riolu nodded closing his eyes and crossing his arms to use every ounce of power he had in staying conscious. Politoed violently threw Riolu to the ground and released her hold on the young Pokémon. Moment of truth here. When the dust cleared, Riolu was still standing although completely worn out and covered in scrapes and bruises.

    “That’s it Rio. Just hang in there a little longer.” I encouraged.

    “So I’m completely outclassed. That is one tough Riolu. I’ll just have to try harder if I’m to beat it! He can’t go on much longer after that!” Katelyn mused. “Finish it with Ice Beam!” The Frog Pokémon opened her mouth again firing a blast of cold breath crystallizing all the water molecules in the air into a solid stream of ice aimed right for the Emanation Pokémon.

    “Monkey declares Agility followed by Cross Chop!” I commanded. In the blink of an eye, the Ice Beam passed through an after image of Riolu as he was already half way to his target with his arms crossed in an X in front of him. The Frog Pokémon stopped her attack looking down as Riolu was now right under her thrusting his arms into her throat. The amphibian’s eyes widened to there full size as she choked out her last breath and collapsed. Attacking a pressure point; how strategic.

    “What did you do to Politoed!?” Katelyn panicked.

    “Relax. My Pokémon know how to deliver debilitating but not fatal blows to opponents. Your Politoed will be fine. Her neck may be sore for awhile, but she’ll live.” I reassured. Katelyn looked relieved, but quickly got serious as she called back Politoed.

    “Atleast your Riolu won’t be giving me any more trouble after this. Your turn Honchkrow!” shouted Katelyn sending out a robust looking bird covered in dusk black feathers with red feathers lining the wings and tail, a white chest, and a witch hat shaped head. The Honchkrow spread its wings wide with an intimidating caw upon emerging.

    “You’re right, Riolu won’t be fighting any more, but not because you defeated him. Rio, time to exit stage left. Return.” I said holding out his Pokeball. The Emanation Pokémon materialized into a red light as he was sucked back into his protective capsule. I then got one of the Great Balls ready. “Come Vaporeon!” I summoned. A streamlined blue marine mammal with a fish tail and fin-like ears, head crest, and collar came on to the field stretching his paws forward before getting in a sitting position. My Vaporeon; I caught him early in my journey as an Eevee and evolved him as soon as I got a Water Stone. This Vaporeon also fathered my Espeon. It’s been awhile since I used him, I hope he hasn’t gotten rusty.

    “Why must you have so many cute Pokémon?” asked Katelyn with that ‘OMG so kyut!’ expression girls are prone to.

    “Cause I do.” I said blankly. “So are you going to attack or should I?”

    “Oh, right. Honchkrow! Shadow Ball!” she commanded. The crow began gathering power from all the surrounding shadows in the arena to fuel an ever growing ball of darkness. It didn’t help matters that it was night, and even with the blinding floodlights, there were more shadows than during the day. When the Shadow Ball had reached the desired size, Honchkrow launched it at its target.

    “This may be completely mean, but meh. Tear through Shadow Ball with Ice Beam!” I called. The Bubble Jet Pokémon solidified vapor in the air into a frozen beam blasting at the ghostly attack creating an explosion of darkness and ice. That was unexpected, I thought the Ice Beam would have pierced the Shadow Ball and struck Honchkrow. That attack was stronger than I anticipated. “We must be careful with this one Vaporeon.” I warned.

    “Now Wing Attack!” I heard Katelyn call through the still lingering smoke from our attacks. The Big Boss Pokémon emerged from the haze smacking Vaporeon in the right flank hard with its wing. It shouldn’t have gotten so close.

    “Push it away with Hydro Pump!” I yelled eagerly. I didn’t even see Vaporeon initiate the attack, all I saw was the crow getting carried to the other side of the field on a torrent of water leading back to my marine mammal. Honchkrow crashed into the wall behind its trainer with the force of a raging river.

    “Honchkrow!” Katelyn cried as the water died down causing the bird to fall into a puddle that formed beneath it. Don’t tell me it’s over already. Honchkrow slowly picked itself back up and shook the water from its ruffled feathers. That’s more like it! “So you like playing rough huh? I think I can match you. Sky Attack!” commanded my opponent. Honchkrow flew into the air as it started gathering energy causing to get an eerie white glow.

    “This attack may be painful Vaporeon. I suggest we start up an Aqua Ring to heal some of the damage.” I advised. The Bubble Jet Pokémon spun in a circle spraying a Water Gun creating a halo of water around himself. Thanks to his Water Absorb ability, simple touching the ring will heal some of his wounds.

    Honchkrow had just finished charging its attack and dive bombed Vaporeon with a loud caw leaving a ghostly white stream of its energy in its wake. That was definitely freaky looking. Vaporeon braced himself as the crow came inches from his head and struck violently. The marine mammal cried out in pain from the impact, then absorbed his Aqua Ring to restore some of his energy.

    “Bite ‘em Vaporeon!” I called. Vaporeon got a mouth full of feathers as he chomped down on Honchkrow’s wing. The bird cawed in annoyance.

    “Oh yeah? Peck its eyes out Honchkrow!” retorted Katelyn. Vaporeon closed his eyes tightly and turned his head as the Big Boss Pokémon assaulted him with its beak. Vaporeon released his hold on Honchkrow and the latter flew back to its side of the arena. This is getting pretty entertaining!

    “Vaporeon! Water Pulse!” I commanded. The Bubble Jet Pokémon did as told spitting a shockwave of H[sub]2[/sub]O at his foe.

    “Cancel it with Dark Pulse!” Katelyn countered. The crow gathered more shadows, then scattered them with a loud caw. The water and darkness collided midfield causing the respective elements to disperse in all directions. While Honchkrow received no damage by getting splashed with a few harmless particles of water and shadow, Vaporeon was healed, if only a little by the water droplets landing on his skin. Axel yelped and jumped back as a few drops landed on him as well.

    “Not… bad…” I said cracking my neck. “But now I’m afraid I’m going to have to defeat your magnificent Flying Pokémon if I plan on winning anytime soon. Aurora Beam!” I called. The marine mammal launched a semi-transparent blast of green, purple, red, and blue that weaved down the arena like the Aurora Borealis.

    “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not done just yet! Dodge it with Fly!” called Katelyn. Honchkrow launched itself into the sky just barely avoiding Vaporeon’s beautiful attack.

    “I wonder, how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?” I said randomly.

    “What?” asked Katelyn in confusion. Honchkrow began its decent.

    “The answer, Two! Vaporeon! Sand-Attack!” I commanded. Just as the bird was near ground level, Vaporeon smacked his fish tail across the ground sending dust into Honchkrow’s eyes impairing its vision. The crow cawed as it veered off course and crashed into the ground. “That’s one lick, and… well forget the second, I think Honchkrow KOed itself when it crashed to the ground.” I said looking at the fainted crow.

    “What… What the hell was that?” Katelyn shouted in frustration.

    “I’d like to know that myself. I have a very random mind, and sometimes I don’t even know where stuff comes from.” I said flatly. Katelyn looked completely at a loss for words by my statement. She then shook the randomness aside and put her focus back on the battle by removing her downed Honchkrow from the field and readying her last Pokémon.

    “Whatever, I can still beat you.” she said confidently.

    “Are you sure? Riolu was never technically defeated, so in a weird sense it’s three against one.” I pointed out. “Anyway, I hope we can continue having a fun battle.”

    “Yeah me too. It’s your turn Gardevoir!” An elegant white Pokémon with a body that flowed like a dress, thin green arms that were proportionally similar to humans, and green hair growing down around the face and neck graced the arena. I really hope that that Pokémon is female. I can’t help but pity male Gardevoirs.

    “Tell me, is Gardevoir’s ability Trace or Synchronize?” I inquired.

    “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Katelyn taunted. That doesn’t really tell me anything. She’s either baiting me to attack with a water move that would heal Gardevoir because it Traced Water Absorb, or she’s trying to hide the fact that the ability is Synchronize so that I won’t attack with water moves for fear that it’s Trace. Clever.

    “I would like to know, and the best way I can do that is with Aqua Tail!” I commanded. Vaporeon began excreting water from the pores on his tail creating a thin layer of the life giving liquid around the appendage. He then ran up to the Embrace Pokémon and spun around to smack his opponent. The Psychic winced from the attack meaning the move caused it pain meaning its ability is Synchronize. “Thank you, I got the information I was looking for.” I thanked.

    “Don’t go thanking me yet! Give them a taste of ThunderBolt Gardevoir!” shouted Katelyn. EEP! And another EEP! The Embrace Pokémon’s body began sparking with electricity as it called upon the attack. Gardevoir tensed its muscles releasing the powerful lightning move into the air where it curved around aimed for my aquatic creature. Vaporeon jumped back just as the ThunderBolt struck, but was sent flying by the explosion caused by the impact on the ground which sent dust and the smell of ozone into the air. The Bubble Jet Pokémon staggered weakly back to his feet.

    “It’s not over yet! Vaporeon! Use Hydro Pump on yourself!” I called. Vaporeon tilted his head to the sky then spewed a great surge off water into the sky that went up about halfway to the top of the stadium before raining down back onto the field. As Vaporeon bathed in his self created shower, his injuries disappeared from his body like they never existed. The rejuvenated Vaporeon stretched his paws forward and yawned as if waking up from a refreshing nap.

    “Interesting strategy.” Katelyn complemented.

    “Combat is my specialty.” I said bowing. “I live for the trill of a challenge against strong opponents like yourself Miss Katelyn. The stronger they are the more fun I have.”

    “Well aren’t you sweet.” said my adversary playfully.

    “You won’t be calling me sweet after this. Body Slam Vaporeon!” I called. The marine mammal charged Gardevoir preparing his physical assault.

    “Defend with Psychic!” commanded Katelyn. The Embrace Pokémon’s eyes took a purple glow and soon Vaporeon had that same glow around his body as he was lifted off the ground before getting thrown through the air back to his starting point. He landed on his side and slid a few feet before stopping.

    “If you’re going to take a beating like that, then I suggest you create another Aqua Ring.” I said as Vaporeon stood. “And make this on last.” I added. The Bubble Jet Pokémon created another water halo around himself to constantly feed him energy for this battle.

    “Even with an Aqua Ring you won’t survive this! Use Magical Leaf!” Katelyn called. The Psychic crossed its green arms around its torso, the quickly threw them out sending a barrage of rainbow colored leaves at Vaporeon. “And to plan ahead, Future Sight!”

    “Icy Wind!” I commanded. I’d rather stick to the here and now and worry about Future Sight later. Vaporeon blew cold air from his mouth creating snow particles and ice chunks in the attacks range. By the time the leaves struck the Bubble Jet Pokémon, all were frozen and had lost the majority of their velocity rendering them harmless. The Icy Wind continued until it stuck the creator of the previous attack. Katelyn looked as if she was beginning to get frustrated. So long as Vaporeon could produce water, he could continue to regenerate.

    “This could take awhile.” Katelyn said as if she was planning something. “Gardevoir! Use Wish!” The Psychic put its hands together and began chanting something in its own tongue. I see, with both our Pokémon healing themselves, there will be no end to our battle. Excellent! The only difference is, Vaporeon can recover instantly while it usually takes a minute for Wish to take effect.

    “I’ll just have to end this in the next 57 seconds then won’t I? Vaporeon! Brine!” I commanded. The aquatic creature blasted a steady steam of water at Gardevoir’s feet which spiraled beneath the Embrace Pokémon’s feet before exploding upward in a violent splash.

    “We won’t loose so easily ya know! Double Team!” my opponent gloated. Soon one Gardevoir was ten, and with only 30 seconds left, I didn’t have the time to go through all of them.

    “I don’t want to win so easily! Surf’s up Vaporeon!” I retorted. An enormous tidal wave erupted from under the stadium, flowed over Vaporeon, and rushed over the Gardeviors dissolving all the copies. When the water receded, Gardevoir was lying face down in a puddle. The Psychic stirred a bit and started weakly pushing itself back up. Damn! Only 10 seconds left!

    “Quick Attack now Vaporeon!” I called with increased desperation. Vaporeon dashed at his target as fast as his legs could take him. To ensure his victory, the Bubble Jet Pokémon bit Gardevoir upon collision. All of a sudden a giant purple meteor of Psychic energy fell from the sky and crashed into Vaporeon as if it was homed in on him. Of course! How could I have forgotten the Future Sight? When the dust from the impact cleared, both Pokémon lay on the ground. My heart raced in anticipation for the result of this outstanding showdown.

    “Both Gardevoir and Vaporeon are unable to continue! By default the winner is Brian for having two Pokémon remaining!” declared the Ref. I sighed in relief and smiled at the narrow win.

    “If only Future Sight had hit even a second sooner. Then Wish would have taken effect and I would have still had a chance of winning.” Katelyn lamented.

    “Don’t feel bad. You were a very challenging adversary, worthy of being called one of the strongest 128 people in the world.” I complemented wiping sweat from my brow. “If Vaporeon didn’t have the Water Absorb ability he would never have lasted as long, even with Aqua Ring. I would have been forced to use my Donphan had he lost, and who knows how that would have gone.”

    “Thanks Brian.” said Katelyn happily. “You are a great trainer, and I’ll be sure to train hard so that next time I can kick your ass.”

    I’m glad I didn’t get in the middle of that. Every one of her Pokémon would have owned me.” Axel said shamefully as we left the stadium.

    “See. I told you, you have to let your partners fight every once and awhile.” I said.
  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Chapter 12: Third Round Tough Guys

    “Himee! You in there?” I asked knocking on the only wooden door in the lab found on the third floor. This was Prof. Himee’s loft.

    “Vhat? Vhat is it? Who’s zhere? I’m busy! Go avay!” he shouted from the other side of the door.

    “It’s Brian. I got your milk.” I called back lifting the bag. No sooner had the words left my mouth I heard movement as the old man scrambled to the door. I was completely shocked to hear a deadbolt as Himee unlocked the door and opened it to greet me.

    “Ah fresh calcium!” the professor cheered grabbing the bag from my hand. “Vould you like to join me for some Fruit Loops tomorrow for breakfast?” he offered.

    “I’ll join you for breakfast, but I’m bring the Lucky Charms I have stashed in my hotel room.” I replied. Prof. Himee’s face lit up with excitement.

    “I love Lucky Charms! Zhey’re Magically Delicious you know!” said Himee gleefully.

    “I know! I always eat the cereal first so that I have a bowl full of marshmallows at the end.” I agreed.

    Apple Cinnamon Cheerios!” shouted Axel holding up his hand. I high fived the monkey with a big grin. Hell yeah for a conversation on cereal.

    After a delightful breakfast with Himee the next morning, I left for the stadium. Rounds three and four were today so if all went well I’d have two matches and be moving on to the quarter finals tomorrow. If things don’t go well… well I won’t bother with what ifs.

    “We started with 128. In just three short days this number has dropped to 32. Which of these skilled trainers will make it to the final eight? Find out today!” cried the announcer into a microphone to pump up the audience.

    “Anyone who’s been following this tournament would already know that much, genius.” I mocked silently. What made things worse was that I was last match of this round and the next.

    Wanna play some Poker to buy time?” asked Axel already searching my backpack for my deck.

    “You are so going down Monkey boy.” I answered confidently.

    I was getting strange looks from the people around me. I don’t know if it was because all six of my Pokémon were out playing poker with me, or because I was losing.

    I looked up from yet another sucky hand, consisting of the 2 of clubs, 5 of clubs, 4 of diamonds, king of hearts, and 7 of spades. I looked up at the match list on the screen and grinned in sweet delight.

    “Game over. We’re up next.” I said throwing down my cards.

    You’re just a sore loser.” taunted the Infernape with a cocky look.

    “If you want to fight next round you’ll be a good monkey.” I reminded. Axel froze for a few seconds slowly turning his head to me.

    Well what are you waiting for? Put the deck away!” he demanded taking the cards from the other Pokémon and throwing them at me. I picked up the five usable Pokeballs to return their respective Pokémon before gathering the cards and putting them in the box.

    “Brian. Goliath. You’re up next.” said the official sent to get me and my opponent just as I threw the deck in my backpack. Goliath?

    “Hey there little man!” said a giant beast of a man with huge rock solid muscles staring down at me with hard black eyes. I’m a pretty tall guy standing at six feet even, however this behemoth had to be seven or eight feet given that I actually had to look up at him, and he was at least as wide as a tree. Oh how I wished my name was David right now. “Let’s make it interesting.” he said.

    “Uhhh sure…” I said nervously. When I win I’m going to have to run like hell, Goliath could break me like a twig. As before, the official led us to the field, the spectators cheered, we registered our Pokémon, and then awaited the referee to say the word.

    “Begin!” the Ref declared. On his word the two of us launched our Pokémon. From my Great Ball came the snow covered conifer shape of my Snover. On Goliath’s end a short brown man with broad shoulder pads wearing a purple skirt with matching shoes and red boxing gloves appeared.

    “Hold on!” I shouted calling back my Snover.

    “An abrupt Pokémon change! That one must not have been the right choice.” announced the referee. Of course it wasn’t, I had someone better suited to fight Hitmonchan.

    “Let’s try this again with Hitmonlee!” I called summoning the solid brown creature with concave black eyes with white irises, long but underdeveloped arms, and huge feet that could break through anything attached to spring loaded legs that could stretch for several feet.

    “So that’s what you were doing. I gotta say Little Man, you sure are making this exciting.” Goliath remarked. “But let’s see you keep it up. Hitmonchan! Comet Punch!” The Punching Demon jumped at Hitmonlee with one arm extended and the other one bent for a quick strike.

    “Defense!” I commanded. Hitmonlee put his arms up with his palms facing out to block the rapid punches Hitmonchan was about to dish out. The latter Pokémon began to fire off multiple punches in quick succession, each of which my fighter blocked with his palms no matter where they were aimed.

    “Now Double Kick Hitmonlee!” I called. This time it was Hitmonchan who took a defensive pose as the Kicking Fiend launched two bone crushing kicks from each of his powerful legs, the force of the blows pushing Hitmonchan back a bit. “Meditate now.” I said. The Kicking Pokémon closed his eyes and put his hands together in a cup shape.

    “Get ‘em with Fire Punch!” yelled Goliath. The Puching Pokémon’s right fist ignited into a bright orange flame as he charged at my seemingly vulnerable Hitmonlee.

    “Hitmonlee! Blaze Kick!” I shouted. Hitmonlee quickly opened his eyes, then threw his left foot forward about three feet at such a speed that it too ignited into an orange flame. Hitmonchan thrust his fist forward to meet his rival’s foot. The two fiery appendages met center field creating a spectacular inferno as the fires mixed into one.

    “Close Combat!” Goliath and I shouted at the exact same time. In the middle of the arena the two Fighting-types engaged in a fierce show of strength by blocking and dodging their opponent’s attacks while simultaneously countering with their own. To put it simply, Hitmonlee looked as if he were floating because of how fast his legs were going, and Hitmonchan looked like he didn’t have arms. At the same time, both Pokémon’s upper bodies were moving back and forth in an attempt to avoid the other’s hits.

    “This battle has been intense since the word go!” the Referee cried. I couldn’t have put it better myself. These Fighting Pokémon were insane!

    “Rolling Kick!” I commanded to break the stalemate. The Kicking Fiend planted his left foot, then pivoted on it smashing his right foot into the Punching Pokémon’s side.

    “Use Ice Punch Hitmonchan!” Goliath called. The Punching Demon pulled back his left arm and began forming a thin layer of ice around the red glove. He then drove his fist into Hitmonlee’s abdomen. The Kicking Pokémon staggered back with his hand over his injury but was luckily not frozen.

    “Hitmonlee! Jump Kick!” I called. The fighter jumped forward in the air with one of his long legs extended to hit his adversary.

    “Detect his movement Hitmonchan!” shouted Goliath. Hitmonchan took a defensive stance and began bouncing on the balls of his feet ready to move aside when Hitmonlee got close so that he’d crash into a wall. Too bad it won’t work.

    “Feint!” I yelled. Just as the Kicking Pokémon was about to land his Jump Kick, Hitmonchan jumped out of the way as predicted. Hitmonlee then threw his leg to the ground causing him to slide and leave a gash in the surface. Then he spun on his heel using his momentum to catch the Punching Demon in the back with his opposite heel.

    “Counter!” commanded Goliath. Hitmonchan quickly recovered and punched Hitmonlee in what would be his face.

    “Revenge!” I called. The Kicking Fiend slammed his knee into his rival’s stomach.

    “Also use Revenge!” Goliath countered. The Punching Pokémon delivered a devastating right hook to the side of Hitmonlee’s head sending him flying. The kicker slid down the arena back to his starting point. Hitmonlee stood up and wiped his face like nothing had happened before getting back into his fighting stance.

    “That’s what I’m talking about! Focus Energy Hitmonlee!” I shouted. Hitmonlee crouched putting his head between his fists and began summoning all of his inner strength.

    “While he’s doing that use Focus Punch Hitmonchan!” Goliath called. Hitmonchan took the same stance as his opponent enveloping his gloved fists in bright white energy.

    “This is our chance! Hit him with Super Power!” I yelled. The Kicking Fiend’s body turned red, heating up to the point where steam was coming off of him, then he stretched his leg to its maximum length.

    “Hitmonchan! Dodge with Agility!” shouted the giant. Hitmonlee swung his leg down guillotine style, only for it to pass through an after image of the Punching Demon leaving a large crater in the ground. Hitmonchan reappeared next to Hitmonlee’s leg as the Kicking Pokémon retracted it back to its normal length. The Punching Pokémon was unable to move having had his move interrupted. He’s a sitting duck!

    “Hitmonlee! Hi-Jump Kick!” I commanded. The Fighting-type jumped higher in the air this time then he did before and flew at his opponent, landing his hit to Hitmonchan’s jaw sending the Punching Pokémon flying into a wall. Hitmonchan picked himself up and wiped some blood from his lip with the back of his glove.

    “Hitmonchan! Sky Uppercut!” Goliath called. The Punching Demon ran at Hitmonlee, only to stop in front of him and duck. Hitmonchan then threw his fist into the air as he jumped bringing Hitmonlee with him. The Kicking Pokémon flew backwards and landed on his back as his attacker landed neatly on his feet. “Now finish him with Mega Punch!” shouted Goliath triumphantly.

    “Hitmonlee! Counter with Mega Kick!” I shouted. Hitmonlee jumped off the ground and sent a glowing white foot at Hitmonchan while the other Fighting Pokémon lobbed a glowing white fist at his rival. The two attacks clashed in a bright light that made the crowd awe. When the light returned to normal Hitmonlee had a fist in his face and Hitmonchan had a foot in his face. Both Hitmons were struggling under the force of the other’s blow but both were too proud to admit defeat and break away from their dead lock. It was up to the trainers to decide this spectacular match.

    “Reversal Hitmonlee!” I called. Hitmonlee grabbed Hitmonchan’s arm and flipped the Punching Demon onto his back knocking him out. Hitmonlee looked down at his fallen foe with respect. I sighed in relief as the epic battle closed. But it wasn’t over yet, that was only Goliath’s first Pokémon.

    “Exciting first round Little Man.” Goliath said jovially. “But let’s see how you handle my Swampert!” Goliath through down an Ultra Ball releasing a large blue Pokémon with pointed orange cheeks, dark blue fins above each eye and one running down its back like a tail, and two massive arms. Unlike Swampert who was completely fresh, Hitmonlee could barely stand and was covered in numerous cut, scrapes, and bruises including a black eye. It would be completely irresponsible to leave him out.

    “Hitmonlee return. You’re back up Snover!” I said rotating my Pokémon. My Frost Tree Pokémon seemed delighted to be back out. The clear afternoon sky suddenly became heavily overcast as snow and hail began to fall from the sky. A very odd phenomenon for the beginning of July that I doubt the people in the audience were dressed appropriately for. I felt the cold air, but I didn’t have it so bad standing next to a Fire-type.

    “Swampert! Take Down!” Goliath called. The Mud Fish Pokémon firmly planted its powerful arms on the ground and pushed off, flying at Snover like a torpedo. The collision knocked both Pokémon to the ground. Swampert was the first to get back up followed a second later by Snover.

    “While it’s in close, use Wood Hammer!” I called. The Frost Tree Pokémon swung his arm wildly into Swampert’s exposed torso. The amphibious Pokémon’s eyes widened in pain at the highly super-effective hit. It was further abused by a falling chunk of hail.

    “Swampert! Get some distance and use Muddy Water!” commanded my behemoth opponent. Swampert did as instructed by putting a good many feet between itself and my conifer, then summoned a huge sediment filled tidal wave which over swept the field pushing Snover back by its force. As the water receded, it created a thin layer of ice on the ground thanks to the freezing temperatures that surrounded the arena.

    “Snover! Restore your energy with Ingrain!” I yelled. Snover firmly planted his root like feet on the ground. The duel-type’s feet then burst open releasing even smaller roots strong enough to penetrate the frozen ground and gather the nutrients in the soil below at the cost of not being able to move.

    “I’d like to see that strategy of yers work when there isn’t any solid ground to stand on! Use Earthquake Swampert!” shouted Goliath proudly. Swampert rose up on its hind legs then slammed its powerful fists to the ground sending earth shattering tremors down the field. The stadium floor exploded as the shock waves passed under it in all directions turning a formally flat surface into a terrain of jagged rocks jutting out of the surface. The Frost Tree Pokémon looked like an evergreen planted on the side of a cliff with some of his roots on the edge with the rest hanging out to the side completely exposed. At least Swampert was repaid with another chunk of hail.

    “Icy Wind Snover!” I called. The snow covered tree pushed his arms forward and began directing all the falling ice and snow at the Mud Fish Pokémon in one cold wintery wind.

    “Bide through it Swampert!” Goliath commanded. The amphibious Pokémon crossed its arms and began absorbing the attack. That is not something I’m going to let them get away with.

    “I would rather not do this, but hey, victory is victory. Snover! Grasswhistle!” I shouted. Snover put his hands to where I guess his mouth would be and started blowing between his fingers creating a soothing melody. To keep myself and Axel awake, I punched him and had the monkey punch me. I could see Swampert’s eyes flickering as the Mud Fish Pokémon swayed from side to side before finally collapsing into slumber. “Now use Ice Shard!” I called. Snover punched an incoming chunk of hail causing it to shatter and send the remnants at his sleeping foe.

    “Nice try, but it won’t work! Swampert knows Sleep Talk!” boasted Goliath. In its sleeping state Swampert glowed red and unleashed his pent up energy in a single punch dealing heavy damage to Snover. The Frost Tree Pokémon was panting in quick raspy breaths.

    “Just hang in there a little longer Snover. You can still win.” I encouraged. “Use Razor Leaf!” Several blade like leaves fell from Snover’s “hat” and flew at Swampert like heat seeking missiles, each leaf slicing at the amphibious Pokémon’s cold skin. Ouch.

    Without needing a command from Goliath, the Mud Fish Pokémon activated its own Sleep Talk using Aqua Tail. Swampert subconsciously charged at Snover, smacking the conifer like Pokémon with its tail covered in a thin layer of water. Another clump of hail woke Swampert from its nap.

    “This is getting ridiculous now. Finish the job with Giga Drain!” I commanded. Snover threw his arms forward sending out two green vines of energy from each hand which latched on to Swampert and began transferring its strength to the Frost Tree Pokémon. Swampert lifted its arm to block the attack but it ultimately failed and collapsed. By this point Snover’s breathing sounded like he was hyperventilating.

    “Hey Snover. Are you ok?” I asked anxiously. As soon as I finished the sentance, Snover cried out and began glowing. The white light produced by his body shot up into the air more than double the Frost Tree Pokémon’s height and began to warp into a new shape. The glowing light dispersed falling around the new Pokémon like the snow around him. The creature that stood before me now was a tall thick white monster with green feet and hands, green spike running down his back to his tail, pointed eyebrows above pink eyes, and shingles hanging over his mouth, chest, and back.

    “Amazing! Brian’s Snover just evolved into an Abomasnow! You saw it here folks! The first ever evolution in White City Stadium!” the Referee cheered. The spectators were going nuts with applause and whistles. I made sort of a cocky look. After all, it was my Pokémon that evolved.

    “Congrats Little Man.” Goliath congratulated. “But don’t think you’ve won yet! Finish this guy off Ursaring!” From a white Premiere Ball with a red stripe on it, came a hulking brown grizzly bear with a lighter brown circle on its chest and was armed with long sharp claws. The giant bear roared upon entry showing off its powerful flesh ripping teeth while lifting its massive arms to the sky. A smaller chunk of hail struck one of Ursaring’s paws casing the Hibernator Pokémon to stare daggers at the sky.

    “I agree Ursaring. Get rid of this annoying weather with Sunny Day!” commanded Goliath. Ursaring created a white ball of energy in its paw then threw it to the sky where it intensified the sunlight hidden behind the hail storm. Immediately the cold precipitation ended with the scattering of the clouds allowing bright sunlight to penetrate through. After the clouds we had had the past ten minutes, the sun was kind of blinding forcing me to squint and put my arm to my eyes.

    “How are you doing Abomasnow?” I inquired. I got a positive reply from my Pokémon. “Good. Let’s try out your new Ice Punch!” I called after looking up possible changes to his move list in my Pokedex. The Frost Tree Pokémon gathered water vapor from his surroundings to his fist turning it into a ball of ice. Abomasnow then stampeded over the shattered ground toward Ursaring and punched it in the center of the circle on its front. The Hibernation Pokémon did not look impressed.

    “Teach Abomasnow a lesson with Fire Punch!” my giant foe ordered. One of Ursaring’s mighty paws ignited into an elegant red-orange flame which was then smashed into Abomasnow’s face with the power of a falling tree. The abominable snowman cried in agony putting his hands to his burned face.

    “Use Bullet Seed Abomasnow!” I yelled. The Frost Tree Pokémon produced numerous brown walnut shaped seeds and began throwing them at Ursaring as if they were grenades.

    “Ursaring! Furry Swipes!” shouted Goliath. The Hibernator Pokémon slashed through all the seeds thrown at it with its powerful claws. “Abomasnow shouldn’t have much left. Finish it with Rock Smash!” The great bear looked around the destroyed field for a second or two until deciding to pick up the largest of the loose fragments of the arena. Ursaring then smashed the boulder sized segment over the Frost Tree Pokémon’s head rendering him unconscious. Or concussed, but I have to call him back anyway so I’ll worry about technicalities later.

    “The show is all yours Donphan!” I called summoning a grey elephant with black armor running from his rear to the tip of his trunk and ears and two long tusks coming from its mouth. Donphan lifted his trunk to the air trumpeting loudly letting all who heard him know he would win. He is a bit off a show off. “Avenge the fallen Donphan! Magnitude!” The Armor Pokémon stomped the ground with such force that it began shaking again leaving more damage in its wake. On the scale of one to ten, I’d give this one a seven, however it was strong enough to make Ursaring lose its balance and fall on its ass. I started giggling silently to myself. That made my day.

    “Hit it with Metal Claw Ursaring!” commanded Goliath. The grizzly got up with a not so happy look on its face. Its pearl white claws turned a metallic silver as it roared and tore down the field.

    “Defense Curl!” I shouted quickly. Donphan curled up into a ball just as Ursaring swiped its hardened claws across the elephant’s thick hide, not even leaving a scratch. “Now use Rollout Donphan!” While still balled up, the Armor Pokémon pulled back then barreled forward once again knocking the bear off its feet. Donphan rolled down the arena, then turned around hitting Ursaring once again before busting through a jutting boulder.

    “Catch it with Seismic Toss!” Goliath yelled. As Donphan came back around for his third strike, the Hibernator Pokémon held out its palms preparing to catch him. Donphan plowed into his adversary, pushing the bear back a few feet before the two finally came to a stop. Usaring lifted the elephant off the ground and threw him down the field with the latter, still being in his Defense Curl, leaving a crater upon impact.

    “Because I have a sweet tooth for destruction, you are going to use Earthquake Donphan!” I commanded. Donphan unballed by pushing himself in the air then landing with all of his weight and strength sending violent tremors down the already ruined arena. I couldn’t help but laugh maniacally at the sweetness of it all.

    You are such a bipolar battler. I love you.” Axel said happily.

    “Thrash ‘im Ursaring!” called Goliath. The grizzly bear through itself into a berserk frenzy and began wildly clawing at Donphan.

    “Donphan! Fury Attack!” I countered. Donphan rammed his tusks into Ursaring’s torso repeatedly shaking his head from side to side to do the most damage. In its out of control state, the Hibernator Pokémon could do nothing more than attack madly.

    “Now use Slam!” I continued. The Armor Pokémon threw his entire body into his rampaging opponent. Ursaring was now panting heavily looking as if it was beginning to wear out.

    “Take a Rest now Ursaring!” said Goliath rewardingly. I watched in annoyance as my almost eminent victory took a snooze.

    “Go wild Donphan! Ancientpower!” I shouted. Donphan voiced his unsatisfaction with the opposition’s actions in a loud trumpet. The sound also caused all the loose stones on the scarred ground to rise then fly at the sleeping bear.

    “Use Snore Ursaring!” shouted Goliath. Oh, of course. The Hibernator Pokémon began snoring so loudly that the sound waves actually shook the field.

    “Woah that’s loud!” I yelled holding my ears.

    What?” cried Axel also holding his ears. When the noise stopped, I stuck my pinkie in my ear to clear it out.

    “Right then. Use Earth Power next!” I called. The Armor Pokémon dug his face into the loose ground, and with a powerful upward thrust, sent a tidal wave of dirt and sand at his adversary. Ursaring awoke with the same unimpressed look it’s had all battle. Donphan and I agreed, this creature must go down.

    “Welcome back Ursaring. Have a nice nap?” asked Goliath. If there was any hint of mockery, it was for me. “Carry on with Slash!” The Hibernator Pokémon yawn-roared, then charged at Donphan. When in range, it slashed across the elephant’s vulnerable flank causing him to trumpet in pain.

    “You want to get it back? Then make it feel your pain! Endeavor!” I commanded. Donphan swung his head to the side slapping the bear Pokémon with his trunk which effectively drained Ursaring off all the energy it recovered from its untimely nap.

    “Get some distance Ursaring! Prepare for Giga Impact!” Goliath called. Ursaring turned and ran the opposite direction of its opponent.

    “That sounds like fun! Use your Giga Impact too!” I yelled delightedly. Should the results of this next attack not go in my favor, I still have two Aces left to insure my victory.

    When the two Pokémon were in position, Donphan trumpeted in triumph while Ursaring roared victoriously even though neither had won yet. At the same instant, both Pokémon ran at eachother at their full speeds, Ursaring having gotten down on all fours to attain its maximum velocity. Then came the moment everyone was holding their breath for; the collision. The impact from the two Pokémon gave off a bright light further delaying the result of the battle. My heart was pounding in anticipation. Sheesh. The way this was going, someone would think this was the finals. When the dust finally settled both Pokémon were still standing, but barely. The final blow would come when they had a chance to recover their strength.

    “Come on. Come on.” I chanted tensely. I was so excited. One word and it would be all over. To my dismay, Ursaring seemed to come to first.

    “I guess it’s my go. You were fun Little Man, but now it’s over. Sorry.” Goliath said unappoligetically. “Ursaring! Scratch!” As the bear raised its paw for the finishing blow, Donphan caught his second wind.

    “Flail!” I cried at the top of my lungs. The Hibernator Pokémon raked its claws down, but not in time for Donphan to throw his whole body into the grizzly knocking it to the shattered floor. When it didn’t get up after a few seconds I began laughing completely relieved that I some how pulled this hard earned win.

    “And there goes the battle! The winner is… Brian!” shouted the Ref to the cheering crowd.

    “I don’t believe it! You actually beat me Little Man!” said Goliath in shock. “Guess I got a little full of myself at the end there, huh?”

    “I had my moments too.” I admit calling back Donphan. We walked up and met at the center of what was left of the field. “I hope I kept this exciting for you.”

    “You were excellent!” he complemented holding out a hand the size of my head. When I accepted the hand shake I felt like a little boy holding my dad’s hand. Once I exited the arena (which probably needed some repair anyway), I looked for a stadium map so that I could find the stadium’s healing station to prepare for my next match.
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    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Chapter 13: Eve of Destruction

    Pokémon fully healed and ready to go: Check.
    Lunch break: Check.
    Bathroom break: Check.
    Ready to kick some ass: Check, check, check, and check!

    “Ladies and gentlemen! The final battle of the evening has arrived! Whoever wins this will be participating in the quarter-finals tomorrow! Will it be Brian Nosurname or Eve Illuminati? We’ll find out tonight!” rambled the Ref. That guy is way too excited about this. Then again, who am I to argue? Quarter-finals means I only have to deal with three more opponents and I get to use all six of my Pokémon.

    “Hey Hotshot!” Eve called over to me flirtatiously. I have to admit, she wasn’t half bad looking. She had long whitish blond hair, piercing green eyes, and a Lolita goth outfit consisting of the ridiculously frilly dress and the platform knee high boots.

    “Ya?” I responded interestedly.

    “I just wanted to warn you ahead of time not to cry when I defeat you wittle baby.” she taunted.

    “Keke!” I verbally ticked in annoyance.

    She owned you.” Axel mocked.

    “Sh- shut up!” I stammered. No one has EVER called me a little baby and not gotten their asses kicked. Come to think of it, this is the first time I actually have been called baby.

    “Begin!” the Referee shouted. Must focus!

    “I’ll show you a real baby! Come Espeon!” I called summoning the daughter of my Vaporeon. Fine smooth purple fur covered the Sun Pokémon’s body with a thick patch of whiskers under her ears. The red jewel on Espeon’s forehead between her large purple eyes and her long forked tail only amplified her psychic powers. Even though Espeon is no longer a baby, she was the first Pokémon I ever hatched making her my first baby.

    “Show him playtime is over Luxray!” Eve shouted sending out a lion Pokémon covered in thick black fur with blue fur on its face, hind legs, and part of its torso. Its long tail ended in a yellow star that matched its menacing gold eyes which glared at Espeon threateningly. “Oh? Let me guess, your Espeon is female right?” inquired Eve.

    “Yeah, so?” I asked. It took no more than a second to realize what was going on here. Eve’s Luxray must also be female with the Rivalry ability. “Crap.” I sighed unhappily.

    “Tee hee! You figured it out huh? Guess you’re not as dumb as you look.” my opponent mocked.

    “Geh! *Ahem* Right then.” I said regaining my composure. If I let her get in my head I’m done for. “Espeon! Swift!” I called. The Sun Pokémon created multiple white energy stars in the fork of her tail, followed by wiping her appendage side to side throwing the stars like homing shurikens that struck Luxray no matter where she tried to dodge to.

    “Looks like you’re not as predictable as I thought you were.” Eve admit. “Charge your power Luxray!” she instructed. The Gleaming Eye Pokémon never took her sinister gaze off of Espeon as yellow and blue sparks began flying off her glowing body.

    “Miss Eve, I am predictably unpredictable.” I bragged. “Allow me to demonstrate. Psybeam Espeon!” I shouted. Espeon lowered her head and fired off a rainbow colored beam at her adversary.

    “Counter with Charge Beam!” commanded Eve. Luxray opened her mouth wide and began concentrating electrical power into a ball between her jaws. Then with a forceful roar, the Gleaming Eye Pokémon blasted the electricity into a long bright yellow stream that tore through Espeon’s Psybeam like a rock through wet paper and struck the Sun Pokémon head on.

    “Shit! Espeon!” I yelled when she didn’t get up. I heard Eve laughing mockingly.

    “Don’t tell me she’s already done after only one attack.” she ridiculed playfully. At that second Espeon rose back up after catching her second wind. I didn’t think she would have lost so easily.

    “Underestimating an opponent is a careless mistake, one that could cost you a battle.” I warned. “Let me just show you how wrong you are! Use Quick Attack!” I called. A purple blur streaked down the field ramming head first into Luxray’s left flank.

    “Awww how cute. The wittle baby thinks he knows phiwosophy.” Eve said as if she were talking to a small child. I think I felt an anger vein growing on my forehead as another ‘Ke!’ escaped my mouth. “Luxray! Show our toy how he’s the one underestimating us with your Bite!” she said more seriously. The lioness flipped around and chomped her maw around the Espeon’s shoulders causing the smaller Pokémon to howl in pain. “Continue with Thunder Fang!” Eve ordered sadistically. The Sun Pokémon cried out again at lighting was shot into her wound. As Luxray released her grip, her face contorted in pain. By the way the two Pokémon were shaking, I would say Thunder Fang paralyzed the Eeveeloution then Synchronize took care of Luxray.

    “That’s what happens when you underestimate your enemies.” I said in an I-told-you-so way. “Even better, Espeon’s attacks are all mental based meaning she can attack so long as her body isn’t in too much pain. Espeon! Psychic!” I commanded. Espeon’s purple eyes took on a glow of the same color which then surrounded her entire body. Luxray was then surrounded in the violet aura and lifted into the air before being smashed back to the ground.

    “Don’t let him do this to you Luxray! Use Spark!” shouted Eve. The Gleaming Eye Pokémon’s movements were stiff and sluggish as her body began crackling with electricity while she attempted to run at Espeon. It was a pretty pathetic sight; like watching a three legged Poochyena hobbling after a bone.

    “You won’t get any closer that that. Use Shadow Ball Espeon!” I yelled. The stadium’s flood lights made the arena as bright as day. It also left numerous shadows in the corners of the stands and under the competitors themselves, all of which were now being lifted up into a swirling ball of darkness in front of the Sun Pokémon. Espeon pulled her head back dragging the Shadow Ball with her then threw her head forward launching the attack at her vulnerable foe. Luxray instinctively turned her head to the side to protect her face from the incoming attack which exploded into a cloud of darkness on impact.

    “Well you’re not playing very nice.” Eve pouted sadly. Bipolar much?

    “You haven’t been playing nice since before the battle even started!” I defended.

    “But I always play nice with my toys.” she said innocently.

    “See!?” I shouted pointing at her.

    “Pointing is so rude. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?” mocked Eve. *Anger vein* “If Luxray is going to have trouble moving, then she’ll just have to use Charge to unleash stronger attacks!” she said confidently. Sparks began flying off the lioness as she gathered more power for her next attack.

    “If she wants to buy time, then so will we! Future Sight!” I called. Espeon’s eyes took on their purple glow again as she called upon mystic forces to summon an attack from the future. Seriously though, how the hell does that work?

    “You silly boy, you should know better. Take your advantages while you can! Use Discharge Luxray!” commanded Eve. Luxray roared threateningly as blue lightning began shooting off her body. Then it was almost as if the Pokémon exploded with bright blue bolts flying indiscriminately in every direction.

    “Protect!” I shouted urgently. A violet bubble was emitted from the crimson gem on Espeon’s forehead until her whole body was enveloped. Just in time too as a random bolt of lightning struck at the Eeveelution’s location.

    I hate attacks like this!” cried Axel dodging a stray bolt. When the assault ended, Espeon dropped her barrier. She received a furious glare from Luxray for not taking any damage.

    “Did you know Espeon evolve from Eevee by being completely happy with their trainer?” I asked rhetorically. “Well I decided to put that bond to good use. Espeon, show everyone how much you love me with Return!” I said very cutesy like.

    You scare me sometimes.” commented the golden monkey by my side. Meanwhile, the Sun Pokémon had lifted her limp body into the air with her psychic powers and thrown herself into Luxray.

    “Hee hee.” I giggled triumphantly when Luxray didn’t get back up.

    “Oh how mature.” Eve said sarcastically. “You’re such a child.”

    “I was just trying to communicate with you in the only language you seem to understand.” I said playfully.

    “Goo goo gaa gaa?” were the next sounds to come out of Eve’s mouth.

    “What?” I questioned.

    “Sorry, I was just trying to communicate with you in the only language you seem to understand.” teased Eve. Now who’s being mature? “Try not to wet yourself now! You’re next Steelix!” A giant thirty foot silver serpent with a spiked tail and a giant head carrying massive jaws materialized from its Ultra Ball. One, two fangs, it’s a boy. Every other turning metal segment on the Iron Snake’s body had two long rods poking out.

    “Sorry to disappoint, but I took a bathroom break before the battle.” I replied. “Anyway, use Psybeam Espeon!” Espeon fired a rainbow colored ray from the jewel on her head at the giant snake. The psychic attack simply bounced off Steelix’s body like it was nothing. Curse steel for being the most durable type!

    “*taunting laughter* Is that all your Pokémon can do? Poor baby.” Eve mocked. “Steelix! Crunch!” Steelix roared lunging face first to the ground and scooped up my immobile Espeon in its monstrous mouth. He then carried the Sun Pokémon at least 25ft into the air, tossed his head his throwing Espeon higher, caught her again in his mouth, then spit her to the ground. I quickly readied Espeon’s Pokeball and returned her as she fell.

    “You God damn sociopath, what the hell was that!?” I asked furiously. “You could have killed her!”

    “It’s not my fault Steelix likes to play rough.” Eve said flatly like she was blameless. “Besides, this is the big leagues. If it’s too much for you, go home and suck your thumb.” I began growling angrily deep within my throat.

    Let me handle this.” Axel offered stepping forward. I threw my arm out in font of him.

    “Not yet. We don’t know what her third Pokémon is, and you don’t do so well against Rock and Ground-Type attacks.” I pulled a Pokeball from my side. “Let you’re student handle this one.” I held out the sphere releasing Riolu into the battle. The young Emanation Pokémon got a nervous look on his face after seeing Steelix, a Pokémon that’s head was bigger than he was. “You’ll be fine Rio!” I encouraged. Sensing my determination, he shook away his doubts and got ready to battle.

    “Awww how cute! Another wittle baby for me to pway with!” cheered my opponent.

    “And how old are you to think me so young?” I inquired.

    “You never ask a woman her age or her weight!” she said offendedly. “But if you want to know my measurements…” she blushed putting her thumb to her lip.

    “What? No! Have some decency woman!” I denied. “Riolu! Force Palm!” I commanded. Riolu concentrated his aura into his hand then thrust his blue-glowing palm into one of Steelix’s pointed segments sending a burst of energy through the Iron Snake’s body. Steelix roared in irritation.

    “Fooey. Must be gay.” said Eve disappointedly. “Why else would you not want this?” she taunted feeling herself. *anger vein* I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hit a female this badly in my life. “Bind up that Riolu!” Riolu was quickly surrounded by a thick metal tail and lifted into the air. Steelix held the Emanation Pokémon at eye level just for the sadistic pleasure of watching him squirm. Riolu let out a weak yelp as the snake tightened his grip on him.

    “Use Rock Smash on him Rio!” I yelled. As Riolu struggled to get free a purple meteor fell from the sky smashing into Steelix’s head. That would be Espeon’s revenge. That was just the distraction Riolu needed to free his arms and slam his elbows into the serpent’s tail with all of his strength. Steelix subsequently released his captive, letting Riolu fall back to the ground where he landed on his feet.

    “Steelix! Drag Riolu underground with Dig!” called Eve. The Iron Snake dove at Riolu head first with an open mouth. Riolu naturally new to avoid the attack and jumped back as Steelix penetrated the arena floor sending a mountain of dirt and debris up around him as the giant serpent went who knows how deep.

    “He’ll be back up soon Riolu. Detect where he’ll be.” I advised. The young fighter nodded and closed his red eyes so he could concentrate on locking on to his foe’s aura. The second his eyes shot open he quickly turned to his left and jumped backward just as the monstrous Steelix burst back to the surface with his massive maw wide open. Riolu put his arms over his head to block the rain of earth that fell from the sky in the Iron Snake’s wake.

    “Why do you bother delaying the inevitable?” questioned Eve sarcastically. “You will lose, plain and simple.”

    “Because by delaying your victory, I can still pull off the win.” I retorted. “Observe! Low Kick Riolu!” I shouted. Riolu ran at Steelix, followed by throwing his foot out in front of himself so that he dropped to the ground sliding into the giant serpent foot first. Riolu kicked Steelix in the segment the Iron Snake Pokémon had been using as his center of balance causing the metal monster to collapse. A tremor was created as his body came crashing down.

    “Hm. Predictable response. Trying to deny fate when you learn it isn’t in your favor. I thought you said you were predictably unpredictable, not predictably childish.” Eve said disappointedly. “Steelix! Use Dragonbreath!” she commanded. After lifting himself off the ground, the Steel-type blasted an intense blue flame from his huge mouth at Riolu. The Emanation Pokémon ran to avoid the attack, but the Steelix lived up to his cruel nature by actually turning his head and adjusting how much of his body was up so that he could follow Riolu around the field with his blast until finally striking the young Pokémon.

    “Riolu!” I shouted. Riolu weakly got up, rubbed his paws together, and got combat ready again. “I’m glad you’re ok Rio.” I said relieved. “Now, use Reversal!” I commanded. The young Emanation Pokémon ran around Steelix twice to confuse him before stopping behind the serpent. Riolu grabbed the Iron Snake Pokémon’s tail and pulled it causing the Steel-type to fall on his face again.

    “Crap. I wasn’t expecting this. Your Riolu is stronger than I gave him credit for.” Eve admit irritably.

    “What did I tell you about underestimating your opponents? Even a youngling like Riolu has untapped potential.” I reminded cockily.

    “Why do you have to be that way cutie? I just wanted to have some fun, but I’m done playing now. Show no mercy Steelix! Use Stone Edge!” called Eve getting a bit more serious. Steelix slammed his body to the ground causing four huge spears of rock to shoot up around Riolu. “Now Crunch!” she ordered before I could even think of a counter measure. The monstrous snake dived at the trapped Riolu with his jaws opened wide.

    “Defense!” was all I could yell before Steelix shattered through his own rock formation picking up Riolu in his giant head and taking him 25ft up like he did with Espeon. I could see the Emanation Pokémon holding the metal serpent’s mouth open with his hands on the roof of the mouth between two white square teeth and his feet on the jaw in front of another square tooth. Unfortunately I could tell Rio was losing the struggle as his limbs began shaking and Steelix’s mouth got that much closer to closing shut.

    “Push out!” I shouted. Riolu did as told managing to escape the serpent’s mouth as it clamped shut sending a metallic ring throughout the stadium. As Riolu fell, I could see him maneuvering in free fall so that he would land safely with minimal damage.

    “Finish him with Iron Tail!” I heard Eve shout victoriously. She wouldn’t dare! Steelix got a sadistic grin as he lifted his pointed tail, now shimmering in the floodlight with a fresh coat of metal. Riolu yelped as the sharp tail was smashed into his already falling body making his plummet that much faster. I pulled out Riolu’s Pokeball and quickly summoned him back before impact. I stared at the ball for awhile to confirm that Riolu had been fainted by that attack.

    “This is all a game for you isn’t it?” I asked venomously.

    “Pretty much. You’re just my toy. But don’t worry, I’m not going to break you because then you won’t be as fun to play with.” Eve responded carelessly.

    “Axel.” I said darkly. “Combo One.”

    As you wish. For Riolu!” cried Axel surrounding his right fist in fire. In a single leap he became a gold blur landing his fiery Mach Punch to Steelix’s jaw. The Infernape finished his combo with a flurry of close range Embers to the Steel-type’s face. The Iron Snake Pokémon let out a cry of defeat as he was finally brought down with Axel landing gracefully on his fallen foe’s head.

    “Axel huh? He’s the only one of your Pokémon to have a name isn’t he? I’m guessing that he’s your first and undoubtedly strongest. You two probably share an unbreakable bond forged over hard training and good times.” analyzed Eve.

    “Quit your rambling and send out your last Pokémon!” I ordered. The way she said all that was beginning to put me on edge.

    “With pleasure! Allow me to introduce my Axel, although her color isn’t nearly as unique, Diva!” Eve threw down a Dusk Ball which released an ominous shadow upon opening. The shadow materialized itself into a small black doll with three horns, long black ‘hair’, evil glowing red eyes with vertical pupils, a yellow zipper for a mouth, and a star shaped yellow tail. The Banette gave an otherworldly cry upon emerging. It may just be me, but it feels like it just got a few degrees colder in here.

    “Diva! Take care of wittle Axel with your Attract!” Eve called. Diva stared at Axel amorously, even going so far as to put her hands together under her chin and wink.

    *snicker* Good luck with that. I’ve got eyes only for other Infernape.” Axel said proudly. Eve looked completely confused.

    “Your Infernape’s gay too?” she asked in disbelief.

    “No, and neither am I. We both just happen to be asexual.” I corrected.

    “Boooooooriiiiiiiiing!” Eve chastised shaking her hand at us.

    “It keeps us from getting seduced by our female opponents so it works.” I replied. “But enough talk! Ghost-types have very dangerous move sets so I think a little precaution is in order. Don’t you agree Axel?” I didn’t need to say anymore. Axel kissed his palm, turned around, and began smacking his monkey ass. He got down on all fours and began shaking in the Banette’s general direction. Being a Pokémon that likes to hold grudges, Diva was powerless to resist.

    “Diva, teach that vile little monkey a lesson! Spite! Wait, no. Curse! Dammit!” complained my opponent.

    “Having trouble?” I taunted.

    “Shut up! Diva! Shadow Sneak!” Eve commanded. Diva dived into the nearest shadow completely disappearing from view. The Marionette Pokémon reappeared jumping out of Axel’s shadow before shoving her arm through the monkey’s back and out his chest. Axel and I both screamed in horror before realizing that it was just an optical illusion as Diva was incorporeal.

    “*hysterical laughter* Oh you are just too much! I wish you both could have seen the looks on your faces! Priceless!” cheered Eve still laughing.

    “While you have Diva close like this, use Flamethrower!” I yelled.

    “Sucker Punch!” Eve countered quickly. The Banette punched Axel in the face before he had a chance to breath.

    Bitch!” he shouted spitting fire from his mouth that turned into a raging fireball at the close range the two Pokémon were in. When the flames subsided, Diva had a swirling black mass of dark energy between her hands and looked like she was ready to use it.

    “Alright, fine Diva. You can use Dark Pulse.” Eve said giving in to her Pokémon’s already irreversible demand. The zippered mouth curled up into an evil grin. Axel’s eyes widened as the Marionette Pokémon thrust her arms forward unleashing a burst of pure darkness. The Infernape was thrown down the field by the force of the blow until the shadows dissipated.

    “Get up Axel! It’s Fire Spin time!” I called. The Flame Pokémon jumped up then fired a long spiraling tongue of flame that quickly surrounded Diva on impact. She shouldn’t be too much trouble in there.

    “Ooooo! Pretty fire!” Eve admired. “Unfortunatewy your wittle baby mind couldn’t compwehend that a weak wittle attack wike that would be usewess against Diva.” Grrr I hate that baby talk. “Show them your Hidden Power Diva!” she said being serious again. Dirt and sand exploded from the field completely putting out the Fire Spin and leaving a circle of freshly upturned soil around the Banette. Then the sand began to rise and form roughly ten orbs of earth.

    “Use your Hidden Power too Axel!” I commanded. Axel’s blue eyes took on a paler blue color as he held his arms out in front of himself with pale blue spheres in each hand. The monkey then turned both arms in a clockwise direction reproducing the orbs until there were twelve and his arms were opposite from where they started. As soon as the orbs became ice balls, Axel quickly uncrossed his arms sending his Ice-type HP at Diva’s Ground-type HP. The two attacks collided midair and cancelled eachother out in a beautiful shattering of the ice and earth spheres. However, Axel had two more than Diva which were heading right for the ghost.

    “Diva! Throw those back with Psychic!” shouted Eve. The Banette surrounded herself in an ominous purple aura while holding out her hands stopping the ice balls dead in their tracks. With a flick of her wrists, Diva sent the remnants of Axel’s Hidden Power right back at him.

    “Axel! Flare Blitz!” I yelled. The monkey’s flaming mane went wild as he got down on all fours and charged at Diva melting the two ice orbs in the process. The flaming torpedo that was Axel sped down the arena bashing into the Marionette Pokémon’s stomach head first.

    For a ghost, that kinda hurt.” complained the Infernape rubbing his head.

    “Awww. Did monkey get a boo boo?” mocked Eve. “They say you get better when you sleep so why not take a nap? Diva! Show them why this next move is called Faint Attack!” commanded Eve laughing at her own joke. Diva disappeared in yet another shadow, then coming out in Axel’s blind spot, kicked the Flame Pokémon across the field.

    Damn you!” cried the monkey rising in his Blaze state. His body was surrounded in a golden aura coming to a tip around his flaming mane which was like a raging inferno. “I’ll break you!” he threatened.

    “Axel!” I shouted authoritatively. “Calm down! Eve has been messing with us all battle, but don’t let her get to you. Anger can either give you focus or blind you. I’ve been working to keep mine in check while trying to ignore her mindless taunts. We’re a team so you need to control yours too. Use Calm Mind, that’s an order.” I said.

    Right. Thanks.” Axel thanked. He sat down cross legged, crossed his arms in front of himself, and closed his eyes. His twitching face slowly began to relax as his labored breathing became more controlled.

    “Wow. You used so many big words. I’m very impressed.” Eve congratulated sarcastically. I didn’t even bother to dignify that with a response. I can play mind games too. “Nothing? You are unpredictable.” she said in amazement. “Diva! Try and get a response with Night Shade!” The Banette’s presence quickly got stronger as if it was taking up the entire arena. Two giant Banette hands emerged suddenly from the ground under Axel and wrapped around the Flame Pokémon’s neck.

    *cough* Can’t *ahk* brea-” Axel choked.

    “Wench!” I yelled.

    “What, so now we’re reduced to name calling? How very mature.” Eve said in a disappointed sarcastic tone.

    “You damn succubus, you let him go right now or I’m coming over there!” I threatened.

    Eve looked at me seriously “Let Axel go Diva.” she said broadly. I gave a slightly relieved smile. At least she wasn’t obnoxious about it. Axel was coughing and panting.

    Wh- what ever happened to calm?” he asked ironically.

    “Time and place, time and place.” I answered. “Now, use Flame Wheel!” I commanded. The Infernape curled into a ball and began rolling at Diva at such speed that his mane looked like one continuous loop. The Marionette Pokémon quickly recovered from the attack. Not a good sign.

    “Hit him with Shadow Ball now!” shouted Eve back in her peppy voice. Diva gathered the darkness and shadows around us creating a black sphere with the darkest shades of blue and purple swirling around its center. Diva then tossed the ball carelessly at Axel but with enough force that it sent the monkey to the ground. As Axel started getting back up, the Banette stood above him with a sinister look in her eyes.

    “Now finish him with Shadow Claw Diva!” Eve said knowing the match was hers while still rubbing it in for me. Diva thrust her hand all the way through Axel’s skull. The Marionette Pokémon seemed to be getting a sadistic pleasure by the look of pure terror on Axel’s face. My whole body was shaking at the sight. All at once everything that had happened this match became clear to me. I never stood a chance from the beginning.

    “Be nice Diva.” Eve scolded. Diva frowned giving a disappointed sigh as she pulled her hand from Axel’s head with out using her attack. If she had used her attack I wouldn’t have been able to say what I was about to say.

    “Axel. Come here.” I said somberly.

    “Have you finally given up?” questioned Eve.

    “Yes.” I admit. “I realized why you played with me all this time. It wasn’t to throw me off my game. You wanted to push me to my limits.”

    “That’s right. This whole time when I said I was just playing and that this was a game, I really meant it. All my Pokémon were holding back.” Eve said.

    “Then Espeon, Riolu, and Axel could have…” I began to ask.

    “That’s right. I could have ended their lives at any moment. Of course tournament regulations and all forbid that. I myself would rather not kill if it isn’t necessary though.”

    “Will any amount of training be enough to beat you next time?” I asked.

    “I cannot be defeated by anyone who doesn’t have the intent to kill. You’re a good person Brian and a marvelous trainer, you just don’t have that capacity.” she said. “I’m sorry it was me you had to fight.”

    So does that mean…” started Axel.

    “Yes. We lost.”

    Does anyone else see the irony that the first chapter to have Eve in it was the thirteenth?
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    Ah so much fun going back and reading all the chapters again. So far out of the one's you've posted, my favourites would have to be the battle against Eve, Cal and the one with the drugos. That last one cracks me up. Well they all do, but that one in particular, seeing as it's a comic relief chapter.

    Five years?! Let's hope you stick to it, because this has got the be the darn best fanfic I've ever read. Now if it was me, there would be no way I could stick to that. The good news is though, there's a lot more ass kicking from Brian and Axel to come!
  19. Finally! Eve Illuminati has arrived! Glad to see you're reposting the Chapters. Keep up the good work and I expect to see a new chapter once you reposted all the previous ones. *Runs off to wait until more chapters are reposted.*
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    And no Charmander, no fakemons here. A gold Infernape and Pokémen are about as far as I'm taking the willing suspension of belief. All my other shenanigans get filed neatly under refuge in audacity. ::)

    Chapter 14: Truth Revealed

    Ow! That stings!” whined Axel as I sprayed his wounds with a Super Potion.

    “Stop your whining! Be glad you’re still alive.” I reminded. We were currently in the trainer’s lounge in the stadium resting up from our last match. I had slipped Espeon and Riolu a Revive each, but they both will still need medical attention.

    “Are you Brian Nosurname?” asked a man walking in the room. He had styled back brown hair with four strands hanging over his eyes which were hidden behind red tinted sunglasses. He had an uninterested look on his face like he had something better to do. The noticeable scar on his left cheek was a direct contrast from his outfit consisting of a black suit and tie with a red dress shirt underneath the jacket.

    “I am.” I answered warily. The man gave a creepy smile.

    “I am Arthias. My boss, Mr. Strife Maxwell, would like to see you.” he answered.

    “What for?” I questioned.

    “I’m not sure, but I believe he’s taken an interest in you. Now come with me.” Arthias said beckoning me forward.

    “Sorry, but not tonight. My Pokémon and I are tired, all we want is to go to bed.” I responded. I didn’t know who this Strife guy was, nor did I feel like dealing with him at the moment.

    “Mr. Maxwell doesn’t like being made to wait. If you don’t like what he has to say you may leave.” Arthias persisted.

    “Fine! I’ll go with you only to tell this boss of yours to shove what ever he has to say up his no doubt rich ass. I am not some item to be chosen and bought.” I spat. “Come along Axel.”

    And I was looking forward to going to bed too.” the Infernape complained.

    “Follow me then.” Arthias said forcefully.

    Arthias led us out of the trainer’s lounge to the nearest elevator. Once we got inside he pressed four. The entire walk and elevator ride were silent. Not that I was complaining, anything Arthias said would have probably pissed my off. I just wanted to meet Strife Maxwell to find out what he wanted with me.

    I’m getting a bad feeling about this.” Axel mentioned breaking the silence as well as practically reading my mind. Something about this situation had put me on edge.

    When the elevator opened, we walked out on a very fancy level, obviously the suites. We turned a corner where the wall was replaced by a railing. Below us was the club level where the middle class was still clearing out after today’s matches. When we arrived at Room number 465, Arthias knocked on the door. I heard someone on the other side call out “Enter.”

    “I’ve brought him Sir.” Arthias said bowing after walking inside. Directly across from the door was a desk in front of a tall leather chair with its occupant facing away from us looking out at the field through wall sized windows.

    “Welcome Brian.” a voice in the chair addressed me. “I am glad you could make it. I am Strife Maxwell.” As that last sentence was spoken the chair turned around to face me and Axel. I was only slightly stunned. It was the political… er politician from the other day. He even has the same white pimp suit and blue dress shirt as before. Then again, he could be like me and own multiples of the same outfit.

    “I remember you.” I recalled.

    “Well that is nice to hear. I would hate to have made so little of an impression on you that you would not remember me only a few days later.” Strife said coolly.

    “So what did you want with me Strife?” I asked hastily.

    “That’s Mr. Maxwell to you!” interrupted Arthias. Strife waved his hand up and down at Arthias to ease him.

    “That’s enough Arthias. Our guest has no etiquette, how is he supposed to know common courtesy or formalities.” said Strife softly. The guy defends me by owning me? What the hell? Arthias grumbled and leaned against the wall by the door crossing his arms.

    “I apologize on behalf of Arthias. Your question was perfectly justified, and to be honest, hearing my name out of your mouth in such a manner was not unusual to me.” He reached under the desk, pulled out a manila folder, and threw it on the table. “This should answer all of your questions Brian. Open it.”

    I actually hesitated for moment before reaching for the folder. Axel stood over my shoulder as I opened the file. My hands began trembling when I saw what was inside. It was a picture of me! At least it looked like me. The man in the picture looked older with shades of grey in his black hair and a few other differing characteristics.

    Holy shit!” cried Axel in disbelief.

    “Wh- who… who is this man?” I stammered in a shaken voice with the folder vibrating in my hand with how much I was quaking. I felt very pale.

    “That is Nathan Xelbu. By the difference in your ages and the uncanny resemblance between the two of you, I can only surmise that Xelbu is your father.” Strife said calmly. I on the other hand nearly fainted from those words. Luckily Axel was still behind me to catch me.

    “Arthias, could you fetch our guest a chair and some water? He looks like he is about to pass out.” I felt a chair pushed into me as Axel helped lower me down. Then Arthias gave me a glass of water which I took a few sips from.

    “This can’t be right.” I said. “I know my father. I’ve known him and my mom for almost twenty years.” I told them.

    “Is it possible that your parents were married after you were born?” asked Strife unconvinced.

    “I… I’ve seen the wedding certificate. They were married at least a year before I was born.” I protested.

    “Then could your mother have committed adultery?” Strife continued. I jumped out of the chair and grabbed Strife by his tie and pulled him close to my face. There was a thump behind me.

    “You don’t know them! Neither one would cheat on the other. Don’t ever make a comment like that again!” I said angrily. “I would sooner believe I was adopted.”

    “You have my sincerest apologies Brian. I did not mean to insult you or your family.” Strife said apologetically. I pushed him back into his chair as I let go of his tie. Strife readjusted his tie making it strait and neat again. I turned around to pick up my chair which had fallen only to see Axel on top of Arthias.

    He was about to attack you.” said the monkey defensively. I put my hand on his shoulder silently telling him to get up as I sat back in my chair. Axel rose, followed by Arthias who gave us both an unforgiving glare as he went back to the door.

    “This is why you recognized me isn’t it?” I realized as I started to regain myself.

    “Indeed. Xelbu was twenty years my senior, but he and I knew eachother well. We both had ties to an organization known as the Non Existent Ones. Xelbu was the organization’s chief scientist while I was the son of its leader, Atimus Maxwell. When I turned eighteen I was made head captain and heir to the Non Existent Ones, but that is beside the point. The point is Xelbu was a friend and mentor to me as I grew up.” explained Strife.

    “Based on what you said earlier, you probably don’t know who my biological mother is.” I suspected. Strife’s face turned grim as he lowered his head closing his eyes.

    “Unfortunately I do not. Although Xelbu had numerous honorable traits, he was still human and had his share of disreputable ones as well. One of which was… well… he liked to bring women to his bed and… fornicate.” Strife said distastefully.

    “So he was a sex fiend.” I said bluntly. Strife sighed and shook his head.

    “To put it so callously, yes, Xelbu was a… sex fiend.” My words he said with even more dislike as if he were choking on them.

    “You keep saying his name in the past tense. You mean he’s…” I was almost afraid to ask the question.

    “Yes. I regret to say, Nathan Xelbu is deceased.” Strife lamented. “I already mentioned that Xelbu was a brilliant scientist. About ten years ago, he was involved in an experiment on Cinnabar Island with a freelance research team titled ‘Project Myu2’. Unfortunately, the experiment went horribly wrong. The mansion the research was conducted in was utterly destroyed along with the lives of everyone inside at the time. Nathan Xelbu died at the age of 41. Fate had been especially cruel that terrible day as my father, Artimus Maxwell, had gone to the mansion to get a progress report on the experiment. He too died. That fateful day I had to assume the role as leader of the Non Existent Ones as its heir at the age of 21.”

    “You brought me here to say all of that? I think I would have been happier not knowing the truth.” I confessed. My mind was in complete disarray. If dealing with Eve earlier hadn’t been bad enough, now I have all this on my mind too! I don’t think I can handle anymore.

    “Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.” Strife empathized. “I am sorry I called you here for this. I believed you deserved to know the truth, but I see now I was mistaken.”

    Are you ok?” asked Axel worriedly.

    “I’m fine.” I said despite everything that happened. “I have one more question before I go. You’ve mentioned this a few times, so who are the Non Existent Ones?” I inquired. It was only for a brief second, but I could have sworn I saw Strife flash an evil grin as if he had hoped I would ask. Then again it has been a long night. Must have just been my imagination.

    “If you must know, make an acronym of the first letter in each word in Non Existent One.” told Strife.

    “Sir, no!” shouted Arthias desperately extending his hand.

    “N-E-O.” I spelled out. “Neo.” Then I felt like a ton of bricks had been smashed into my face. “Neos. Team Neos.” I said in an almost whispered voice.

    “Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Strife Maxwell, Leader of Team Neos.” Strife said calmly as he practically stared through me.

    Time felt like it had completely stopped. I think my heart missed a beat or two when he said those words. A cold sweat ran down my forehead. Why would he reveal himself like that? Especially to someone like me and- Oh no! Arthias! He must be a member, a high ranking one no doubt. And he’s been standing at the door this whole time. I have no way out! I am completely surrounded by the enemy. Arthias looked about as nervous as I did. He must not have known his boss would out himself either. He reached into the side of his suit jacket and never took his eyes off of me.

    “Why? Why would you tell me all that?” I asked nervously. “You could have just lied!” I shouted jumping out of my chair and slamming my hands on Strife’s desk. At that very second Arthias pulled an Ultra Ball from his jacket and pointed it at me. I was completely frozen solid. I didn’t know what was in that sphere, but something told me I didn’t want to find out. Not with my Pokémon still so exhausted. Axel was staring daggers at the two men. He was just as anxious as I was and knew he was just as vulnerable.

    “Put you ball away my Captain.” said Strife standing up. “You do not want to frighten our guest now or give him the wrong impression of us.”

    “Frightened?” I said in a low voice. “I’m fucking terrified right now! What the hell is with you!?” I yelled. This whole situation had me completely freaked out.

    “Brian, to answer your first questioned ‘Why did I not lie?’ the answer is quite simple. I wanted you to know. You are correct; I could have completely left out all traces of the Non Existent Ones when I spoke of Xelbu. Better yet, I could have never invited you in the first place. But I did call upon you, and I told the truth. The other day when we met, you told me you were participating in the White City Tournament. I made sure to watch your matches to see how you performed in battle. I was most impressed, particularly your most recent one with Eve Illuminati. Though you lost, you demonstrated finesse and good judgment. You recognized that you would lose, so you did the honorable thing by cutting your losses before it was too late. You are just the kind of trainer Team Neos needs.” Strife said as he walked around the room.

    “No way!” I shouted when I realized what he had just asked. “I will never join a criminal organization like Team Neos!” With that Strife stopped walking, never taking his eyes off of me for a second.

    “Criminals? What an ugly word.” he said hurtfully. “The Neos are visionary activists. The world is in a deplorable state of chaos and discord. Teams Rocket, Galactic, Aqua, and Magma have been terrorizing the world for years. Someone needed to step up to the task. I have a vision of a utopia where people and Pokémon live in peace. No more will there be war or dissension. Team Neos acts on this goal by any means necessary. Now I will admit, I have heard stories of members who take things too far, but can you really chastise an entire organization based on the sins of a few? Is the police force evil because of the actions of a few bad cops? Can the student body of a school be called fractious because one delinquent always makes trouble for others? They say that it takes 100 good deeds to make up for one bad. You see Brian; the media takes that one instance of misjudgment, blows it out of proportion, and slanders us relentlessly for it. Never do they so much as mention all the positive things Neos does for the world.” Strife continued, making hand gestures when appropriate and never losing his cool for a second.

    “If what you say is true, then you owe me 200 good deeds for when I saw your people kill a man, then attempt to kill me.” I said vehemently.

    “Then join us Brian. You can be the one who makes up those 200 actions.” Strife encouraged holding out his hand bidding me to accept.

    “The answer is no!” I rejected fiercely. I took a deep breath. “This may just be me being naïve, but I won’t tell anyone who you really are. They probably wouldn’t believe me anyway, but it may be enough to start an investigation. But I won’t say anything.” I said more calmly.

    Are you sure?” Axel asked nervously.

    “Yeah, let’s go.” I said turning to the door.

    “I would appreciate that Brian. Team Neos is still in its infancy. The world is not ready to know my identity yet. When order is restored to this corrupt society I will come forward, but not yet.” said Strife thankfully. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a Pokeball. “Here. A gift for all of your troubles so that there is no ill will between us.” he said throwing the ball to me. “It is a Beldum, a very rare breed that evolves into one of the most powerful Pokémon known to man. Train it well. Good night Brian and Axel.”

    I slowly staggered with Beldum’s Pokeball in hand and Axel at my side holding me steady. As I neared the door, Arthias slammed his arm against it blocking my exit.

    “Sir, with all due respect, what are you thinking letting him go like this?” he asked angrily. For the first time I saw a change in Strife’s demeanor. He looked aggressive.

    “Be quiet!” he roared angrily. After everything that happened tonight, this was by far the most terrifying moment. “I need not explain myself to the likes of you my Captain! Now kindly remove your hand from the door so that Brian and Axel may leave. They have had a long night.” His tone subsided to its usual calm as he spoke. Arthias reluctantly did as instructed and even opened the door for me.

    “My apologies, Sir.” Arthias said as I walked out. “I just wanted to know the purpose of this meeting.” Athias got no answer, at least none while I was still within hearing range. The door closed behind me as I walked back to the elevator. The only life remaining in the stadium were employees cleaning up after today’s events.

    I was both physically and mentally drained. So much had happened in such a short time. Eve, Strife, Neos, Beldum… It’s just too much! Axel must have sensed my torment as he didn’t say a word the whole time. Once we were outside I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I let out a sad scream of defeat.

    I went to look at the old topic in the archives earlier. This chapter was near the bottom of page four. It's going to take forever to get back to page ten! @_@
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    Of course I'm keeping it up Blazi, I just had to take a short dinner break. And I was kidding about the crush on Eve ;3

    Chapter 15 pt1: Emo Loneliness

    I was completely shaken to the core. I didn’t go back to the hotel, I didn’t even go back to Himee’s lab. I wandered White City in my sorry state all night. My entire existence went through my mind. The night’s events were still fresh but were faded like a bad dream. No, not a dream, an all out nightmare.

    Brian…” whispered Axel worriedly.

    “Don’t talk. Your words can’t help this empty shell.” I said in a monotone of sorrow. There was nothing he could do for me now, maybe not ever again. Then all thoughts vanished.

    When my mind began functioning again, I was in the residential district a few blocks from my hotel. Axel was ever faithfully standing by my side with a disheartened look on his face. Still clutched in my hand was Beldum’s Pokeball. I felt the warm light of the rising sun on my hollow back. What time was it anyway? Hmph. It doesn’t matter. Time means nothing to those who have nothing left but darkness. I continued dragging myself until I got to my room. I have this big luxurious room when all I need is a small hole.

    “Axel.” I said vacantly. I threw him Beldum’s ball and the remaining five Pokeballs I carried. “You know my username and password for the PC Storage System. Put them away.” I don’t need to drag my Pokémon down with me. They’ll be safe in the PC; data doesn’t need to eat for survival.

    Don’t do this! Just talk to me!” Axel begged. I ignored him as I turned off all the lights and locked myself in the master bedroom. It was too late for talk and I wasn’t going to condemn my best friend to darkness with me.

    I slept for I don’t know how long, but when I woke up it was completely dark. Was it cloudy or was it night already. Doesn’t matter. The light doesn’t suit me, I’m better off in darkness. For hours more I sat in darkness keeping my mind blank. I focused completely on darkness. I had no need for my thoughts or imagination to run wild.

    I was broken from my trance by a knock at the door. “You’ve been in there all day. Are you hungry?” came Axel’s protective voice. I made no effort to move or speak. All I wanted was to be left alone in darkness without interference. “*sigh* Still playing the quiet game? I won’t break down the door because you’ll only be pissed when you get the bill, but don’t think I’ve given up on you. Send me in Alakazam.” The room was suddenly illuminated in orange as Axel was brought in by Alakazam’s Teleport. I lifted my arm over my eyes from the sudden light.

    “Axel, please leave. Your flame gives off too much light.” I said.

    I’m not going without you.” said the monkey holding out his hand.

    “I’m not in the mood for this so just go.” I said coldly waving my free arm to the door.

    Then get in the mood!” he ordered pulling out a Pokeball. “Vaporeon, this is for the good of our trainer! Water Gun!” The Bubble Jet Pokémon spayed me with a light stream of water the second he materialized from the ball's red light. “Hopefully that woke you up a bit. We’ll be waiting outside.” Axel unlocked the door and walked out with the other Pokémon, then closed the door behind him leaving me completely soaked.

    After I changed out of my wet clothes into a dry set, I tried to fade back into darkness. I’m not sure if I did or not though, I haven’t seen any clocks in awhile as I unplugged the one in my room, nor could I recall any time lapse. Plus it was still dark outside. Unfortunately the darkness didn’t last very long as Axel once again opened the door flooding the room with light.

    “Don’t you ever quit?” I asked uncaringly.

    No, and neither do you. Now get your ass moving!” he commanded. Suddenly I heard a familiar tapping sound on the window. It would be my salvation.

    “I’ll move, but to a place you can’t follow. It’s raining and I’m in the mood for a walk.” I said. Hopefully that will be enough to ease my troubled mind. I walked unfeelingly past Axel, out of the room, and out of the hotel. Once outside I realized this was not just rain; it was a downpour. That’s a relief. With any luck it will drown out my thoughts and wash away my existence. Unconsciously I began walking into the dark skied world.

    Chapter 15 pt2: Fight in the Rain

    The rain became heavier and the winds stronger. It was the most intense rain I ever had the privilege of existing in. I didn’t know where I was going nor did I care. Where ever my legs wanted to take me would be fine with me. When I had found my way to a grassy hill in the park, I heard another set of footsteps behind me.

    Going somewhere?” asked that persistent Infernape. And here I thought he wouldn’t dare step foot in the elements.

    “You hate the rain Axel. So why?” I inquired.

    I hate the rain, but it is my curse as a Pokémon to be eternally loyal to my trainer.” Axel said placing his hand over his chest.

    “Then as your trainer, I order you to be gone.” I commanded sternly.

    I can’t do that. I live for battle, just like you, and without you I won’t see any action. I can’t get a new trainer because no one knows me like you and you’re the only human I have any sort of respect for.” the monkey defended.

    “Leave me in peace.” I said emotionlessly.

    You idiot! I overheard someone outside our room saying how this isn’t an ordinary rainstorm. Why do you think it’s so intense? It’s a hurricane!” the Flame Pokémon said urgently.

    “I’ve always wanted to be outside during a hurricane. Maybe this is the answer I seek.” I said with anticipation.

    Come on! It’s too dangerous out here!” begged Axel.

    “I’m not going back! If you’re so worried then save yourself!" I said coldly. Axel got a sorrowful look on his face as his shoulders sank.

    Fine. I get it. I’ll go.” he said hurtfully as if he were about to cry. Axel turned around and began walking. Suprisingly, the monkey then jumped in the air and spun, punching me in the face. The sudden impact sent me to the ground with a loud splash. Yes, the ground was so wet by now that it actually splashed. “But I’m dragging you back with me, conscious or not!” declared Axel.

    I got up and wiped the blood off of my lip. “You will try!” I threatened. I had to almost yell as the wind was beginning to pick up.

    I threw a punch at the monkey with my right hand which Axel side stepped. He then grabbed my arm, pulled me in, and kneed me in the stomach knocking the wind out of me. I quickly recovered grabbing Axel’s still extended leg and flipped him on his back. The Infernape put his palms on the ground behind his head while curling in his legs and pushed himself back to his feet.

    “Stupid monkey!” I yelled pulling my fist back.

    Naked ape!” Axel retorted doing the same. We both ran at eachother and punched our respective opponent in the face. Both of us realized this was going nowhere, so we jumped back to put some distance between us.

    “Come!” I challenged taking the Repulse the Monkey stance. Axel must have finally learned his lesson as he didn’t charge at me. “Fine!” I declared making the next move. Before I could land the kick I had planned, the Flame Pokémon jumped in the air. As he landed, he grabbed my wrists in his opposable feet and my ankles in his hands.

    Can’t attack now can you?” Axel mocked. “But I can.” The monkey then began smacking my face with his tail. Not letting an opportunity to regain the offensive pass, I opened my mouth and bit Axel’s tail as hard as I could causing the Infernape to scream in pain like the monkey he is, as well as loosen his grip on my limbs. I pulled my wrists free before grabbing Axel by the ankles and tearing him off me. I then spun around and tossed the Flame Pokémon into a puddle. The rain was now beginning to get heavier.

    I was already running at Axel w hile he was getting up. In the art of combat one must always take an opening or exploit a weakness whenever possible if victory is to be attained. No sooner was Axel on his feet, I was already close enough to strike. I first punched him in the stomach causing him to keel over. I then slammed my elbow into his back making him fall. I caught his head between my hands and kneed him in the face. I finished my combo by kicking his now exposed torso which sent him back a few feet before falling to his back.

    Axel spat blood from his mouth as he slowly got up. “Damn human! You made me bite my lip!” complained the Infernape.

    “And you made me bite your tail.” I said finally spitting out the golden hairs that had been in my mouth for the last two minutes. “We’re even.”

    Not yet we’re not!” shouted Axel running at me. I quickly took Repulse the Monkey to prepare for whatever this monkey had planned. Regrettably, I hadn’t expected Axel to duck at the last minute and knock my legs out from under me with a well place karate chop behind my knees. Axel then paid me back for earlier by lifting me off the ground by my shins and flinging me into a nearby hill. I couldn’t exactly tell what was going on in my dizzied state, but it felt like I actually bounced.

    When I started to regain focus, Axel was standing over me with his hand extended to help me up. I smiled and accepted his hand. My smile then turned devious as I pulled Axel to the ground and got up myself.

    “Didn’t I ever teach you not to let your guard down?” I taunted. Before I knew it, I was on the ground again with Axel’s tail wrapped around my leg.

    Like you just did there?” teased the monkey. I yelled and jumped at Axel only to land face first in a puddle with a splash. I struggled to get up because the weather was now at an all time high with wind so strong that it was blowing the rain at horizontal angles which tried pushing back to the ground.

    I pushed through, throwing another punch at Axel, this time with my left. Axel caught my fist in his palm, then lobbed a punch of his own which I caught. I shifted my fist into a grip allowing me to pull Axel in closer for a headbutt. The monkey recoiled with a scream as our foreheads collided. I then took the opportunity to land a kick to Axel’s chest. While he recovered from that, I went in for another attack. Axel looked up at the last second and pulled his head to the side avoiding my palm strike. He then took a bite out of my hand causing me to scream in pain as his sharp monkey teeth pierced both my glove and my flesh. I pulled my hand back and examined blood trickling out of the puncture wounds on either side of my hand.

    “Damn you A-” I started before the Infernape tackled me to the ground finally taking an opening when it presented itself. I pushed him off of me and rolled over on top of him pinning his arms to wet ground.

    “Check mate.” I declared.

    For me.” Axel corrected kicking me in the gut. I fell off of him clutching my abs while trying to catch my breath. “Had enough yet?” he taunted. I glared at the monkey. Not out of anger or hate, but out of determination to win. I don’t know when it happened, but I had stopped fighting out of the desire to be left alone and began to actually enjoy the fight. I fought Axel for the thrill and fun of it. I think Axel noticed that too which means that we have absolutely no reason to end this.

    In the end we were both lying in the wet grass completely exhausted and covered in cuts, bruises, and other injuries. The rain and wind had finally subsided into a light drizzle and a calm breeze. I stopped panting and turned my head to look at Axel.

    “Thanks Axel. I really needed that.” I said appreciatively.

    Sure. I loved beating the emo out of you.” said Axel happily.

    “Not that, I meant about saving me. I owe you one.” I said gratefully.

    Nah, we’re even. You saved my life five years ago. I was just repaying my debt.” Axel acknowledged. “I’m just sorry I had to kick your ass to do it.

    “Excuse me, but I won that fight.” I reminded. “What I owe you is for coming out into the rain to get me.” Axel gave me a ‘Yeah right’ look.

    If it makes you feel any better about losing then fine, it was a tie.” the monkey said playfully. Then both of us started laughing.

    Chapter 15 pt3: Back to Normal

    When the two of us finally had the strength to move again, we dragged ourselves to Prof. Himee’s lab both because it was closer than the hotel, and we wanted to say goodbye. We had every intention of leaving White City as soon as possible.

    “Could someone bring me a towel?” I called when I walked through the double glass door. From head to toe I was completely soaked. My usual spiky hair was actually laying flat for once due to the weight of the water with only a few odd strands sticking up from the wind force.

    Almost as soon as I called for a towel I began peeling off my shirt which was practically sticking to my back and was heavy with water. Once I got my shirt over my head, gravity did the rest by pulling it to the ground. I rubbed my aching shoulders. Just a minor injury from Axel. Next were my gloves which also took some effort to pull off. I investigated my right hand which still had Axel’s teeth marks in it, but it wasn’t as bad as it originally seemed. When I took off my boots I had to step back outside to dump the water out of them. I decided to just leave them there for now. The sun was starting to come out and there was the roof above to protect them if the rain came back. My socks soon joined the rest of my outfit being the only trace of white in a pile of black.

    “Where the hell is that towel?” I called dropping my pants.

    Woah!!” cried Asuna walking in the front door. “What do you think you are doing?” she questioned turning her head to the side.

    “Striping.” I said nonchalantly kicking my pants off my ankles.

    “I can see that. I’d rather not, but why at the front door where everyone can see you? Have you no shame?” interrogated Asuna.

    “Nope.” I said proudly.

    “Your towel.” said one of the other aides giving me a green towel.

    “Why thank you Bernard.” I said taking it. I dried my body as best I could before wrapping the towel around my waist and shedding the boxers underneath. Asuna rolled her eyes and walked past me trying not to look.

    “Good morning Brian.” Himee shouted coming down from his loft. He then got a curious look on his face. “Vhy are you vhering a towel? And vhy do you look so beat up?”

    “Axel and I had a sparring match in the hurricane.” I answered casually. “Can I use a PC to withdraw my Alakazam to Teleport back to my hotel where all my clothes are?”

    “Sure. Right up zhe staircase on your left. Or vas it right?” the professor stated.

    “Hey Asuna. If you don’t want a view, don’t look up.” I warned. “And Axel, grab my wet clothes will ya?” I requested.

    Why me?” he asked.

    “Cause if I carry them and this towel comes loose, everyone gets a free show.” I said flatly while typing various keys on the computer to take out Alakazam. Once I had his Pokeball in hand, Axel and I were instantly taken back to the hotel room.

    No matter how many times I’ve done it, teleporting is still the weirdest sensation I have ever felt. One minute you’re standing in a lab, then you get this tingling sensation all over your body as you’re blinded by a whitish blue light. When the light fades you are in a completely new location like a hotel room. The only way I can figure Alakazam gets us to the right place every time is his psychic powers to see where we’ll end up.

    Before getting dressed even crossed my mind, I had to take a piss. The last time I went was before my match with Eve which had to be at least 24 hours ago if not more. Himee said it was morning and according to my Poketch it was 8:15a which means I lost a day. After taking care of that business, I was forced to put on my bathing suit as I only own two pairs of pants, both black, which were wet thanks to Axel’s stunt with Vaporeon and the downpour. A direct contrast to what I usually where, my trunks were a bright orange with white flowers outlined in a blue flame pattern.

    “Axel you are so lucky these are stylish.” I said threateningly. He is also lucky that unlike pants, I own three black T-shirts so I sill had one of those left. I had Alakazam Teleport me and Axel back to Prof. Himee’s lab because I left my only footwear there and they were still wet anyway.

    “Oh Brian! I’m glad you returned. I vanted- Nice trunks! Very stylish!” the Professor complemented.

    “Thanks. So what were you about to say?” I inquired.

    “I vas about to say somezhing? Oh yes. Zhere is anozhere tournament coming up in three days if you are interested.” he proposed.

    “Thanks for letting me know, but I don’t think I want to enter this time. Axel and I could use a vacation.” I answered after thinking about it for a second.

    Agreed.” Axel said nodding.

    But before we can do that, those parents of mine have a lot to answer for.
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    Chapter 16: That Clichéd Little Village

    As soon as everything was packed, Axel and I took the first ship to Kanto we could. Fortunately, said ship was bound for the Pallet Town Wharf which is exactly where we wanted to be. The moment I stepped off the boat I caught the scent of nostalgia mixed in with the salty air.

    August 11, 1999
    “Why couldn’t we have stayed in Sinnoh a little longer Mom? I wanted a Chimchar and my 10th birthday is only six months away!” I had complained ten years ago when my family and I first moved to Pallet Town from Sandgem Town.

    “Because I needed to take this job transfer and you’re still too young to be off on your own, especially with your impulsive behavior that always gets you into fights.” my mom had countered leaving a dejected nine-year-old in her wake.

    “Don’t worry Brian, you could always get a Charmander from Prof. Oak if you want a Fire-type so badly. Or there are always Bulbasaur or Squirtle to choose from.” my dad had attempted to console with no luck.

    Hey are you awake in there?” asked Axel shaking me. I blinked a few times to bring myself back to present day.

    “Yeah I’m conscious. Just remembering when I first came to Kanto.” I reminisced. I had to know the truth; was I related to Mom and Dad on the genetic level and if not, I had to find out why they never told me.

    Pallet Town was mostly rural farmland covered in lush green fields and dirt roads. A ridiculously boring place if you ask me. I couldn’t wait to leave when the time finally came. Life is way too short to be able to predict everything that will happen the next day and be completely right every time.

    It took roughly an hour to walk from the wharf to my house, or rather my parent’s house, which was a simple brick structure with a triangular shaped roof that flattened out on the top. Needless to say, I took advantage of the flat roof by sitting on it whenever I needed to think or just sleep out in the sun on a nice summer afternoon or evening.

    “Knock knock!” I called knocking on the door. No response. So says my watch it was 1:58p meaning they were both at work and I, of course, didn’t have a key. “To the roof!” I shouted without a second thought. I have nothing better to do than wait for one of them to get home other than take a nap anyway. Axel and I scaled some moss on the wall left of the door like the monkeys we are until we were on the roof.

    Nap time!” Axel cheered as we both picked our spot to sleep.

    July 7, 2003
    “Prof. Rowan is inviting you to Sinnoh to catch a Chimchar.” said Prof. Oak to me when I was fourteen.

    “So what made him finally call for me after all these years?” I asked with a mix of excitement and sarcasm. It only took him five years to answer all the letters I’ve sent him since I turned ten.

    “He said that there is a population spike in the Coronet Mountain range. After how persistent you have been about getting a Chimchar, Rowan believes you should be allowed to pick your own.” Oak responded.

    “So when do we leave?” I asked.

    I sprung awake when I heard the sound of jingling keys and the front door opening. I kicked Axel to wake him up as I walked over to the edge and looked down. A short brown haired woman was crouched picking up the groceries she had obviously put down to open the door.

    “Yo!” I called down to her waving like a nutcase. She looked to the roof with a startled expression.

    Hi Mommy!” Axel called joining me in a frantic wave.

    “Brian and Axel!” she greeted in surprise to see us. “I didn’t expect to see you two. What are you guys doing here?”

    “What? Can’t we just…” I cut off there as I jumped off the roof, crouching as I landed to absorb the impact, “… drop in whenever we feel like it?” I asked as I rose. Axel soon landed by my side.

    “Not when you do dangerous stunts that could give your mother a heart attack!” she scolded.

    “Dangerous? That’s what, a twenty foot drop? Axel and I have been through worse.” I bragged looking at my partner. We both began chuckling sneakily.

    “No don’t tell me that! I worry enough about you without trying to think of the trouble you two are getting in.” Mom cried. “Now you boys behave yourselves and carry in those groceries, I want to hear all about your adventure in Sinnoh.” she invited walking in ahead of us. We did as told and followed Mom to the kitchen.

    “So what time is Dad getting home tonight?” I asked putting the grocery bags on the table. “I kinda have something I want to ask you two and I’d rather both of you be around when I do so I only have to say it once.” I said gathering the courage I would need for this situation. Mom got a grave look on her face. Oh no. Not more bad news.

    “He got arrested for assault.” she said disappointedly rolling her eyes. I almost started laughing in relief but was able to contain myself. What I could not hide was the smile I had. I could hardly believe that the mailman who wouldn’t even raise his voice to anyone actually got in a fight. It was stupendous! And completely out of character. I had to know all the details.

    “So what happened? Did Dad win? Did the other guy deserve it? And how long is he in for?” I asked proudly running off every possible question I could think of in my excitement.

    “You wouldn’t be so thrilled to know that there was a break-in.” my mom started with a serious tone. My grin quickly faded.

    “Here?” I asked in disbelief pointing to the table the three of us were sitting at which referred to the entire house. I couldn’t believe it. Pallet Town had a .01% crime rate a year and the one that occurs once a decade just happened to be on my doorstep. Oh how fucking fantastic! (sarcasm)

    “Mm hmm.” she nodded. “Last month someone tried robbing us and your father went and broke the guy’s arm trying to fend him off. Well the burglar then decided to exploit the legal system and sue us for a hundred grand. At first we thought it was a joke until we were called into court, but even then we didn’t think anything would happen. However, it soon became obvious that despite the fact that this guy broke into our house and tried to rob us, he was going to win because you father “caused him excessive trauma and he couldn’t pay his medical bills or go back to work”. That’s when your dad volunteered to do one month of jail time on assault charges rather than pay the guy, which the judge agreed to so the criminal wouldn’t win.” Mom explained. “He’ll be out next week.”

    “WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH THIS!!” I roared in outrage. “Shouldn’t the burglar have been the one arrested? Shouldn’t Dad have gotten off because it was self defense? That case shouldn’t have even gone to court!” I protested angrily.

    “I completely agree. Unfortunately, that is the way the legal system goes.” Mom said sharing my disapproval.

    “Well the system’s flawed!” I spat. “It should either be fixed or eliminated entirely!”

    Just like a body’s systems. If the heart doesn’t function properly, the creature dies.” Axel put in completely understanding what I was getting at.

    “Well don’t do anything you’d be ashamed to tell me about.” Mom warned worrying about me as usual. I guess she figured I was talking about tearing down the establishments.

    “By the way,” I said calming down now, “is there anything you’re ashamed to tell me about?” I asked. It would be now or never.

    “W-what do you mean?” she questioned completely clueless.

    “I wanted to wait for Dad, but since he isn’t coming and I really need to know, was I adopted?” Mentally I was both relieved to get that out there, but still a bit worried about what I would find out.

    “When did you find out?” Mom asked dejectedly looking to the floor. So it is true.

    “Four days ago. I was participating in a tournament in White City where I met a man who instantly recognized me because I am the spitting image of my biological father.” I said. “So why didn’t you tell me?”

    “Would that have made a difference in our relationship?” inquired my mom.

    “At least I would have heard it from someone I trust and not some stranger who I hold nothing but hatred for.” I admit. In such few words I understood that I was still her son and she my mother and nothing would ever change that. “Now stop brooding and tell me what’s for dinner. I’m hungry!” I said with disregard for our previous conversation. Mom sensed that the uncomfortable talk was over and smiled at me.

    “Well I was just going to make egg salad, but with you home I think I’ll let you decide.” said Mom just to humor me.

    “Well, I did win $10,000 for coming in second in the Sinnoh League, so why don’t I treat you to that sea food restaurant down by the wharf that I like so much?” I asked without giving her much of a choice. “Then I’ll tell you what we monkeys have been up to for the past year.”

    “Well let me change then.” Mom said happily.

    Between bites of an all-you-can-eat shrimp platter, I discussed everything Axel and I have been up to lately with the exception of the moments that would only make her worry about us, namely our encounters with Team Neos, Axel nearly getting killed by Diva, and our epic battle just the other day. I also inquired if I had a little sister that no one told me about given that Madison insisted I was her Onii-chan and persistently followed me for six months until I finally escaped to White City. Mom denied, but said how cute it was that I had taken Madison under my wing like that.

    “Not cute. I took her with me out of pity for how pathetic she was.” I responded. I reached down to pick up more grilled shrimp, but my plate was missing. I looked over to Axel already expecting to see his mouth full of my shrimp.

    It’s all you can eat! You can get more.” he defended after swallowing. “And get more Cajon shrimp while you’re at it.” I lifted my hand which to Axel meant I was going to slap him for stealing my food as I’ve been doing ever since he was a conniving little Chimchar. He looked at me in surprise when all I did was tap his shoulder.

    “Axel, you know the only reason you’re getting away with this right now is because today is July 8th, better known as our anniversary.” I reminded.

    I’m glad you remembered because I don’t know the human calendar. I only know that the night before you caught me it was a New Moon.” Axel stated.

    “Is that why you wanted to go out to dinner?” Mom asked suspiciously.

    “Maybe.” I said mischievously as I turned my head to the side scratching a nonexistent itch behind my ear. “Actually I just wanted an excuse to get some shrimp. More shrimp alfredo pasta please!” I called politely as the waiter past our table. My mom just shook her head in delight and went back to her Remoraid filet as Axel yelled at me for not getting the Cajon shrimp.

    July 8, 2003
    “And where is this Chimchar population again?” I asked impatiently. I had been following Prof. Rowan in a forest at the base of the Coronet Mountains for the past hour and still had yet to see any signs of the Chimp Pokémon.

    “Be patient Brian. I found them right up this ridge, so we should be arriving very soon.” the old man reassured. I’d believe that when I had a Chimchar. Suddenly something hard hit my head.

    “Ow! Dammit that hurt!” I yelled putting my hands on the top of my head.

    “Are you alright?” asked Rowan with concern.

    “What was that?” I asked no one in particular as I looked up. There was a tree branch sticking out of the side of the mountain and hanging on it was a small gold colored Pokémon hanging on for dear life as the cliff around the tree began crumbling sending rocks and pebbles to the ground. Then without warning, the gold creature lost its grip and came plummeting to its death. At least it would have if I hadn’t instinctively thrown out my arms to catch it.

    “Ah!” I cried recoiling my arms dropping the small Pokémon harmlessly to the ground. I tightly gripped my left arm which felt like it had just been burned. I looked down at the Pokémon I dropped and, to my surprise, I saw that it was in fact a Chimchar who was rubbing his butt which was probably sore from getting dropped. “But Chimchar have brown fur. Is that a shiny?” I asked in confusion.

    “No. Shiny Chimchar have maroon fur.” Prof. Rowan confirmed.

    “Then it’s a freak of nature just like me! Get a Pokeball out Rowan, this one’s mine!” I said in excitement. The Chimchar growled at me as it reached under its fiery tail. It then tossed a fire ball at me which I narrowly dodged causing it to splatter on the cliff wall behind me. Wait, a splatter? An unpleasant odor filled the air.

    “Oh poo! That’s flaming poo!” I realized. I better be careful, that stuff will mess me up. “So it’s a fight you want, eh?” I challenged. Chimchar launched another flaming poo which I ducked to avoid. “Stop that!” I yelled kicking it. It actually went pretty far considering I’m nearly three times Chimchar’s size.

    “Now Brian! That was uncalled for!” reprimanded Rowan.

    “Chimchar started- Ah!” I screamed as the little monkey came back and bit my arm. I lifted my arm up and bit the small primate’s head causing it to let go of my arm as it screamed. I released Chimchar’s head and spat out a few gold hairs. Chimchar retaliated by scratching my other arm. Before the young monkey could pull its hand away, I grabbed it by the arm and threw it into Prof. Rowan.

    “My word!” Rowan cried out as he fell to the ground with Chimchar. I walked over, pulled a Pokeball from the Professor’s bag, and dropped it on the dazed Chimchar. The Pokeball shook violently as the Chimp Pokémon struggled to get free, but it ultimately locked. A smirk of satisfaction went across my face as I crouched over to pick up my first Pokémon. “An unorthodox way of catching Pokémon, but it seemed to work this time. Next time use him.” Rowan commanded pointing to the Pokeball.

    “A boy huh?” I mused sending out the young monkey. Once released from the ball Chimchar stared at me in defiance as he reached under his tail but quickly thought better of it and instead crossed his arms in front of himself.

    “Would you like to give him a nickname?” asked Prof. Rowan. A nickname? Hmmm… I’m not very good at coming up with names, but this golden Chimchar definitely needs one being as special as he is. Let’s see…

    “I can’t name you Sun Wukong after the Monkey King because you already seem like the proud type and that name would just go straight to your head. I know! I used to know a pyromaniac named Axel, so that’s what I think I’ll call you. Do you like it?” Chimchar looked like he was thinking about it before smiling with a satisfied cheer.

    “Alright, Axel it is. I’m Brian.” I said extending my hand. Axel sniffed my palm but quickly caught on and gave me his hand too. As we shook, I got an unsettling feeling. “That’s the hand you threw the poo with isn’t it?” Axel laughed in embarrassment that I called him out on it. I slowly pulled my hand away and held it to the side in disgust. “Make sure you wash your hands before eating anything. As for me, I think I’ll start wearing gloves. Fingerless of course because those are more badass.”

    After that, I had Prof. Rowan take me back to Kanto so my parents could meet Axel and give me a proper farewell.

    What’s on your mind Psycho Monkey?” inquired Axel. When we got home from dinner Axel and I had gone back to the roof to watch the sunset and stars come out.

    “Just reminiscing about when our two paths crossed and merged into one.” I said. “The Road of Life is a strange one. Twists and turns exist at every point and you can never turn around to see what could have been. You can’t stay in one place either because the road is long and unpredictable, otherwise you’ll never get anywhere. You’re only hope is to follow the road to the end and hope you had fun doing it.”

    Since when did you become a philosopher?” Axel asked jokingly.

    “Since I thought about how your road could have ended when you fell and how mine could have ended when I met Strife Maxwell, but because a chance encounter occurred five years ago today, we were both able to be led down a path we didn’t know existed.” I went on.

    You have a point there Brian. In order to survive we need eachother.” acknowledged Axel understandingly.

    “That’s right, so let’s promise that we see the Road of Life to the end.” I said extending my hand.

    And we continue getting stronger so that we can survive any bumps in the road.” Axel added taking my hand. “By the way, this is the hand I throw poo with.

    “You stopped throwing poo when you evolved into Monferno because it didn’t catch on fire anymore. Besides, I’m wearing gloves, even if the right one still has holes in it from when you bit me.” I responded. After a good laugh, we laid back and watched the summer night sky until falling asleep.
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    Chapter 17: A Relaxing Vacation (Maybe)

    “Do you have everything you need?” my mom asked for the third time.

    “Yes Mother dearest.” I said beginning to get annoyed by the constant reminder of something I’ve been doing perfectly for half a decade while still trying to sound sincere. “We’re off now!” I announced grabbing the worn and beaten green backpack I have been using since day one and heading out the door.

    “Take care you two. Have fun, be safe, and try to stay longer than three days the next time you come and visit.” Mom asserted bidding us farewell from the doorway.

    “I’ll try. I need more mental stimulation than this town has to offer.” I said pulling a red and white orb from my side. “But I’ll see if I can’t fit it into my completely random schedule to visit more frequently.” I added noticing a look of disappointment on her face. That comment seemed to satisfy her for now. After saying our goodbyes, I opened the Pokeball in my hand releasing a long stone grey winged beast with a large maw filled with razor sharp fangs. Aerodactyl gave a loud screech which startled several of the neighbors who were outside.

    “To Vermillion City!” I instructed once Axel and I had boarded our prehistoric transport. With another loud screech the Fossil Pokémon beat his powerful wings to attain lift off. When we were high enough, he curled in his clawed legs and simply glided on the thermals.

    It had been one tournament after another, battle after battle for so long that Axel and I had decided we needed a break from it all. It has been awhile since we were in Johto, so that’s where we decided we would take our vacation. We had originally planned to take the Magnet Train to Goldenrod City as it would be quicker than the S.S. Aqua, but I hear the Whirl Islands are nice this time of year, and it would save us a trip if we were to start in Olivine City.

    Beneath us Pallet Town gradually went from houses and farmland to open grassy fields, then the scenery changed to lush green forested wilderness followed by crystal blue open water, all before we passed over Vermillion City half an hour after our departure from Pallet Town. Aerodactyl turned 45 degrees into a nosedive taking his passenger plummeting to the ground. Just as we were only a couple of feet from the surface, the ancient flier pulled up again and flapped his wings three times to maintain balance making for a badass yet elegant landing.

    “Thanks Aerodactyl, you deserve a break.” I said appreciatively as I hopped off of the Fossil Pokémon’s back. After patting him on the head, I rewarded Aerodactyl’s efforts by returning him to his Pokeball to rest.

    What time does the S.S. Aqua leave?” inquired Axel eagerly.

    “Patience my young monkey. We’re on vacation, we can afford to wait and be as lazy as we damn well please. But to answer your question: four o’clock. That gives us roughly fifty minutes to get on board.” I answered. That did remind me though. I pulled off my backpack and rummaged through it until I found a rectangular sea blue ticket with a white boat drawn on it. Like my backpack, this ticket has seen some action as was noticeable in the bends in it and slight tears on the ends. This was a lifetime Aqua Pass I had won off of some rich guy who thought he could beat me in a Pokémon battle. Rich people never learn, they always think they’re better than us commoners.

    We took the opportunity now to go down to the harbor so that we wouldn’t risk missing the ship. As would be expected of Vermillion Harbor, sailors and their Machokes, Poliwraths, Blastoises, and Primapes were everywhere loading and unloading the cargo of all the sea going vessels in the water. I wouldn’t expect anything less than to see this place bustling with activity and the scent of industry mixed in with the sea breeze. One of the sailors began yelling and cursing at a Wingull that unknowingly and uncaringly took a dump on his bald head. Both Axel and I had to withhold our laughter unless we wanted a fight on our hands. We would make jokes about it when we got aboard the S.S. Aqua.

    “Here you go.” I said handing my pass to the sailor guarding the ramp to the ship. After inspecting it he handed it back to me and stepped aside.

    “Right this way sir. Enjoy your trip.” he said with genuine courtesy. I smiled politely and walked up the ramp onto the ship where my expression changed to one of confusion. Never before have I encountered a well mannered sailor. Either he’s a new guy and hasn’t gotten as irritable as his coworkers, or he really likes his job. Then again, maybe he thought I was rich due to my lifetime pass and was hoping for a nice tip. Damn the privileged.

    That was different.” Axel affirmed. I nodded in agreement and began looking for the room that I would call my own for the next eighteen hours.

    The next morning the S.S. Aqua arrived safely in Olivine Port without anything exciting happening during the voyage. I descended the ramp with my tattered backpack on my shoulders and Axel by my side as always, while surrounded by the other passengers. I stretched my arms in the air with a satisfied sigh.

    “Let the relaxation begin.” I declared in a mellow tone. I suddenly heard a tear and felt the weight on my back shift to my right shoulder. “Oh don’t tell me…” I groaned. I pulled off my backpack and sure enough the left strap had ripped. “Crap. Hold this while I get out the duct tape.” I told Axel passing the pack to him. This was the second time I had to actually repair my pack with duct tape. The first was when it got caught on a torn bush and the pocket I keep all the Pokémon medicine ripped open.

    Why not put it in an Item Ball like you do with the stuff that doesn’t fit in it?” the Infernape suggested.

    “Because then it would be a pain in the ass getting stuff out.” I countered as I dug through the bag. “Ah! Found it!” I said pulling out the silver roll of tape. While I repaired the strap by wrapping tape all around it, Axel was quietly giggling to himself at all the trouble I was going through. He looked at me like he was going to make fun of me, but he suddenly got a terrified look on his face.

    Forget the backpack for now, we have to go!” he said desperately.

    “Why? What’s wrong?” I said getting ready to turn around.

    Don’t look! Just run! I’ll explain everything when we get to safety!” he pleaded urgently. Before I could react to what he had told me, I understood why the monkey was so panicked. And I wish I had had listened.

    “Onii-chan!!!” came a loud high pitched excited girly voice.

    “Oh no…” I whispered in complete terror. Not her.

    Why didn’t you run?” Axel mourned in defeat.

    “I didn’t know!” I sobbed regretfully. I had already been spotted so there was no use in fleeing now. All I could do was stand my ground and take this like a man. Without warning, ninety pounds of girl was thrown onto my back causing me to lean forward. I’m glad I did stand my ground; otherwise I would have been knocked to the ground. Madison had her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and her arms just as tightly around my neck.

    “Onii-chan! I really, really, really, [Oh kill me], missed you!” she squealed just as enthusiastically as ever. The feeling isn’t mutually. Especially when I can’t breathe! Her grip was like an Ekans around my throat. I desperately pulled on her arms while trying to choke out the words ‘Can’t breathe!’

    “Oh! Sorry!” she said loosening her grip. I began sucking in as much air as I could to fill my oxygen starved body. “Is Onii-chan ok?” she asked.

    “Yeah. I’m fine.” I said gasping heavily as if I had just run a mile with Madison on my back. I let out one big sigh having finally caught my second wind. “Now get of my back.” I said sternly while straightening up so she’d be able to reach the ground easier. No sooner had I gotten her off of me, was she already glomping Axel.

    “I missed you too Axel-kun!” she cheered snuggling him. Now here we have the weirdest size comparison imaginable. Axel is tall for an Infernape, standing at four and a half feet. Madison is a sixteen-year-old human female and is barely the same height. I guess some things never change. She still dresses like she belongs in an anime convention rather than on the road as a trainer, this latest outfit being very Lucky Star-ish, not to mention her everlasting pink bangs.

    Brian, she won’t let me go!” whined the golden monkey trying vainly to pry his way from Madison’s death grip.

    “Alright, that’s enough Madison. Axel needs to breathe too.” I said lightly tugging her shirt collar. Madison tilted her head back looking up at me then back down to Axel.

    “Sorry Axel-kun.” she apologized releasing him.

    “So Madison, what brings you to Johto?” I inquired. Her brown eyes grew huge followed by a pathetic whimper from her mouth. I could tell by the shocked look on her face that I was in for a ridiculous story.

    “You mean this isn’t Hoenn?” she asked distraughtly as if hoping I would contradict myself. Instead, I face palmed and sighed. I knew it. “No-o! I got on the wrong boat again! I wanted to go to Hoenn for all the contests! Are there any contests in Johto?” I shook my head in the negative. Madison put her hands to her chin and began crying twin waterfalls while looking at me for guidance.

    “You can’t do anything right without me can you?” I asked already knowing the answer. Madison shook her head with the same chibiish expression.

    “Can I go with you?” Madison asked hopefully giving me puppy eyes.

    “Me and Axel are supposed to be on vacation.” I stated trying to deter her. All I succeeded in doing was make Madison give me a cuter face. I can’t believe I’m about to say this. “Fine.” I conceded. “It would be heartless of me to leave such a pathetic creature as you to roam on your own.”

    “YAY!” Madison cheered completely changing her disposition while jumping up and down. “I love you Onii-chan!” she cried happily as she hugged me again. I put my hand on the bridge of my nose between my eyes. So much for a relaxing vacation.

    You go too easy on her.” Axel pointed out. I groaned knowing that much to be true. I slipped my arms between myself and Madison trying to free myself from her powerful clutch.

    “We’re going to the Whirl Islands. Any objections?” I asked without giving her much choice. Not that she would object. Knowing Madison, she would probably follow me to Hell and back.

    “*squee* The Whirl Islands sound like so much fun! Thank you so much for inviting me!” she said gratefully.

    “Now remember Madison, this is a vacation. That means we get to be as lazy as we damn well please, all schedules are out the window, and we just sit back, relax, play and have fun. Maybe chill by da poolside if we find one. Kay?” I went over just to make sure she understood.

    “Why did you throw your schedule out of a window?” she asked blankly. *eye twitch* I should have taken the Magnet Train.
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    Of all the chapters to finish the first page with...

    Chapter 18: The Unthinkable

    I held a long sturdy black fishing rod in my hands as far out as my arms would allow with a big chunk of meat dangling from the string. This was to serve as motivation for the giant rotund bear with midnight blue fur and a cream colored belly to Surf myself, Axel, and Madison down to the Whirl Islands. No ships would dare make the trip because of all of the whirlpools so I had to resort to my usual brilliance in unconventional means and use my Snorlax. The food would always be there, but he wouldn’t be able to reach it with his short arms until the task at hand was complete no matter how hard he swam. Sometimes it’s a good thing hunger and instinct out weigh good judgment and reason.

    “Are we there yet Onii-chan?” asked Madison. My eye started twitching at the dreaded question. I have to take care of this now before it gets out of hand.

    “No Madison, and if you ask again I’m throwing you off the Snorlax.” I answered trying to hide my annoyance.

    “But I only asked once.” she said giving me a confused look. “It’s not like I was saying Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” she rambled on. I quickly felt what little sanity I had fading into nothingness.

    “Gah! Axel! Shut her up!” I yelled trying to keep the fishing rod steady and hold my ears at the same time. I found it was an impossible move.

    Way ahead of ya.” Axel said pulling the duct tape from my backpack. Madison let out a frightened squeal as she put her hands on her mouth and curled into a ball.

    “Don’t you think that’s a little harsh? It would be funny as hell, but then I’d have to deal with her crying when we finally took the tape off.” I said indifferently. The Infernape grunted in annoyance that he couldn’t have his fun in making Madison a silver mummy.

    “Thanks Onii-chan.” said Madison gratefully. She crawled up Snorlax’s back and joined me near the shoulders where I was sitting with the fishing rod.

    “What are you thanking me for? Silence is golden, duct tape is silver. If you get duct taped, I’ll never have silence again.” I said straightforwardly.

    We could go no further. Whirlpools and rocks were everywhere blocking every possible route except the one we had come from. To keep Snorlax from killing us, I pulled in the meat and let him have at it.

    “What now Onii-chan?” Madison asked hoping I’d have an answer. As always, I did.

    “Give me a minute to put away this rod.” I said pulling out a grey orb that resembled a Pokéball but was used for an entirely different purpose. I held the Item Ball to the fishing rod and pulled back the latter item like how a Pokémon would be called back to its Pokéball. You got to hand it to the Devon Corporation; Item Balls sure make a trainer’s life easier. It is possible to carry large items like fishing rods and bikes in a backpack along with tons of smaller items with these balls. After putting away the fishing rod, I pulled a Pokéball from my waist.

    “Now to get to the islands.” I said sending out Aerodactyl. “All aboard!” The Fossil Pokémon swooped in low so that everyone could climb on his back. By the time everyone had gotten on the flier, Snorlax had finished his meal. I took out the Sleeping Pokémon’s Ultra Ball and called him back in a flash of red light for his nap.

    We flew on Aerodactyl until reaching four rocky islands arranged in a spiral pattern, each one covered in rocks with some vegetation and surrounded by white sandy beaches. “Take the lower right one!” I called out pointing to the one I meant. The prehistoric beast pulled in his wings while tilting down into a dive. Madison screamed while I grinned in excitement from the adrenaline rush.

    “That was scawy.” Madison sobbed as she clung to my torso for dear life even after we had already landed.

    “Wuss.” I mocked. With a good bit of effort, I managed to peel the girl’s arms off of me. I then unmounted my noble stead with Axel following me. Madison got off less gracefully, first getting caught on one of Aerodactyl’s spikes causing her to slide before falling face first into the sand. Axel and I burst into laughter at the scene.

    “It’s not funny!” she whined getting up while trying her hardest to brush the sand off of her clothes and out of her hair.

    “Ha ha ha aha… *sigh* You’re right, it’s not funny.” I said catching my breath. “It’s hilarious!” I began laughing hysterically again. Axel held out his hand trying desperately to say something over his laughter so I gave him the high five he was looking for. All the while our female companion glared at us angrily for getting so much amusement at her expense.

    “Hmph!” she pouted turning her head away from us.

    “Aw. Don’t get mad. It’s vacation, you have to unwind.” I encouraged. “Besides, you should already know that me and Axel are easily entertained. Now get yer bathing suit on! We’re going swimming!” I declared already taking my shirt off.

    “But where do I change?” asked Madison nervously as she began looking around.

    “Well, you could be ridiculously prepared like me,” I dropped my pants to reveal that I already had my suit on, “or you can duck behind those bushes over there.” I said pointing to a small patch of green foliage roughly fifty feet up the beach. The brush was actually closer to the rocky part of the island than the sand.


    “Look. I’m the only boy on the island and all I care about is seeing how far out I can swim. Use your Pokémon for protection if you’re scared.” I pointed out, now fully undressed save my swimwear. Madison nodded and ran up the beach to her hiding place.

    Enjoy yourself. I’m not going past the high tide mark.” Axel said bitterly. Such is my one disadvantage of having a Fire-type. He’ll join me in all of my crazy endeavors except the ones that will get him wet.

    “Then let me give you some company.” I said picking up my other Pokémon’s balls. Snorlax, Piloswine, Riolu, and Beldum joined Aerodactyl and Axel on the beach. “It’s everyone’s vacation so have fun doing as you please.” I encouraged.

    With that, I turned toward Kyogre’s realm and ran headlong down the sand to the sea. My speed was gradually diminished the further out I got, starting with kicking water everywhere at the tide line, to hopping on the bottom until I could no longer feel it. Once I could no longer feel anything but cold water under my feet, I leaned forward into prone position and began breast stroking out further. The water was not as rough as one might think from all the whirlpools everywhere. But it was also not what I would call calm either. Something in the middle I would say.

    “Onii-chan!” Madison called from the shoreline waving at me. I turned around bobbing in the water. From what I could see from my location, she was wearing a pinkish purple one piece and standing about ankle deep. I waved back at her and Riolu who was doggy paddling just a few feet from Madison. Aerodactyl was perched on one of the many rocks that littered the shore, Snorlax was sleeping lazily on the beach with Axel leaning against his bulk, Piloswine looked like he was digging a hole in the sand with his tusks, and Beldum just floated around aimlessly. Mimi, Maki, Chuchu, Fluffy, Ichi, and Cherim were also out and about with Maki swimming along side Riolu.

    Suddenly, Riolu stopped his leisurely swim and looked toward me with a startled bark. Axel also got up off of Snorlax and ran to the tide line. “Brian! Get back here now!” the monkey shouted urgently.

    “Onii-chan!” Madison screamed frantically. I didn’t even need to guess why they were so worked up, I already knew. No sooner had Riolu’s head perked up, I felt the water around me recede. I quickly turned my head around to see a huge tidal wave looming over head.

    “Oh shi-!” was all I could scream before all that water came crashing down on me. I felt like I was in a whirlwind of madness. I couldn’t tell which direction was up, down, left, right, forward, or behind as I spiraled through the water. The answer only came when I bounced on my back against the sandy bottom, then again when I was lifted back up, spun around, and dropped on my left shoulder.

    When the currents seemed to calm down, I was finally able to pick myself up and get the much needed air that my lungs burned for. I tried wiping the salty water from my eyes to see where I was, but that only made things worse as my hands were also dripping wet. I finally got my eyes open enough to see that I was about knee deep facing the ocean and another wave was heading my way. This one, however, broke just before hitting me, but sent gallons of water hitting me below the waist like a punch to the balls. I fell on my ass from the impact with the wind knocked out of me.

    I got up again and staggered back to the beach completely dizzy from the shellshock. I couldn’t even walk in a straight line and almost fell twice. My nose and eyes burned from the salt water and my mouth felt dry. Despite it all, I was laughing maniacally. I have never been thrashed so badly before and I liked it. If I could, I would love to go through that all over again without any changes.

    “Onii-chan! Are you ok!? You’re bleeding!” Madison cried. Bleeding? I looked at my left shoulder, the one I had landed on. It had a few scrapes on it but other than that it was nothing serious. My back was probably the same way. Axel walked up next to me when I got out of the water incase I needed anything or fell from dizziness.

    “Grab me a bottle of water.” I told the Infernape as I sat down with my legs up for balance. I started spitting to get all the salt out of my mouth. Not exactly an easy task. Axel came back and handed me the bottle I always keep in my front pocket. I accepted and began chugging to rehydrate myself. After my drink, I used what was left in the bottle to wash out my mouth by rinsing and spitting the mixture into the sand.

    “Onii-cha~an!” Madison called obnoxiously trying to get my attention.

    “I’m fine Madison.” I said with a sigh. I started sniffing inward until I finally forced out a sneeze that had been bothering me for the last couple of minutes. It was a very phlegmy sneeze as it was taking all of the ocean’s dissolved particles with it. “Very fine.”

    That night after my epic experience, we had a bonfire complement of Axel. For dinner we had hotdogs, followed by s’mores for dessert. While we ate, we told random stories of past endeavors and complete fantasy. By this time, Madison had changed into a pair of beige shorts and a pink hoodie. All I did was put my shirt back on.

    “Then when it looked like I was about to lose, Axel let out a furious roar. He was consumed by his Blaze aura and began growing and changing. When the glow dissipated, my Monferno was gone, replaced by the badass Infernape you see here. Whitney’s Miltank didn’t stand a chance.” I said telling Madison about my last trip to Johto.

    True story. Afterward we had burgers.” Axel added. I began chuckling evilly remembering how we called our lunch that day Whitney’s Miltank.

    “Wow.” Madison said in amazement. “Onii-chan and Axel had lotsa fun huh?”

    “We still are. You can too.” I looked at my Poketch. It read 11:29p. “Tis getting late. Have Maki put out this fire so we can go to bed. Tomorrow will be another day of unplanned fun.”

    Even with the light of the fire completely gone so that even sparks didn’t remain, the beach was still bathed in the light of the almost full moon and stars. I was slowly lulled to sleep by the peaceful sound of the waves which was all that could be heard in the silence of the night.

    Was it humming? No. It sounded more like singing. It was so calm… soothing… and peaceful. It sounded like a happy song. Or was it sad? I guess melancholy would be the right word to describe it. What ever it was, it was relaxing. Like every worry or problem I had was gone. It was just me and the song.

    “Onii-chan wake up!” I lazily opened one eye to see Madison crouching over me. I wish it was just me and the song. Wait! The song. It was gone. Had I just been dreaming it?

    “What do you want?” I said groggily. The sky was still dark with the only sign of morning being a thin azure glow on the Eastern horizon.

    “I saw a big silver bird.” she whispered. I was slightly intrigued, but not enough to get up. I took a quick look at my Poketch which read 5:38a.

    “You’re dreaming. Go back to sleep.” I advised as I rolled back over.

    “It wasn’t a dream. I really saw it. It came out of the ocean and flew to one of the other islands.” Madison went on. It is way too early for this.

    “Alright, fine. Show me where you saw this ‘silver bird’ of yours.” I said drowsily getting up. “Let me just get dressed first.” When I had at least gotten some pants on I kicked Axel to wake him up too.

    Man. I was having such a nice dream too. That was a beautiful song.” the monkey groaned at being woken up so early.

    As Madison dragged us to the north most part of the island, I began hearing screeches and fluttering. It definitely sounded like a bird, or rather multiple birds. The sound was coming from behind one of the tallest of the many rock formations. When we rounded the corner, we were greeted by a sight like no other. The North side of the beach was littered with dozens of Tentacool, Shellder, and Mantine carcasses. Above them were dozens, maybe even hundreds more Wingulls having a feeding frenzy on the all-you-can-eat-buffet that covered the sand. One of the bird Pokémon was picking the eye out of a deceased Tentacool while another ripped out the soft insides of a Shellder. There was more going on than I could possibly describe. I was left awe struck. How did so many Pokémon wash up on the beach like this? What could have done this? As bizarre as this situation was, it did answer one question.

    “There’s your silver bird Madison.” I said pointing to the flock of Wingull. “The morning light, or lack there of, must have reflected off of their white feathers making them look silver. And because there are so many, they looked like one giant bird.” I explained.

    “That’s not it!” Madison responded adamantly. “It wasn’t Wingull. It was ginormous and it flew over to that island!” she said pointing in the distance to a rock peak. “We have to go!” Persistent as always.

    “Madison, the sun isn’t even up yet. I’m on vacation, I’m tired, I’m going back to bed.” I said leaving no room for argument. “However, you have aroused my curiosity. When I wake up for real we can investigate this silver bird of yours after breakfast. Until then, don’t wake me.”

    True to my word, the three of us flew on Aerodactyl to the specified island four hours later. It took some work getting around the Wingull, but after that it was a smooth flight. Between the two islands in the ocean were several violent whirlpools grouped together in one area. The strange thing about them was the way they were spiraling. It was as if they were pulling water from the surface to fill a void left below, like a giant mass rose from the sea at a very high velocity. I suddenly remembered something Axel said earlier that I was too tired to process at the time.

    “Axel, you said you had a dream about singing earlier. What was it like?” I questioned.

    I don’t know. It sounded kinda lonely but at the same time reassuring.” Axel tried explaining.

    “I also had a dream about singing.” Madison added with excitement.

    “You too?” I inquired in disbelief. “Do you remember how it went?”

    “Mhm. It was something like-” she closed her eyes and began humming. That was it! That was exactly what I heard in my dream. Axel had the same surprised look as I did.

    “This is no coincidence. There is no way all of us had the same dream about a song none of us have ever heard before.” I acknowledged. “No, it wasn’t a dream. We must have been hearing the song at the exact same time.”

    “Do you think it was the silver bird?” asked Madison. Aerodactyl landed on the island’s mountain near a cave.

    “Maybe.” I said hopping off. This time I helped Madison off so she wouldn’t hurt herself on the jagged rocks in the area. I recalled Aerodactyl to his Pokéball before walking into the cave. Axel walked in front as our light while I brought up the rear with Madison in the middle so she wouldn’t get lost. Most caves I have found are very treacherous and can be deadly if you don’t know where you’re going or you don’t take proper precaution ahead of time.

    Rather than seek out the silver bird itself, we decided to look for traces it had been here: feathers, bird poo, footprints, or anything else relevant to the search. The next best thing would be if we heard it, with the best being actually seeing it. I debated on whether or not I should try to catch it or not. I guess it would depend on the situation.

    “WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Madison suddenly screamed as she jumped back into me. I caught her in my arms and helped her regain her balance.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked in concern.

    “Sa-sa-something touched my leg!” she wailed hysterically. I wordlessly directed Axel to turn his head to where Madison had been standing. Running away from the light was a decent sized red crab with its pinchers elevated above its body.

    “It’s just a Krabby silly.” I reassured. “I’m sure there are many more wild Pokémon in here. Now come. We have a silver bird to seek.” Madison whined as I pushed her forward to keep going.

    The deeper we went, the colder it got. It was no where near as cold as the Ice Path where I could see my breath, but it was enough to make my exposed arms tingly. Some paths were open, allowing us to go anywhere. Others were narrow, forcing us in one specific direction without the option of turning around. Inside the cave there were also hills, some so steep we had to go one at a time so we wouldn’t fall into eachother while using the wall in an attempt to maintain balance. Others were flat enough that it didn’t even feel like a hill. There were also random tunnels in various places leading to different “rooms” inside the cave. More than once Madison let out a pathetic whimper from something that scared her, usually the occasional Zubat.

    “Can we go now Onii-chan?” she asked nervously. I stopped in my tracks which told Axel to do the same when he looked back and saw we weren’t moving.

    “Go? You’re the one who wanted to find the silver bird!” I reminded. “Where be ye sense of adventarre?” I asked pirate like. “You commented last night how Axel and I had a lot of fun. Now’s your chance! Even if this search is a bust, you can still brag later that you explored the deep, dank, and dark caverns of the Whirl Islands in search of a rare silver bird! No go forth! See this to the end!”

    With my encouraging speech, Axel moved forward again. Madison reluctantly followed, with me behind them. I noticed the small child was shaking despite hugging herself for warmth. I walked closer and leaned forward to talk in her ear. “If you’re cold, get closer to Axel’s fire. If you’re scared, don’t be. We’ll protect you from any harm. Kay?”

    “Okay!” Madison said happily. “I know I can trust Onii-chan!”

    As we walked down one particular tunnel, the floor started getting damper, most likely from the water dripping from the ceiling. Every step we took caused the floor to splash. Every drop that fell did nothing to me, but made Madison jump and Axel grumble. A new scent slowly filled the cavern. It was the smell of water. When we exited the tunnel, we were on a subterranean island possibly big enough to fit me, Madison, and all twelve of our Pokémon with only a little bit of room to spare. The smell of water came from the water surrounding the island. I slowly walked across the slippery damp surface to the edge. I got on my knees, stuck my face in the water, and sucked in, something I immediately regret doing. I quickly pulled my head out and started spitting.

    “Don’t drink that! It’s brackish.” I warned.

    “What does brackish mean?” asked Madison putting her index finger to her mouth cluelessly. I informed her three times that it meant it was salt water, but not as salty as the ocean as she didn’t quite get it the first two times. My theory was that the water was once fresh ground water, but being surrounded by the ocean, salt water gradually seeped in as well. I decided not to voice that theory out loud as I really don’t feel like explaining it five different times.

    “Looks like we can go no further. Time to turn around and go back.” I said dejectedly.

    “Why can’t we get on Snorlax and see where the water goes?” Madison inquired.

    “You don’t hear it?” I asked. Madison looked around obliviously before shaking her head. “That is the sound of crashing water meaning there’s a waterfall nearby.” I informed. “If we go down that waterfall, we’re screwed. It’s better to cut our losses now and say we tried, than to do something stupid and end up dead.”

    Why not try a different corridor and see where it leads?” asked Axel.

    “Simply put, we’ve been in here for almost five hours. In another five hours it will be almost dusk. That’s providing we take the exact path back that we took getting here. One wrong move and we may not be getting out of here until midnight.” I ranted.

    After sending my charges back the way we came, I noted that it was just as difficult to get around if not more. Just like getting to this point, we had to deal with treacherous terrain and maze-like structures. What made it more difficult was remembering which way we had come from; exactly as I predicted. It got to the point that I had to carry Madison on my back because she was too tired to keep going.

    “We’ll rest here for a little while.” I declared after climbing up a particularly steep hill. Even I had reached my limits, plus with Madison now asleep, she was dead weight and wouldn’t be able to hold on to me if I needed to use my hands for any reason. Axel sighed with relief. Obviously he only kept going for me. I had the Flame Pokémon take the sleeping girl off of my back and lay her on a flatter surface of the bumpy ground. I sat down and started rubbing my shoulders.

    So what do you think it was? The silver bird I mean.” the golden monkey inquired taking a seat next to me.

    “Honestly, I’m thinking Lugia.” I admit as I leaned forward to stretch my back muscles.

    Lugia huh?

    “Mhm.” I nodded. “Johto legend speaks of a Great Silver Guardian that used to reside atop the Brass Tower before fleeing when a lightning bolt burned the tower to the ground. Over the last couple of centuries sailors and fishermen have been spreading rumors of a silver beast that causes storms near the Whirl Islands. I think they are one and the same and that the silver bird Madison saw is in fact Lugia. The song that we all heard was my first hint that what we were looking for is actually real. But there are other clues that I think all go together. The tidal wave that hit me yesterday was the only one that hit all day leading me to believe some unusual force caused it. A bigger one must have struck last night while we were sleeping to wash all of those Pokémon onto the beach. Adding that to those violent whirlpools that we saw in the ocean between the islands has led me to the conclusion that something big and powerful rose from the depths in the last 24 hours. My tidal wave was just the first ripple of Lugia’s rising. The other came when it emerged. Madison must have woken up and seen it before it flew over to this island. Whether or not it actually landed here, I’m stumped given that we have found no further evidence, but at least we know what it is we’re dealing with.” I explained.

    It makes perfect sense. You’ve been think about that a lot haven’t you?

    “What else would I have been doing all this time? I can’t not think.” I confessed. I looked over at Madison who was sleeping so peacefully. “We might as well get some rest too. She doesn’t look like she’ll be getting up anytime soon.”

    You rest. I’ll take the first watch.” Axel offered.

    “No, you sleep too. You’re our light source.” I said releasing Riolu from his Pokéball. “He’ll watch. Rio, if you sense anything, wake us up before it gets here.” I instructed. Riolu nodded in compliance before closing his eyes to survey the area. I laid back and threw my hands behind my head as a pillow. Axel curled up next me and closed his eyes. It didn’t take long for me to join him.

    I was the first to wake up, followed by Axel a few minutes later. Madison could probably out sleep Snorlax with how long she’s been out. I’ll give her ten minutes, after that I’m waking her up in the most interesting way I can think of.

    “3… 2… 1. Time’s up.” I said after the allotted ten minutes unleashing Aerodactyl.

    What’s he for?” Axel asked warily.

    “Watch. Roar Aerodactyl!” I commanded. The Fossil Pokémon inhaled deeply prior to releasing a frightening ear shattering shriek that echoed off of the cavern walls giving it a more ominous and sinister sound. Madison awoke with a terrified scream while I laughed my ass off at how evil I can be.

    “It’s not funny Onii-chan!!” my victim yelled. My amusement ceased when Riolu tugging at my pants leg with a nervous look on his face. Answering Aerodactyl’s call was a loud cry that echoed from deep in the cave. The howl was like nothing I had ever heard in my life. It was one of power that commanded respect.

    “You’re right Madison. Perhaps I did go too far this time.” I admit with an uneasy tone. “But we can talk about that later. Right now I think I just pissed off Lugia. Run!” I ordered. The sound of multiple beating wings could be heard as a swarm of Zubat flooded the corridor we were in. They were most likely startled by Aerodactyl’s and that other creature’s roars.

    You’ve really done it now, haven’t you?” Axel chastised.

    “You can tell me off later! Right now move it!” I yelled after returning Riolu and Aerodactyl to their respective balls. We kept the same pecking order to ensure that no one got left behind. That made life rather difficult for me as I was the one who was harassed the most by those bloodsucking fiends.

    “That’s enough!” I proclaimed. “Come back out Aerodactyl!” I summoned releasing the stone grey winged terror. “Scatter these Zubat with Supersonic and Roar!” I threw my hands over my ears as I expected the Supersonic to vibrate off of the walls just like Roar did, and confusion at a time like this would be pretty bad. “Cover your ears everyone!” I shouted. The ancient Pokémon opened his mouth releasing a shrill screech that sent the Zubat into disarray. Once they started swarming aimlessly, Aerodactyl let out another fearsome roar sending the Bat Pokémon back into the depths of the cave they came from.

    “Is it over?” Madison asked hopefully. Before I could say yes, another wild bat dropped from the ceiling, this one with a huge gapping mouth lined with sharp fangs. In a sense it was a flying mouth as the feet came out of the jaw and the wings were attached to the cheeks. Jeez, it’s one thing after another here. The Golbat spit out its long saliva covered tongue as it screeched a cry rivaling Aerodactyl’s.

    “I’ve had enough of this!” I said angrily. I called Aerodactyl back to his Pokéball while readying a Great Ball. “Finish this Piloswine!” I called sending out a large pig Pokémon covered in coarse brown fur with two large tusks protruding from his mouth. “Icy Wind!” The wooly boar blew a freezing breath at the evolved Bat Pokémon that crystallized the cave’s water vapor into an icy white mist. The Golbat shrieked with displeasure from the Super-effective hit as it flew into the abyss.

    “I say we get the hell out before a Crobat decides it wants to join the party as well.” I said sarcastically. I will be willing to admit this was my fault after we get out of the cave.

    Hours passed until we finally reached the mouth of the cavern, recognizable only for the moonlight shining in. According to my watch it was 1:11a. We would have made better time had we not taken that rest or been attacked by deranged Zubat, but I digress. We found Lugia, even if we only heard its cry, so the trip wasn’t a total waste. Plus it is always fun to explore new places just to see what can be found.

    “It’s late, so I say we sleep here tonight.” I said taking a seat followed by a yawn.

    “*Yawn* Ok. Good night Onii-chan.” Madison said rubbing her eyes.

    Night ya lazy monkeys.” Axel said tiredly.

    “I’m going for an early morning walk. You wanna come with?” I asked Madison the following morning.

    “No thanks Onii-chan. I’m making us breakfast today.” she said confidently.

    “You!?” I questioned in shock. “O~ok. Axel my friend, I have a feeling one of us is going to die today.” I joked.

    That’s why you’re eating first.” the monkey replied.

    “Bye Onii-chan! Bye Axel-kun!” Madison called to us as we began our trip from the rocky ridge near the mouth of the cave down to the beach.

    For this vacation, Axel and I decided that we would do no training or battling unless in self defense like yesterday. However, that doesn’t mean a leisurely walk along the beach on a beautiful sunny morning was out of the question. The salty breeze was crisp and fresh, the sound of the waves was relaxing, and the shining sun was warm. While we walked, Axel and I lamented that we didn’t get to at least see Lugia like Madison did. Lucky girl.

    I suddenly stopped cold in my tracks. I don’t know what it was, but I sensed something. Something felt horribly wrong. My heart began racing and my body began shaking.

    Brian. What’s wrong?” Axel asked in a serious, apprehensive voice. I looked out into the ocean. In the distance there was a gun metal black ship. There was some marking on the hull, but I couldn’t tell what it was from this angle at this distance. The sight of the ship only made this foreboding feeling stronger.

    “We need to go back!” I yelled breaking into a run back the way we had come. I don’t know how I knew, but my instincts were telling me that that ship in the distance was dangerous. An agonizing scream could be heard as we neared the campsite. “Madison!” I shouted desperately as I picked up the pace.

    A horrifying sight greeted me when I returned. Two men dressed in black with a red ‘R’ plastered on each of their shirts, white gloves and boots, and black hats stood behind two Houndoom, each spewing streams of orange fire from their maws onto their poor unsuspecting victim. My entire body quivered with rage.

    “Axel! Destroy those Houndoom!” I roared my voice shaken with fury. The Infernape screamed as he ran to the demon dogs, tackling one into the other. The Dark Pokémon yelped in surprise as they were knocked away from their burning prey. In a singly motion I grabbed Piloswine’s Great Ball and released the boar. “Powder Snow!” I commanded. Piloswine blew a cold snowflake filled breath over the burning corpses putting out the fires. I collapsed to my knees over the two sets of remains. On was of a charred shriveled plant. A Cherim! The other… No… the other was of a human girl! On parts of the body the flesh had been burned clean off the bone while in other parts only the skin was gone revealing the muscle tissue below. The most horrific part was how unrecognizable the body was, yet I could still identify the blackened remains by the remnants of pink hair on the front of the scalp, the single remaining brown eye, and what was left of the clothes. It was sickening!

    “Oh Madison… What did they do to you?” I asked mournfully starting to cry.

    “Was that girl a friend of yours?” one of the murderous Rockets asked in a mocking tone. I looked up at the two criminals with an unforgiving gaze. I could barely see them as my eyes were blinded with tears. My entire being burned inside with a violent anger. They had just taken a life, no, two lives and they were making jokes.

    “Friend?” I said shakily. “I was Madison’s Onii-chan. At first I hated the nickname, but more and more it grew on me until she finally did become like my little sister. Though we were not related by blood, I was as much her brother as I am my parent’s son.” My voice sounded calm, but it was seething with malice. “But you bastards took all that away! Madison was just a child, she had her whole life ahead of her! A little naïve, sure, but she would have over come that! I will never forgive you for this! I’ll make you pay! I’ll make you hurt! I’ll destroy you!” I roared vengefully. My voice no longer sounded human.

    “I’ve heard enough of this guy.” said the other Rocket pulling a knife from the belt his waist. “I’ll send you to hell to reunite with your sister!” he yelled lunging at me. I ran at the Rocket head on, the adrenaline rush from my bloodlust giving me deadly accuracy. As he stabbed at me, I grabbed his wrist in my right hand and thrust my left palm into his elbow causing it to shatter and his arm bend the opposite way it was supposed to. The Rocket let out a painful scream from the damage done to his arm. But I wasn’t done with this one, not yet. I picked up the knife he dropped when I destroyed his arm and slashed it across his throat before stabbing him between the eyes. The murderer fell to the ground dead himself.

    “Madison was too sweet to go to hell, which is a good thing as she’ll never have to see you again.” I said without remorse or regret.

    “Shit! You’re fucking insane!” the other killer screamed turning to run away.

    “And you’re fucking dead! Don’t kill unless you are prepared to be killed!” I screamed giving chase. I was on him in a second. My body was powered by anger and hate; there was nothing I couldn’t catch. I pounced on my victim like a Persian on a Rattata. I flipped him around to face me, then punched him in the face causing his nose to shatter. I stood up, lifted the Rocket by his collar, and punched him back to the ground. I then sat on top of him planting my feet on his wrists so he couldn’t fight back. I furiously punched his face where every time I pulled a fist back the other one was already coming down on him again. I continued my relentless assault until my prey’s face no longer looked like a face, just a distorted mound of bleeding flesh. Yet he still managed to live.

    “Monstah! Monstah!” he choked spitting teeth and blood at me.

    “Monster? Me?” I asked hatefully. “You’re the one who killed a child! She did nothing wrong! Just in the wrong place at the wrong time! You didn’t need to kill her, you just did! I’m not the monster here, YOU are!” I wrapped both of my hand around the Rocket’s neck and began pressing down on his Adam ’s apple as hard as I could with my thumbs. “And now you will never speak again!” With every gasp of air the murderer made, I squeezed tighter and tighter until his trachea collapsed under the pressure and he breathed no more.

    I sighed heavily as I began to regain my composure. Everything had happened so fast, so it took awhile for it all to sink in, and when it did I screamed in horror. “Wh-what have I done!?” I sobbed. I threw my blood soaked hands around my head and began griping trying to comprehend everything. “I- I killed them… I just killed two people! I’m no better than they are! I’m a murderer! There’s no forgiveness for this, I’ll go to jail for sure!” I looked around the area at the two people whose live I had taken. Then I saw Madison’s and Cherim’s corpses.

    “No. What am I saying? I’m not the murderer here, they are!” I realized. “They killed an innocent girl, they deserved to die! I was simply avenging the death of someone close to me. They killed for the fun of it! I’m right, they’re wrong! Strife Maxwell was right, this world is corrupt. The police are obviously not enough to set things right, hell, they’re part of the problem! This whole system is flawed. Only Team Neos can set this world straight, and to do that they’ll need all the help they can get, right Axel?” I asked the golden Infernape who had come up behind me during my rambling. “Right!?” I pressed.

    Yeah.” he said solemnly with a nod.

    “That’s right.” I said with a dark grin. “Hmhmhmhmhm Hehehehehehe Ahahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    And so I fell into maniacal laughter…

    I had forgotten how intense the mood whiplash was in this chapter, and I'm the one who wrote it! Definitely qualifies as my darkest chapter.
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    Chapter 19: Descent Into Darkness

    Axel and I spent the next hour prying open the melted Pokéballs of Madison’s surviving Pokémon until our fingers were raw. When Fluffy, Ichi, Maki, Mimi, and Chuchu were all released, we gave them the tragic news. As expected, they were devastated at the loss of their trainer and fellow Pokémon. Ichi possibly took it the hardest as the Cherubi was the offspring of Cherrim.

    “I am so sorry about what has happened here today. If there is anything Axel and I can do for you, let Axel know and he’ll relay the information to me.” I said supportively. I then turned to my gold companion, who was coved in blood just like I was, though not as much. He had a few splashes on his arms, and one each on his chest and face. Both of my hands were drenched with the life giving plasma, along with several splatters on my shirt and at least one I could feel on my face. From what he told me, the Houndoom were all dead. Axel had smashed one of the Dark Pokémon’s head into a rock which shattered its skull and scrambled its brain, thus resulting in the blood on him. The other had its neck snapped.

    “Axel, could you see if they need anything?” I requested. “I’m going down to the water to see if I can’t clean myself up some.”

    I know where you’re coming from; even I’m considering taking a bath for once. Go. I’ve got things covered here.” said Axel. I nodded in thanks as I moved away from the scene towards the beach. When I got down to the ocean, I waded into the salt water just over ankle deep and got on my knees. I began scrubbing my hands vigorously even using sand as soap hoping the small particles would be able to loosen the crimson stains.

    Why did things have to go so wrong? I was only on my walk for ten minutes, but it only took ten seconds for everything to go straight to hell. Who knew that when she bid us farewell this morning that it would be for keeps? What further drove my guilt was what we had said yesterday. I told her in the Whirl Island cave that I’d protect her and she trusted me. But I failed. And I can’t get the smell of blood off of my gloves! I punched my fist into the water in anger, impacting the sandy bottom.

    Brian?” I looked behind me at Axel who had come down to the water’s edge. “You probably won’t like this, but Madison’s Pokémon all agree that they want to go back home to Madison’s family. Her parents are breeders so none of them can be released into the wild as they were all born and raised in captivity and know nothing about surviving on their own.” the Infernape passed on.

    “Aw man. How can I face them?” I pondered sorrowfully. I sighed as I steeled myself for my inevitable fate. “Alright. I’ll do it. Someone has to tell them what befell their daughter. I just hope I have five empty Pokéballs.”

    I returned to the defiled campsite and one by one recaptured Fluffy, Ichi, Maki, Mimi, and Chuchu in fresh Pokéballs. Actually, two Pokéballs, a Dive Ball, a Premiere Ball, and a Great Ball to be more precise. One after another the five Pokémon were transported to my PC as I already had six Pokémon on me. I then focused my attention on the grotesque remains that were once a cute sixteen-year-old and a Cherrim. “Do you know if we have two empty jars Axel?” I questioned.

    We’ll need to check. What for?” inquired Axel.

    “We can’t leave Madison here all alone, but we also can’t carry that around with us.” I said briefly shifting my eyes to the corpse. “So, as horrible as it will be, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to finish what the Rockets started. Cremate her Axel. Cherrim too.” I ordered mournfully. Axel was completely taken back by my request. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open. I can’t say I blame him, I hate myself for even coming up with such an appalling idea, but it has to be done.

    If I’m going to do this, then we also need to take out that blindfold we use for training.” insisted the monkey bitterly.

    I dumped out the contents of my backpack and began sifting though Item Ball after Item Ball looking for anything that could hold ashes. The blindfold was easy enough to find, as it was one of the few non spherical objects I carry. While Axel and I didn’t find anything jar-like, we came across roughly ten empty water bottles. Makes sense, I’m a heavy drinker of water and I have nowhere to put empty bottles when on the road but back in my backpack.

    “Ready?” I asked once Axel had his blindfold on.

    Just give the detestable order.” Axel demanded.

    “What are you talking about? It’s just another day of training your senses incase you get blinded or the battlefield is dark.” I said calmly hoping to make this easier on him. “The target is right in front of you. Use Flamethrower.” The Infernape made an upset groan just before breathing a blazing tongue of fire at the remains. I quickly turned away with the horrified realization of the malignant command I had asked. The putrid stench of burning human flesh once again filled the air. I made a fist with my right hand and put it in the palm of my left to silently pay my respects to the dead in honor of the life Madison and Cherrim lived.

    Even after Madison was nothing more than a pile of grey ash, that horrible odor lingered on. I tapped Axel’s shoulder to let him know he was done for now. I walked over to Cherrim’s body to separate it from the ashes so they wouldn’t get mixed up. “Thirty degrees to your right.” I commanded pathetically. The Flame Pokémon moved his body accordingly, followed by another Flamethrower.

    “That’s enough!” I shouted when the Grass-type was reduced to another pile of ash. Axel removed the black cloth from his eyes to see what he had accomplished. Neither of us were proud of it. Now came the tricky part. I released Snorlax from his Ultra Ball for this very important mission. “Snorlax. I know I’m asking a lot, but can you try to Metronome Psychic to transfer those two piles of ash into the empty bottles while keeping them separate? If you can’t do it, don’t worry. I’ll find another way.” I begged.

    The Sleeping Pokémon pulled himself to his feet with a very determined look on his face while making hand gestures. Snorlax’s white face started to turn red from the intense concentration. Finally, Madison’s pile began to rise in a spiral as if it were in a gust of wind. The ash trailed to one of the bottles and began filling it until the bottle was full. The stream continued moving down the line until all the ash was gone, filling a total of three bottles. While Snorlax transferred Cherrim’s ashes into the fourth bottle, I sealed the others marking them each with an ‘M’. Cherrim only filled one bottle which I marked with a ‘C’.

    “Thank you Snorlax. I know that that command was very taxing on your mind and body, but I am very grateful for what you did.” I said appreciatively. After returning the rotund bear to his ball, I picked up the bottles to put away. “May you now rest in peace.” I said to the bottles.

    I agree. Let’s leave this place now.” said Axel mournfully. I couldn’t agree more.

    “No, I haven’t found the scouts yet.” I heard a female voice yell. “I know they should have reported in an hour ago, but I am not entering that cave.” I put my index finger to my mouth telling Axel to be quiet as we stealthfully moved closer. “Look, all I’m saying is that maybe they have tried to radio in but they don’t get reception in the tunnels.” I pressed my back up against a rock and looked around the corner. Talking over a radio was a woman about average height with shoulder length blond hair wearing knee high white boots, white gloves, a black miniskirt, a black beret, and a long-sleeved black shirt with that despicable red ‘R’ on it.

    The rage from this morning began to resurface at her sight. However, I did everything I could to suppress my bloodlust for now. First of all, I didn’t want whoever was on the other side of that radio to hear me unless I wanted a whole army after me, and second, I wanted to hear this conversation. I might learn something. “For the last time, I am not going into that cave!” she shouted into the radio emphasizing every syllable. I turned my head and whispered something in Axel’s ear. “Fine, I’ll report back. Send someone else to find those scouts.” She turned off her radio with an annoyed grunt. “Who the hell does that guy think he is ordering me around like that?” Now I would strike.

    “Excuse me.” I said walking around the rock into view. The woman jumped back in surprise. She quickly reached for a Pokéball, but I was smarter. I threw my hands up to show that I meant her no harm. Yet.

    “Who are you? What do you want?” she interrogated warily, never moving her hand from the sphere.

    “Easy. I only want to help you out.” A lie, but I was putting on a pretty convincing performance. “I’m sorry for eavesdropping, but I couldn’t help but over hear your conversation. You’re looking for your two friends, right?” Come on, take the bait bitch!

    “Are you saying you’ve seen those two scouts?” she questioned suspiciously.

    “Indeed.” I answered. No came the fun part. “After all, I’m the one who killed them!” I confessed in a psychotic voice. A look of shock and terror appeared on the female Rocket’s face. Exactly the look I wanted to see! “Now Axel!” I shouted. Axel jumped out from behind the Grunt in an ambush, landing a fully charged Focus Punch to her back before she could react. Our prey let out an agonizing scream of pain as she fell to the ground in prone position.

    “Th- this can’t be! I- I can’t feel my legs!” she screamed with a mix of pain and panic.

    “That’s because Axel’s attack broke your spine.” I said calmly with an uncaring tone walking over to my victim.

    “You bastards will pay for this!” the Rocket cried pulling out her radio. I stomped her hand as hard as I could, smashing both the radio and her fingers. She screamed in anguish again at the loss of her hand.

    “If you want to live, you will answer my questions!” I demanded fiercely. The woman nodded miserably with tears falling down her face. “Good girl. Now, why is Team Rocket here? What were those two scouts looking for?”

    “Th- They *sob* They were… *wheeze*” How irritating. I crouched down, flipped off the Rocket’s beret, grabbed a handful of her dirty blond hair, lifted her off the ground, punched her in the stomach, and threw her back down on her broken back causing her to scream again.

    “Answer dammit!” I yelled.

    “LUGIA!” she cried before falling into tears. Amazing how tough Team Rocket acts, but when the tides turn they can be such pathetic cowards.

    “That’s why they were here? For Lugia? Is that why Madison had to die?” I ranted off. The woman simply sobbed and cried in response. “Alright, last question and I’ll let you live. Where is your base? Where is Team Rocket hiding?”

    “A ship…” she said in almost a whisper. That black ship I saw in the distance! The one that gave me such an ominous feeling! So that’s where they are. “Please… you have to get me to a hospital. My body… it hurts…” she pleaded pitifully.

    “I said I’d let you live. Whether or not you can survive with the use of only one arm is entirely up to you.” I said coldly glaring down at her without remorse. Her brown eyes widened with grief realizing that while I wasn’t going to kill her personally, I was leaving her to die a slow and painful death. She began screaming and begging me to help her. I ignored her as I walked away from my victim, motioning Axel to follow me. We travelled back to that dreaded place where the Rocket scouts remained.

    Why are we back here again?” Axel inquired grimly.

    “Team Rocket is looking for their scouts. I say we give them what they want.” I said graciously. “And then we make them pay for everything they’ve done! The lives they’ve ruined in the past will be avenged. The people they would have hurt in the future will be saved. And I get to have more fun!” I cheered with a gleeful malice.

    You’re insane!” Axel shouted.

    “I know! But the question is, are you with me or against me?” I asked hoping my friend and ally for so many years was still on my side.

    Bitch please. I already told you that it is my curse as a Pokémon to be eternally loyal to you. Besides, this is so that no one has to suffer again. I’m with ya Monkey!” the Infernape replied devotedly. I laughed triumphantly at his response.

    “Excellent! Come forth Aerodactyl!” I shouted sending out my prehistoric Flying Pokémon. “We have a delivery to make. Would you be so kind as to carry myself and Axel to a nearby ship with that cargo in tow?” I asked pointing to the deceased enemy. The stony terror screeched his reply as he crouched to let Axel and I board. Once we were settled, Aerodactyl fluttered to the Rockets and picked them up in his claws before flying off the island.

    I directed my Fossil Pokémon to the location I had seen the ship and what luck! There it was, sitting stationary just waiting to be ambushed. It was disguised as a black cargo ship, about thirty feet in length, but on the hull was the red ‘R’ that gave it away as the world’s enemy. Due to the sharp point the bow came to, the ‘R’ was some what misshapen. It was really no wonder I didn’t recognize the symbol from the distance and angle I saw it from the beach.

    “Aerodactyl. When you drop off the delivery, let it touch down first, give the Rockets on board just enough time to acknowledge the bodies but not enough to react to us, then blow them away with Hyper Beam. A~and Go!” I instructed. The ancient beast opened his claws letting the corpses plummet to the ship below. No sooner had they touched down, a group of black dressed Rockets ran over to investigate.

    “Now!” I shouted. Aerodactyl pulled his head back and blasted a powerful beam of yellowish orange energy when he thrust forward. Even though I wasn’t the intended target, I could feel the heat from the attack from where I was and I had to grip Aerodactyl harder to brace myself from the recoil. The people below us looked up at the impending apocalypse heading their way. They didn’t even get a chance to scream before their bodies were incinerated and the ship beneath their feet exploded. For maximum damage, the King of the Skies lifted his head from facing directly downward to almost looking forward sending the Hyper Beam in a straight path form the bow to the stern of the ship destroying everything in its wake.

    I began laughing maniacally at the mindless destruction. I was forcibly silenced when the ship wasn’t completely and utterly destroyed as I expected, in addition to the sight of more Rockets emerging on the deck to investigate the damage. The ship was more durable than I gave it credit for. To top it off, Aerodactyl won’t be able to do another Hyper Beam, or even attack for that matter, for a few minutes. Not a problem.

    I pulled out Snorlax’s Ultra Ball again and released the heavyweight in midair. “Harden!” I yelled as the giant plunged from the sky, crashing into the ship below like a comet. Snorlax had landed on the Captain’s driver seat room causing the windows to shatter and the steel to bend and snap like twigs. The entire boat violently rocked in the water from the impact. The Sleeping Pokémon rose from the resulting crater in a grumpy rage facing the stern of the ship. The Rocket’s began readying their Pokémon at the sight of their foe.

    “Eliminate them with Hyper Beam!” I commanded from Aerodactyl who had swooped in closer so that I could give commands. Snorlax inhaled followed by his own blast of the lethal energy attack. The enemies in front were consumed by the beam which resulted in another explosion on the ship starting a fire. However, the enemies behind Snorlax and on his flanks were still active and now had their Pokémon out, ready to take advantage of his recharge time. From my vantage point I saw a Nidoking, two Mightyena, a Dustox, three Golbat, a Raticate, a Gligar, two Weavile, an Ariados, and a Drapion. I quickly called back Snorlax and circled around to get some distance.

    “Don’t let that coward escape! Chase after him Golbat!” one of the Rockets ordered. Who said anything about escape?

    “Use Iron Head to tear through the port side of the ship!” I commanded. “Be ready to jump Axel.” Aerodactyl did as I told, stiffening his head until it shined a pale silver. With two seconds until impact, Axel and I got up, ready to dismount at the right second. As the prehistoric Pokémon tore through the side of the ship, we two monkeys jumped and landed on the boat while Aerodactyl tore through the other side with some unsuspecting victim in his mouth.

    “You have some nerve attacking a Team Rocket vessel.” threatened one of the criminals standing with the Nidoking. The Golbat that had been chasing us landed with its trainer as well. Axel and I stood back to back in a defensive position as we were now surrounded by the enemy. I couldn’t help but smirk. The worse the odds, the greater the fight or flight response. I then did the one thing they wouldn’t expect; I charged them head on.

    “You’re plan will fail! We have you out numbered!” a Rocket shouted. “Slash him to ribbons Weavile!” he ordered. I felt the heat of Axel’s flame as he flew past me surrounded by fire for Flare Blitz. Weavile shrieked as the fire monkey collided into it.

    The Weavile’s trainer grabbed me from behind wrapping his arm around my neck in an attempt to choke me. Lucky for me, I was both taller and stronger. I leaned forward flipping the criminal on his back. I repaid him for attacking me by kicking him in the face and stomping his groin. A cruel thing for one man to do to another, but I no longer view those who wear Team Rocket’s uniform as human. They are nothing more than trash polluting this world. I dragged the unconscious -or dead, who could tell- Rocket into the fire created by the Hyper Beams and casually threw him in. Wait a second, how did I do that? I’m relatively strong, but lifting a human body and casually tossing it?

    Now wasn’t the time to reflect on that as I heard the furious roar of Nidoking. The Drill Pokémon came charging at me with his horn pointed low in an attempt to skewer me. I quickly drew Piloswine’s Great Ball to summon the wooly boar. “Ice Beam!” I called rolling to the right just barely dodging the purple monster. As soon as the Swine Pokémon was fully materialized, he shot a wintry beam of condensed water vapor at the spiked bipedal rabbit. Nidoking roared in anguish as he was slowly frozen solid. With that, I unleashed Beldum onto the field. This would mark the first time I used the metallic blue arm shaped Pokémon in battle. I hope it performs well.

    “Beldum! I want you to use Iron Defense, then shatter that Nidokng with Iron Head. Got it?” The Iron Ball Pokémon responded by shining with a fresh coat of metal followed by charging strait though the King of the Nidoran. “Long live the King!” I shouted smashing the Pokémon’s severed head.

    “Nidoking! Bastard! Look what you’ve done!” shouted the Pokémon’s former trainer angrily.

    “All I did was defend myself.” I said indifferently. “You just need to chill. Ice Beam!” Another pale blue beam came from Piloswine’s mouth freezing the Rocket as well. I walked over to the frozen statue and pushed it over causing it to shatter. “Oops.” I said like a child who just broke his mother’s vase. I casually walked away from the frozen shards to find what more trouble I could get into.

    “There he is!” cried more Rockets charging at me. I took a fighting stance and quickly dealt with them with a mix of punches, kicks, and throws. I didn’t kill them; in fact I even left them conscious. I had a better plan. Besides, the fires were starting to spread, and the deck was littered with warped or sharp metal shrapnel.

    “Axel! Where are you?” I called stopping at the bow of the ship.

    Right here. Why?” the monkey asked running to me with an Ariados leg in his hand.

    “It’s time to end this.” I told recalling Beldum and Piloswine to their respective spheres as both were weak against the spreading fire.

    “Attention Team Rocket!” I announced. “As you have probably noticed, you can’t beat me! My Pokémon and I have already killed a few of your members and Pokémon. Now I’m giving you a choice. Those of you who think you deserve to live step forward and stand in a straight line. Return all of your Pokémon to their Pokéballs and lay the balls in front of you. Do that and I may accept your surrender.”

    Are you serious?” asked Axel in dismay.

    “Just watch.” I whispered to him. As I expected, all of the surviving members of Team Rocket gathered and stood side by side in a straight line.

    “So you all think you deserve to live?” I asked them. Each one nodded nervously. At that moment my face turned grim. “So did Madison.” I mumbled. An evil smirk appeared on my face. “Now all of you! Die!” I commanded sweeping my arm down the line. While the arm motion did nothing in particular to them, it was the signal to Aerodactyl, who was patiently hovering above, to launch another Hyper Beam. The revived carnivore cocked his head back before sending another burst of heated radiation right down the line. The Rockets screamed in agony before being completely destroyed by the blast and the resulting explosion.

    “That’s what you deserve you animal fucks!” I shouted victoriously.

    You are enjoying this way too much.” Axel pointed out.

    “I know. I’m so fucked up.” I owned up shamelessly.

    If you are, then so am I. Just now I got a sadistic pleasure in holding another life form’s existence in my hands. It’s actually a kind of liberating feeling. Before when I fought, I always gave it my all, but I never crossed that fine line. Now it feels like I’ve been holding back.” my companion described.

    “Well don’t let it go to your head. We only kill the guilty. Friendly battles will stay just that. We don’t want to hurt innocent people or Pokémon. We’d be just like them if we did.” I made clear. The boat then began to shake violently knocking me off balance. The sound of creaking metal could be heard. I guess the ship has finally had it. “Hehehe. Time to go Axel.” I said raising my right arm in the air while embracing Axel in my left. Our transport dove down catching us in his claws. I tightly gripped Aerodactyl’s ankle as we sped away from the exploding ship.

    The middle of the boat caved in first sending the bow and stern into the air folding into eachother. The fires of the deck were gradually put out as the vessel sank. Axel and I climbed up on Aerodactyl’s back so we could get a better view of it all. I had the ancient flier circle the crash sight for about ten minutes just incase any survivors surfaced. If there were any, I’d have Aerodactyl pluck them out of the water and tear out their throats with his serrated fangs. After ten minutes no one surfaced, and I doubt any survivors would be able to hold their breath this long after such a traumatic experience. Satisfied, I had Aerodactyl fly us to Cianwood for a much needed rest.

    One week later after having chartered a boat from Cianwood, I arrived back in White City. Knowing what I had learned from last time, Strife Maxwell was a political who worked for the White City Committee which resides in the tallest building in the city. Axel and I wandered around the pristine and clean city until finding a tall, reflective glass paned building dominating the skyline. This was it!

    I walked through the glass doors into a gigantic lobby. Lining the door were two potted plants, one on each side and each about human sized. The floor was white, smooth, and uncarpeted. In the middle of the room was a finely crafted marble fountain carved in the shape of a Suicune with its snout turned up as it sprayed a Water Gun to the sky before coming back down into the surrounding pool. People in suits walked to and fro going about their daily lives completely ignoring me. On the left and right sides of the room were a set of staircases, both covered in an expensive looking ruby carpet. Each staircase was adorned with a golden railing on either side and in the middle to give them both up and down capabilities. In the back of the room between the double staircases was a mahogany desk with someone sitting at it; most likely the secretary.

    I waded my way through the crowd to the desk in order to greet the secretary, who was an older woman, possibly mid-forties, with tied back graying hair, a narrow wrinkled face, thick librarian style gasses, and a dress suit like everyone else. “Can I help you young man?” she asked in a shrill voice.

    “Yes, I’m here to see Mr. Strife Maxwell. I’m the son of one of his friends, Nathan Xelbu. My name is Brian.” I introduced making sure I covered all of my bases so I could get my business done as soon as possible. The secretary gave me an unconvinced look but picked up the phone on her desk anyway and dialed a number.

    “Sorry to bother you Mr. Maxwell, but there is a young man here to see you. He says his name is Brian Xelbu.” the woman said into the phone.

    That’s not his name dumbass!” Axel corrected. I on the other hand, found it to be the perfect alias to protect both my reputation and my family from my new enemies.

    “I understand. I’ll send him right up.” she acknowledged before hanging up the phone. “Mr. Maxwell will see you now. He is in room 376 on the eleventh floor. Elevators are right up those staircases.” said the secretary pointing to the stairs behind her. “And this is your visitor’s pass.” she said giving me a sticker and a marker.

    “Thank you.” I said graciously. I quickly filled out my pass and made my way up the right staircase passing several workers on the way. The upper part of the first level had the same white floor as downstairs. Just like the building’s entrance, healthy looking green human sized potted plants were on both sides of the four gold door elevators resulting in five plants total.

    The first elevator to open was the second one from the left. Without hesitation Axel and I entered as everyone else got off. I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to be going to the first floor if you weren’t intending to exit. Two other people entered with us, a man in a shit brown suit and a woman in midnight blue dress clothes. I pushed eleven while the man pushed three and the woman pushed eight. Both gave us weird looks; first curious, then dirty and condescending. That is the very reason I hate rich people, they think they’re better than the commoners, especially Pokémon trainers who have almost no money at all.

    As the elevator went up, those two eventually left, but more got on. Each time they regarded me and Axel as diseased rodents and tried their best to keep their distances. Just you wait you rich bastards, I’m going to tear down the establishments so that your money is worthless!

    At last, floor eleven. I rudely pushed past the three smug humans who remained in the shaft just to give them something to talk about. The hallway was like a lounge area of sorts with blue carpeting and comfy looking sofas and chairs surrounding tables of various sizes where people were enjoying their lunch breaks and coffee. I ignored them as I made my way to the offices. 374… 375… Ah there’s my prey, 376! I didn’t bother knocking, Strife should already know I’m here, so I just opened the door and walked right in. I made sure to close the door behind me so that no one would easily overhear our conversation.

    Strife sat in his black leather chair facing away from me, instead looking out the window which gave a scenic view of the entire west side of the City. The interior of the room was fancy as one would expect. The azure carpet from outside trailed in covering the floor. Strife’s fine brown desk was covered with neatly stacked paperwork and office supplies. The white walls had awards and pictures on them that I really didn’t give a damn about. There was only one thing I was here for.

    “Brian Xelbu?” he greeted with interest placed on the name.

    “I had nothing to do with that. It was the secretary’s assumption.” I defended. Strife turned around in his chair to face me. Like before, he was in a neatly pressed white suit with a sky blue dress shirt underneath. His brown hair was also neatly combed giving him a sophisticated and proper look.

    “So what brings you here Brian? After our last meeting, I did not believe I would see again, especially so soon. What has it been, two, maybe three weeks?” Strife played with his hands folded under his chin and his elbows resting on his desk.

    “I won’t drag this out Strife. I want in.” I said straightforwardly. The politician chuckled lightly at my declaration.

    “So what made you change your mind?” he inquired.

    “I’ve been enlightened. I’ve finally seen the world for what it really is; corrupt, unjust, dangerous, and chaotic. A man gets charged with assault for defending his family and property from a burglar, an innocent child is burned alive because she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time… I want it all to end! You said Team Neos is working to bring peace and order to the world so let me help.” I ranted while Strife sat silently hearing me out. “In fact, let me make myself clearer.” I got down to one knee and extended both my arms to my side. “I, Brian Nosurname, now known as Brian Xelbu, do hereby swear my loyalty to the ideals set out by Team Neos!” I decreed.

    “Where would you like to be stationed?” asked Strife obviously accepting my proposal. He was, after all, the one who extended the first invitation.

    “Anywhere in the world is fine, I’ll gladly go where ever my services are needed.” I answered. “Although, I want Team Rocket to suffer the most.” I added maliciously. Without a word, Strife reached into his desk and pulled out a notepad. He scribbled something on it, ripped off the sheet, and handed it to me. I walked over to the desk to accept it.

    “The Left Atrium is a bar in Goldenrod City. It is also one of Neos’s recruitment facilities. Go up to the bartender and say you want a NEOpolitan with emphasis on the Neo. He’ll show you to the back room.” Strife instructed.

    “Thanks.” I said stuffing the paper into my pocket.

    “I have a few words to share with you before you go.” said Strife. “When someone refers to the Leader of Team Neos, they refer to Arthias. He goes by the code name Leader while serving as my stand in so that I may easier manipulate dealings with the bureaucrats and politicians. As of this moment you and Arthias are the only ones who know my true identity. Therefore do not say anything foolish.”

    “Got it.” I answered. “By the way, I also have something I want to say. Before I realized how the world really was, I thought of Team Neos as nothing more than another criminal organization. If at any time I regret joining, I will kill you Strife Maxwell.” I warned heatedly.

    “Then I hope that we meet your expectations Brian.” he said sounding unconvinced of my threat. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe me, it was more like he was confident I would fail if I tried. Always with that air of confidence and coolness. Never faltering once except that time with Arthias. Strife Maxwell is probably the most dangerous man on the planet. It’s a good thing I’m on his side.

    “Come on Axel.” I said walking out the door.

    I’ll be honest with you. I really don’t like that man.” stated the monkey once we were in the hallway.

    “I can’t say I’m too fond of him either, but if anyone can change the world, it’s him. Not to mention at this very moment, Strife Maxwell is our new boss.” I responded.

    Your new boss. The only human I take orders from is you.” Axel retorted.

    “Right.” I affirmed. “Anyway, back to Johto then.”
  27. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Chapter 20: Point of No Return

    It took awhile to find -due to the size of Goldenrod City and my own directional impairedness- but I finally found the bar known as the Left Atrium. It was a rather simple design; rectangular, peeling white paint on the outside revealing the wooden walls beneath, and a beaten wooden door leading inside the bar itself. On the roof were the words “Left Atrium” shining in red neon lights written in a fancy cursive font. On the left side of the name was an Ace of Hearts card, also made out of red neon lights. Just what could be expected from this kind of place.

    Unlike the rest of the city which had a golden glow in the afternoon sun, the area I was in was dirty and full of broken buildings and boarded up houses. According to the people of Goldenrod, this dingy district was considered a bad neighborhood where only the scoundrel of humanity resided. The main hangout spot for these vermin was none other than the Left Atrium. It was ironically fitting that this was also the very recruitment center of the organization that would clean up this filth.

    “Ready Axel?” I asked my companion. “Once we walk through that door, it’s over. There will be no going back.”

    There was no going back the moment you killed those people. I say we do what we came here for and finish what we started.” declared the monkey. I could only smile at his determination. I reached out for the bar door and entered.

    The inside wasn’t much better than the outside. First of all, I started coughing from how much cigarette smoke there was in the air. I grabbed the collar of my shirt and lifted it over my nose and mouth to keep from breathing that crap, but that did nothing to keep my eyes from watering. I felt bad for Axel who had no protection from the carcinogen. Aside from the foul stench in the air, the lights were dimmed giving it a more dreary look. To the far right were a number of booths and tables, some occupied, with a yellow tinted window by each. In the middle of the floor were about six pool tables with various thugs playing at all but one table. In the back left corner was a dart board with about three darts in it, none on the bulls eye. What I wanted was on the far left side, the bar itself. All I had to do was ask for a Neapolitan with emphasis on the Neo. The idea was to get in without any trouble, but based on the looks I was getting from everyone here, I could already tell that was going to be difficult.

    “Hey there little boy.” said a soon to be dead man. He was a shirtless bald fat bastard wearing a simple black leather vest letting all his girth hang over his blue jeans. A tattoo of a Gyarados ran up his right arm. “That’s a mighty nice Infernape you have there. Hand it over!” he ordered.

    Go fuck yourself tubby!” Axel spat. I pulled my face out of my shirt to make speaking easier.

    “Sorry, but it doesn’t look like he’s interested in going with you and I’m not really the type to give into intimidation.” I said nonchalantly with a hint of snark.

    “Are you making fun of my friend here?” asked a skinny guy with buck teeth and a purple mohawk. Judging by how alike the two men were dressed, I’d say they were both part of the same gang. Tubby must eat all the food leaving Slim hardly any.

    “What ever gave me away?” I asked carelessly. Both hooligans gave me angered looks. “Listen, I have better things to do than deal with you unevolved monkeys, so get out of my way and no one gets hurt. Kay?” I proposed pushing past the two thugs.

    “Hey! I’m not done with you yet!” shouted Tubby grabbing my shoulder.

    “I got the Infernape!” Slim said proudly. My eyes widened with my pupils narrowing. They had their chance to live.

    “Flare Blitz!” I called to Axel. I heard Slim cry in pain as Axel surrounded his body in fire, then most likely tackled the fool. I reached my arms behind my head and grabbed Tubby’s arm. I then pulled him as I leaned forward flipping the fat bastard over me with some effort. I stood over him glaring.

    “Wh- wh- what’s with your eyes?” he stammered in fear.

    “These are the eyes of a killer.” I said coldly. “Perish, now.” I ordered placing my foot on his head. Slowly I pressed down, savoring Tubby’s every scream.

    “That’s enough!” shouted the bartender. I looked over my shoulder at the man in a white T-shirt and black apron with buzz cut brown hair and a stubble beard and mustache.

    “You’re lucky I have better things to do than waste my time on you.” I said lifting my foot off the man’s head. “Axel!” I called.

    Oh fine.” Axel said disappointedly as he dropped the now hairless Slim. I took a seat at the bar with Axel standing on my right. No one else in the bar dared mess with us after the stunt we just pulled.

    “Hey bartender! Can I get a NEOpolatin?” I asked.

    “What did you just say?” he asked warily.

    “Perhaps you didn’t hear me. NEOpolatin.” I repeated boldly. The bartender shifted his eyes right and left before looking back at me and nodding.

    “Could you watch the bar Jack?” the bartender asked another guy who was wiping down glasses up until now. “Follow me.” he said to me quietly. As soon as he left the bar, the guy led us down a narrow hallway.

    “So who’d you hear that from?” he inquired suddenly.

    “What?” I asked not completely sure what he meant.

    “The password. There is no way you just knew, so who told you?” I couldn’t exactly tell him the truth, I swore myself to secrecy. Actually, I could tell the truth and lie at the same time.

    “I heard it from Leader himself.” I said. Strife may be the real leader, but they all will think I’m talking about his stand in Arthias.

    “Shit! Leader!? As in…” he said starting to shake his hand over his head.

    “Leader as in the head of Team Neos.” I bragged. The bartender started spazzing as if he was about to die. He was acting like I was some sort of prince or other type of royalty.

    “Shit. You must be somethin’ then for Leader to recommend you. Those guys out there really had no idea who they were messin’ with did they?”

    “Well I don’t like to brag, but I came in second at the Sinnoh Conference. Now, there’s a reason I’m here.” I reminded sternly.

    “Ah! Right, right! Sorry!” he said walking forward once more until we got to a door. He began fumbling with a set of keys he pulled from his apron. When he found the one he wanted, he unlocked the door and led me and Axel into a dark room. After flipping a switch on the wall by the door, the bartender knelt down and lifted up a secret hatch on the floor revealing a set of stairs.

    “Take these stairs and you and your Infernape will find yourselves in Team Neos’s recruitment branch of Goldenrod. Normally I wish people luck, but someone like you probably doesn’t need it. Hell, I’m willing to bet you’re made a seated officer if not lieutenant.” he kissed up.

    “Thank you.” I said walking down with Axel close behind. I wonder what will have to be done for me to become an official member. Maybe all I have to do is say Leader told me about this place and they’ll just give me a position. Hm. Wishful thinking.

    At the bottom of the stairs was a room full of people conversating about whatever. Were we waiting for something to happen or was this it? I walked through the crowd interacting with no one, but observing and listening to everything so that I could piece together what was going on. As I passed through, I realized the diversity Team Neos represented. People no better than the ones upstairs were here, along with teenagers and adult alike. Some people were still dressed in their work clothes having just come from their jobs. Why were they here? Did they have the same goals as I did? As Strife does? Or are they here just because? For the crime? For the money?

    “This should be interesting Axel.” I stated continuing to look around. Out of nowhere a pair of hand came around my face covering my eyes.

    “Guess who.” a female voice said sweetly. The voice was so familiar, I know I know it, but from where?

    Evil bitch.” Axel mumbled unkindly.

    “Eve Illuminati.” I said pulling her arms away from me and turning around. Indeed it was her. Long white blond hair, piercing emerald eyes, black gothic lolita dress, black platform boots going up to her knees and everything. “Why am I not surprised to see you here?” I asked condescendingly.

    “Why am I surprised to see you?” she asked. “This is no place for children.” I was hoping I’d see Eve again so I could pay her back for before, but this was way too soon.

    “I’m here to change the world.” I answered deciding not to let her get to me. “What are your reasons?”

    “For fun.” Eve responded with a crude gratification. I should have known. She isn’t the type to change her behavior on or off the battlefield. Speaking of battlefields…

    “Tell me, who won the White City Tournament?” I inquired. Eve looked away from me with a mopy look on her face. Obviously not her.

    “It was so stupid!” she shouted in aggravation. Obviously a humiliating loss. “Raiden Arka beat me in the final round.” I had stopped listening right there. Raiden Arka had been in that tournament? How the hell did I miss him? It should have been me fighting him! The first trainer I ever battled. The first trainer I ever lost to. The first and only trainer to grant me my ideology on training Pokémon.

    July 10, 2003
    “I challenge you to a battle!” I said to an older trainer on Route 1. The man had long black hair tied in a ponytail with several strands hanging down the side of his face ending at his cheek bones. His eyelids hung over his dark eyes giving him a sense of aloofness. He wore black jeans which were torn at the knees, yellow boots, and a blue denim jacket over a sleeveless navy blue shirt. I was so excited! This was the first trainer I had met since I captured Axel just two days ago.

    “Do you honestly think you can beat me?” he questioned uncaringly.

    “Of course I can! And don’t think you can back out either! Once a trainer makes a challenge, you must accept!” I said arrogantly. “Let’s go Axel!” I called throwing a red and white sphere. The Pokéball opened materializing the golden Chimchar in a burst of red light.

    “A Chimchar. One of an interesting color no less.” he said before sighing. “So young, so brash. Fine. I accept your challenge. You will not win, but I will at least give you some advantage with Magneton.” said the trainer holding out a blue Pokéball with red stripes on either side. I believe it is called a Great Ball. From it emerged a Pokémon made of three silver steel orbs held together by about seven screws with a vacant white eye on each orb. The Pokémon was surrounded by six magnets.

    “Alright Axel! Let’s get this guy with Ember!” I called. The young monkey inhaled deeply but was only able to burp out a puff of smoke. Axel giggled in embarrassment.

    “He cannot use even the simplest Ember?” he questioned with an unamused look.

    “We’re working on that!” I defended. “So let’s try Scratch instead!” I commanded. Axel ran at the Magnet Pokémon and swiped his claws across the opponent’s smooth shiny body. The young Pokémon gave out a muffled wail of pain as he gripped the hand he had attacked with in his other.

    “A Steel-type like Magneton is resistant to such weak attacks as Scratch. If anything, your Chimchar hurt himself in the same way a human would scratching the side of a building. How weak.” scoffed the other trainer. Axel got an angry look in his eye and before I could stop him, the Chimp Pokémon reached under his tail and threw a pile of flaming poo at the trainer. Lucky for him, his Magneton was fast enough and willing to take the hit instead. “What… was… that?” he asked completely perplexed.

    “I’m so sorry!” I apologized. “Axel! Enough with the flaming poo! It’s rude and just… just no! Don’t do it again, got it?” I scolded. The Chimchar gave me a dirty look in response.

    “No need to be so harsh on him. I’ll punish your Chimchar for you. Magneton! Thunder Wave!” the trainer ordered. Magneton had shaken off the poo leaving an unpleasant brown stain on the Magnet Pokémon where it had hit. All three eyes stared at Axel furiously as the entire body began sparking. Axel squealed nervously as he slowly started backing away with a scared expression on his face. Magneton discharged its electricity on the young monkey causing him to first scream then quiver uncontrollably from paralysis.

    “And finish it with… Tackle.” he said picking the move seemingly at random. Magneton threw itself into the immobile Chimp Pokémon sending him rolling across the ground before stopping with his butt up in the air. The flame on the Chimchar’s rear extinguished itself as a sure sign he was fainted. I was left with my mouth agape completely taken off guard by the situation. How easily I had lost.

    “No… No way! What power! You are way too good for me.” I said in admiration.

    “That is because you are a low class trainer. You just picked up a Pokémon with out knowing what to do with it while I am Gym Leader level. I was just on my way to Viridian Gym to prove that Electric-type Pokémon can beat Ground-types when given the proper training.” explained the other trainer after recalling his Magneton.

    “A Pokémon is only as strong as its trainer, and you are weak. You rush into things and you do not have complete control over your Pokémon or else he would not have thrown feces at my Magneton. You, the trainer, must first become stronger before you can expect anything from your Pokémon. You must lead by example. Also,” he reached into his pocket and pulled out a white crystal “it is very irresponsible to walk around with your Pokémon fainted if you can help it, so take this Revive and use it on your Chimchar. Now, I hope you learned something today. I must be off now.”

    “Wait! What is your name? I wanna know so that when I do get stronger I can beat you.” I spoke up. The man turned back to me with a blank look.

    “It’s rude to ask someone else there name before giving your own.” he said flatly.

    “Sorry. I’m Brian Nosurname.” I said.

    “Raiden Arka.” he responded before walking away again.

    I never forgot what Raiden said that day. Ever since, I have trained alongside my Pokémon including my frequent sparring matches with Axel just to make sure that I am also at the top of my game. Unfortunately, that training wasn’t enough. Three years ago I ran into Raiden again in Hoenn by chance. We had another battle but I still lost. He beat two of my Pokémon with his Manectric before I beat it, he beat another two with Magneton until I was able to take it down as well, but his Raichu finished me off. He said my problem then was that I had realized I was going to lose but kept going anyway. Losing faith in my Pokémon’s ability to win is what cost me.

    “Hey! Are you even listening to me?” Eve yelled bringing me back to the present.

    “Yeah, I heard you. You got your pretty little ass handed to you by the most powerful trainer either of us have ever met.” I repeated.

    “And he’s the one that recruited me.” she added. I think I just swallowed my tongue and had a heart attack. Raiden was also with Team Neos? How many other people do I know are with this organization?

    “Alright, quiet down all of you!” shouted a man standing on a stage wearing the Team Neos uniform; grey mid-shin high boots, hakama pants, gloves, and a hooded long sleeved shirt, the emblem of a silver X with red dots in the upper cross, grey dots in the lower cross and blue dots between the two crosses was on the chest. Standing with him were three other members, two on his right and one on his left. “As of this moment you maggots are members of Team Neos. To determine your rank we will hold a number of tests from Pokémon battling to situational logic. If you want a respectable rank, I advise you to do well.” he blared from his high point.

    “I am not wearing that outfit.” Eve said defiantly.

    “Then work on getting an advanced rank. Higher ups are usually allowed to customize their uniforms.” I taunted.

    “There’s no doubt I’ll get a high rank. Most likely higher than you. And then you can be my wittle gwunt servant.” she mocked with her baby talk.

    “Just know that if we ever meet in battle again, I will rape you.” I threatened.

    “Oh please don’t! I’m still a virgin!” begged Eve crossing her legs. She decided to drop the act by laughing me off with a snide giggle. “Remember? You even admit it yourself, you can’t beat me. That is an unchangeable fact.”

    “Just be glad we’re on the same side now.” I warned.

    Stupid woman. She has no idea what we’re capable of now.” Axel said. I wonder though, what would she be like if I actually got her to fight seriously? My Pokémon would need to be ready to fight for their lives if I did.

    The training really wasn’t all that bad. The way it worked was the better you did in one round, the tougher the next round would be. Our four instructors would give us different scenarios and hypothetical missions, whereas we trainees had to find ways to complete those missions successfully by any means necessary. What made these tricky were random hurdles and unexpected incidents that threw off the original plan forcing us to adapt. Those who passed with all requirements met were sent to the next level. Those who failed were demoted.

    Another thing they looked at was our skills in battle. Obviously those who were strongest and smartest outclassed the weaker crowd. Combining these two attributes, combat and success rate, would be what would determine our rank.

    Low Class Grunts: Any trainer who just picks up a Pokémon and thinks they have power now. A lot like what Raiden said about me all those years ago. They are only a threat to people without Pokémon, new trainers, and wild Pokémon. Low class grunts are given the most basic and unimportant missions.

    Grunt: Trainer level. They are like the average trainer, they have a team of about three or more Pokémon, and they can hold their own in most battles. Grunts are given missions where failure is only a minor setback and success leads to great rewards. This is the most common rank among the Neos.

    Officer: Gym Leader level. Officers are as strong as a Gym Leader or someone who has beaten all eight leaders of any region. They are highly unlikely to lose except to higher ranked individuals and are given more important missions such as interfering with the major criminal organizations of the world. The two trainers I fought on the boat that one time were officers.

    Seated Officer: Frontier Brain Level. A step above regular officers, seated officers are given a numerical rank to determine status. Ten is only slightly better than a regular while one is the strongest. Seated officers have missions similar to officers, only they are to derail the more important plans of the enemy Teams. A seated officer would have been needed for the Lugia incident on the Whirl Island had they known about it.

    Lieutenant: Elite Trainer level. The highest obtainable rank. Like elite trainers who have mastered all thirty two Gyms, beaten at least one Battle Frontier, and regularly participates in tournaments worldwide, lieutenants are nearly unstoppable unless faced with someone of equal or greater power, though this is rare. They are given missions that are crucial to Team Neos’s plans and are treated with the utmost care. Failure is not an option.

    Captain: Elite Four Level. The three most powerful members of Team Neos, this rank cannot be obtained without first being appointed by Leader. Their missions consist of only the most important. If there is any room for failure by a lower ranked member, the mission is given to a captain. Arthias is ranked head Captain making him the fourth, though for Strife’s purposes Arthias assumes the role of leader.

    These ranks of course only apply to the main division. I don’t know how accurate the rumors I’ve heard are, but supposedly there is also a Stealth Division. They serve as spies and do more black-ops type missions. There is also the Science Department which Xelbu was a part of, but that has nothing to do with me.

    “If you are ever in a situation where the mission has crumbled and the only way to get out alive is to abandon your Pokémon, what do you do?” asked one of the instructors. Today was day four of our training.

    “That’s easy. Leave it! When it comes to survival, you must always look out for number one.” answered a random person I couldn’t see from my position in the crowd.

    “You’re wrong!” I interrupted. “Abandoning your Pokémon is the stupidest thing you can do in that kind of situation. I’ll give you two scenarios to prove you wrong. In the first one, you abandon your Pokémon but get captured by the enemy. You now no longer have any means to defend yourself against them and their Pokémon leaving you with two options: surrender or die. If it were me who caught you, I’d execute you on the spot without mercy. The second case is you get out safely, but the rest of your Pokémon no longer trust you. They’ve seen that they are disposable to you, and like how you abandoned the other Pokémon, they too will abandon you to survive. It would be the same case if you were a grunt and saw your commanding officer leave a fellow grunt to die. You would do whatever it took to get away from him before you are next. That is why I would do whatever I could to save my Pokémon or die trying because I know they’d do the same for me.” I explained.

    “Well said.” came a voice that did not belong to any of the instructors. Arriving down the stairs from the bar was none other than Raiden Arka wearing a Team Neos uniform with the hood down so that we could clearly see his face.

    “Third Seat Raiden Arka! Sir!” the four instructors acknowledged simultaneously as they saluted Raiden. Third seat huh? As expected, he is very far up there in rank. I didn’t expect to see him here though.

    “Brian is absolutely correct.” Raiden agreed. He even remembered who I was. There is a reason I have an undying respect for that man. “A Pokémon is only as good as its trainer. In combat a trainer acts as a general to his troops, the Pokémon. If the general is weak, he can expect nothing from his subordinates. At the same time, a general is at the mercy of his troops, without them he cannot accomplish his goals. Therefore a symbiosis must be met where the two work together.” Raiden clarified. “I want all of you to remember that!” he addressed to all of us.

    He’s a pimp.” said Axel in admiration.

    “He is.” I agreed. So badly I wanted to battle Raiden right now just to see how much I’ve improved. However, this was not the time or the place. I’ll challenge him after today’s seminar. Hopefully my Pokémon and I won’t be too worn out.

    Riolu thrust his palm forward sending a burst of aura through my opponent’s Sudowodo’s body. The tree look-a-like gave a weak yelp before collapsing unconscious making Riolu and me the winners.

    “Alright Rio!” I cheered as I crouched down to high-five the young Emanation Pokémon. Riolu gave me a gratified smile as he slapped my hand.

    I took a quick look at my Poketch which read 7:51p. Only nine minutes remained of this exercise. Our final test of the day was combat practice. We could challenge any other new recruit of our choosing and there was no backing down from a challenge. A lot of the people that challenged me would be Grunts at best. The sad part was that Eve and I were two of the best people here leaving not much decent competition. It’s a shame we aren’t allowed to challenge the instructors or Raiden.

    “Hey you!” someone yelled out to me in a deep gravelly voice. This challenger had a jowled face like a Granbull’s with small narrow eyes and short silver hair.

    “Let me guess, you want a battle.” I said uninterestedly.

    “I wanna get you back for making me look like an ass in front of the superiors!” he shouted. I had no idea what he was talking about. I turned my head slightly to the side to try and remember who all I had humiliated today.

    “Oh, you wouldn’t happen to be the clown that was going to abandon his Pokémon are you?” I realized.

    “Yer damn right I am! Now it’s yer turn to be humiliated!” he bellowed grabbing a ball from his waste and releasing a human sized green mantis with long bladed arms and a reptilian like head.

    Can I fight this one?” asked Axel like he wanted a treat.

    “Alright, Scyther is yours.” I agreed. “Hit it with Flame Wheel!” Axel’s fiery mane grew intense as he jumped in the air and spun at the unfortunate Bug-type.

    “Avoid with Agility!” my adversary ordered. Scyther turned into a green blur dodging right of Axel’s attack. “Now I’ll use Straptor!” he said sending out a tall bird covered in black, grey, and white feathers with a long head crest tipped with red feathers. The bird Pokémon stood on powerful orange talons that could tear its prey to ribbons.

    “Two against one isn’t exactly fair, ya know?” I said looking back and forth between Scyther and Staraptor. “So I’ll just have to use-”

    “Staraptor! Use Brave Bird on the Infernpe! Scyther! Quick Attack the trainer!” barked the trainer. What did he just say!? Staraptor slammed itself into Axel’s chest knocking the monkey as far away from me as possible with the Mantis Pokémon lunged at me at a blinding speed. Before I could react, I was thrown to the ground with Scyther looming over me.

    Brian!” Axel cried trying to get to me.

    “Keep the Infernape busy with Close Combat!” ordered the Granbull face. The Predator Pokémon started rapidly kicking and slashing at Axel with its enormous talons forcing the monkey on the defensive. “Now Scyther! Finish the trainer with Slash!”

    Time seemed to slow down as Scyther lifted one of its lethal blades over my head. I couldn’t dodge, Scyther was way too fast, it would hit me no matter what direction I moved. I couldn’t summon another one of my Pokémon, it would take too long for them to protect me. There was only one thing I could do, and that was to protect myself! I instinctively threw my right hand into the air actually catching the Mantis Pokémon’s blade in a firm grip. I winced in pain as I felt the blade cut into my palm. Blood ran from my palm down my arm before trailing off to drip on the floor.

    “Impossible! Scyther’s blade should have cut your hand off!” my opponent cried in shock. I gazed up at the man with a feral look in my eyes. He stepped back in fear at my commanding presence. I picked myself up, throwing Scyther aside when I had regained my balance. I stared down at my wounded hand, blood still trickling from the gash in my glove. To my alarm, I noticed that my finger nails had suddenly grown into claws and there was a faint blue glow around my hand. “What the hell are you!?” demanded the terrified man.

    “I’m beginning to wonder that myself.” I answered in confusion looking back at him. The glow around my hand faded away while my nails returned to their normal length.

    “Whatever you are, yer dead! Scyther! X-Scissor! Staraptor! Aerial Ace!” he ordered. I reached for Piloswine’s and Aerodactyl’s Pokéballs for assistance, but they were unnecessary as two bolts of blue lightning shocked the two Flying-types into fainting. Raiden walked up with a Jolteon by his side and a very unamused look on his face.

    “Like I said before, a trainer is like a general and the Pokémon his troops. Taking out the general will leave the troops in disarray making victory impossible for them and inevitable for you. It is a smart strategy when facing your enemies. However, taking out one of your own comrades is greatly frowned upon and is also a way to develop mistrust among the ranks. Much like abandoning your Pokémon.” Raiden reprimanded. “As for you Brian; great job parrying that Scyther’s attack. Perhaps you have gotten stronger.”

    “Thank you sir!” I thanked appreciatively of the complement.

    After getting my hand bandaged up, I joined the rest of the recruits for rank and squad assignment. The four instructors stood on the stage with two on each side of Raiden.

    “Well maggots, you are all being promoted tonight! Your rank has be determined by the tests you each performed these last four days! If you do not like your rank, you have only yourself to blame and only you can change that!” one of the instructors blared. “First, I would like to inform you all that as of now you each serve under Third Seat Raiden Arka! That won’t change until you become seated officers yourselves! That said, Raiden Arka has hand picked four of you to be his personal officers and as such his squad members! Will Eve Illuminati, Zack Kaguya, Chane Turk, and Brian Xelbu report to the stage?”

    Did I hear that right? Raiden hand picked me to be in his personal squad along with Eve? This is both an honor and a WTF moment. “Get moving Psycho Monkey, we’re up!” Axel told as he pushed me up to the stage.

    “Let’s do this!” I declared with excitement. I would be in a squad with someone I admire, someone I have a loathing respect for, and two people I know nothing about other than they must have impressed Raiden somehow.

    On the stage standing by Raiden’s side were Eve, a petit girl with wavy auburn hair and brown eyes with a timid expression on her face, and a boy with unkempt red hair with blue eyes hidden behind glasses. This one had a look of confidence to him.

    “Wow. Little baby Brian made it all the way to the big leagues. I’m so impressed.” Eve teased sarcastically. “And since when is your name Xelbu? I thought it was-”

    “I changed it to protect my family.” I interrupted. “You and Raiden are the only ones here who know my true name.”

    “Well whatever your name is, I’m Zack Kaguya.” introduced the boy holding out his hand. I gladly accepted my new partner’s hand shake.

    “A-and I-I’m Chane Turk.” the girl introduced shyly. It made no sense to me why someone as shy as Chane was here. Team Neos doesn’t seem like the line of work someone like her would be cut out for, but she must have her reasons. Either that or she’s just nervous.

    “I’m Brian Xelbu and this is my life partner Axel.” I introduced formally motioning myself then the Infernape.

    When he says ‘life partner’ he means it. Don’t you ladies come sniffing around my man.” the deranged monkey said defensively. It’s times like this that I’m glad I’m the only one who can understand him.

    “Shall we be off then?” Raiden inquired leading us to the exit.

    “We shalst!” I answered following my new leader with the rest of my companions. I took one last look at my bandaged hand. There was definitely something going on with me that I needed an answer to. For now though, I’ll just have Axel keep an eye on me until I get a chance to find out what’s happening. For now, I’ll enjoy the company of my new squad. This will be where the fun truly begins!

    All the main characters are in place now.
  28. Whoa. What the heck just happened with that Scyther...? Creepy. Ominous. You get the idea.
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    I guess you're a new fan Zoroark. You'll see soon enough ;)

    Chapter 21: The Dream Team

    Mom and Dad

    Due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and events that were completely beyond my control, I have become public enemy number one of Team Rocket. To protect my identity I have changed my name and to protect you this will be the last time I contact you until everything is taken care of. I have Axel with me along with a few trustworthy allies so don’t worry, I’ll be completely fine. I love you both.

    -Your one and only son.

    P.S. Burn this letter after reading it. I don’t want my enemies to trace this to you.

    I held the envelope addressed to my parents which contained that letter in my bandaged hand staring at it for a solid two minutes before tossing it into a blue mailbox at the corner of a street in Goldenrod. It was only 11:30 in the morning, but already it was turning into a hot day. The bright August sun made the city glow like its namesake. I don’t think any Grass-type would have trouble launching a Solar Beam today if there were to be a battle.

    You ready?” asked Axel empathetically.

    “Yeah, we can go.” I said turning away from the mailbox. All I could do at the moment was turn as my destination was across the street and I had the red light. I stood patiently waiting until the light for the cars turned red and I got the white walking signal. At that moment I casually walked across the street to the building that housed my squad’s temporary base.

    Raiden had rented us a four bedroom apartment paid for by Team Neos. The Team will support us until we get our first mission and start making money at which point our squad funds will pay for our finances. The way I understand it, mission profits are divided into three categories; what goes to Team Neos to keep it running, what goes to the smaller teams to support their field work, and what goes to individual members to keep them happy.

    The apartment we were staying in was on the first floor so all I had to do was walk in the main entrance and go down the hall to room 109. As I put my key in the door, I heard yelling and screaming on the other side.

    What the hell is going on in there?” Axel wondered out loud. I quickly turned the lock and pushed the door open. Standing in the middle of the floor was Eve dripping wet wearing nothing more than a white towel. She was staring daggers at Zack who had his arms up palms out with a nervous grin on his face. Chane was standing by the doorway to Eve’s bedroom with a concerned look. She probably heard them fighting and came to investigate.

    “What is going on here?” I asked in confusion.

    “Zacky boy though it was a smart idea to walk in on me in the shower!” Eve said angrily.

    “I told you, I only wanted to see if you needed help scrubbing your back. My intentions were entirely pure.” he replied like he did nothing wrong. “Help me out here Brian. I know we haven’t known eachother long, but we men have to stick together.” he said looking to me for support. My mouth slowly curved into a demented smirk as I realized what was going on here.

    “What are you so happy about?” Eve questioned venomously. “You better not be siding with this lecher!”

    “I’m not siding with anyone nor will I get involved. This is like an anime and I’m just thrilled to have it unfolding live in my own living room.” I said happily. I closed the front door and leaned against the wall. “As you were.” I instructed. This will definitely keep me entertained for awhile.

    “C-can’t we all just get along? M-maybe we could sit down and maybe g-get to know eachother? W-we are a team now s-so why argue?” Chane proposed moving her foot side to side in a timid manner.

    “And miss all the fun?” I asked sarcastically raising an eyebrow. Zack used this distraction as an opportunity to run over to Chane. Comparatively, he was about nine inches to a foot taller than she was.

    “I for one agree with the idea.” he declared wrapping his arm around her shoulder. I’m not sure if it was intentional of accident, but he had his hand on one of her boobs. Chane definitely noticed as she was wide eyed and blushing bright red. “It will be a nice way to settle our differences and become better comrades.” Zack went on.

    “U-u-umm…” Chane stammered trying to get Zack’s attention. He looked down at her realizing what he was doing. Zack pulled his hand away with a shameless laugh.

    “Sorry, old habit.” he confessed modestly. He then turned to Eve. “Eve, as much as I love seeing you dripping wet in nothing but a towel, how about getting dressed so that we can get better acquainted. Then maybe later we can really get acquainted.”

    “Not going to happen!” said Eve spitefully. As she walked past Chane and Zack to go to her room, Zack thought it smart to grab her ass. Needless to say, no one was surprised when Eve turned around and elbowed him in the face before slamming the door.

    “I might have deserved that.” Zack said holding his nose as he crouched to retrieve his glasses. Already I like this squad! Although by the looks of it, one of us was missing.

    “So where’s Master Raiden?” I inquired pushing myself off the wall and walking to the rest of the group.

    “Master?” asked Zack regaining his composure.

    “Well ya, I respect him and he is our superior. Therefore I call him Master.” I clarified.

    He has a warped sense of respect.” Axel threw in for the hell of it.

    “R-Raiden w-went to pick up our n-new uniforms.” answered Chane with a stutter. It’s too bad he’s going to miss our Q&A session. I would suggest postponing it until he got back, but I don’t know how long he’ll be and Eve might kill Zack in that time span. Speaking of the devil herself, Eve came walking out of her room fully dressed but still emanating a wrathful aura.

    “If we’re doing this, I’m sitting out of Kaguya’s reach.” Eve said sounding calm, but her tone was laced with anger. We all gathered in the living room, which is where the whole post-shower scene took place, and sat on the various furniture lying about. Zack, Axel, and I sat on a grey three cushion sofa, Chane sat in a red recliner with her hands folded nervously in her lap, and Eve laid on her side on a blue two cushion sofa with her head propped up in her hand glaring at Zack. Poor bastard’s made it on her hit list it seems.

    “Well the first question I think that should be asked is; why did you all join Team Neos?” asked Zack starting everything off. “I myself joined for the chicks. Chicks dig a man in uniform and we have one badass uniform.” he said concededly with his hand on his chin and a smug grin. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me with his behavior this morning.

    “I joined for the fun of it. Seeing the humiliated faces of people when you beat them is just so satisfying and some of their expressions are just priceless!” Eve sneered joyfully. “Isn’t that right Brian?”

    “Quiet you!” I yelled at her. “Your turn Chane.” I said more calmly.

    “W-w-well… m-m-my brother always took care of me and looked out for me, b-but w-when he got sick I decided to join s-so that I could become stronger a-and protect him for once.” she explained. So that was her reason, it’s for her brother. Somehow though I don’t think we’re getting the whole story on her.

    “What about you Brian?” inquired Zack pushing up his glasses.

    “Me? I want to change the world. I want to destroy all crime and tear down the world government. Only then can things be rebuilt the way they should be. A place where both Pokémon and humans can be happy and free: that is my goal.” I said straightforwardly. Everyone in the room gave me strange looks. Eve broke the silence by laughing mockingly.

    “Oh what a vivid imagination the child has.” she taunted.

    “I- I think it is a wonderful goal.” Chane agreed with me.

    “Why not? We’ll help eachother achieve our goals.” declared Zack. “The three of us will work on getting Chane stronger for her brother, you all can help me get laid -especially you ladies-, we can assist Brian in destroy the world, and Eve can have herself the time of her life doing all of that. Whadaya say?”

    “Fuck off.” Eve answered flatly. Figures she would be unsupportive.

    Next question! What Pokémon do you all have?” Axel brought up. I kindly translated for everyone and ran down my list of Axel, Aerodactyl, Riolu, Piloswine, Snorlax, and Beldum, the six I was currently carrying.

    “I have a Banette named Diva, a Luxray, a Steelix, a Nidoqueen, a Roserade, and a Walrein.” Eve told.

    “I- I have Beautifly, Lunatone, Pidgeot, Chansey, Azumarill, and Breloom. Th-there names are Celia, Luna, Jace, Lucy, Kermit, and Izzy r-respectively.” listed Chane.

    “I’ve got a Golduck named Lloyd.” said Zack. “Up until a month ago I was a Pokémon Ranger so I was only allowed and only needed one partner.” he said bluntly.

    “S-so you quit to join Team Neos?” inquired Chane.

    “Quit?” he replied with a confused look. A proud smile then appeared on his face. “I was kicked out for way too many sexual harassment charges!” stated Zack pompously pointing his thumb at himself. “It’s part of a Pokémon Ranger’s job description to stay fit and athletic so who can blame me if I was turned on? I mean those are some sweet lookin’ hotties in that profession.”

    “Figures.” Eve said unamusedly as she rolled her eyes. Chane simply looked to the floor blushing while I fell to the floor laughing hysterically, pounding my fist to the white carpet.

    “I love you Zack!” I declared between fits of giggles. “You will be the source of much amusement!” I gripped my sides as I started rolling around uncontrollably. It had been awhile since I laughed like this at something genuinely funny and not at ripping people’s limbs off. When I finally caught my second wind, I got back on the sofa. “Next question?” I proposed.

    “Are you ready to try on your new uniforms?” All five of us turned to the front door where none other than Raiden was standing wearing his “civilian” clothes consisting of long black pants, brown tennis shoes, and a sleeveless navy blue shirt. Slung over his shoulder was a white gym bag which I’m guessing contains our uniforms.

    “Sure, why not? Kaguya was making me nauseous anyway.” said Eve getting off the sofa and walking to Raiden.

    “Ouch. That hurt.” Zack said pretending offence.

    Raiden emptied four uniforms out of the bag and passed them out to us, sending us to our rooms to get changed once we had one. Those who had rooms anyway. We were staying in a four bedroom apartment meaning one person would not get a room. I was the first person to call the floor as I am fully capable of sleeping anywhere. As such, Raiden sent me to his room. It was rather basic with only a bed and dresser occupying a moderate amount of space.

    “Can you believe it Axel? Things just keep moving forward. At this rate we’ll fix this world in no time!” I mused optimistically while getting undressed. I held the pale grey hoodie out in front of me admiring the shining silver X on the chest.

    Yup. As much as I liked our previous lifestyle, we only fought for ourselves. Now it seems like we’re putting our talents to better use.” acknowledged Axel with an outlook I hadn’t really considered. I mean I knew what I was doing, I just hadn’t heard it put into words like that before. That monkey can be wiser than me sometimes.

    After applying the whitish grey gloves, I proceeded to look myself over in a mirror on Raiden’s dresser. Zack was right; we do look pretty badass in this outfit. And here I thought I only looked good in black. I finished off by throwing the hood over my head to get a view of what my enemies will see. I must say, I’m quite pleased with the results. As far as the fit went, the pants were comfortable around the waist and baggy in the legs, just the way I like my pants, and the hoodie was loose giving me room to breathe. The gloves and boots were also perfect fits. It’s almost as if Raiden bleached what I normally wear and gave it back to me.

    Dude. You rock.” Axel complemented looking me over.

    “Indeed I do. Now come! We must join the others.” Outside Zack was already standing fully dressed with Raiden. Aside from being two inches shorter than me, we could have been called twins. Joining us a minute later was Chane. Eve was the last one to come out with a modified uniform giving us all WTF faces. She had cut the top of her shirt open to expose her cleavage, and rather than wearing the pants she was given, she wore her own skirt and platform boots. Raiden did a slow motion face-palm with a sigh and shook his head. I should have seen this coming with what she said in training. Chane was a stuttering mess as she tried to form the words she wanted to say.

    “Wh-wha-what did you do!?” she finally got out.

    “Simple, this shirt was too tight and I do not wear pants.” declared Eve arrogantly.

    “Hell yeah!” Zack cheered at her comment.

    “Get over yourself jizz stain. It’s not gonna happen.” she shot down mercilessly.

    “Ow. My feelings.” lamented Zack. Twice in one hour. How much more can he take of this before Eve breaks him for real?

    “Enough nonsense.” Raiden scolded. “While you were all getting changed, I was informed that the spies we have infiltrating Team Rocket reported that the Rocket’s plan on raiding the Day Care Center on Route 35 to steal the Pokémon the elderly couple living there are taking care of. Their reasoning for doing this is of no concern to us; your objective is making sure theirs fails.”

    “Our objective? What about you?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

    “The report came in just now. So far we are the only squad in the area to be informed. Therefore, the four of you will be more than enough to handle it. Now stop wasting time! Get going!” he told us. Without a seconds more hesitation, we left the apartment.

    Well that was random.” Axel said as we ran outside.

    “Agreed.” I affirmed.

    “What kind of leader is he anyway? Sending us to do all the dirty work.” Eve protested.

    “A good leader also needs to know how to delegate. If Master Raiden were here it would be serious overkill.” I pointed out both to annoy Eve and defend Raiden. I looked at the many buildings lining the streets then up at the sky. I determined the fastest way to get to where we need to go would be by air so I quickly reached for Aerodactyl’s Pokeball to release him.

    “Good idea Brian.” Zack complemented when the Fossil Pokémon materialized in a red beam of light. “You mind if I ride with you? I don’t have a Flying-type.”

    “Sure, hop on.” I instructed jumping on myself quickly joined by Axel. Aerodactyl growled in disapproval as Zack also mounted. The only other time he had been forced to do a three-seater was with Madison and she was a light weight. At the same time, Eve joined Chane on the latter’s Pidgeot. When everyone had their rides sorted out, we took to the sky. “Sorry Aero.” I whispered in the dinosaur’s ear as he flew us.

    “I guess I need a flier?” posed Zack realizing Aerodactyl’s stress.

    “It would be helpful.” I approved. “Eve should get one too if she doesn’t already have one.”

    “Yeah, I’d love to have the option of mounting either her or Chane.” Zack said enthusiastically.

    “You mean their Flying-types?” I suggested wondering if he meant it to sound the way it did, or if just forgot a word. Axel was snickering at the very thought of it.

    “That too.” he said not bother to correct his mistake. “But what about you? Which do you think is cuter?” he inquired flirtatiously.

    “We’re here!” I dodged pointing down to the small ranch. Unfortunately, we were late as I could see several figures below dressed in black harassing the Pokémon at the Day Care. What worried me was that I couldn’t see the elders anywhere. Hopefully they were just being held hostage in the house and not hurt in anyway. After all, I know full well what those bastards are capable of. The very thought of it makes my blood boil!

    Jace came from behind Aerodactyl in a nosedive toward the ranch. I led my flier to do the same. Four Rockets looked up in alarm as the two Flying-types landed and the five of us unmounted.

    “Ah! It’s them! It’s Team Neos!” one of them screamed fearfully, this one male.

    “It seems our reputation precedes us.” I said sinisterly. I glared at my foes like a predator looking for the weakest link to feed on. Looking around the group I count two males and two females accompanied by a purple bipedal canine with massive jowls curved up in two pointed fangs and a black collar around its neck, a red snail made of lava with huge yellow eyes and grey hardened lava forming a shell, an angry white furred monkey with a red crest on its forehead and two long black claws on each hand, and a cyan colored rabbit covered in short poisonous barbs. Just one Pokémon each? Can’t they do better than that?

    “Relax, there are only four of them and six of us. We can handle these punks.” said the other male confidently. What a delirious fool. Still, that meant there were still two more unaccounted for.

    “Oh no! They have us out numbered! Whatever are we going to do?” mocked Eve sarcastically. I could almost laugh now that her quips weren’t directed to me for once. I was also amazed that it required six of these clowns to hold up a Day Care.

    “You’re not making fun of us now, are you Little Girl?” taunted what sounded like an older female from behind us. Eve simply laughed the woman’s comment off.

    “Are you just jealous because, unlike you, I still have my looks you ugly old hag?” she retorted not missing a beat. A silver spoon held by a yellow three fingered hand swung around Eve’s throat threatening to slash if the owner didn’t like the next remark out of her mouth. The rest of us were entangled in blue vines save Axel and the fliers. The morale of the other Rocket members seemed to shoot up at seeing us taken out so quickly.

    “If your Pokémon are smart they won’t dare attack my Tangrowth or my Kadabra unless they want their precious trainers to be crushed or have her throat slit.” warned the woman. I nodded to Axel and Aerodactyl to let them know to stay at bay for now.

    “That’s our Boss for ya. There’s no winning with her unless you agree with her.” said one of the two females proudly. That meant this woman was the leader of this operation. I will enjoy killing her.

    “What do you want with this Day Care anyway?” inquired Zack.

    “We have no reason to explain ourselves to you NEOphytes.” mocked the male who was originally scared of us. I love how they act so tough when things end up in their favor.

    “*Pff* Nice pun, did you hear it from your mommy?” Eve ridiculed. Kadabra pulled its spoon closer to her neck causing Eve to grunt in annoyance.

    “Watch your tongue girl. To answer your question young man, we heard there was a Pokémon staying here that was bred from a good stock so we decided to acquire it.” the woman said stepping into our view. I’m guessing she was in her mid thirties. She had grey eyes, red hair done up in a ridiculous perm, and wore a fancy white uniform with the trademark red ‘R’ on it that would look magnificent stained with blood. She also had white heeled boots and on her waist was a gold belt. “Unfortunately that well bred Pokémon just turned out to be this weak little thing.” she criticized holding up a small blue Pokémon with white cheeks and a zigzagged black tail ending in a blue ball the same size as the Pokémon. The poor little Azurill looked panicked and terrified as the vile woman held it by its bubble like tail.

    “Azurill!!” Chane shouted in distress. That’s right, she did say she had an Azumarill, the fully evolved form of the victim. Was Chane empathizing or were this one and hers related? Chane began struggling to get free of Tangrowth as hard as she could.

    “What’s wrong? Did I hit a nerve?” tormented the leader. “What if I were to do this?” The woman began playing paddle-ball using the ill-fated Azurill as the ball with its own tail the paddle.

    “Stop it!” Chane cried desperately.

    “How typical of a stupid Rocket.” I scoffed. The wench stopped her assault and looked at me curiously to see what I was up to. “You told our Pokémon that if they were smart, not to attack. Well they’re not the ones who should be smart. It’s you! On our side are two Flying-types and a Fire-type. On yours is a Grass-type holding us hostage.” I smiled darkly giving the female Rocket wide eyes full of fright. “Axel. Burn Tangrowth alive!”

    Yes, my lord.” Axel said willingly. He spat a long tongue of fire at the hapless Vine Pokémon behind us. I could feel the intense heat as the creature behind me writhed in agony. The vines around me and my partners weakened enough for us to literally break free. Eve took the opportunity to elbow Kadabra in the side while it was distracted by its companion’s demise to escape.

    “Time to play Diva.” she said evilly as she removed a Dusk Ball from her belt.

    “Jace! Aerial Ace that woman and free Azurill!” Chane commanded. The Pidgeot wasted no time in dive bombing the leader in the chest knocking the wind out of her and causing her to drop Azurill. At once Chane rushed over to catch the baby Pokémon as it fell. “You’re ok now. You’re safe.” she whispered to it comfortingly. Kadabra instantly Teleported away from the possessed doll known as Diva to aide its master.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” Eve questioned rushing after her chosen opponent.

    “How dare you hurt our boss! Use Flamethrower on the girl with Azurill Magcargo!” ordered the second male Rocket. Before I had a chance to react, the Vigoroth was attacking me with its arm raised over its head. Axel swiftly jumped in the way to parry the Wild Monkey Pokémon’s Slash and threw it to the ground.

    While we were distracted by Vigoroth, Chane embraced Azurill tightly as the stream of flame neared its intended target. A blast of water suddenly came from behind Chane cancelling out the fire. She looked up and behind her where Zack stood next to a blue kappa with a long tail and a red jewel on its forehead. A few drops of water dripped off the Golduck’s beak onto the ground.

    “You ever think about hurting my friends again or you’ll have me to deal with.” Zack said threateningly. I couldn’t see her face under her hood, but I think Chane was looking at Zack as if he were Lance of the Elite Four as he chuckled before saying “Don’t give me that look. We’re teammates, we lookout for eachother.”

    “Right.” she answered. While holding Azurill in one arm, Chane stood up in addition to pulling out a Luxury Ball. From the ball came a pink egg shaped Pokémon with small arms and legs, small frills hanging off the side of its head like hair, and an egg in a pouch on her belly.

    “Lucy, take Azurill and heal it with Softboil.” Chane told the Chansey handing off the baby Pokémon. Lucy wasted no time in pulling out her egg and feeding it to the young Azurill. “Now it’s your turn Kermit!” The fully evolved Aqua Rabbit materialized from his Lure Ball with a very pissed off look on his face. Either the Azumarill was aggressive anyway, or sensing what happened to his kin from inside his ball put him in a bad mood. “Use Hydro Pump on the Magcargo!” the female trainer commanded continuing her vendetta. Kermit gladly complied, blasting water from his mouth like a fire hose. The lava snail was quickly taken out by the 4x effective attack.

    “Hey, you’re kinda cute. Why not ditch Team Rocket and join me? I will give you as much passion and romance as you want.” Zack said hitting on one of the female grunts. This one was the owner of Nidorina. Has he no shame?

    “Get real.” was her annoyed response.

    “Too bad.” Zack sighed lowering his head. “Lloyd! Use Psychic!”

    I had no time to observe any more of the battle as I was in one of my own. “Vigoroth! Attack with Ice Beam!” called the monkey’s trainer. Vigoroth screamed as the cold pale blue ray shot from its mouth. Axel threw his arm in front of the beam to block it only to have his arm frozen.

    “Axel, I think you just learned Ice Punch. Use it!” I called. The Flame Pokémon pulled his fist back followed by a devastating jab to the enemy monkey’s jaw which cracked the ice around Axel’s arm. “Follow up with a Fire Punch! Same arm!” Axel punched the Wild Monkey Pokémon in the stomach causing the ice to shatter, not only from impact, but also from the Infernape’s flaming fist.

    That’s better.” Axel declared while staring at his hand as he moved his fingers. He was suddenly struck from behind by a Headbutt from Granbull. The monkey landed on all four limbs and growled at the purple canine.

    “How dare you interrupt a monkey battle!” I yelled at the female Rocket who had issued the command while I was distracted with Vigoroth and its trainer.

    “Hey I had this!” agreed my opponent. I was actually surprised he wasn’t grateful for the assistance seeing that he had nothing but a humiliating loss ahead of him.

    “Well sor~ry for helping then.” she said snidely.

    “Not yet you’re not.” I said vehemently. “Aerodactyl! Lunch is served! Ganbull or human? Which do you want today?” I called over to my prehistoric beast who had been sitting bored and idle since we landed. The revived terror shrieked with delight as he flew over to us with his mouth wide open.

    “Oh Arceus no!” the female Rocket cried running away with Granbull close behind as Aerodactyl fast approached. A yellow dust filled the air around the two causing them to stop dead in there tracks.

    “Just thought I’d lend a little assistance. You can hardly take care of yourself.” teased Eve. She stood with a small green human shaped creature that had white hair, a leaf like cape, a green mask, and two bouquets for hands, one red the other blue. “Roserade’s Stun Spore should last ten minutes or so, so don’t take too long torturing them.”

    “Thanks.” I told her. I looked over at my ancient warrior who already had his claw on Granbull and was tearing out the Fairy Pokémon’s throat. “Aerodactyl thanks you too.”

    “You… You ate them!” panicked my foe slowly backing away.

    “No. He ate them.” I corrected pointing back to the scene where the Fossil Pokémon was devouring Granbull leaving behind bloody bones. “Or rather is eating them. Now are we going to finish this monkey battle or not?” I demanded.

    “*Grrr* Vigoroth! Double Team!” the Rocket ordered. One Vigoroth soon became seven attempting to surround us. “Now use Fury Swipes!” The seven monkeys all came at me and Axel with their claws swinging wildly. We stood back to back knowing that the real one would attempt to take either me or him out. I punched at the nearest one only for it to vanish. This would be so much easier if I had a sword, then I could take two or three out in a single stroke.

    Gah!” I heard Axel scream. Sounds like he found the real Vigoroth. I turned around to see my monkey grab the other monkey by its head followed by several rapid kicks to the stomach. At last the Vigoroth fell unconscious.

    “Now it’s your turn!” I said victoriously turning toward the trainer. He tried to run away, but when he turned around Aerodactyl was standing behind him with blood lining the sadistic grin on his maw.

    “P- please… spare me.” he begged getting on his knees.

    “Ok.” I said in a friendly tone.

    “Really?” he asked nervously.

    “Sure.” I walked over to the Rocket and extended my arm in a gesture to help him up. However the moment he accepted my hand, I thrust my palm into his elbow snapping his arm in the wrong direction. Over his pain written scream I added “You’ll live, but you’ll be a cripple. I call that a fair deal.”

    After breaking the Rocket’s other arm and shattering both of his knees with the help of Axel and Beldum, I looked around to see what else could be done. The trainer with the Magcargo was fast asleep as a result of Luna’s Hypnosis and Chane’s mercy. The Nidorina was lying on top of her trainer, both alive but in rough shape. I’m actually surprised Zack didn’t try to rape her. Then again he does seem to have his chivalrous side. The other female trainer shared the same fate as her Granbull being nothing more than a pile of broken bones in a pool of blood. There was no sign of this group’s leader, her Kadabra, or the sixth member that was spoken of.

    As I walked around the side of the house into the ranch the Pokémon stayed in, I was greeted by Chane who was sitting with a Paras, a Rattata, a Politoed, and a Flaafy. Kermit was holding the Azurill from before and Lucy was tending the wounds of a Nuzleef.

    “Um… Hi Brian. Hi Axel.” she greeted cheerfully as she pet the Rattata.

    “Hi yourself.” I responded. “You really like Pokémon don’t you?” I observed.

    “I had to make sure they were alright. Team Rocket was being so cruel to them.” said Chane in despair. “But everyone’s ok now!” she said happily.

    “Yup. You did great today. I can see why Master Raiden chose you.” I praised.

    “Th-thank you…” she said shyly.

    “Oh yeah! Where is everyone else!” I asked when I realized they were still missing.

    “I-I don’t know. As soon as Luna put that Rocket to sleep I came back here to check on the Pokémon.” she answered looking side to side.

    “Come on! I haven’t checked the house yet!” I said running to the side door. I threw open the screen door to see the female boss standing in the living room holding a gun to the Day Care Lady’s head while the Day Care Man was knocked out on the floor with a big bruise on his bald head. She looked like she had been put through hell as her hair was a mess and her clothes were dirty and ripped in several places including a gash in her shirt that exposed her entire shoulder. Standing in front of her were Zack, Lloyd, and Eve who were looking on motionlessly.

    “I was wondering where the rest of you Neophytes were.” the Rocket wench ridiculed. “As I told your friends, one wrong move and the old lady dies!” she warned pushing the gun harder to the elder’s head. That would explain why the others weren’t attacking. But did they have a plan?

    “So where’s your Kadabra?” I interrogated not seeing it as I looked around.

    “I fainted it.” Eve admit proudly. “But she called it back before I could have any more fun.” she pouted. I rolled my eyes. How typical.

    “Shut up! All of you!” the Rocket demanded. “Now that I have you all in one place, I can finally escape. You may have ruined our plans, but none of you will leave here alive!” she announced. The woman pulled a black rectangular radio from her pocket with her free hand and pushed down a red button. “Are the Electrodes ready?” she asked into it.

    “Yes ma’am.” came a response on the other end.

    “Very well. Get down here so that we may take our leave.” ordered the wench. A moment later the sixth Rocket came running down the stairs followed by a muscular grey skinned man wearing a black speedo and a big gold belt with a red ‘P’ on it. The size of the Machoke’s red veined arms gave it a slight hunch. They must have been holding the couple hostage before we arrived which is why we didn’t see them until now.

    “You should feel lucky Old Woman. You get to live.” the sixth Rocket told the Day Care Lady spitefully.

    “You scoundrels will never get away with this!” the elder warned defiantly.

    “Hostages should know better than to talk.” growled the leader pushing the pistol harder.

    “She’s right though. You won’t get away.” Eve said confidently. On queue a black ghostly hand came out of the woman’s head. The fingers on the hand curved into claws before raking back through the Rocket’s skull. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she fell lifelessly to the ground. Axel and I both shuddered as we realized that could have been him when we last battled Eve. Diva came walking through the wall with a satisfied look on her zippered face.

    “My word!” gasped the old lady looking down at the scene.

    “You bastards!” yelled the last conscious survivor. “Machoke! Crush them!” There was no response from his Pokémon. “Machoke!” he yelled angrily turning to the Super Power Pokémon. Machoke groaned as it collapsed to the hard wood floor crackling with electricity.

    “I was wondering what was taking you four so long.” Raiden said bluntly. He stood in his Neos uniform with his arms crossed and an orange mouse with yellow cheeks, big curly black ears, and a long black tail tipped with a yellow lightning bolt standing with him. I remember that Raichu, it’s the one I lost to in my and Raiden’s last battle.

    “There are five of you now!? I can’t take this! I surrender!” moaned the final Rocket falling to the floor in defeat.

    Once the Day Care was safe, and all the surviving Rockets gathered up and sent to the police, we returned to the apartment for some well deserved rest. And a lecture which none of us were quite thrilled about.

    “Your first mission was a success, but you all could have done a lot better. I want to see more teamwork. Things will go by much faster if you work together.” Raiden told us.

    “Next time I will be with you so that should help smooth things over. As squad leader, I will also find ways to utilize each of your individual talents to their fullest. Zack Kaguya, the ex-Ranger. Your specialty is using the environment to your advantage. Chane Turk, you care a lot about Pokémon. Your performance today only proves how passionate and determined you are to protect them from harm. Eve Illuminati and Brian Xelbu. You are both cunning strategists. Eve, you focus on ruthless battling and using your charm and wit to throw enemies off balance, while you Brian can adapt to any situation and your relationship to Axel is like none I have ever seen.

    “Then there is myself. Like Eve and Brian, I am a strategist. I strive to overcome my weaknesses while exploiting the weaknesses of my foes. Just as I have found ways to compensate for my Electric-type Pokémon’s weakness to Ground-types, I will find ways to compensate for each of your weaknesses to make our squad unstoppable. That is all I have to say, so you may do as you like now.” he finished.

    Looking back, the first experiment with them wasn't all that great. Oh well. At least I've improved in future chapters. ^_^
  30. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Chapter 22: Dragon’s Den

    The early morning silence was interrupted by laughter. My laughter. I was the first of the five of us to wake up which also made me the first one to read today’s newspaper. The paper was limp in my hands while I leaned back in my chair at the kitchen table giggling at what I had just read.

    “What is so funny that you had to interrupt my beauty sleep?” Eve demanded grumpily walking into the kitchen. As I explained before, her room is closest to the living room. The kitchen is to the left of the living room making her room also the closest to the kitchen. Although since I chose the living room floor as my sleep area, that could make me the closest, but I digress.

    “Well good morning to you too.” I said sarcastically. I was taken slightly off guard by her nightwear, a very short see-through purple nighty. Lucky for my biological instincts, the top was opaque. “*Ahem* If you don’t want Zack hitting on you, then you shouldn’t be wearing such a revealing outfit. I can see your panties you know.” I pointed out.

    “That’s exactly why I’m wearing this. After yesterday I think he might replace you as my favorite chew toy.” she said matter-of-factly with a playful vibe. Oh I should feel so honored. “But what do you care? You even said you thought Kaguya’s sexual harassment was funny.” Eve’s eyes widened as if she had just had an epiphany. “You actually like it don’t you? Aww… so cute.” she teased getting a little too close for comfort. This is the last thing I wanted, her getting the wrong idea and finding some way to twist it even further in that wicked mind of hers.

    “Anyway, you wanted to know why I was laughing earlier?” I said changing the subject and handing Eve the newspaper. “Have a look.” She snatched the paper from my hands and began looking over it.

    “‘Team Neos Thwart Team Rocket Scheme at Route 34 Day Care Center.’” she read off the headline. “Aha! We made the front page! Go us!” she cheered gleefully. While she had been reading I picked up a white mug to sip my Chiai Tea, still hot from the microwave.

    “I know. The four of us actually make a pretty bitchin’ team if you ask me.” I stated putting down my cup.

    Excuse me, four?” Axel, who was sitting to my left, questioned unhappily crossing his arms while throwing his feet on the table and crossing them.

    “I’m sorry, five. But I was counting us as the same combative mind in two separate bodies.” I apologized. “Besides, if you want to cut hairs like that, then there are really thirty of us. Five humans plus six Pokémon each minus Zack who only has one.” I analyzed.

    “Fun article.” said Eve throwing the paper back at me. “Not all the details are correct and some of the stuff was embellished to make us look bad, but what the hell. It doesn’t change what we did.” she reviewed. “Now since my appearance has you all hot and bothered, I’m going back to my room and getting dressed.” she played just for the sake of toying with me. Eve then turned to me with her index finger to her mouth. “Unless you’d rather me stay like this for awhile longer.” she said taking a sexy pose and faking vulnerability.

    “I actually don’t care what you do. Remember, I’m asexual so you can’t seduce me.” I reminded looking straight at her to prove my point. “Zack is probably the only one you’ll get excited while dressed like that.”

    “Oh fine.” whined Eve in defeat. “I should have known better than to expect a reaction from someone who hasn’t reached puberty yet. I feel like a pedophile now.” she mocked.

    “Since when is nineteen considered a minor?” I inquired with a raised eyebrow.

    “Doesn’t matter. You’re still younger than me.” Eve said. At that moment her eyes widened with dread as she had just let a certain detail slip.

    “Oh so you are older than me. By how much?” I asked taking advantage of the opportunity.

    “So what if I am older? It makes no difference if I’m one year older or one thousand, you’re still a baby!” she yelled in frustration before storming off back to her room. I looked over at Axel smiling. I held out my hand soliciting a high-five from the monkey. I had just beaten Eve at her own game. Point mine.

    As everyone else woke up and came in for breakfast, I passed along the newspaper to show them our accomplishment. Zack had the same reaction as I did, getting a good chuckle out of the fact that our first mission was getting so much attention. Chane was both embarrassed and proud uttering a simple “Oh wow.”

    Raiden however, didn’t take it as well as the rest of us. “What does it matter that we got in the news? The mission was a success and that is what counts. Yes, Team Neos needs media attention in order to recruit new members, but it is not essential. What is essential is the destruction of the enemy Teams. Anything else is just trivial.”

    “Now why did you have to go and bring us down like that?” Zack asked dejectedly. “It was our first mission and it made front page. Can you blame us for getting a little excited?”

    “Yes.” Raiden answered aloofly. That quickly shut Zack up leaving him, and the rest of us, speechless. There was really no come back for that kind of response. The only thing that could be said after that would be ‘Damn’ and even that would just be a hollow retort. I quietly went back to my breakfast of eggs and bacon on an English muffin pondering how easily everyone in the room was silenced by a single word.

    A little while after everyone finished eating, Raiden instructed us to pack our things as we would be moving on to our next destination for another mission. We’d be getting the details as soon as everyone was ready.

    It took me no time at all to pack up as I was simply living out of my backpack. I wasn’t intentionally trying to keep the living room clean, it was more of a habit I had developed from camping in the wilderness for five years so I wouldn’t lose anything. “Well that’s it.” I said after stuffing my uniform into my pack. I then stored the green duct tape covered bag in an Item Ball for easier transport.

    I wonder where we’ll be going next.” Axel stated out loud. “I can’t wait to beat the crap out of more Rockets!” declared the monkey punching his fist into his palm. That reminded me. I looked at my right hand that was still bandaged from the Scyther incident. I had actually completely forgotten that I had been wounded, and as such hadn’t changed my bandages in the last three days.

    “If you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom.” I told the gold furred Infernape showing him my hand. I walked down the hall to the sterile looking white tiled room complete with a porcelain toilet, sink, and tub.

    I stood over the sink as I unwrapped my hand so that I could wash it off. My jaw practically hit the floor when I finished removing the bandages. While the wrappings were stained a rusted brown red color from the blood, my hand was completely and fully healed. Not even a scar remained. I ran the index finger of my left hand across my palm. I still had feeling in my palm and it felt as it always had; no pain. I then brought my hand to my face; first I sniffed it, next I licked it. There was nothing abnormal that I could pick up on. It was just healed. Nothing more, nothing less.

    They’re waiting for you.” said Axel walking in. I looked up at the monkey and turned my palm towards him. Axel tilted his head to the side investigating it. “How did such a nasty gash heal in three days?” he questioned as he grabbed my hand for a closer inspection.

    “I don’t know.” I admit shaking my head. “Well we can’t keep Master Raiden and the others waiting now can we?” I rhetorically asked exiting the bathroom. Back in the living room the rest of my squad was lounging about on the furniture waiting. Eve opened her mouth to say some off hand comment, most likely about me and Axel being in the bathroom together, but she was quickly cut off by Raiden.

    “Now that everyone is present, I will debrief you on today’s mission.” he interrupted, possibly unknowingly as there was no sign of scolding or reprimanding in his voice. Eve slouched back in the sofa with an unhappy sigh as her quip would now be late and not as menacing. “Today we will be heading to Blackthorn City to do reconnaissance in the legendary Dragon’s Den to see if it holds any information that can be useful to Team Neos.”

    “Excuse me sir, but don’t we have a Stealth Force for that?” inquired Zack even raising his hand so he wouldn’t seem as rude.

    “Team Neos is still rather new having been around for less than a year. The few members we have in the Stealth Division have all infiltrated the ranks of our enemies as spies to inform the Main Division of the enemy’s activities. What this means is that recon sometimes falls on the Main Division.” Raiden explained.

    “Then why not send a grunt squad?” asked Eve boredly putting her head in her hand like she wanted to fall asleep. Raiden sighed before continuing.

    “If you all would let me continue, I could tell you.” he said. “The requirements for this mission call for more strength and strategy than grunts are capable of. Basically, we need to keep the Dragon Clan out of the way until we finish investigating the Dragon’s Den. Lance will be no problem because as of two days ago, the winner of the Indigo League tournament emerged from Victory Road and made it safely to Indigo Plateau. While she rests, all members of the Elite Four must report in for when the trainer is ready to take them on. That eliminates the biggest threat.

    “Next is Clair.” Raiden turned and looked directly at Zack. “In order to keep her out of the Den, you Zack Kaguya must issue a Gym Challenge. Your goal is not to defeat her, but to prolong the battle for as long as you can. The reason it has to be you is because I need to lead the mission, Brian already has the Rising Badge, and Eve and Chane will be needed to dispose of the guard at the entrance and the Dragon Clan Elder without drawing attention to us. Now gather your things and let us be off.”

    We arrived in Blackthorn two hours later via hot air balloon and once again rented an apartment to use as a base. The building was a lot smaller than the one we had in Goldenrod due to Blackthorn City’s smaller population and isolated location at the top of a mountain bordering the treacherous Ice Path. Once we got to our room, Raiden, Eve, Chane, and I wasted no time in getting changed into our uniforms while Zack remained in his black slacks and red button down short sleeved shirt as he had the more “open” task.

    “Alright. The four of us will go to the roof and take to the sky to minimize the number of people that see us. While we do that, Zack will make his way to the Gym to make sure Clair is present and challenge her to a battle. If she is not in the Gym, radio us immediately Zack.” instructed Raiden.

    As soon as we left the apartment, the rest of the recon team, Axel, and I darted up the nearest staircase until emerging on the roof of the building. The view from up here was amazing, almost breathe taking. I shook my head. This was no time to be admiring the sights. I had a job to do.

    “Come Aerodactyl!” I called summoning the King of the Skies. Aerodactyl shrieked with delight upon emerging, flapping is purple skinned wings to get some lift off. That’s right. Before going extinct Aerodactyl were predominately found in the mountains, at least according to the fossil record. He must be feeling quite at home. Axel and I boarded the Rock/Flying duel-type to take us to Dragon’s Den.

    Eve once again mooched a ride on Jace, while Raiden sent out a long steel disc colored silver with a metallic blue tint. On its orb like shoulders were screws jutting out the back, a magnet forming hands, and an eye on each shoulder. A third magnet stuck out from its back like a tail and a red eye adorned its front. A yellow rod stuck out of a grey plate on the creature’s head.

    “So your Magneton evolved I see.” I said stating the obvious.

    “Indeed. It happened when I was in Sinnoh last fall.” Raiden responded as the Magnezone attached itself to metal plates on Raiden’s back that he had modified to his uniform. “Well, shall we be off?” Each of us nodded as we left the roof.

    The group flew over the city virtually out of sight until we hovered over Dragon’s Den. Standing on the landmass between Blackthorn City’s lagoon and the entrance of the cavern below us was a lone guard. Unknown to him, he would soon be taking an unexpected nap. It was time for our plan to begin!

    “Get ready Diva.” said Eve sinisterly. Out of the Dusk Ball in her hand came a black mist with purple highlights that soon formed into the devilish Banette. Diva made a spine chilling hiss as she contorted her body like she was stretching after being cramped inside her ball. The wicked Ghost-type floated an inch above Chane’s Pidgeot in preparation for her command.

    “Do your best Izzy.” Chane said gently as she held out a Pokéball releasing a tall, mostly green bipedal dinosaur like creature in midair. All I saw of the Breloom as she fell from the sky was her green mushroom-capped head with red orbs on the sides and her long off white tail tipped with four green spheres.

    “Now Diva! Hold Izzy in the air with Psychic. And be gentle Sweety. We don’t want to hurt our companion.” Eve told. I wasn’t sure if the ensuing screech from the deranged spirit was one of compliance or one of disappointment at not being able to brutalize the half Fighting-type. Either way, she did as told suspending the Mushroom Pokémon right above our target. So long as the guard doesn’t look up in the next minute everything should run smoothly.

    “Thank you Eve.” Chane said gratefully. “Izzy, could you please use Spore to put that man to sleep?” To say the least, it was a rather unusual way to give a command, but it seemed to work for their team seeing that a pale green powder began pouring out of the mushroom on Izzy’s head. The man below began to slowly nod off until finally succumbing to the attack and slumping over into a sitting position with his head in his lap. Part Two was a success.

    With the guard asleep, Izzy was the first to be lowered to the ground touching down on her red talons and standing a full four feet tall about. Aerodactyl was the next to land followed by Jace and last was Raiden. As soon as Chane got off of her Pidgeot, she ran over to give her Breloom a hug. “You were great Izzy!” she complemented.

    “Return your Pokémon everyone. We cannot dawdle out here too long, we do not want to get caught before we even get to do what we are here for.” Raiden ordered as he called back his Magnezone. They rest of us did as instructed leaving Axel as the only Pokémon remaining as usual. Without further delay, we entered the Dragon’s Den.

    The moment we set foot in the underground cavern, my entire being began quivering. It was both an ominous feeling and a sense of belonging at the same time. I felt at peace and yet I wanted to lash out to release the surge of energy that passed through me. What was this? Every breath I took was like becoming one with the Dragon’s Den.

    Yo! Are you still alive in there?” questioned Axel smacking my back and effectively breaking my trance.

    “Yeah, I’m fine.” I responded coming back to my senses. “What is our next order of business Master Raiden?” I asked of our superior.

    “We split up and investigate.” he answered nonchalantly. “Eve and Chane will take the eastern part of the Den, Brian and I will examine the western half.” Raiden went over pointing to each side as he spoke. “We will rendezvous at the Shrine in the center of the cavern where Eve will have Rosarade use Grass Whistle to put the Clan Elder and everyone inside to sleep. At that point we will go over everything our respective groups have uncovered. Understood?” The three of us nodded in the affirmative before moving out to our respective areas.

    Raiden, Axel, and I carefully inspected the Westside making sure nothing was left unnoticed. When there was no longer any land for us to investigate, I sent out Snorlax for us to Surf on.

    “Brian, can I ask you a personal question?” inquired the third seat with a serious tone. I turned to him in slight confusion. Sure Raiden was a serious guy, but he also seemed unconcerned with what the rest of us did so long as we didn’t cause too much trouble. This time however, he seemed as if he was concerned about something.

    “Go ahead.” I said giving him permission as I was curious as to what he wanted to know.

    “How much are you willing to give up for Team Neos?” Raiden asked just as seriously as before. I was even more confused now.

    “What do you mean?” I asked hoping to get more detail.

    “I mean Axel. You and he are very close, and I do not expect the two of you to ever separate. However, just like you observed this morning, our squad made the news. As we go on more high profile missions our endeavors will continue to be noticed. It would not be long before people realize that an Infernape with gold fur is hanging around Team Neos. Those who already know you will make the connection. Strangers who see you on the street will be able to identify you as a member. You will have to sacrifice the pleasures of an ordinary life if you continue to wear that uniform. Are you prepared for that?”

    I had never really thought about that before. I looked behind me to Axel who had also heard Raiden’s rationalization. He simply gave me the look that said ‘I’ll follow you no matter what.’ The true reality of what I had gotten myself into weighed heavily on my mind, but I had already made my choice.

    “Master Raiden. I joined Team Neos so that I could change the world. Even if I must die in the process, as long as I give up my life knowing that I made a difference in bettering the lives of both mankind and Pokémon, then my sacrifice wasn’t in vain.” I said calmly. Raiden nodded in understanding.

    “I see you have already made your peace with what is to come. It is the duty of the commanding officer to help his subordinates, therefore I will grant you assistance where ever and whenever you need it so do not be afraid to ask.” my commander affirmed. I smiled and nodded in appreciation.

    The rest of the swim was silent save for the sound of water. That feeling I had before came back while I sat idle on Snorlax without distraction. We continued the reconnaissance once the Sleeping Pokémon got to the next landmass. During the investigation we gathered a good bit of data on Dragon’s Den, but nothing that I perceived as being too useful for Team Neos. Who knows though, Raiden might know how this information could be helpful.

    The sound of a soothing whistle suddenly echoed through the underground cave. I felt my eyelids grow heavy and had to smack myself to stay awake. Eve and Chane must have made it to the Shrine. It also meant that we were nearing the Shrine as well.

    “We have learned everything we can over here. Let us rejoin with the others.” declared Raiden. Once again Raiden, Axel, and I boarded my rotund blue bear in order to swim to the designated rendezvous point.

    “So, what did the two of you find?” questioned our leader.

    “Ummm… Just this.” Chane said pulling a pointed white tooth from her pocket. “I-it was just laying there and Eve said to take it with us.”

    “It looked important so I figured what the hell.” added Eve to justify herself.

    “Can I have a look at that?” I posed holding out my hands to either catch the object or have it handed off.

    “Uhhh… Sure.” answered Chane handing it to me. The moment my hand touched the tooth a surge of power shot through my body causing my muscles to spasm and my nerves to fire off wildly. I screamed from the sheer intensity of it all. My head was spinning in a whirlwind of madness. I thought I had heard Axel call my name, but it sounded so distant. I feel to my knees from loss of control over my body while I gripped my head. I have no memory of what happened after that.

    Why do I feel so dizzy? I tried opening my eyes, but they could only flickered not fully open. It felt like the whole area around me was spinning. I lifted my right arm and threw it over my face. The way it fell and that fact that there was a cool damp washcloth on my forehead told me I was laying down on my back.

    “Ah! Y-you’re awake!” I heard Chane say with relief.

    “Wha happen? Whe am I?” I asked jadedly unable to form tangible words quite yet.

    “*Mocking laughter* You fainted you wuss. Then we had to drag your sorry ass all the way home.” Eve ridiculed.

    “Be nice Eve!” Chane defended. I tried saying thanks, but all that came out was a weak hum. Next I tried sitting up, but attempting to rise only made me feel lightheaded. Before I fell back, I felt a hand grab me and help me sit up. By now I could see again and standing over me was the ever faithful Axel.

    Take it easy monkey boy.” the Flame Pokémon told me. I nodded to him gratefully.

    The only people in the room were the girls still wearing their uniforms with the hood down and we two monkeys. I was also still in my pale grey uniform with the hood down. In my hand was the washcloth that I’m guessing Chane put on me. The lights in the room were off with the only light coming from the window behind the bed I was laying in. Even then the sun was beginning to set leaving the room a mix of gold and red. We hadn’t had a chance to claim rooms before leaving on our mission, but I guess this one is now mine by default.

    “So tell me, what happened back there?” I inquired.

    “I told you, you passed out like a wuss wuss. I guess it was past baby’s naptime.” Eve continued to tease obnoxiously.

    “R-Raiden thinks it had something to do with the Dragon Fang I gave you.” Chane explained wrought with guilt. The poor girl couldn’t even look me in the face when she said it. She looked like she was about to cry.

    “It’s not your fault Chane.” I attempted to consol. “I’m the one who asked you for the Dragon Fang plus neither one of us expected me to have such an adverse reaction to it. So put it behind you. I’m alive and I think I’m healthy, therefore we don’t have a problem.”

    “Thanks.” Chane said gratefully giving me a hug. I heard Eve snickering in the corner. I’m sure she had something nasty going on in that mind of hers. When Chane released me, she said “You should go see Raiden. He may not say it out loud, but I think he was worried about you too.”

    I left the room with Axel to look around the apartment for Raiden. In the living room Zack sat watching TV wearing a different outfit than this morning, this one consisting of a blue silk shirt and white slacks.

    “How did the Gym battle go?” I asked Zack walking up behind him. He turned his head back to me allowing me to see a few minor cuts on his face along with a melancholy expression.

    “Not only did I lose to Clair by attempting to draw out the match, but then she had her Kingdra use Dragon Pulse on me.” he replied dejectedly. I waited quietly for him to say exactly why she would do that. “I mean, all I did was ask her out to dinner as my treat for being the superior trainer.”

    “And what else did you say?” I pressed knowing that wasn’t the full story.

    “Well, I may have mentioned how nice her body looked in blue leather and that I wouldn’t mind her using that whip of hers on me. I mean come on! You can’t dress like a dominatrix and not expect that kind of request.” And there it was. Axel and I couldn’t help but laugh at him. “It’s not funny! Dragon Pulse is not a fun attack to be the victim of, especially when you’re human!” he complained.

    “I understand.” I said trying to empathize. It was hard because I’ve never been hit with a Dragon Pulse and it was just too funny.

    “There you are Brian.” came Raiden’s voice as he joined us. “Are you feeling well?”

    “I am.” I responded. “Thanks for bringing me back.”

    “You should be thanking Axel. He knew which Pokéballs Snorlax and Aerodactyl were in to help transport you. All I did was help Axel carry you back to your room.” Raiden said modestly. “Anyway, whether or not we have a mission tomorrow, you will have the day off to recover.”

    “Can we make it the next two days? I would like to see a certain doctor in White City about my condition.” I requested.

    “Very well.” he allowed.

    “By the way, whatever happened to the Dragon Fang?” I asked.

    “Do not worry about the Dragon Fang. I have it in a safe place. Just make sure you do not touch it again.” informed Raiden. Don’t have to tell me twice.

    The following morning I left for the nearest airport to book a flight for White City. It was too long of a trip for Aerodactyl to make and I figured I had been giving him enough of a work out the last few days anyway.

    Brian. Last night Riolu told me that lately he’s been sensing a change in your aura. He said that the biggest spike came when we were in the Dragon’s Den.” Axel brought up while we waited for the gates to open.

    “Well as soon as we get to White City, I’m having Prof. Himee do a blood test on me. We’ll have answers soon enough.” I reassured. For awhile I had thought about asking Strife Maxwell what was going on since he seems to know a bit more about my family history than I do. It didn’t take me long to dismiss the idea as he may know and not tell me, or he’ll find away to better use me to his advantage and I will not allow myself to become his tool.

    “Flight 3582 to White City is now boarding. Repeat, Flight 3582 to White City now boarding.” an announcement over the speakers said. Axel and I got up from our seats to make our way to the gate.

    Last one for now. I might post more tonight, or wait until tomorrow. The important thing is we're only seven chapters away from being caught up! If I'm diligent enough, I may be able to finish Chapter 30 and get that up as well! :D Maybe not though... :-\
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    One more chapter before the day is over. Also Zoroark, could you be a bit more specific about what it is you like/don't like/could be improved/etc. in your posts? I appreciate the comments, but "This oughta be interesting" doesn't really tell me anything. One line isn't exactly feedback.

    Chapter 23: I Am Not An Experiment!

    “Passengers of Flight 3582 now unboarding. We hope you enjoyed your flight and will enjoy your stay in White City. Have a nice day and please fly with Poké Airlines again!” spoke the intercom as we left the terminal.

    “Hmph. Enjoy the flight my ass.” I complained rubbing the inside of my ear with my pinky. My ears were still ringing from the jetlag which had also given me a headache. I had taken two aspirin before landing but unfortunately they haven’t kicked in yet.

    Seriously, what was with all of those people staring at us? It’s like they’ve never seen a Pokémon flying coach before.” Axel whined. During the flight, the other passengers kept gawking at me and Axel. Some even turned to whisper to the person sitting next to them. The two most likely possibilities were Axel’s fur and the fact that all Pokémon were supposed to be in their Pokéballs during the flight. The only reason I got away with it was by wearing a pair of sunglasses, horn rimmed naturally, and convincing security that I was blind. Axel, being my seeing-eye-Pokémon, didn’t have a Pokéball because I needed him to guide me. Just to better uphold the charade, I closed my eyes so that I really wouldn’t be able to see. It wouldn’t be the first illegal thing I’ve done.

    I decided it would be best if I left the shades on until we got to Prof. Himee’s lab. I would rather not get arrested today, especially for such an innocent misdemeanor as this. Once the two of us got outside I was glad I left the glasses on because of how bright the sun was today. Even with sunglasses I still had to squint which did nothing for my lingering headache.

    The airport was in the main city area, same as the Committee building, so it was a pretty long walk to the lab. I didn’t really mind though as I liked being outside when it’s warm. If I was more familiar with the area I would have probably taken the long way just to enjoy the weather. Regardless, there was a reason I was here and Raiden had only given me two days off to take care of things so I had to work fast.

    About half an hour later I crossed the bridge that led to the large white rectangular lab. The building practically glowed in the sunlight. I walked up the left side of the double staircase to the glass doors located under an awning giving the entrance and upper part of the stairs shade from the sun. When I entered through the glass doors I was hit with a burst of nostalgia. It felt like it had been forever since I was here, though in reality it had been only a little over a month.

    “Himee! I’m home!” I shouted excitedly from the first floor lobby. I stood with my arms wide spread but there wasn’t a response from anyone. I sighed in annoyance that not one person was around to greet me. I took off my sunglasses and hung them on my shirt collar, quickly choosing to go seek out someone rather then wait in the lobby completely ignored. “Prof. Himee! Asuna! Is anyone around?” I called as I went up the spiral stairway.

    “Intruder!” yelled Prof. Himee jumping out from behind a corner with a metal bucket on his head and a pillow tied to his chest while holding a frying pan. I fell into Axel who was behind me with a startled scream having been caught completely off guard by the old man’s stunt. The loss of balance caused us both to fall to the floor. The mad scientist looked down at us with a curious look. “Oh I remember you now! Slappy Joe and Monkey Fist!” he stated as if he knew exactly what he was talking about. I jut looked up at Himee with a confused expression.

    “I… I think you mean Brian and Axel.” I corrected getting back up. Axel used me as support as he pulled himself off the floor, more out of spite for me making him fall than because he couldn’t get up by himself.

    “Zhat is vhat I said; Brian and Axel. You must be getting deaf. Is all zhat loud music you fledglings listen to. So tragic.” Himee sighed disappointedly. That isn’t what’s tragic here. I might as well let it go, it’s not like correcting him gets us anywhere.

    “Right then, can I ask a favor from you Prof. Himee?” I inquired. I then held out my arms to be at his mercy. “I need you to take a blood sample.”

    “Vhat zhe hell are you talking about? I am not a vampire!” Himee rejected. I stared at him with my mouth hanging open. Where did he get vampire from?

    “He means he wants a blood test.” Asuna said walking out of the room behind me. I hadn’t noticed before, but it was the same one Himee blew up last time. It had a new door on it now. “As in an experiment.” she said with emphasis to drive the point home. The old man’s face lit up like a child on Christmas.

    “I love an experiment!” the professor cheered. “But before ve start, I must find zhose damn leprechauns! Zhey stole my undervear again!” he rambled aimlessly. I guess that would explain the outfit and why he attacked me. Asuna face palmed with a sigh.

    “Professor, it has been weeks since you did your own laundry. I took your clothes to get them washed for you so that you could continue your research unbothered.” she confessed. Himee’s eyes widened as an alarmed look over too his face.

    “Asuna is a leprechaun! Get her Brian!” he declared illogically.

    “First I want you to test my blood! Test it for any and all abnormalities, even genetic ones!” I asserted. “Do that for me, and I will help you catch Asuna.” I agreed even if it was complete madness.

    “Oh fine zhen.” Prof. Himee agreed unhappily. “Besides, I might need her help anyvay vith all zhe tests you vant us to run. And for vhat purpose?” he asked.

    “This.” I said pulling what was left of my right glove from my pocket. I handed the article to Himee to look at. “Do you see that huge gash in the palm and the dried blood around it? I was wounded by a Scyther not even a week ago.” I explained.

    “So you vant to know if you got infected vith somezing?” inquired the scientist looking over the black glove. I held out my naked palm for him to observe next.

    “More like I want to know why I fully healed so quickly without even a scar.” I said straightforwardly. Both Himee and Asuna began grabbing at my hand to look it over. “I’ve experienced other strange things as well lately that I want answers to.” I added.

    “Zhis vill be exciting!” declared Prof. Himee without hesitation. “For science!”

    “I agree! Come with us Brian, we’ll draw your blood right away!” Asuna agreed with as much enthusiasm as her boss.

    Axel was a nervous wreck; the monkey paced back and forth moaning anxiously every couple of seconds as he turned to me. I was strapped to a chair with a tourniquet on my left bicep to get the vein on my arm to pop up. Once that was ready, Asuna was going to stick me with a needle to draw the blood as neither of us trusted Himee to do that much. Afterward, I would be free to go and Himee would call me when the tests were done.

    Are you sure you want to do this? I mean… n-needles?” Axel chattered tensely.

    “Unlike you, I’m not scared of needles, plus I need this done to better understand all the weird stuff that’s been happening to me lately.” I reminded.

    “Ready Brian?” asked Asuna coming to me with a giant needle attached to a bag. Axel shrieked like a little girl monkey before jumping into the smallest space he could fit in curling up into the fetal position. I’ll make fun of him for being a coward later.

    “Go for it.” I consented. There was a slight pinch as the needle entered my vein, but after that it was more uncomfortable having the foreign object in me than it actually hurt. As I watched the blood flow into the bag, I began to feel slightly light headed but not like I was going to passout.

    “There. All done.” Asuna said putting gauze over the needle prior to pulling it out so that I wouldn’t bleed all over the place. “How do you feel?” she asked securing the gauze with medical tape.

    “Not bad.” I answered. “I have to go find a way to amuse myself now while you do your tests right?”

    “Himee already has several experiments set up. He’ll notify you when we’ve got something.” she confirmed.

    “Right. Axel! Let’s go!” I called to the pitiful monkey after getting out of the chair only slightly dizzied. He squeaked as he tried freeing himself from his self imposed purgatory. I made sure my phone was on before walking back outside. The time was 2:18p, so hopefully they’d have something before it got too late.

    Are you ok? Tell me you’re still alive!” Axel pleaded pathetically.

    “I’m hungry. Let’s get some lunch first, then we can go find ways to amuse ourselves.” I said putting my sunglasses back on. That was obviously good enough for the Infernape seeing that he answered with a pleased cheer.

    “Aw don’t feel bad Riolu. This just isn’t our specialty.” I consoled to my young Emanation Pokémon. While waiting for Prof. Himee’s call, I figured I’d try my hand at something new; contests. Of all days, they just happened to be holding a contest in the hall at the northern point of the city. I chose Riolu as my Pokémon because he’s young, adorable, and cute. Unfortunately, I soon learned that it takes more then just appearance to win one of those things. Needless to say, we lost in the first round. My Pokémon and I are definitely more suited for combat than we are for appeals.

    Besides Riolu, Contests are for chicks and gay guys anyway.” Axel added rudely.

    “Be nice Axel. You know Rio looks up to you so don’t be a bad influence.” I scolded. The monkey crossed his arms grumpily while growling. Someone’s moody today. At that moment my phone began vibrating. I immediately pulled it out of my pocket to answer. “Ya?” I asked after filling it open and putting it to my ear.

    “Brian! Get back to my lab quickly! Zhere is much to discuss!” Himee requested urgently. There was a click on the other end of him hanging up. I pulled my phone away from my ear and stared at it. I wonder what that was about. It had only taken him a little less than two hours to find something, and it was obviously something incredible to get a reaction like that from him.

    “Come Axel! Himee’s on to something!” I commanded shoving my cell back into my pocket and breaking into a run toward the lab. The Flame Pokémon dashed behind me having no trouble keeping up even with Riolu on his shoulders. When I returned, I jumped up the steps of the facility taking two at a time. If one of the aides hadn’t opened the door to leave, I think I might have crashed through the glass doors.

    “Hey! What’s your problem!” the guy yelled as I pushed past him.

    Sorry about that!” apologized Axel for me as I was already tearing up the spiral stairwell. When I made it to the top, I fell to my knees panting. I guess I hadn’t recovered enough blood yet to go through that kind of physical activity. But wasn’t I supposed to be a fast healer?

    “You look a mess. Don’t tell me you ran all the way here.” Asuna observed coming to get me. I giggled shamelessly in response. “*Sigh* Well come on. Himee is in his loft on the third floor.” she said. Axel, now on the second floor with me, picked me up so that we could follow Asuna to the next floor.

    “So what did Prof. Himee find?” I inquired while we travelled through a door in the far back of the lab. It was in this room that the stairs for the third floor resided. Three aides wearing white lab coats were sitting at their desks, one doing paperwork, another was tweaking what looked like a weathervane, and the third was looking at a map.

    “That is for him to tell you. Besides, I’d rather not say when there are other ears around.” she whispered. That only made me all the more curious as to what could be so clasified. Oh well, very soon I would know.

    My heart pounded and my body trembled in anticipation. Up the stairs we went. Very soon. Around the corner. Very soon. To the wooden door of Himee’s loft. Very soon! “He’s here Professor!” Asuna called knocking on the door. I heard Himee scrambling on the other side to open the door. How long is this going to take!? Seconds felt like minutes, I don’t think I can take the wait any longer! At last the wooden door flew open. The old man reached out, grabbed me by the shirt collar, and yanked me inside.

    “You are a remarkable specimen!” Himee complemented as he slammed the door.

    “Uh… what about Axel?” I questioned as the monkey didn’t have a chance to come in after me before the mad scientist shut the door.

    “Yes, yes. He’s a remarkable specimen as vell.” responded the professor oblivious to what I meant.

    “No, he’s still outside. I want him in here.” I clarified. Himee looked at me in confusion as if I were crazy. He then started looking around the room.

    “Vhere’s Axel?” he asked.

    “Outside.” I reminded. I would have probably found this a lot funnier if what he had to tell me wasn’t so catastrophically important. Prof. Himee scratched his balding head of wild white hair prior to turning around to open the door. No sooner had the brown board creaked, a golden blur pushed through nearly tackling me to the ground.

    How could you let him lock me out!” cried the Infernape throwing his hands on my shoulders and shaking me. The abuse I take.

    “Behave!” I reprimanded smacking his arms off of me. Following a well needed sigh, I began looking around for a place to sit. It was the first time I had ever really been in Prof. Himee’s loft, every other time I had only stood at the entrance. First off, the room was in complete disarray; papers, boxes, various scientific instruments, clothes, and a ton of other junk littered the floors in stacks. No wonder Asuna had to come in and do his laundry. There were three desks in the room, each one equally covered in various papers and equipment. And then there was the pink bovine Pokémon with a black head, black spots, and small horns in the right hand corner standing on a platform with a bale of hay in a trough.

    “Himee. Why is there a Miltank in here?” I asked in bewilderment.

    “Oh zhat’s Millie. I got tired off asking ozher people to get me milk, so I found a better vay. Now I get free MooMoo Milk every day! Is very nutritious.” He told gleefully. I understood completely, it made perfect sense, and this was Prof. Himee. Damn he’s an awesome role model. Hearing that also helped to ease my tension. This world needs more crazy people.

    I finally found a soft recliner in the midst all the mess to make myself comfortable in. Luckily there were three chairs all situated around a small table for each of us. If I could give a color scheme to the lab, this room was a light brown where the floor, walls, door, and tables were wood while the rest of the building was clean silver and made of more modern materials. There was no mistake; this was definitely the room of an old man.

    “Anyvay, you vanted us to test for everyzing and so ve did. Vhat I found vas zhat unlike normal humans who have twenty-shree chromosomes, you have twenty shree and a half.” Himee enlightened.

    “H-half!?” I stammered in astonishment. “But how? What is it? What is that half?”

    “It is a chromosome zhat is normally found in a Pokémon. Zhis particular vone determines zhe Pokémon’s type and vhat moves it can learn. Vhat I do not understand is vhy you only have vone copy and not two like a normal Pokémon.” the Professor analyzed.

    “It’s because I’m not a Pokémon! I shouldn’t even have this! It has to be a mistake!” I yelled in denial.

    “I zhought zhe same zhing. Zhat is vhy I did zhe test shree times.” Himee affirmed. “According to zhe analysis, you are a member of zhe Dragon-type. Zhere vere also trace amounts of shinkasterone in you blood vhich is a hormone zhat causes Pokémon evolution. Shinka is anozher vord for evolution and –asterone is a common hormone suffix. Basically, you just evolved or are about to. Zhis hormone would have been found in Axel before and after his evolutions to Monferno and Infernape.”

    I sat in the chair silently leaning forward with my head down trying to absorb it all. I’m a Dragon. I’m freshly evolved or about to. What’s going on here? None of this makes any sense! I think my mind is about to explode!

    “How did this happen? Answer that! I must know!” I shouted suddenly. I couldn’t believe this! Not without proof or some sort of explanation.

    “Vell in order for a Pokémon to evolve, certain conditions must be met. Reaching a certain level of strength, stimulation from certain items, or strong emotional attachments can all lead to a spontaneous release of shinkasterone and zhus evolution. But zhe zhing is, shinkasterone only lingers in zhe blood for about a day or so, and you said zhese strange occurrences have been going on for a couple of veeks.” said the old man without truly answering any of my questions.

    “And what about my stimulation!?” I demanded. Prof. Himee started rubbing his chin while he pondered my question. He suddenly looked up as if he had just come to a conclusion.

    “Zhat is it! Of course, it vas so simple, vhy did I not see it before. Oh I feel so foolish. Zhis changes everyzhing!” he declared passionately. At last I might get some answers. “Asuna! Zhe red drapes vould look best in zhe zhird floor east ving!” he shouted. My jaw fell open weightlessly. How did such a random thought come from something so serious?

    “Focus Himee!” I ordered.

    “Focus? Focus on vhat?” he asked unknowingly. Before I could answer him with the tongue lashing I had in store for such a careless question, I was interrupted by Riolu’s frantic barks. I looked over at Axel who was holding the upset Emanation Pokémon. The small puppy was focused directly on me as he yapped his head off.

    He says he senses your aura changing again. It has him very panicked?” the monkey translated as he held Riolu at bay.

    “I figured it out! Forme shifting!” Himee announced jumping out of his seat. “It bozhered me from zhe beginning zhat you only had vone copy of zhe gene and not two. Having a second copy vould have made you a full Dragon or a duel type, but zhis means zhat zhe Dragon gene was dormant until you evolved and zhe reason you still look human and still have traces of shinkasterone is because you can change forme.” the old man hypothesized.

    “Forme shifting? Explain.” I pressed getting calmer now that I had a potential answer to my problem.

    “Vhat is zhe veazher like outside?” Himee asked out of nowhere.

    “Sunny, why?” I inquired.

    “I vill show you! Come, come my boy! Zhere is still much to be done! For science!” the Professor declared hurrying out of of the room. Axel, Riolu, and I had no choice but to chase after him if we wanted answers. It wasn’t until we were outside that Prof. Himee produced a half red half white sphere from his lab coat.

    “Aww. Is not as sunny as it vas earlier. Guess I vill haff to use Sunny Day. Men, zhis is Castform!” he said throwing the Pokéball in the air where it opened shooting a red ball of engery from its hollow interior. The red light materialized into a small grey ball shaped head sitting on top of a cloud. The head had a friendly expression, white rings around its eyes, and a small whisp on its head. For the first time in a while, I pulled out my Pokédex as I did not recognize this particular species.


    “I’ve heard of Castform, but I’ve never seen one up close. So this is what they look like.” I stated. I had to admit, I was cuious as to what the little monster could do along with how it related to my condition.

    “Oh you have not see nozhing yet. Cast your Sunny Day Castform!” Himee told his Pokémon. The Weather Pokémon briefly started glowing white until his pent up energy shot into the sky. Though it was quarter to five, the sun immediately brightened back to the way it was several hours ago. To my amazement, Castform began changing right before my eyes as if it was evolving. Soon the Pokémon floating near Himee’s head was an orange sphere with numerous smaller orbs attached to it making the head look like a sun sitting on top of a fluffier white cloud.

    Interesting.” Axel said while Riolu got his exercise by jumping over the monkey’s tail as it wagged back and forth about one and a half feet off the ground.

    “Did it just evolve?” I asked utterly perplexed.

    “No, no. Is like Cherrim who blossoms in zhe sunlight, only Castform has two ozher formes depending on zhe veazher.” clarified Himee. I nodded in understanding by what he had meant by Forme Shifting now. So this is how it’s done. “Veazher is Castform’s stimulation, now ve must find yours.” said the old man. I couldn’t agree more.

    As it would turn out, there was a basement below the first floor that Prof. Himee hadn’t shown me we he gave me the tour the last time I was here. I can almost imagine why too. When one enters the basement, they come to a fork. One fork leads up a short flight of stairs to an observation deck full of monitoring equipment and a large window overlooking a large grey empty room with a single door. The second fork leads into that room. I had been in the grey room for roughly an hour meditating in order to access my Dragon power while Himee, Asuna, Axel, and Riolu crowded into the observation deck.

    “How long is this going to take? I’m not changing at all!” I called up to them.

    “He has been in there awhile Professor. Should we try a different approach?” questioned Asuna over the open channel speakers we set up so that I could hear everything they said up there. That way I wouldn’t be kept in the dark if the scientists came up with a new hypothesis, nor would I get bored from no interaction.

    “Zhen it is time for Plan B.” declared Prof. Himee.

    “Plan B? What’s Plan B?” I questioned. There was a long silence until the door at the front of the room opened. The mad scientist’s arm up to his elbow entered the room with a Pokéball in his hand. No sooner had the ball opened bringing forth Castform, did Himee retract his hand and shut the door.

    “Professor, you’re not!” cried Asuna.

    He’s not gonna what?” asked Axel worriedly.

    “Castform!” called Himee reentering the observation deck. “Powder Snow!” He wouldn’t dare! If I’m a Dragon-type and Dragon’s are weak to Ice-type attacks then-

    “You senile bastard old man!” I yelled as cold air and small ice fragments struck my body. I crossed my arms to shield myself from the bone chilling attack. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never liked the cold but I could grudgingly tolerate it. I could travel in winter, I could stand in the snow, and I could stand fighting in the Ice Path in Johto and Icefall Cave in the Sevii Islands. It was a typical human reaction. But not this time this time was just torture!

    Enough!” I roared throwing my right arm out. Words can’t even describe the shock I felt when a blue burst of raw energy shot from my hand at Castform. The Weather Pokémon cried out as the attack struck, sending the small Pokémon hurdling into the wall behind it, then falling to the floor unconscious.

    “No way! That was a Dragon Pulse wasn’t it?” cried Asuna fearfully.

    Holy fucking shit!” Axel screamed over a barking Riolu.

    “Himee! What the fuck was that supposed to be!? I am not your fucking experiment that you can do what ever the hell you want to! Now get back down here so that I can rip your god damn head off!” I shouted.

    “No vay am I going down zhere and getting my god damn head ripped off.” Himee said calmly as if my threat was something minor. In annoyance I began clawing at the metal wall of the grey room beneath the window. Even with my hands glowing with an unstable blue aura which I perceived as my Dragon Claw attack, I was leaving only minimal gashes in the wall.

    “It vould seem zhat aggression is zhe trigger for zhe Forme Shift and vonce transformed zhat aggression is hightened as can be observed by zhe subject’s clawing at zhe vall.” Prof. Himee noted. “Is a good zhing zhat despite zhere incredible strength, Dragon-types cannot damage Steel-types or any metal for zhat matter.”

    “So we’re safe up here until he calms down?” Asuna wondered nervously.

    “No you’re not! And I told you, I am NOT your subject!” I growled fiercely. I pulled my right arm down to my side. I could feel the energy course through my body into my appendage where it gathered and condensed in my palm. I thrust my arm into the air launching another Dragon Pulse up the side of the wall causing the window to shatter when it got that high. I could hear the screams of everyone above.

    Brian!” shouted Axel jumping out of the shattered window. As the Infernape fell, he lifted his leg to his torso. When the monkey was just barely a leg’s length above me, he brought his foot down in a drop kick to the back of my skull causing my entire upper body to jerk forward so that it was parallel with the floor.

    “Axel.” I said nonchalantly as I lifted my body back into its upright position. The golden monkey stared back at me defiantly. “I give up.” I surrendered thowing both arms in the air and slightly lowering my head.

    “Sorry about that Prof. Himee. Sorry Asuna.” I apologized to each of them back in Himee’s loft. There was no need to say anything to my Pokémon, Axel already got back at me, and Riolu was just happy that I turned back into my human forme. “So do the two of you think I’ll ever be able to control this transformation at will?” I asked them.

    “Zhat is for you to find out Brian.” Himee answered flatly. I sighed in disappointment.

    “You are our first case like this. I’ll see if I can’t dig up any instances of this in the past, but it will more than likely just be a wild goose chase. Sorry.” Asuna added with a sense of hopelessness.

    “Don’t worry about it. I’ll run my own tests and see if I can’t learn some self-control. I would hate to chance into my Dragon Forme at the wrong time in the wrong place.” I affirmed optimistically. “Well thanks for everything guys. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if I notice or come up with anything.”

    “Ve vill do zhe same!” the old man declared. “Is late now, so vhy not stay here for zhe night?” he offered. There was no reason for me to decline, so I gratefully accepted.

    The following morning was a blast. Prof. Himee was beyond thrilled when his missing underwear returned. Just to humor him, Asuna said she had caught the leprechauns and stolen his clothes back. I had offered to make breakfast, but Himee insisted that we have Lucky Charms instead just to stick it to the leprechauns. I could hardly eat because I was laughing so hard. Now that the worst was over, I could finally relax. After all, it wasn’t like I changed; it was more like going through a second puberty only this time I had no one to explain what was happening.

    I made sure that I called Raiden directly after breakfast to find out where I should meet the squad when I got back, to which he replied that we have a mission in Ecruteak City. Since he had given me two days off, I booked a later flight and used most of this day to hang out with Himee and to help out around the lab. As I had guessed by Castform and the instruments the aides had been using the day before, Prof. Himee was doing weather based research. I assume he finished (or got bored with) the work he was doing on the Pokéballs last time. Unfortunately, there just weren’t enough hours in the day until it was time for me to go.

    “Do be careful vhen you fly. Zhose damn gremlins vill make zhe plane crash if you are not alert.” warned the mad scientist unnecessarily.

    “I will be sure to warn the pilot then.” I said trying to keep a straight face. I reapplied my sunglasses fully prepared to pull the blind man stunt again.

    Back to work again already.” groaned Axel. No, it would still be a long time before our work was done. In fact, I would even go so far as to say our work was just beginning.

    I'm going to say this again because it was funny: Prof. Himee broke my spellcheck! ;D
  33. Hm. So when Brian get ticked off he transforms into a half-pokemon? That's.... awesome. And, Psycho Monkey, I really like it. Nothing really bad. Heck, nothing at all bad. It's great!
  34. D'aww, you should really put Brian into more cold situations Pyscho. I forgot how fun it was to see him angry like that! Get his kit off in the snow >:3
  35. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    If you want to see Brian pissed off, just wait until I post the newest chapter. That one gets dark enough to rival The Unthinkable >:D

    I'll see what I can do about sending the crew to the Ice Path. Or have someone use Ice Beam on him. That will really set him off. If I didn't get some much evulz (evil lulz) off of this, I'd feel bad about how much I torture my characters. 8)

    Speaking of evulz...

    Chapter 24: Secret Secret Service

    Ecruteak City was by far one of, if not THE most beautiful cities in Johto. The way the houses and buildings have remained unchanged since feudal times was amazing. Seeing both older and younger people roaming the streets in kimonos and other traditional wears gave a very cultural feeling as if I had gone back in time. If it wasn’t for modern conveniences like the cab I was riding in, I would have thought I really was in the past.

    “So where ‘m I takin’ ya?” inquired the driver in a scratchy voice. Doubtless this man was a smoker when not driving.

    “If I’m not mistaken, I’m supposed to meet up with some friends at the Phoenix Hotel.” I answered casually. At least I think it was Phoenix Raiden told me. It was only yesterday morning that he had told me about it. Had I not been so concerned about my damn flight being delayed, I would have probably remembered it better. The dumb shits working air traffic control ended up rerouting those who were originally going to Ecruteak City to Olivine. Rather than deal with those morons again, I just camped out for the night and flew here on Aerodactyl this morning. I only rented a cab because I didn’t know where the hotel was.

    “Oh I know that place. The one on Tin Drive? Yeah, it’s a real fancy joint, lot o’ rich and important people stay there. Yer friends must be loaded.” the driver commented. Someone sure as hell is if that place is as exclusive as this guy says. But at least I now know I have the right place. “So is this yer first time in Ecruteak?” he asked.

    “Third actually. The first time I was here was when I won the Fog Badge. As for my second, I was just passing through. With all of the beautiful places in the world, it’s hard to decide which one to visit. Even more so when there is still a lot of the world I haven’t seen yet.” I said.

    We’re only here now because we’re on the job.” Axel put in. Sad but true. After making a turn, we had to stop at a stop sign to let three pedestrians get across the street. Instantly I recognized the trio as they walked past the cab.

    “Let me out here instead. Those are the friends I was talking about.” I requested. I paid my cab fare, got out of the back door with Axel, and ran across the street to join Zack, Chane, and Eve. They obviously heard me coming because they turned around as I caught up to them. “Yo!” I greeted with a mock salute.

    “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Baby Brian. We thought you ran away ‘cause you got a wittle booboo.” Eve teased.

    “You mean you thought that.” Chane corrected defensively. “W-welcome back.” she said to me cheerfully.

    “So where did you go?” asked Zack inquisitively.

    “To make sure I was fit for duty.” I said tapping my temple with my index and middle fingers. “As it turns out, I’m more than ok. I just need to learn some self control is all.”

    “Well that’s good. It just means that you get to join us for the mission we’re on right now.” Zack declared. Wait a second. They were on a mission at this very moment!

    “Our mission: Go shopping!” clarified Eve. I think I just felt several of my precious brain cells die off. Was this a joke? Could the fact that Raiden wasn’t with them mean that this was a self imposed mission? The girls probably wanted to go shopping, and poor Zack got dragged along for the ride. Now that I was here, Axel and I were getting dragged down too! While there is a lot of cool stuff that we could probably buy here, shouldn’t we be doing something more productive?

    “You look concerned. Is there something wrong? M-maybe you aren’t fully recovered after all.” analyzed Chane.

    “No, I am fully recovered. I’m just trying to contemplate why we’re shopping.” I said dryly. “I mean, what purpose does it serve?”

    “We’re shopping for formalwear so that we can be incognito at tonight’s party.” said Zack excitedly even doing a freakish dance to go with his statement.

    “A party.” I said flatly. Eve shook her head in disappointment at me.

    “Because you were crying in your emo corner, you missed the mission review. Basically, the Johto Prime Minister’s son Johan is vacationing here in Ecruteak and is staying at the Phoenix Hotel. Raiden got a call from a Lieutenant, who is also going to meet us here, saying that there is a strong possibility that Team Rocket is going to attempt to kidnap the pampered brat and hold him for ransom. Our mission, of course, is to keep that from happening. To get close to Johan, we need to get into that party, and to get into that party, we need to look rich by dressing formally.” she explained.

    Now that was a mission! A pretty damn serious one too if a lieutenant was getting involved. I am so glad I came back in time for this. Kicking Rocket ass is one thing, but attending a rich people’s party to do it is just icing on the cake. I hate rich people because they think having money makes them better than everyone else, but I love raiding rich people’s parties because they got shrimp and all kinds of other good food. But most importantly shrimp! On top of that, with me being there, they’re spending there money on a commoner!

    “Well why the hell are we just standing here? Let’s go shopping!” I proclaimed ridiculously loud. Random passer-biers even turned to stare.

    Woo. Shopping.” moaned Axel sarcastically. The monkey absolutely hated clothes shopping because he saw no point in it. Even I found the idea trivial as I only needed two pairs of pants and three T-shirts to survive, but it helps to have formal attire for occasions like this. Even better because it’s not my money I’m spending! Because it’s for the mission, it gets paid for by Team Neos. Point mine.

    “What do you think Axel? Sexy ya?” I asked the Infernape coming out of the fitting room in a solid black suit, with a black dress shirt and a red tie underneath. On my feet were shiny black dress shoes. I put my hands together as if I were holding a gun and made some badass 007 poses. “The name’s Monkey. Psycho Monkey.” I introduced in a fake Scottish accent. My monkey started laughing at me.

    Nice monkey suit!” he mocked falling to his knees with laughter.

    “Well I’m glad you like it, because I’m getting one for you too.” I responded with sarcastic seriousness. Axel lifted his head up immediately putting an end to his hazing.

    No! You can’t! I won’t allow it! I hate clothes! No! No! No! No! No!” rejected the Infernape frantically. I smiled deviously as I began searching the rack for a child sized version of the suit I had settled on.

    “Nice Brian! You look like you belong in the mafia.” Zack complemented. Just one look at Zack had me nearly hyperventilating from the thorough amusement his outfit provided. He wore very tight light pink pants that ended just before his ankles to show off his pointy white boots. His frilly white shirt took the average V-neck to the extreme by ending halfway down his torso leaving most of his chest exposed. And have I mentioned the frills on the sleeve? This is probably the coolest suit I’ve ever seen a guy wear that I would never put on myself.

    “That is amazing Zack. I love you for this.” I said appreciatively almost in tears from the sheer awesomeness.

    “That’s right, I’m a pimp! But sorry to disappoint, I have eyes for women only.” he said immodestly with his eyes closed while waving his hand at me as if telling me to go on with the complements. That motion alone had me and Axel laughing our asses off. “Oh now you’re just making fun of me.” said Zack pretending to be hurt.

    “Not at all. You just overly mentally stimulated me.” I panted. I took a deep breath to try to settle myself. “Alright, let’s go pay for these pimp suits so we can meet back up with the girls.” I suggested.

    After changing back into our normal attire, Zack and I paid for our chosen clothes (Axel’s included) and left the only men’s formalwear outlet store that sold non-traditional clothing that we had found. I also made sure to buy a new pair of fingerless gloves while I was out because of how naked my right hand had been feeling lately.

    We decided to grab some lunch while we were waited for Eve and Chane to finish their spree. I could almost understand why females take forever searching for the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion. I get that way when I want something badass: it had to have the right amount of badassery while still being comfortable and easy to move in. It also has to be cheep because the life of a trainer does not leave much room for a stable source of income.

    “So how cute do you think their dresses will be?” Zack asked over sushi at a really nice restaurant we found. I couldn’t answer right away while my mouth was suffed with a delicious crab roll. Why must people ask questions while the person they’re talking to has food in their mouth?

    “I’m sure they will be very pretty.” I replied after swallowing. “I am equally certain that no matter what they wear, you will be turned on.” I added stuffing a squid roll in my mouth. Mmm… tasty.

    “Yeah I will.” Zack nodded knowingly.

    “Can I get you gentlemen anything?” inquired the waitress coming back to our table.

    “Can I have a date with you?” solicited Zack. I practically choked on my sushi at such an off hand request. Has this man no shame?

    “Excuse me?” she said taken back. Here it comes, almost like clockwork. He hits on a female, she rejects him, he says something crude, and she gets pissed at him.

    “What? You’re a beautiful woman, I’m a handsome guy. Can’t you feel the chemistry between us? Back in college chemistry was my best subject so I know it when I feel it. Are you free tomorrow night?” he flirted shamelessly. To my dismay it was actually working! The waitress was actually giggling at his ridiculous come-on!

    “Alright, you have yourself a date.” she accepted. WHAT!?

    “Great! I’ll come pick you up at seven tomorrow night.” Zack claimed confidently. As she left the table, I just stared at Zack trying to figure out how he did that. I didn’t even notice I had dropped my chopsticks until I heard them hit the floor.

    “How did you do that?” I asked perplexedly.

    “I asked.” he relied simply.

    “No! Every time I’ve ever seen you hit on a girl it ends in disaster for you. How was this one different?” I demanded still confused.

    “Well you see, the dating world is like a slot machine. Even if you lose the first time, or the second time, or the third time, keep playing and you’ll eventually win. You may even score big.” explained Zack. I just shook my head. This would just have to be categorized as one of the greater mysteries of the world that I cannot understand. I picked up my chopsticks and quietly got back to my sushi.

    It’s not fair that I couldn’t eat with you! I cry speciest!” protested Axel after lunch. Like the rest of my Pokémon and Lloyd, Axel was forced to dine in a separate room much to his dislike.

    “There was nothing I could do about it, so hush.” I told him straight-forwardly. It wasn’t my fault that the restaurant didn’t allow humans and Pokémon to eat together.

    When we reunited with Chane and Eve, we went straight back to the Phoenix Hotel to get ready for the party. I was taken back by the beautiful architecture of the Hotel once we arrived. The place was essentially a giant four story golden pagoda with gold statues of the Legendary Bird Ho-oh adorning the entrance. Before I could even see this palace, we had to first go through a tall gate on Tin Drive to enter the walled off property. Next, we walked down a bricked walkway and across a wooden bridge over a Magikarp pond to arrive at the front door. I can definitely see why this place is exclusive to rich bastards.

    The inside was just as impressive if not more so. The floor was lined with a very expensive looking wine colored carpet, the lobby was gigantic, and the hallways could easily fit four people walking side by side with room to spare. Axel being the fifth had to walk behid me until we got to the elevator and took it to our floor.

    “D-do you think the lieutenant has arrived yet?” asked Chane as we walked to our room.

    “I hope the lieutenant is a she. I love a woman with power! They can be so… naughty.” Zack mused pushing on his glasses.

    “If it is female then hopefully she’s like me so that she can put you in your place the moment you try anything Kaguya.” Eve warned without remorse. Now there’s a scary thought: two Eves. Something like that would be the source of my worst nightmares.

    Zack unlocked the bright red door ironically numbered 250 allowing us into our room. Like everything else, our room was amazingly huge and fancy with that just being the entrance. Behind a set of sliding paper doors in the back of the room I could hear talking which obviously meant there was another room behind there where Raiden was having a conversation with someone, presumably the lieutenant.

    “My lord! Your humble vassal has returned to your service!” I announced sliding open the door. Raiden gazed up at me from his Tatami mat with an unsurprised look on his face as did the small guy with short brown hair who he was sitting with at a table. And by small, I mean this guy had to be between three and four feet tall.

    “Oh. There you are.” my master answered indifferently.

    “Hey Raiden, who’s the kid?” inquired Eve insensitively entering the room behind me.

    “Who the fuck are you calling a kid you dumb blonde?” demanded our guest in a semi-deep voice jumping off of the floor. I barely noticed Eve’s annoyance as I could hardly contain the pleasure and excitement about what I had just learned. I should have noticed sooner by the stubby limbs to torso ratio. A giant smile appeared on my face while my legs uncontrollably bounced my body up and down.

    “You’re a midget!” I cheered followed by a happy giggle. I love midgets! I always wanted to meet one!

    “What the hell was that!? Do not use the ‘M’ word on me bastard!” shouted the midget angrily. He must be very sensitive about his height.

    “Everyone, I would like to introduce to you Lieutenant Charles Deter. He will be the one in charge of this mission.” explained Raiden once everyone else entered.

    “What? They actually let midgets into Team Neos, let alone promote them to lieutenants?” asked Eve. I honestly couldn’t tell if she was being serious or just screwing with Lt. Deter. Knowing her, probably the latter.

    “Call me midget one more time and see what happens! Come on! Anyone? Anyone?” challenged Lt. Deter. Eve took the dare by crouching down in front of him so that they were the same height.

    “What’s wrong? Little Charlie doesn’t like being called midget? But what can you do about it Midget? Nothing because you’re a midget.” she mocked rubbing her hand vigorously though his hair like he was a child. Eve then rose to her full height and looked down at our superior. “Look at this. I’m like two feet taller than you. Like a midget can do anything to me.” she ridiculed laughing at him.

    By this point Deter really looked like he was going to flip out. His face was bright red with rage, both of his fists were clenched, and he was grinding his teeth. Finally Charles let out a furious battle cry as he ducked and ran under Eve’s legs. Once behind her, he elbowed her in the back of the knees causing her to lose balance and fall forward. He then lifted his leg literally kicking her ass. I started pointing and laughing at Eve’s humiliation.

    “Eve just got her ass kicked by a mi- I mean lieutenant.” I corrected before I received the same twisted fate.

    “Anyone else want to call me a midget?” Charles taunted aggressively. He looked around the room at the three of us remaining intensely. “That’s what I thought.”

    “Ya know Eve, I can see your panties from this angle.” Zack pointed out tilting his head to the side so he could get a better view.

    “Don’t look!” Chane told Zack slapping his arm.

    “I’m not looking, I’m peeking.” he defended with a wide grin.

    “Dammit Kaguya!” yelled Eve turning around on the floor into a sitting position so Zack couldn’t peek. Zack let out a loud depressed sigh so that everyone knew just how let down he was.

    “Third Seat Raiden Arka. I am very disappointed in the personal squad you selected for yourself. They appear to be nothing but squabbling monkeys.” Deter chastised.

    Hey I resent that!” yelled Axel shaking his fist. Why is he blaming all of us when Eve and I are the one who screwed up? In my defense I didn’t know he hated being called a midget though.

    “Lt. Deter, I apologize for my squad’s behavior. The four of them are excellent trainers worthy of Team Neos. The problem comes in that neither of them have any social skills.” Raiden apologized.

    “Well see to it that they don’t fuck up this mission. If anything goes wrong there will be five demotions in store for the lot of you.” warned the lieutenant trudging out of the room.

    “What ever possessed you to do such a stupid thing Eve?” Raiden asked with his left hand over his eyes. Eve didn’t answer; instead she averted her eyes with a submissive grunt. “Well anyway, take a seat everyone so that I can get you all up to speed.” said Raiden making room for everyone around the table. He pretty much repeated what I had found out earlier while adding that the party stated at six o’clock which was two hours from now. Raiden also informed us just how important this mission truly was.

    “As you all already know, Johan Kaiser is the son of Johto’s Prime Minister. If he is protected from Team Rocket by Team Neos and comes out unharmed, then that puts Team Neos in good standing with the Prime Minister. As a reward for protecting Johan, those among our ranks who have been arrested could get pardons. That is not all, if all goes well, then Team Neos may have the support of the entire Johto Region which will further our goals faster than ever before. In short, it is to our advantage that nothing goes wrong tonight.” explained our superior. “Now go prepare yourselves. I want all of you to be ready when Lt. Deter returns.”

    With the meeting adjourned, I went to the room that I was told was mine to get ready. Preparations included my first shower in three days since I had been travelling so much. That killed half an hour because of how nice the water felt. After that, I got fully dressed in my awesome new suit. Then I had to fight Axel to get him to wear his. My attempt at telling him that it would be funny to screw with the rich people because they would never expect a Pokémon to wear clothes failed even though I thought it was a pretty effective argument. I finally won when I bribed him with the promise of setting something of his choosing on fire other than his or my clothes and a Cheri pie.

    I had to assist the monkey as he was very unfamiliar with how to put clothes on. When the time came I even ripped the seam on the back of his pants so that his tail could move freely. “I look ridiculous.” groaned the Infernape checking himself out in a mirror.

    “On the contrary, you look absolutely bitchin.” I complemented. We were, after all, wearing the same thing and he did look pretty good in it. “Just think of all the lulz it will bring us.” I forecasted. That got a devious laugh from the Infernape. I held out my hand for a high five which he accepted meaning we were both fine with the arrangement.

    Despite how much screwing around the two of us did, we were the first ones ready and the only ones in the meeting area. I’m not entirely sure how to label these rooms other than what we’ve used them for so far. Joining me five minutes later was Eve who wore a green shoulderless dress that came down to her mid thigh. She had on green eye shadow drawing attention to her bright emerald eyes. At the sight of us she started laughing, not mockingly but out of enjoyment.

    “Oh wow! You actually got Axel to wear a suit! I love it!” she praised. For once she sounded sincere about something. Axel and I turned to eachother with the same confused look. “Oh what? Can’t I complement my favorite boy toy without him getting suspicious?” Yup, should have known better.

    “I’m not your boy toy.” I said flatly.

    “Ladies! Your prince has arrived!” announced Zack jumping into the room in his gigolo costume with his usually messy red hair neatly combed. Eve laughed harder at him than she did Axel.

    “You’re right, HE’S my boy toy!” she declared. “Oh Zacky poo. Could you say fabulous in a really high pitched voice for me?” she sang.

    “Fabulous!” Zack shouted as instructed getting a giggle from Eve.

    “I love you.” Eve said figuratively.

    “If you love me so much can we make a love child?” Zack proposed.

    “Don’t push your luck.” warned Eve in a scary tone giving him an evil eye.

    “I didn’t hear a no.” he indicated playfully.

    “Uh… Um… H-how do I look?” Chane asked nervously slowly walking to join us. She wore a long black dress, much more modest than Eve’s, and had her hair tied into an upside down ponytail on the top of her head. It was a cute look that screamed moe.

    “That outfit looks beautiful on you Chane.” Zack complemented.

    “R-really! Th-thank you!” she responded happily.

    “Of course it would look better on my bedroom floor.” he added. Chane’s face turned bright red at the implied implications of Zack’s comment.

    “W-wh-why would you s-s-say that?” she questioned fretfully.

    “Because he’s a womanizing jackass.” Eve said angrily. “Look Kaguya, don’t go breaking my toys before I’ve had a chance to play with them. Otherwise I’ll just have to play harder with you.”

    “Oh good, I like it rough.” Zack said excitedly not realizing he was poking the Arbok with a short stick and she was about to strike. Eve simply smiled devilishly at Zack’s declaration. In one swift motion she clamped her hand on the poor bastard’s crotch and began squeezing. Zack’s blue eyes grew huge as he realized the horrible predicament he was in.

    “Rough enough for you?” inquired the demon woman sweetly. Zack simply laughed pitifully trying not to show her the pain he was in, but she saw right through the act. “Say the safety word and I’ll let you go.” she teased.

    “I am not sure what Zack did to receive such brutal treatment, but let him go so that he can participate tonight.” said Raiden apathetically as he too arrived in the meeting room. The way he was dressed was like he had just gotten out of a fight. His black slacks looked like they were a size too long with the extra length of the legs bunched up at his ankles over top black tennis shoes. His white dress shirt was untucked, the collar popped up, and his lack of a tie showed that the top button was also undone. On top of that was a black vest that came down to the base of his ribcage. Just when I thought my admiration for Raiden couldn’t get any higher, he does this. While the rest of us try to blend in, he openly sticks it to our hosts by proving he’s a commoner.

    “Fine.” Eve said releasing her victim. The now freed Zack began gasping for air once his torturous ordeal was over. Seeing the lecher’s pain gave Eve a satisfied smirk.

    Fifteen minutes later Charles came back to make sure we were ready. If I was part of the mafia like Zack suggested earlier, then Lt. Deter was my don. He had on a custom white suit with a black dress shirt and a white tie complete with a white rimed hat with a black band on it. “Are you people ready? Johan’s limo pulled up just as I got here.” the little man informed us.

    “No you’re not ready! What the hell is this?” he demanded looking us over. “Raiden! You look like a lazy slob! And you!” he yelled pointing to Zack. “You look like some sideshow clown! And why are you icing your balls?” Zack didn’t say anything nor did he remove the ice pack, he just silently pointed to Eve who started acting innocent at the accusation. Lt. Deter growled shaking his head in disgust. “And you! Why is your Infernape wearing a suit? Return it to its Pokéball this instant!” he commanded me.

    “No can do lieutenant.” I said cynically as I showed him Axel’s busted ball. “He stays.”

    Too bad Tiny Tim.” the monkey out right mocked. I could have sworn I saw an anger vein appear on the midget’s forehead, but it was kind of hard to see under his hat.

    “Fuck it. We don’t have time for you all to fix this so just get your asses downstairs so we can concentrate on getting this mission over with.” Deter said getting tired of us already. I’m so glad I’m not his direct subordinate.

    The ballroom where the party was being held was gigantic. It was a circular room that could be only entered from the main lobby, though directly across from the lobby entrance there were several glass doors that led out into the hotel’s garden. Lining the top of the room was a balcony that I wasn’t entirely sure how to get to. On the ceiling directlt over head was a massive glass chandelier. Scattered through out the ballroom were tables for people to eat and drink at. An area devoid of tables was used for dancing with an orchestral band at the far edge playing soft classical music. Traversing the floors were waiters carrying an array of appetizers and drinks. For those who wanted something specific, there was a mini bar set up and a banquet table. My first priority was to find and devour all of their shrimp.

    “Hey Brian! You want to get some drinks?” inquired Zack making a cup shape with his hand and tilting it to his mouth.

    “I assume you mean alcohol. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to be drinking on the job.” I said straightforwardly.

    “Aw come on. Just one?” he persisted.

    “Forget it. It’s not nice to make a toddler drink.” Eve teased. She put her arm around my shoulders bringing her face close to mine. “Besides, even though the drinking age is eighteen, I doubt BriBri has ever had one in his life.” I lowered my head to wiggle out away from the she-demon.

    “You are correct.” I admit. “I am already borderline psychotic, so why push the madness further?” I finished the sentence with a short but sweet maniacal laugh.

    “You won’t wuss out on us will you Chane?” Eve asked in a won’t-take-no-for-an-answer tone.

    “B-b-but I can’t! I-I’m seventeen, I’m… I’m underage!” she resisted. Now way! She’s that young! That officially makes her the youngest human member of the team.

    “Damn. Chane’s jailbait. I can’t hit that for at most a year.” Zack said pretending to be distraught. “When’s your birthday so I know when you’re legal?”

    “I’m not telling you.” Chane defied assertively. Zack looked like he was about to say something else, but the sound of Eve cracking her knuckles quickly silenced him while giving him the look of a Stantler in headlights.

    “So where are Master Raiden and Charles?” I asked in an attempt to change the subject.

    “Watching the entrance as bouncers. Now let’s have our drinks already!” continued Eve relentlessly. Unbelievable! Were they that intent on getting drunk?

    “Right! Let’s go Chane!” Zack agreed.

    “No!” she pleaded.

    “Sweetie, if you’re worried about being underage, don’t be. We’re Team Neos, we have fake IDs.” Eve reminded snidely. If that was her attempt at being comforting, it failed horribly. If anything, it only made Chane more fearful.

    “Brian!” cried Chane holding out her arm hoping I’d help her as Zack and Eve dragged her to the bar.

    “C’mon Axel. Looks like it’s up to us to keep those two out of trouble while protecting Chane.” I said exasperatedly.

    It’s pretty sad when the most mentally unstable one becomes the voice of reason.” Axel said reading exactly what was on my mind. Team Rocket better show up soon so that we can get this night over with.
  36. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Petrel is a silly name. He stays Lambda. It was Tin Tower in Gen II so that is how it will stay. Ho-oh is not Quasimodo.

    Chapter 25: Reckless Behavior

    Chane sat at the bar staring nervously at a martini glass filled with a mysterious pink liquid. Zack and Eve sat on her right watching her intently like a pair of Staraptors eyeing up a bewildered Bidoof.

    “Whatcha got there Chane?” I inquired passively while I squeezed in between her and her tormentors taking a seat on a stool.

    “Strawberry dacari.” she answered distantly not looking away from the drink. It was pretty apparent that she wanted no parts of it.

    “Why are you guys doing this, hm?” I asked in complete seriousness turning to Eve and Zack. “It’s obvious the lady’s not interested, so why pick on her?”

    “For fun mostly.” Eve admit shamelessly without a second thought or remorse.

    “Hey I’m not picking on her.” Zack said defensively. “It’s a party so I just want everyone to relax and unwind a bit.”

    “You just want to get in her pants.” I concluded bitterly. Hearing that only made Chane more fearful about taking that first sip.

    “Hey I take offence to that!” he retorted “I’m a chivalrous pervert. I have a moral code that prevents me from taking advantage of drunk girls.” Eve got one of her trademark crouching-innocence-hidden-motive faces at Zack’s statement.

    “I’m feelin’ a li’l tipsy Zacky. You wanna fool around?” she asked jadedly, putting her hands on her lap and sliding her dress up her legs.

    “Well as I know you’re still sober, hell yea I do!” the red head accepted. The duo started laughing together.

    “Hahaha… I’ll castrate you.” Eve said scornfully. That instantly silenced Zack while giving him a halfhearted grin. I shook my head in displeasure at how lightly they were taking the situation.

    “Chane, you know you don’t have… to…” I trailed when I saw her looking a bit sickly and the glass half empty. She didn’t! “Chane. Why did you do it?” I asked concernedly.

    “W-we’re all p-part of the same squad s-so I took one for the team.” she replied timidly.

    “You’re not getting off that easily Cutie.” declared Eve spitefully. “I didn’t see you drink that, so finish it.” she coaxed.

    “Wh-what!?” Chane questioned in a panic.

    “You heard me. Why waste a good dacari. Finish it.” the sociopath ordered unsympathetically. I couldn’t believe this! Wasn’t it enough for her that Chane drank half of it?

    “I… I don’t want too…” protested Chane.

    “Eve, don’t you think you’re taking this too far?” Zack asked. “The goal was to have fun, and Chane does not look like she’s enjoying this.” Eve ignored him as she got out of her chair and pushed me out of mine so she could get closer to her prey. I landed with a thud having been caught of guard.

    “Finish it!” Eve persisted getting aggressive.

    “NO!” Chane shouted, reflexively grabbing the glass and splashing its contents in Eve’s face. Zack, Axel, and I were awed by such an unexpected response. I had only just gotten back to my feet to help Chane, but I guess she didn’t need me after all. Eve had instinctively closed her eyes to shield them from the liquid so that now her green makeup ran down her cheeks which made her eyes look even fiercer when she opened them.

    “You little bitch!” yelled Eve furiously as she back handed Chane across the face, knocking the poor girl out of her stool to the floor.

    “Chane!” I cried. Had I stayed down a few seconds longer, I could have probably caught her or at least broken her fall. I reached down and grabbed Chane’s arm to help her back up. “Are you okay?” I questioned. Chane responded by smacking my arm away.

    “W-why d-do you think th-that I always n-need y-your help?” she slurred standing up, though a bit wobblely. “I… I’m not s-some baby th-that always needs r-rescuing you jackass.” I was completely taken back by what she said. It was so out of character!

    “Damn! Chane just cursed!” Zack shouted in shock.

    “B-be quiet you s-stupid s-sex offender!” Chane ordered swaying back and forth like she would fall any second.

    “Are you feeling okay Chane?” I asked worriedly. I stood close enough to her that if she did fall, I could catch her.

    “Isn’t it obvious? The little girl can’t hold her liquor. It was barely a sip and she’s already smashed. A weak little lightweight.” mocked Eve. “I mean look at her. She can barely stand!”

    “S-shut up bitch! I… I can k-kick your ass!” Chane babbled. She swatted her arm at Eve to slap her but missed completely by a whole arm’s length. The momentum spun Chane around and falling into my arms with her face buried in my chest.

    Nice catch.” Axel complemented over Eve’s condescending laughter.

    “Silence!” I roared. Not only did Eve obey my command, but she did so with an expression of primal fear.

    “When did you put in those creepy red contacts?” she asked nervously. Contacts? Does she mean for corrective vision? I don’t wear those. That’s when I realized a correlating trend starting from the incident on the Whirl Islands up until to now. Those who fear me always comment on my eyes. On this latest occasion Eve mentioned that they were red. I’ve never seen myself in a mirror when in Dragon Forme, but I can’t imagine that claws would be my only change. There must be other alterations as well like to my face. To my eyes.

    “I’m not wearing contacts. These are the eyes of a demon.” I answered cryptically. “Axel. Grab her legs.” I instructed. Chane’s body had recently gone limp meaning she just passed out, and while I could easily carry Chane by myself, I was less likely to bump her head into any walls if I had help in carrying her linearly.

    After the two of us organized our position so that Axel held Chane’s ankles while I had my arms wrapped under her arms, I gave Zack and Eve one more hateful glance. “I hope you’re both satisfied.” I hissed.

    “I’ll apologize as soon as she wakes up.” Zack promised regretfully. At least he has a conscience. As it would turn out, we had drawn quite a bit of attention. From what I gather, people had been staring ever since Eve slapped Chane.

    “What’s going on here?” demanded Raiden pushing through the crowd to join us. “What happened to Chane?”

    “Those two got her drunk.” I said tilting my head to the culprits.

    “Tattletale.” Eve snipped crossing her arms.

    “For the love of Arceus, are you people trying to sabotage this mission?” interrogated Raiden in a hushed voice so onlookers wouldn’t hear. He put the tips of his left hand over his forehead and cheek in disappointment. “Brian, take her back to the suite please, and take the long way. Lt. Deter is watching the south hall and if he finds out about this there will be no end to his fury.” Raiden instructed.

    “On it.” I complied leaving the scene with Axel and our precious cargo. I was glad to be departing too, because I could tell Raiden was about to give those two a lecture that I would rather not be a part of.

    I heard Chane moan as she slowly came to once we entered the elevator. “Mmm… Brian…” she said in a daze. “I don’t feel so good.” Aw crap.

    “Just hang in there Chane. We’re in an elevator right now so I’m begging you not to throw up yet. I really don’t want to be puked on tonight.” I told her.

    Don’t throw up on me either. If that stuff gets in my fur I’m doomed as I also hate the water that would wash it all out.” my monkey partner added. Chane groaned again at the sound of the elevator’s dinged for our floor. I felt so bad for her. At any rate, we were almost back to the room.

    Axel and I arrived back to the suite just in time to run Chane to the bathroom for a not so pretty sight. I was thankful that she had her hair already tied back so that I could turn away as I was getting nauseous by just being nearby.

    “I-I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused and all of the mean things I said.” apologized Chane as I escorted her to her room.

    “Don’t be. You did nothing wrong.” I consoled laying her in her bed. “It’s Eve and Zack who should, and will, be sorry. You just rest.” I may not have an experience with hangovers, but from what I understand things won’t be so pleasant for Chane when she wakes up so I went to my room to get her some aspirin.

    “Brian.” she whispered when I came back to put the orange pills on her nightstand. “You and Axel need to get back to work, b-but I d-don’t want to be alone. C-can you send out m-my Pokémon?” Unlike all of our other rooms we’ve stayed in lately, the bedrooms in this suite were large enough to accommodate all six of her Pokémon at once with room to spare. They were about as mad as I was, if not more, when I told them why their trainer was in bed in a half state of consciousness.

    “Lucy. See what you can do about healing her.” I told Chane’s Chansey as I left the room. I really hated seeing good people suffering like this because of someone else’s selfishness.

    Just as I had decided earlier, once I got back to the ballroom I began eating as much shrimp as my stomach could hold. I was starting to get jittery by this point. I had taken Chane to bed some 90minutes ago and even now there was no sign of Team Rocket.

    I’m starting to think that this mission was pointless.” Axel mused. “I mean, didn’t they say that they thought Johan was a target. What if they were wrong?

    “No argument there.” I said taking a drink of water. It was as if we had set ourselves up for it as suddenly the doors leading to the garden burst open and dozens of people dressed in black uniforms with white boots and gloves came flooding into the dance floor. While the rich people screamed in surprise and terror, I laughed at the irony. Show time.

    “Good evening everyone.” greeted a thin sickly man with a slight wobble to his step. He had short purple hair with a mohawk in the middle of his head, a purple goatee, and lazy grey eyes. His long face resembled a bobble head that if tapped the right way would bounce all over the place. His uniform differed from the others in that he wasn’t wearing a black beret, his boots and gloves had a single red stripe lining their rims, the middle torso of his shirt was trimmed with gold, and he wore a white belt with three strange vials on it.

    “My name is Lambda. I am an Executive of the glorious and mighty Team Rocket.” the Rocket introduced. “Do as we say, and no one will be harmed in any way. Just line up and hand over all of your valuables. Cash, jewelry, any Pokémon you may have with you, and the like.” He had particularly eyed Axel when he said Pokémon. I think I’ll kill him for that.

    The Rocket Grunts went from person to person with bags to collect their loot. I watched as the rich people reluctantly parted with their expensive belongings, biding my time until one of them was unfortunate to come to me, Eve, or Zack. While his minions stole, Lambda walked through the room with two guards looking side to side, most likely seeking out Johan.

    “Hey you! Hand over your valuables and your Infernape!” demanded a pre-mortem grunt. I began laughing mockingly at him. “What’s so funny?”

    “Why don’t you die?” I ordered calmly. I snatched a nearby glass of red wine and splashed it in the Rocket’s face. “Ember!” I called. Axel spit a small fireball at the man which was enough to ignite his head in a burst of flame. The criminal screamed in agony as he clutched his burning face and ran in circles.

    “What the hell!?” shouted another Rocket in alarm. I unbuttoned my suit jacket.

    “Brian Xelbu of Team Neos says this!” I announced crossing my arms over my waist to grab my Pokéballs. “Fight!” I rapidly uncrossed my arms sending five spheres flying into the air. In an explosion of white lights Riolu, Beldum, Piloswine, Snorlax, and Aerodactyl emerged sending panic throughout the room.

    “Did he say Team Neos?” cried Lambda wide eyed and worried.

    “You couldn’t wait, could you?” Eve asked sarcastically with a sadistic grin. By this point she had cleaned herself up and fixed her eyeliner. “Time to play darlings!” From Eve’s Pokéballs came Diva, Luxray, Rosarade, Steelix, who towered over the entire ballroom with a murderous look in his eyes, and the other two I had yet to meet until now. The first was a plump blue Pokémon with flippers for limbs, a shaggy white head and two massive tusks coming from its mouth. The second was a blue bipedal creature with a tan belly, rabbit ears, a small horn on her nose, and spikes running from the top of her head to the tip of her powerful tail.

    “Let’s party Lloyd!” Zack called summoning his Golduck to join the fray.

    Much better!” Axel cheered gladly after stripping off his clothes so they wouldn’t get destroyed or restrict him in battle.

    “Don’t sweat it! There are only three of them and over twenty of us! We got them out numbered!” proclaimed a Rocket arrogantly. The moron was swiftly electrocuted, not by Eve’s Luxray, but by Raiden’s Raichu. The Mouse Pokémon’s long black lightning bolt tipped tail wagged proudly while its yellow cheeks still sparked with electricity.

    “That’s five of us.” corrected the third seat standing with Lt. Deter.

    “It should be six. Where’s the brunette?” Charles questioned irritably scanning the room.

    “She was feeling ill so I gave her permission to take a leave of absence to rest.” Raiden covered for us. Eve grumpily averted her eyes.

    “Well don’t just stand there like idiots! Attack!” ordered Lambda. Within seconds, the room was filled with dozens of Pokémon representing just about every type and evolutionary stage.

    “Rich bastards! If you don’t want to die, then I suggest you get the hell out of our way!” I threatened. “Snorlax! Body Slam!” The Sleeping Pokémon got up on his legless feet and slowly trudged through the crowd to the nearest enemy Pokémon which happened to be a Murkrow. The civilians who had nothing to do with this fight scattered in screams of fear; pushing eachother out of the way to escape. I love inducing chaos and panic among the masses. Snorlax then belly flopped on top of the pitiful Murkrow smashing it to the floor.

    Aside from the orange mouse by his side, Raiden also called forth his Magnezone, an Electrode, a Manectric, his Jolteon, and finally Electabuzz. Lt. Deter summoned six large and intimidating Pokémon. My guess is for compensation. The first was an Arbok with a pattern of an open smiling mouth that was red with a black outline making the impression that there were teeth on the inside, and eyes similar to the mouth in that they were outlined black, had red inside, yellow irises, and black pupils. The rest were a Milotic, a Tyranitar, a Hariyama, an Ursaring, and a Dusknoir.

    “Your orders are simple: Eliminate Team Rocket!” commanded Lt. Deter. “Hariyama! Go after one of those Raticate with Force Palm! Tyranitar! Eliminate the Xatu with Stone Edge! Arbok! Crush that Gliscor with Wrap! Ursaring! Use Slash on the Tentacruel! Dusknoir! Curse one of the Houndour! And Milotic! Cover the rest of the party, including my men, with Safeguard!” the midget systematically ordered.

    The Tender Pokémon began singing as it surrounded every Pokémon owned by a member of Team Neos in a white barrier. What I want to know is how an angry little man like Charles owns such a calm and soothing creature as a Milotic. At the same time, the Lieutenant’s other Pokémon went on the offensive.

    The Cobra Pokémon lunged at a purple Flying-type Pokémon that looked like it was a cross between a bat and a scorpion as it had large black wings, big ears, and long fangs like a bat, along with large purple claws at the end of slender red arms and a long segmented tail tipped with two deadly stingers like a scorpion, entangling the creature in its coils.

    Dusknoir impaled itself with a ghostly knife it created then threw the knife into a nearby Houndour. The Requiem Pokémon’s pain will be that Fire-type’s eternal suffering. Meanwhile, the other three were having their way with their respective opponents.

    “All six of you, use Charge Beam on the Golbat swarm!” Raiden told his Pokémon. Magnezone and Electrode began gathering bright blue electricity in front of their faces while Jolteon and Manectric did so in their mouths and Raichu and Electabuzz charged the energy in their cupped palms. Then all at once the six Electric-types released their attacks at six different Golbats, two of which were fainted by the attacks.

    “Hey Lloyd! I think I see a dehydrated Typhlosion over there! Give it a drink will ya?” Zack said courteously. Per his trainer’s request, the Golduck sprayed the Volcano Pokémon with a gushing river of Hydro Pump much to the latter’s dislike.

    “Diva! Use Shadow Ball on Haunter! Luxray! Put that Rivalry Ability of yours to good use and take a Bite out of Jynx! Rosarade! I want you to make a Raticate suffer with Toxic! Steelix! Take out on of those filthy Grimers with Dragnbreath! Walrein! Take care of another one with Sheer Cold! And Nidoqueen! Earthqu- well maybe that isn’t the best idea. Earth Power the Hypno instead!” commanded Eve. It’s a good thing she cancelled that Earthquake order because otherwise everyone’s Pokémon, even her own, would be screwed.

    The Banette gathered a swirling mass of black and deep purple shadows between her hands and threw it at a large transparent purple demonic face with two floating hands. The Haunter screeched an otherworldly cry of pain from the attack. Nidoqueen tore up the floor in a single stomp that sent dirt and mud flying at a human shaped Pokémon with yellow fur, a fluffy white collar, and a long nose holding a pendulum. One Grimer was instantly frozen solid while a second was engulfed in a powerful beam of green energy. Elsewhere, Eve’s Luxray clamped her jaws around a Pokémon that could easily be confused with a blond haired woman with a dark face and big lips wearing a red dress. Meanwhile, the Rosarade sprayed an unfortunate Rat Pokémon with a thick purple toxin.

    “Piloswine! Use Dig on the Weepinbell! Aerodactyl! Get that Skarmory with Rock Slide! Beldum! Hit a Rattata with Iron Head! Riolu! Take out another Rattata with Cross Chop! We can’t keep going after the bigger prey while leaving the small ones around to run wild! That is why Snorlax is going to flatten everything within range with Rollout! And Axel! I think that Primeape looked at you wrong. Close Combat!” I called out to them.

    Axel ran madly to engage the enemy monkey in hand to hand combat at the same time that Riolu and Beldum went on an exterminating mission of the pest population. While that was going on, Piloswine tore up the floor by burrowing underground for a sneak attack against a yellow Grass-type Pokémon with green leaves for arms. Aerodactyl further destroyed the ballroom floor with a loud screech that summoned dozens of rocks hurdling at the Armored Bird Pokémon. Snorlax did a summersault to get his Rollout started that not only finished off the Murkrow from before, but also rampaged through members of Team Rocket and their Pokémon.

    Naturally the Rockets fought back hollering out commands for Weepinbell to Razor Leaf, Hypno to use Psychic, Grimers, Muks, Koffings, and Weezings were to use Sludge, Poison Gas, Tackle, and Pound, Tentacruel to Wrap Ursaring, Skarmory to use Steel Wing on Aerodactyl, Primape to retaliate with its own Close Combat, and Haunter to use Shadow Punch. There were the commands for Jynx to use Ice Beam, Houndours and Houndooms to use Crunch or Flamethrower, Golbats and Zubats were told to use Supersonic, Confuse Ray, Wing Attack, Air Cutter, and Leech Life, while the Rattatas and Raticates were mostly told to use Hyper Fang, Tackle, and Quick Attack. Voltorbs and Rocket owned Electrodes were ordered to use Thunderbolts, Tackles, and one even called for a Self Destruct sending even more chaos through the battleground.

    All of this occurred in less than two minutes.

    “Man, oh man! If you wanted all out war, I think this might be it!” Zack shouted ducking out of the way of a Geodude’s Rock Throw. “Lloyd! You mind teaching that Geodude a lesson for me?” Lloyd answered the call by surrounding his tail with water and smacking Geodude unconscious. “Thanks Buddy!” said Zack giving a thumbs-up to the Duck Pokémon.

    “I’ll get that Golduck! Shoot it with Bullet Seed Exeggutor!” ordered a Rocket. A walking palm tree began firing off multiple rounds of brown balls from its three heads.

    “Axel! Destroy those seeds with Ember!” I called. The Infernape momentarily kicked his Primeape opponent away in time to shot down each projectile in a flurry of small flames. No sooner had the seeds been destroyed did the Pig Monkey Pokémon jump on Axel in an angry rage. My monkey responded by kicking Primeape off and finishing it with a Fire Punch.

    “Thanks Brian! We owe ya one.” said Zack appreciatively with Lloyd nodding in agreement.

    “Don’t mention it.” I said with a smile. “Just helping a teammate out.”

    “In that case… Lloyd! Finish that damn Exeggutor with Ice Beam!” my partner commanded. Lloyd opened his beak releasing a pale blue beam of frost at the Coconut Pokémon. The Grass-type cried in pain but wasn’t beaten yet.

    “You call that an Ice Beam?” mocked Eve. “Walrein! Show these children a real Ice Beam!” At once her Walrus Pokémon launched an even larger wintry ray than Lloyd had which succeeded in knocking out the Exeggutor. “How was that?” she taunted.

    “Hey now, you’re Pokémon is Ice-type, you have STAB bonus.” Zack defended. While Eve laughed at him, an Arbok that wasn’t Deter’s loomed up behind her without warning. Eve turned around just in time for it to sink its fangs into her face. At least it would have had it not been consumed by a pink aura and thrown into a wall at the last second. Zack and I looked at eachother in confusion as neither of us had ordered any of our Pokémon to use Psychic.

    “A-are you okay Eve?” asked a certain team member flying over head on her Pidgeot with a Lunatone by her side.

    “Chane… you saved me. Why?” Eve questioned in wonder as Jace landed with us.

    “B-because we need to w-work together.” Chane said cheerfully. “I s-still haven’t forgiven you for this t-terrible headache I have now, b-but we have to beat Team Rocket first.” Because Chane was still a bit hungover, Zack and I helped her off of her bird so he could fight without worry about his trainer’s safety.

    “Ya know, if I wasn’t such a sadist I’d feel bad about what I did to you.” Eve confessed shallowly. At least she was honest about it.

    “But I feel bad. I’m sorry Chane.” Zack apologized keeping his word. Chane nodded in understanding as she sent out the rest of her Pokémon.

    “Fuck! Shit! Another one just showed up!” screamed various grunts at once.

    “Yeah, but look! She has a Chansey! Let’s steal it!” announced another one foolishly. “Go get her Ariados!” A large spider crawled its way through the crowd in a futile attempt to attack.

    “Please keep Ariados away with Gust, Jace!” Chane called. The mighty Bird Pokémon flapped his powerful wings several times to kick up a wind strong enough to knock back the Long Leg Pokémon.

    “Hey! Get your hands off me!” demanded a voice that sounded like it belonged to a young man. I turned to see Lambda standing with his two goons who had a man with neatly combed blonde hair wearing a grey suit in their arms. If logic serves, that must be Johan. After Lambda slapped a piece of tape over his captive’s mouth, he pulled a Pokéball from his belt. From it came a Pokémon made up of two purple spheres fused together and covered with numerous vents emitting toxic fumes.

    “I want the rest of you to finish off Team Neos and meet at the rendezvous point as soon as you do!” he ordered his troops. “I’m sorry to say, but I will now be taking my leave ladies and gentlemen.” said the Rocket Executive apologetically to everyone else. With that, his Weezing let out a Smokescreen covering the entire ballroom in a thick haze. Everybody remaining in the room, the rich people, my squad and I, and even the remaining members of Team Rocket, not to mention our Pokémon coughed asthmatically as the smoke filled our lungs.

    “Ce- *cough* Celia! De- *hack* Defog!” Chane gagged.

    “Do *gasp* the same *cough* Aerodactyl!” I wheezed. Even though I couldn’t see them through the smog, I heard the manic flapping of wings and felt the wind produced by it. Gradually the smoke dispersed from the room through the door to the garden and the door to the hallway. It was then we noticed that Lambda and Johan were missing.

    “Dammit! They’re getting away!” shouted Lt. Deter furiously. “Arka! Take the exit into the garden! I’ll go through the hall! The rest of you are to cover us!” he commanded returning his Pokémon leaving only Tyranitar out. Raiden did the same with only his Electabuzz remaining before running to the garden.

    “Where do you think you’re going small fry?” questioned a most unfortunate Rocket getting between Charles and the doorway. The midget yelled out angrily before kicking the dumbass in the kneecap then punching him in the stomach.

    “The only thing small here is your IQ.” he retorted. “Tyranitar! Scatter these lowlifes with Hyper Beam!” The dinosaur esque Pokémon opened its mouth wide blasting a devastating yellowish orange beam that sent the Rockets and their Pokémon fleeing for their miserable lives.

    “Use Discharge Electabuzz!” commanded Raiden. The Electric-type roared as it sent lightning shooting off indiscriminately in every direction. Luckily, the only two Pokémon that were hit on our side were Piloswine and Nidoqueen who felt none of the effects. All at once the members of Team Rocket and their Pokémon that were nearest to the garden door were covered in a purple glow and pushed to their knees, or in the case of some Pokémon, their bellies.

    “Diva, I did not tell you to use Psychic!” Eve scolded uncaringly. The Marionette Pokémon rolled her demonic eyes at her trainer as she released her unwary prey. It just seemed too perfect as it had given enough time for Raiden to escape. Unfortunately, that also meant the four of us had to face down about twenty Rockets and roughly four times that number in Pokémon.

    Chane, Zack, Eve, and I stood back to back to cover eachother’s blind spots as Team Rocket encircled us, determined to finish us off for good. Naturally they were mistaken, but even so, we needed a strategy if we wanted to get out of this in one piece.

    “All we gotta do is finish these guys off and then meet back at Tin Tower right?” questioned a particularly brainless grunt for just giving away their location.

    “You moron! You weren’t supposed to say that out loud!” reprimanded another one.

    “Doesn’t matter. These guys won’t live long enough to use that information anyway!” assured a third. “Take ‘em Down Rhyhorn!” A large rhino like Pokémon covered in plated grey armor let out a low bellow as it charged at the group.

    “Don’t be so sure!” I warned as I felt my Dragon blood rise. “Hit it with Iron Tail Axel!” I called. The monkey’s golden tail changed to a metallic silver color as it hardened. He held out his arms to catch Rhyhorn as it charged then started whipping the Spikes Pokémon across the face and in its eyes. Rhyhorn roared in pain until Axel took it out with a swift punch to its jaw.

    That’s how it’s done bitches!” taunted Axel giving our enemies the finger on both hands while sticking out his tongue.

    “Sorry everyone, but play time is over.” Eve alerted. She turned to her Luxray with a bored look. “I don’t care who, but use Thunder Fang on someone that isn’t on our side.” The lioness complied, teeth crackling with electricity, as she took a bite out of a female Grunt’s leg causing her to scream in anguish. “I should warn you all, Luxray is very territorial. If you’re a woman, get away from her now.” she notified.

    I suddenly heard the cracking sound of gunfire and Axel cry out hardly half a second later. I quickly turned to my partner who was gripping his left arm.

    “Axel! Are you alright!?” I asked fearfully. The Infernape moved his hand to investigate himself, but there was no visible scratch on him.

    “Yeah. I’m missing some hair so I think the bullet just grazed me.” he said with as much relief as I felt that he was alright. We both then started looking around to see who or what got shot and who ever fired because one person may need medical attention while the other would need a body bag. I noticed a flattened piece of metal on the floor under Steelix meaning no one was hurt but that wouldn’t save Team Rocket.

    “Guys, I think we need to get out of this predicament.” Zack advised warily. I think we all felt the same, but there was something that needed to be done first.

    Draconic energy coursed through my body into my hand the moment I set my sights in the direction the gun was shot from. An inhuman growl came from my vocal cords as I pulled back my arm, then in the blink of an eye the blue burst of energy was launched when I thrust my arm forward. My Dragon Pulse crashed into the Rocket standing closest to me destroying the criminal’s uniform and knocking him back into the Jynx behind him sending both to the floor. And standing behind them was a Rocket with a look of terror on his face and a gun holster on his chest.

    “It was you!” I screamed like a madman, jumping over my previous victims with my claws pulled back. My prey had absolutely no time to aim his weapon before a Dragon Claw tore through his eyes, skull, and brain. When I pulled my fingers out, they were covered in blood down to my knuckles with splashes of blood on the back of my hand and wrist.

    With them out of the way, my squad had room enough to get out of the fray with the chance of getting the high ground. Including me, only Axel, Eve, Diva, Rosarade, Lucy, and Zack were able to get out of the circle before our adversaries closed in again and began attacking those still trapped with some going after us. Zack flipped over one of the buffet tables for us to take refuge behind.

    “Piloswine! Beldum! Take Down! Snorlax! Body Slam!” I called. That should open another path for Chane and the rest of our Pokémon to get free. Rockets jumped out of the way of the charging Pokémon letting their own monsters take the hits. This time everyone got out and joined us behind the table. I grabbed a discarded napkin to wipe the blood off my hands.

    “Listen, I’ve got a plan!” proclaimed Zack. “You guys see that chandelier up there? Steelix can reach it, so what we need is for Axel and Kermit to stand on his head. Axel will melt the chain with Flamethrower and Kermit is too cool it with Water Gun.” he elaborated.

    “What good will that do?” Eve criticized, unimpressed by his idea.

    “I’m getting there! That will warp the metal while keeping the chandelier in place. While they do that, we will have the rest of our Pokémon go after Team Rocket to get them under the chandelier. Once that’s done, Steelix will use Crunch on the weakened chain and Boom! Down it comes crashing on the Rockets.” he finished.

    “I like it!” I agreed whole heartedly.

    “Whatever.” sighed Eve probably mad that she didn’t come up with the idea first. “Lower your head Steelix.” The Iron Snake Pokémon grunted irritably at the thought of having other creatures stand on his head, but he did as instructed allowing the Infernape and Azumarill on.

    “Be strong.” encouraged Chane as Steelix rose again. I took the initiative to jump out from behind the table with a deranged battle cry.

    “Rollout around the Rockets Snorlax! Confuse the fuck out of them with Supersonic Aerodactyl” I commanded. “The rest of you just make sure that no one goes where they shouldn’t be!”

    “Keep them off balance with Whirlwind Jace! Do the same with Gust Celia! Use Psychic on them as well Luna!” Chane told her friends.

    “Play with Team Rocket anyway you want my little terrors!” shouted Eve lightheartedly.

    “Put them in place with your Psychic too Lloyd!” called Zack.

    Aerodactyl’s loud screech echoed throughout the ballroom as the gale force cyclones created by the Pidgeot and Beautifly sent everything that wasn’t pinned down flying. Meanwhile people and Pokémon were being forced around not just by the raging indoor tempest, but also pink and blue auras of psychic energy. Piloswine, Luxray, Nidoqueen, and Walrein used intimidation tactics by pushing, biting, or jabbing at anyone who dared to get away from the crowd while Snorlax rolled around forcing those who weren’t already into the cluster. Riolu, Beldum, and Diva did what they could to keep everyone under control as those above blasted the chain with an unending stream of fire and water.

    “That’s it! They’re all under!” Zack cried looking up and down just to make sure that the alignment was correct. “Alright! Have Izzy and Rosarade use Stun Spore now!” he told the girls.

    “Your heard the man Rosarade.” Eve said victoriously.

    “Do your best Izzy!” said Chane supportively. The two Grass-types unleashed a cloud of yellow power over the Rockets, Rosarade from her flowers and Izzy from under her mushroom cap. The Rockets and their Pokémon screamed as their muscles stiffened making them immobile.

    “Bring that thing down with Crunch Steelx!” Eve shouted up to her metal serpent. First Steelix violently shook his head to throw off Axel and Kermit who were caught midair by Jace, then the Iron Snake Pokémon turned his massive head to chomp the chandelier chain sending it falling on the heads of Team Rocket.

    “Now to make sure they don’t escape, freeze them! Use Ice Beam Lloyd!” Zack commanded.

    “Ice Beam Walrein!” called Eve pointing to the pile.

    “Piloswine! Ice Beam!” I added. All three of our Pokémon shot cold beams of pale blue at the creatures under the chandelier creating a massive wall of ice encasing our captives. The moment we ceased our attack, the civilians still in the room that had to endure all of this craziness began clapping and cheering for our wonderful job.

    “Well done! Well done!” praised a rich woman. “Thank you for all of your hard work, you saved us all. We can take it from here, I’ll call the police to have those scoundrels arrested at once.” she offered.

    “No need. Aerodactyl and Snorlax! Destroy them all with Hyper Beam!” I commanded maliciously pointing to the frozen pile of evil. Aerodactyl opened his great maw and blasted a yellowish orange beam of raw energy from the sky at the captured Team Rocket members. Snorlax did the same from the ground creating a massive explosion of frozen body parts of all kinds of different species. Those that weren’t incinerated that is.

    “All criminals should be executed. Why waste the space in prison or risk them going free because of some flaw in the legal system?” I posed answering the horrified looks I was getting from everyone.

    “H-how? How c-could you be s-so c-cruel?” questioned a frightened Chane.

    “Because he’s a demon.” Eve replied. “Isn’t that what you told us earlier?” she asked me. “Unlike me who would rather not kill, he seems to have no issue with it. It’s actually kind of scary.”

    “Regardless, I just did the world a favor by eliminating its vermin. Now let’s go! Master Raiden and Short Fuck are waiting for us.” I said returning all of my Pokémon except for Axel and Aerodactyl. I took them with me outside to the garden which was a pretty nice place. There was a stone fountain in the middle of the walkway, tall but thin trees lining said walkway, and various types of flowers, berry producing trees, and apricorn baring trees about. However this was no time to admire the scenery.

    “To Tin Tower!” I told Aerodactyl jumping on his back.
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    He is insane. Just read this chapter for further proof.

    Chapter 26: Battle At Tin Tower

    It wasn’t long before the Tin Tower appeared on the horizon. Hell, being the tallest structure in Ecruteak City it was hard to miss. While Aerodactyl faced forward, Axel and I scanned the ground for any sight of our prey or Raiden. There was none. I tightened my grip on the Flying-type’s shoulder as he increased his speed to get to our destination faster. The speed caused a slim red fabric to start whipping my face. I caught my tie in my mouth then tossed it behind me where it wouldn’t be a hindrance.

    “To the top!” I called as we reached our destination. Aerodactyl screeched in compliance quickly going into a 90° turn only losing a little speed. Speed which was soon regained with one mighty flap of his wings that sent us bulleting to the sky. My plan was that if Lambda entered from the first floor entrance with Raiden and Charles coming in behind him, than I would cut him off by attacking from the top floor of Tin Tower.

    The Fossil Pokémon had actually built up enough speed that he overshot the roof of the tower. Normally I would have just jumped off, but because the blue tiled roof was so slanted leaving only a small flat part at the tippy top with tall golden spire in the center and statues of Ho-oh at its edges, there were just too many obstacles to deal with that could have hurt. I felt Axel’s grip on me tighten as we both knew what Aerodactyl was about to do. The King of the Skies did a midair back flip before diving back to Tin Tower and landing next to one of the Ho-oh statues.

    I hate it when you do that Aero.” Axel complained to the prehistoric beast as we both got off the Flying-type’s back. Aerodactyl must have made some sort of rude comeback in his own language because my monkey partner looked like he was getting ready to throw a fit.

    “Behave yourselves now.” I told the Pokémon. “Aerodactyl. I want you to keep watch for any Team Rocket activity. If you see them, eliminate them at once anyway you wish.” I permitted. The Fossil Pokémon nodded with a shriek while taking to the sky once again to circle Tin Tower.

    “Alright, come along Axel. We have some more Rockets to slay.” I said darkly as I walked over to a staircase leading to the lower levels.

    I have never been in Tin Tower before, I have only seen it from the outside, but the inside was both beautiful and eerie at the same time. The floor and walls were all made of 700 year old wood giving the room an ancient kind of smell. Paper doors led from one room to another which were all full of yet more sculptures of Ho-oh. There was also a giant pillar in the middle of the floor that led all the way down to the first floor. Because it was night time, only the light of the stars penetrated the windows making the rooms feel that much more ominous. In reality, if I was here during the day, it probably wouldn’t be that bad. As usual, I made Axel stand in front so that I could use his fiery head like a flashlight.

    Gah!” screamed the Infernape jumping back into me. “Stupid Rattata!” he grumbled kicking away the rodent that had brushed past his feet.

    “You’re just too jumpy.” I teased. The two of us made sure to check every room before going down to the eighth floor in search of Team Rocket and their hostage. We found nothing. Obviously they hadn’t gotten this high yet. It wasn’t until we got down to the sixth floor that I heard a voice.

    “Be patient my dear Johan. By the time my men finish with those fools from Team Neos, the chopper should be here and then we can leave. After that, Daddy just has to pay your ransom and you can go free.” said the voice.

    I motioned for Axel to stay put as his fire would only draw unwanted attention to us while I stealthfully crept forward. I threw my back against a wall to peer around the corner only to be left confused by what I saw. There was a man tied up on the floor and standing over him was his twin in appearance right down to his clothes! There was no sign of any members of Team Rocket, and yet there were two Johan Kaisers! The one on the floor rolled around moaning something in protest, but it was impossible to understand with the tape over his mouth.

    “Struggle all you want, it won’t make a difference. I was given the position of Executive of Team Rocket because I never fail my missions. In the event that those two who tailed us get past my guards, I’ll simply masquerade as you to get them off the trail. As you can clearly see, I am a master of disguise.” he mocked. No doubt this one was Lambda. How he was able to replicate the appearance of others, I’m not sure, but he isn’t the only one who can put on an act. I quietly slinked back to Axel and filled him in on what I saw.

    “Just follow my lead.” I instructed in a hushed voice. “Come on Axel! I think I heard a voice coming from somewhere in this room!” I shouted obscenely loud so that both men were sure to hear me. As expected, the imposter came running around the corner to see what was up and so I wouldn’t have to opportunity to see the real Johan tied up.

    “Wh- who are you?” he questioned in a somewhat panicked voice. I had to admit, he was a pretty good actor to sound just like the real thing. If I hadn’t caught him in the act, I’d be completely fooled.

    “I am a member of Team Neos. You must be Johan Kaiser, the Prime Minister’s son.” I answered. As long as he didn’t suspect that I knew he was a fake, then chances are he’ll drop his guard. Once that happens, it’s all over.

    “Y-yeah. I’m Johan Kaiser. I just got away from Team Rocket when those two other Neos guys showed up. They’re fighting downstairs as we speak.” the imposter lied through his teeth not once breaking character.

    “In that case, I want you to go with Axel,” I said motioning the Infernape, “and go to the top of Tin Tower. My Aerodactyl is waiting up there and will escort you to safety. I’m going to go downstairs and help my comrades.” The phony looked a bit worried knowing that as soon as I walked around that corner I would see the real Johan as Lambda hadn’t had a chance to stash him somewhere yet.

    “Why can’t you come with me to the top? I know that the battle downstairs is three against two, but I’m sure your partners can handle it themselves.” he tried to convince. I’m sure that if I were to agree with that, Lambda would then strike me down when my back was turned.

    “Actually, I have a score to settle with Lambda.” I lied. Tonight was the first time I had ever seen the Rocket Executive, but the real Johan wouldn’t know the difference. Just for the lulz, I think I’ll even make fun of Lambda and make him sound like a complete tool! “You see, when I first encountered Lambda he was a poor little creature dressed in rags and smelled like sun-dried piss. He was an ugly pile of monkey vomit, but I took pity on that filthy piece of shit and took him under my wing. He later repaid me in a bar by calling me a donkey head, dumping my apple tini in my hair, and declaring that he was going to join Team Rocket.”

    I tried my hardest not to burst out laughing at my own fabrication especially considering the statement had the man in front of me glowing red with anger. I hope he breaks his charade before I do!

    “That never happened!” he yelled in disgrace. That was when both Axel and I started laughing uncontrollably at him. While I got my giggles out of my system I pointed to the next room telling Axel to go retrieve the hostage. “You knew!” realized Lambda when Axel walked past him and patted him on the shoulder for trying.

    “That’s right.” I shamelessly admit. “You really shouldn’t conversate with the hostages Lambda.”

    Got him!” called Axel from the other side.

    “No!” Lambda yelled throwing a Pokéball. Emerging from it in a white light was a large, blue, fang filled mouth with stubby feet coming from its chin, two small ears and narrow eyes on its head, and two long wings on its cheeks with purple membranes in them. “Golbat! Stop that monkey!” he ordered.

    “I don’t think so!” I countered throwing a Great Ball to release my Piloswine. “Powder Snow!” The Swine Pokémon created a wind that began condensing water molecules in the air into ice fragments that were blown at Golbat before it could go after Axel.

    Let me guess. I’m taking the prince to Aerodactyl while you have the fun of battling.” Axel observed running passed with Johan thrown over his shoulder.

    “Just consider it motivation to get your ass back here as soon as possible.” I taunted. The monkey growled at me as he continued back the way we came.

    “Damn you! You actually think you can stop me?” interrogated my opponent clutching the top of his forehead. As he pulled off his face, his entire disguise began to give way until he was back to his old appearance with a pink blob in his hand. So it was a Ditto that made him a master of disguise.

    “I don’t think, I know I can kick your ass.” I retorted. “And even if I somehow lose, my partners are already on their way. You see, we finished off all the Rockets at the hotel, and Master Raiden and Lt. Deter should have no problem finishing off your goons downstairs. That makes you the only one left.”

    “I’ve heard enough from you! Golbat! Make Piloswine suffer with Toxic!” Lambda commanded. The vampire made a hacking sound as its mouth filled with a purple ooze which it then spit all over Piloswine. The wooly pig made as sickly sound as the sludge seep through his thick fur and was absorbed by his skin.

    “Hang in there.” I encouraged. “Use Ice Fang!” The boar’s twin tusks were coated in a thin layer of frost as he charged at Golbat. Once he was close enough, Piloswine shook his head to stab Golbat once with each tusk. Piloswine then winced as the poison started taking its effect.

    “Suffer a little more! Confuse Ray Golbat!” shouted the Rocket Executive. With a loud screech, the Bat Pokémon blasted a bright white light from its gigantic mouth directly at the mammoth boar who was still at too close a range to have any hope avoiding the attack.

    “Resist confusion Piloswine! Take Down the son of a bitch!” I called. Instead of doing what I asked, Piloswine drunkenly shook his head side to side as if dancing. That must be one trippy song playing in his head.

    “That’s more like it. Use Aerial Ace Golbat!” yelled Lambda. Golbat flew over the field directly above Piloswine, then as it dive-bombed the parasite was surrounded in white streaks as the air around it broke apart from the speed. Piloswine grunted loudly in displeasure as he was struck, both from the pain of the attack and from the poison continuously draining his strength.

    “Hit Golbat with Ice Fang again!” I commanded taking note that the mammoth pig was still bobbing his head back and forth. The Swine Pokémon’s tusks were once again covered in ice as he jabbed his bloodsucking opponent several times. If I had ordered Fury Attack it wouldn’t have made much difference, this just hurt more.

    “Golbat! Restore your strength with Leech Life!” Lambda ordered. The vampire looked more than delighted at suck a request. It flew behind Piloswine, away from all possible points of offense, and sunk his fangs into the thick hide of the wooly boar’s giant hump. I knew that had to hurt because Golbat’s mouth was bigger than Piloswine’s body. The Swine Pokémon began going wild, jumping up and down and scraping his hooves against the wooden floor. On top of that, Toxic was taking a heavier toll on him every minute.

    “Piloswine! Body Slam into that wall!” I called pointing to the one on our right. Piloswine snorted as he ran straight for it, then turned at the last second to smash his back and the parasite on it into the wall. The impact sent vibrations through the room and dust falling from the ceiling. Golbat spat fresh blood as it let out an ear piercing shriek from getting pinned between the two. I wasn’t entirely sure if that was Piloswine’s blood that it had drunken or its own.

    “Now finish that thing with Blizzard!” I commanded. This battle had gone on long enough. The Swine Pokémon turned to his opponent who was still regrouping from having its meal interrupted. Without hesitation Piloswine took a deep breath, then exhaled the coldest wind imaginable turning the air and everything around it into ice. The Bat Pokémon cried in agony as the frozen gale shredded its wings and formed crystals of ice on its body. When the wooly boar ceased the attack from fatigue, Golbat collapsed to the ground unconscious and very hypothermic.

    “Dammit! I can’t believe I’m losing to some punk!” the Rocket Executive berated as he returned the Bat Pokémon to its ball and readied another. I did the same with Piloswine so that he could take the rest he earned. “You won’t beat my Raticate!” A brown bipedal rat with a long scaly tail, messy brown fur, and four giant front teeth, two on top two on bottom, materialized from its Pokéball. In response, I summoned Riolu from his ball.

    “Start us off with Bullet Punch Rio!” I called. Riolu’s fist started glowing blue before he disappeared in a blue blur. The young Pokémon reappeared in front of Raticate and thrust his fist between the Rat Pokémon’s eyes. The oversized rodent shrieked in pain while putting its paws to its eyes out of instinct.

    “You can’t let that little creature beat you! Use Hyper Fang!” my opponent ordered. In the blink of an eye, Raticate pounced on Riolu with its mouth wide open. The only thing that kept Raticate from biting off the Emanation Pokémon’s head was Riolu holding its jaws open as the rodent pressed forward.

    “Kick it Riolu!” I told him. This stalemate would have gone on until one of them either wore out or did something, and it’s better for me that Riolu be the one to do it. The young canine delivered a swift kick to Raticate’s stomach per my request causing the Rat Pokémon to jump back. “Now use Quick Attack!” I called.

    “Raticate! Sucker Punch!” countered Lambda the second Riolu moved. Before the Emanation Pokémon could land his attack, Raticate slugged him in the face as soon as he was within the rodent’s reach.

    “Counter Riolu!” I commanded. The young Pokémon clasped his paws around Raticate’s claw and flipped it over his shoulder.

    “Get out of there! Quick Attack!” Lambda shouted. After rolling over on all fours, the Rat Pokémon lunged at Riolu with incredible speed sending him bouncing down the floor. True to form, Riolu got right back up. “I guess I’ll just have to increase the pain. Use Swords Dance Raticate!” instructed the Rocket Executive. Raticate growled as it increased its fighting power. For a brief second it looked like transparent swords had appeared around the rodent.

    “Be on your guard Riolu. As soon as Lambda calls another attack, use Detect!” I strategized. Riolu nodded in compliance wiggling his aura sensing appendages to get a feel for the environment.

    “Too bad your plan won’t work! Drop their guard with Screech Raticate!” yelled Lambda. Raticate let out an ear splitting sound that forced both Riolu and I to hold our ears. “Now hit it with Zen Headbutt!” I heard my opponent shout after the audio onslaught. The Rat Pokémon dropped to all fours again and charged at the small canine with a glowing pink head. Still disoriented from Screech, Riolu was unable to defend himself when Raticate literally attacked head on.

    “Hang in there Rio!” I encouraged. “Use Cross Chop!” The Emanation ran back to the giant rodent then karate chopped Raticate on both sides of its neck so that his arms ended in an X shape. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked and a bit worried when Raticate opened its eyes with a menacing glare aimed at Riolu.

    “Bite the damn thing’s arms off!” the Rocket Executive ordered. The Rat Pokémon mercilessly chomped down on Riolu’s right paw causing the young canine to bark in pain as he struggled to free his arm. While I disliked this predicament, I did see a benefit to it.

    “Riolu! Force Palm directly into Raticate’s mouth!” I commanded. The Emanation Pokémon quickly composed himself as he concentrated his aura into a blue glow in his palm. He then straightened his hand to send an azure energy blast tearing through Raticate’s body. The rodent yelled in agony releasing Riolu at once.

    “Now finish this with Brick Break!” I called. Riolu paid back Raticate’s bite with interest by landing a powerful punch to the Rat Pokémon’s fangs shattering them to pieces. Raticate dropped to its knees clutching its face in agony as enamel and blood fell from its mouth. If I didn’t know that those teeth grow back, I’d almost feel bad for starving the creature. In a matter of seconds, Raticate passed out from the pain.

    “No.” Lambda denied taking a step back. “This can’t be. I can’t be losing to the likes of you! I am a memember of the glorious Team Rocket!”

    “Recall your Raticate and bring out your next Pokémon. If you don’t finish this Pokémon Battle, then I will kill you on the spot like I did with all of your minions at the hotel.” I warned returning Riolu.

    “You did what!?” he demanded in disbelief. I smiled at him with a deranged look in my most likely red eyes and began laughing.

    “My partners and I defeated the grunts you brought with you and then I destroyed them all!” I proudly admit. Lambda looked absolutely terrified of such a revelation. “Now then…” I trailed walking forward.

    “Don’t come any closer!” cried the Rocket Executive in fear grabbing another Pokéball. “Protect me Weezing!” he begged sending out the Poison-type from earlier.

    “That’s more like it! Let’s go Snorlax!” I called releasing my rotund bear from his Ultra Ball. Snorlax stretched and yawned as if I had woken him up from a nap.

    I’m back!” Axel announced jumping into the fray. “I told Aerodactyl to drop him off back at the hotel. He’s probably calling the police so you may want to finish this soon.” the monkey advised.

    “Guess what Lambda. According to Axel, Johan Kaiser is free and is calling the police as we speak. You lose!” I mocked. Lambda’s eye began twitching while he began grinding his teeth.

    “Brian!” Raiden called running in behind Lambda with Lt. Deter effectively surrounding the Rocket.

    “No! It won’t end this way! Weezing! Take them all out with Explosion!” ordered the Rocket Executive in desperation. The Poison Gas Pokémon’s body began slowly expanding beyond its normal limits.

    “Get back!” shouted Lt. Deter as Weezing’s massive growth suddenly came to as stop. It then rapidly contracted its body exerting so much pressure that it broke apart releasing all of its toxic gases at once in a fiery burst that shook the whole room and probably the whole tower. I heard a cracking sound of splintering wood just before the ancient floor beneath my feet gave way.

    “Oh shit!” I yelled as I felt myself go into a freefall. I saw Axel reach down to grab me, but I was only able to touch my fingers to his as I plummeted. As my luck would have it, Snorlax had also fallen through the hole. I pulled out his Ultra Ball and called him back then maneuvered myself in the falling debris to point my arm downward to resummon him beneath me. No sooner had Snorlax finished materializing, did I land on his soft belly.

    I’m coming!” I heard Axel yell as he jumped down to join us also landing on Snorlax. I looked around to see if anyone else had fallen and what damage there was. Littered among the burned and fragmented wood were warped purple chunks of Weezing’s kamikaze attack. What a miserable way to end things.

    “So you survived.” a voice said sounding neither relieved nor malicious. I turned to see Raiden brushing himself off after the fall.

    “Yeah. You know it takes more than that to kill me.” I said rubbing my shoulders. “Where are Lt. Deter and Lambda?” I asked looking around for them.

    “I’m not sure. Maybe they were killed.” Raiden answered bluntly. I put my hand to my chin to think. I highly doubt Lambda would have intentionally killed himself, but given the circumstances he may not have been thinking straight. Still…

    “I want to find proof. If Lambda is still alive, then I want to kill him. As for the midget, well, he’d probably be pissed off at us for ditching him.” I said.

    “Alright. You search down here, I’ll go back upstairs to see what I can find.” suggested Raiden. I nodded telling Axel and Snorlax to overturn some of the fallen wood for any traces of anyone.

    No sooner had I begun my search, Chane, Eve, and Zack at long last rejoined me. “What took you guys so long?” I teased when they saw me.

    “Have you ever tried running in heels? It ain’t easy. On top of that, your pretty princess had to throw up.” Eve informed cynically.

    “It’s your fault I feel so terrible.” Chane reminded.

    “My condolences Chane. But seriously, why do you girls torture yourselves with those shoes?” I questioned in complete dismay.

    “Because they’re cute and really go with my outfit.” responded Eve as if it were completely obvious and that I should know this already. I still didn’t quite understand. “Plus I can use them to punish Kaguya if he misbehaves.”

    “Normally I would respond to that with something naughty, but now isn’t the time. What happened up there and where is everyone?” Zack asked seriously. I proceeded to fill in everyone on what I did with Johan and the battle with Lambda leading up to the big kaboom. Then I told them about my recent assignment from Raiden.

    “But I never said that.” Raiden said in confusion walking in to join us along with Lt.Deter.

    “That’s right. Raiden has been with me since the moment we entered the Tower.” the lieutenant informed. If that’s true that means… Dammit! That rat bastard deceived me!

    “LAMBDA!” I yelled furiously. I returned Snorlax once again and charged passed my superiors.

    “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” demanded Charles.

    “I’m hungry and I’m in the mood for some lamb! Duh!” I shouted viciously. I heard no response to that whether there was one or not because I was already on the lookout for the stairs so that I could catch up to my prey. No one gets on my bad side and lives!

    You’re not leaving me out of this fight!” called Axel running up behind me. I smiled at him as I continued my search.

    When we got to the stairs I actually dropped to all fours since it was easier to climb them that way. We tore back up to the sixth floor only slowing down to find a way around the big giant hole in the floor. With Axel’s natural speed and the boost I got from Dragon Forme, we easily caught up to Lambda who had resumed his natural appearance on the eighth floor.

    “Oh shit!” he cried the moment he saw me. The look of primal terror and sweat on his face said he was on the verge of pissing himself. “Ditto! Transform into the Infernape!” he pleaded sending out the pink amoeba. Seconds later, the Transform Pokémon had created an exact replica of Axel.

    Monkey battle huh? Let’s see if you can give me a good show!” my Infernape said with excitement at getting the chance to fight himself.

    “Axel! See how well this copy does with Close Combat!” I commanded.

    “Do the same Ditto!” shouted Lambda. Monkey see, monkey do eh? The two gold Infernapes rushed eachother and began a barrage of punches and kicks on one another. It was obvious which one was which with how expertly Axel parried and dodged Ditto’s blows while countering with his own.

    “Why not try something these idiots can’t mimic? Combo 16! Away!” I yelled.

    Was the away really necessary?” Axel questioned as his hands and feet were surrounded by fire. He continued with his Close Combat with the added effects of Fire Punch and Blaze Kick in the mix.

    “You think Ditto can’t mirror that? I’ll show you! Do exactly what the Infernape is doing!” the Rocket Executive ordered. As expected, the Transform Pokémon didn’t have the natural talent of a Fire-type or the years of training Axel had endured to maintain a flame on each limb at once. I laughed at how pitiful Ditto looked as it struggled to simultaneously ignite more than one appendage at a time.

    “Axel, I really want you to mess with these guys. Double Team.” I said casually. The monkey pulled the bottom of his eyelid down while sticking out his tongue before multiplying so that both Ditto and Lambda would have to stare at eight copies of that.

    “Stop mocking me!” Lambda yelled at me.

    “You mean like the way you mocked me earlier by disguising yourself as Master Raiden?” I retorted. “Face it, you can’t stand that you’re losing. Attention all Axels! Mach Punch Ditto all at once!” I instructed throwing my hand out toward the pseudo Infernape. Each of my Infernapes began laughing evilly as they pulled back their fists.

    “No! Ditto! Flamethrower them!” cried my opponent. The Axel-replica opened its mouth spitting a long tongue of fire at all of the Axel clones. Before the flames could touch them, each copy disappeared in golden blurs, but were ultimately destroyed when they got too close to the Transform Pokémon who was turning its head side to side covering its flanks. What Ditto failed to notice though was the blur that appeared behind it lobbing it in the back of the head.

    Pika boo! I see you!” Axel announced as the fabrication fell face down on the floor.

    “You worthless Pokémon! Get up! You need to beat this guy Ditto! Get up!” commanded Lambda desperately as his own life depended greatly on the outcome of this fight. Suddenly the sound of footsteps echoed throughout the room as the members of Team Neos assigned to this mission arrived.

    “Now why did you have to go and steal the show without us?” Zack asked dejectedly. Lambda looked about as horrified seeing the six of us together as he did with me alone.

    “This can’t be! More of you showed up!?” he whimpered taking a few steps back.

    “Aw. You broke him before I could play with him.” Eve said sadly. Almost as if sensing the change in the tide, Ditto got back up just barely maintaining its Infernape form. At the sight of his Pokémon, Lambda got a wry smile as if he still had a chance to get out of this.

    “Ditto! Burn everything! Everything!” he ordered frantically. Ditto once again breathed flames, turning its head in every direction setting the seven-century-old tower a blaze. “Ecruteak City was always meant to have twin towers! Now this one will be burned to the ground as well!” yelled the Rocket Executive clearly out of his mind as fire consumed the wood and paper doors giving the room an orange glow. “So long Neos! Enjoy hell!” With that he ran into the inferno laughing triumphantly. "All hail Team Rocket!"

    “You just had to fucking antagonize him didn’t you?!” Lt. Deter reprimanded to me.

    “Now isn’t the time for that Lieutenant! Right now it is crucial we put out this fire!” Raiden argued. Zack already had Lloyd on the scene spewing Hydro Pumps everywhere.

    “Help us Kermit!” Chane requested summoning her Azumarill which also used Hydro Pump once realizing the situation. Deter’s Milotic and Eve’s Walrein were also called upon to insist on this dire situation with Milotic placing a Safeguard around everyone for protection. Raiden being an Electric-type trainer and I not having a Water-type Pokémon on my person made us the only ones not helping out.

    “Electrode! Use Rollout to put out the flames!” Raiden called sending out a large inverted Pokéball that began rolling its spherical body over the fires. Yeah, thanks for making me the only one not to contribute.

    “I don’t mean to ditch you guys again, especially during this crisis, but I’m useless right now except in finishing off Lambda!” I told them all straightforwardly.

    “Then go! Just don’t get hurt!” Raiden authorized. I nodded as I ran in the direction the Rocket Executive had gone with Axel close behind. Given that this wasn’t the way back downstairs, the maniac must be going to the roof. Why any idiot would go up in a burning building and not down is beyond me, but this only made him cornered when I finally found him.

    Just think. If Aerodactyl came back already from dropping off that guy, Lambda is in really deep shit!” Axel pointed out enthusiastically. I laughed at the thought of his expression if he ran into my prehistoric terror up there.

    We got to the top floor once again closing in on our prey who was standing in front of the ladder going up to the roof. “Don’t you ever quit? Just please leave me alone!” Lambda begged as he vigorously climbed the ladder.

    “I’ll quit when you’re dead! Then you can be left alone for eternity!” I promised darkly chasing after him. I reached up the ladder to grab his foot only to get my hand kicked away before I could pull him back down.

    “You’ll pay for that!” I yelled following Lambda to the roof. Much to my surprise and anger, there was a black chopper with a red “R” painted on it waiting to rescue the Rocket Executive. I ran after the purple haired freak with draconic energy surrounding my claws to strike him down before he could get away. Fortunately for Lambda, he turned around just in time to duck causing me to behead one of the four Ho-oh statues instead. He then swung his leg behind mine tripping me and sending me falling to the floor.

    “As I told you before, so long you Neos fool!” Lambda bid farewell grabbing a rung of the rope ladder his comrades were kind enough to send down to him. As the helicopter flew away from the tower, I got up and chased after it. There was no way I was letting my catch get away! I jumped onto the blue tiles only to lose my balance and start sliding down.

    Brian!” Axel shouted worriedly as he reached out to stop me. I was already too far out of his reach and sliding too much to stop. At the last second I jumped off the roof and grabbed the bottom most rung of the rope ladder that was still hanging out.

    “Tenacious creature!” sneered the Rocket Exective attempting to kick me off with his left foot. I pulled my head back to avoid his kick, then I leaned back in sinking my fangs into his akeles tendon and ankle. Yes, the way that bite felt, I am now sure that Dragon-Forme comes with fangs as well. Lambda screamed in pain desperately trying to pull his leg away from me. I responded by shaking my head like a Growlithe puppy with a brand new chew toy to rip to shreds. With every tug, the taste of iron got stronger as his blood filled my mouth. The worst part was how much I liked the taste!

    “Release me you monster! Release me!” he pleaded hysterically. “Are you trying to kill us both? Do you want to die?” interrogated Lambda with his grip on the rope noticeable weakening with how much extra slack I was getting with every yank.

    Out of necessity, Lambda pulled his right foot back and slammed it into my face in a last ditch effort to free himself. I winced in pain as I was struck again and again. Too bad for Lambda that this was a double edged sword on his part as every time I was hit, my bite got tighter. Then came that last boot to the face which I couldn’t endure any longer. I opened my mouth to let out a cry of pain only to lose my grip on Lambda’s leg and thus fell to the ground below.

    While in free fall, I watched helplessly as the chopper flew into the distance. I soon realized just how far it had gone in those few moments as Tin Tower was part of the horizon like it had been when I first arrived. Below me were a bunch of trees that indicated that I was falling on the border between Ecruteak and Route 42. At least I’ll have them to break my fall. Or my neck.

    There’s our dumbass!” I heard a familiar voice ring out into the night. A winged beast soon flew over me, retrieving my plummeting body in its claws. “You are so lucky Aerodactyl got back just as you left. As soon as we land you’re getting on your knees and begging for forgiveness for being such a reckless dumbass.” Axel threatened.

    “I know, I deserve as much.” I admit as I climbed up Aerodactyl’s side to his back. “But what about Master Raiden and the others? Are the fires out?” I asked concernedly.

    Don’t know. But Raiden won’t be so happy with you. He said not to get hurt, and here you are with a back eye, and a few scrapes and bruises on your face.” the monkey pointed out.

    “Nothing my healing factor won’t clean up in a couple of days.” I said nonchalantly. “But first we need to get back there and make sure everyone is okay!” I said more urgently. Without any instruction, Aerodactyl made a U-turn back to Tin Tower. And by U-turn, I mean another back flip and a corkscrew much to a certain monkey’s displeasure.

    When we got back, police cars were already parked at the entrance with the cops dressed in SWAT uniforms and armed with rifles and Pokéballs storming the tower. That isn’t good. If my team hasn’t gotten out of there yet, they are utterly screwed unless they find a way to get out from the roof.

    I had my Fossil Pokémon once again fly to the top so that Axel and I could go through the tower from the upper tiers and assist in any way we could. When we got back to the roof, I returned Aerodactyl and began my search. There was significant fire damage to the eighth floor, but all the flames had been put out which was a sigh of relief right there. However, there was no sign of anyone, not even the Rattata and Gastly that infest this place. We had to slow down again when the two of us got to the scene of Weezing’s Explosion to get by the hole in the floor without falling. Man, we sure did a number on this place. I sure hope Ho-oh doesn’t curse us for this.

    When Axel and I got to the fourth floor, we were greeted by the sight of the aforementioned SWAT team laying on the floor unconscious with a fine green powder surrounding them like dust. I crouched down, wiped some on my fingers, and sniffed it. Instantly I began to feel drowsy as my eyelids got heavy.

    “Sleep Powder.” I affirmed. “Most likely from Izzy which means everyone most likely got away without trouble.”

    “Then let’s keep going down to the front door and get the hell out of here.” Axel proposed.

    Once back outside I noticed the cops who had stayed with the cars as back up were also asleep, complements of a certain Breloom’s Sleep Powder. With still no sign of my comrades, I did what I should have done half an hour ago: pull out my cell phone and call Raiden.

    “Hello?” he answered picking up.

    “Yeah, where are you guys right now? I just spent the last half hour wandering around Tin Tower looking for you all and now I’m back outside again.” I explained sheepishly.

    “We’re on our way back to the hotel. Meet us back there immediately.” instructed Raiden before hanging up. Forget Ho-oh’s curse, now I hope I’m not in trouble with Raiden. That would suck worse.

    This time when I (yet again) summoned Aerodactyl, he gave an exasperated sigh from all the work he’s had to do in one night. I apologized, promising him a good meal and first dibs in the next battle I get in. Only slightly satisfied with the potential rewards, the Flying-type agreed to let me mount him for the last time tonight. Considering the eastern sky was starting to glow a pale blue with the soon to be rising sun, I could understand his weariness. Even I was exhausted from all that had been done.
  39. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Chapter 27: Aftermath

    Rather than go straight back to the room, I made a detour to the Pokémon Center to heal my Pokémon. It would be irresponsible and cruel of me as a trainer to leave them in the shape they’re in. I’m sure Raiden will understand.

    In the wee hours of the morning it was no surprise that the Center was empty save for two bored looking nurses at having the graveyard shift. They immediately jumped to attention seeing me walk in.

    “Good morning! You’re up early!” greeted one of them, a brunette.

    “Oh my! What happened to you?” questioned the second, a red head, noticing how beat up I was.

    “I got in a scuffle with Team Rocket. My Pokémon could really use your attention, especially my Riolu and Piloswine.” I said holding out my Pokémon’s balls. “And this one doesn’t have a functional ball so you’ll have to do him the old fashioned way.” I added motioning Axel.

    “Right away!” they agreed in unison.

    It took two doses of Antidote to cure Piloswine’s poison condition, followed by getting the puncture wounds made by Golbat’s fangs cleaned up and bandaged to prevent infection. Riolu had some lacerations on his lower arm from the bite which were direct opposite of the metal plate on his upper arm which is why he had no wounds there. He too was cleaned up and bandaged to avoid infection. The rest of my Pokémon got the standard rejuvenation treatment.

    “You’re Pokémon are fully healed. Have a good day and try to be careful.” said the red head energetically handing me back the Pokéballs.

    “Thanks.” I said appreciatively.

    I thank you too.” Axel said looking livelier.

    All of us seemed to congregate back to the hotel at the same time with me coming in seconds after everyone else. We actually had to sneak around to get back to our room as the place was crawling with police investigating the night’s event.

    “That was such a pain. I want to take a hot shower and I want to go to bed.” Eve complained sounding about as worn out as she looked.

    “Can I join you?” inquired Zack in a weak voice, the complete opposite of his usual cheerfulness. All he got was an irritated look as Eve was too tired to even punish him with physical pain.

    “No one is doing anything until we review what happened!” Charles prohibited sounding about as grumpy as always. We all gathered around the table he and Raiden had been meeting at earlier to hear the midget rant.

    Abridged version: Lt. Deter was far from happy. Despite saving Johan Kaiser as was the entire goal of the mission, along with the bonus of capturing the two Rockets who had been Lambda’s lackeys for interrogation, Lambda still got away and the damage to done to the hotel and Tin Tower have effectively put an end to the endorsement Team Neos would have received for saving the Prime Minister’s son. After all, what politician in his right mind is going to endorse terrorists?

    “As punishment, you are all demoted!” the angry little man yelled.

    “Hold on! We accomplished our mission! We may not have gotten the bonus you wanted, but you and Master Raiden still succeeded in capturing two Rockets! Isn’t that compensation enough?” I objected jumping to my feet.

    “Silence! You’re the jackass who caused most of the mess!” accused Lt. Deter. That quickly silenced me while making me feel pretty bad about my destructive tendencies.

    “Brian has a point though.” Raiden defended. “What happened in the ballroom downstairs was a direct result of an out of hand battle where my squad was heavily out numbered, and technically it was Lambda who ruined Tin Tower.” he pointed out.

    “I don’t care! The five of you are now grunts! You got that?” yelled Charles with a vein popping on his forehead that looked like it was about to burst.

    “Now with all due respect, you are my superior but that does not mean I will not appeal the situation to Captain Ross.” Raiden threatened. Now it was the midget’s turn to look concerned about his future.

    “You wouldn’t dare get her involved in this!” Deter challenged. The third seat simply looked at the lieutenant intensely and unwaveringly. It was the most emotion I’d ever seen in Raiden.

    “Try me.” Raiden dared. “I will do whatever it takes to protect my people. Sure we still have some work to do, but tonight proves their strength.”

    “Wh-who are you talking about?” asked Chane curiously.

    “Just like Lt. Deter is my direct superior, Captain Alexandra Ross is his direct superior. They do not get along very well.” Raiden explained. Makes sense why the midget looks so panicked by the prospect then.

    “Ok, fine. I won’t demote any of you.” Lt. Deter caved. “But I’m reassigning the lot of you to the Kanto region effective tomorrow. Now get some rest.” he ordered before getting up from the table and storming out of the room.

    “Glad that’s over.” Zack said tiredly stretching. “I’m going to bed. I have a hot date tonight.”

    “Kaguya has a date?” Eve said in disbelief as Zack dragged himself to his room.

    “Jealous?” he shot back seductively.

    “No, just wondering what kind of desperate whore you picked up.” she responded uncaringly.

    “Now that wasn’t very nice. Angela happens to be a very nice girl.” said Zack defensively. Rather than wait for Eve’s next stab, he continued back to his room.

    “Good night.” Chane said softly.

    “And you!” Eve pointed at me. “What the hell are you really?” she demanded.

    “It can wait until I wake up.” I told her. I then turned to Raiden. “Thanks for taking up for me earlier.” I thanked. He nodded in response. “Come along Axel. Night ladies. Master Raiden.” I said nodding to each one as I made my way to my room.

    What a night.” Axel groaned falling flat on the floor of our bedroom.

    “Tell me about it.” I sighed looking at the early morning light coming in from the window. I collapsed face first onto the soft bed and quickly faded from consciousness.

    It was 12:05p when I finally revived from my sleep. I tiredly cracked my neck and stretched my arms over my head. I was still so groggy from my all-nighter that I almost wanted to go back to sleep. unfortunately I was also tired of sleeping.

    Feed me!” ordered Axel like a spoiled child jumping on top of me in bed. Don’t anyone read too far into that.

    “Feed yourself you lazy monkey.” I told the Infernape pushing him off of me.

    I did, I ransacked your stash of Cheri Berries, but I’m still hungry!” he persisted. I rolled my eyes and crawled out of bed.

    “Fine. Come along.” I said walking to the door. No sooner had I walked out of my room did everyone else turned to me. Chane had an expression of worry and concern on her face, while Eve looked absolutely thrilled. Raiden on the other hand seemed to gaze at me with pity.

    “Have a seat.” Eve offered sweetly tapping the cushion next to her in front of the TV. “You too Axel. You both really should watch this.” I took my seat next to her noticing that the News was on. I became slightly unnerved when I realized that the black haired female reporter was standing at the entrance of the Phoenix Hotel.

    “Team Rocket’s kidnapping attempt was quickly thwarted by the teamwork of six trainers, one of them a self proclaimed member of Team Neos.” she reported. The scene then shifted to the ballroom which had a huge crater in its center, cracks in the walls, broken furniture, and yellow caution tape everywhere. “The hotel ballroom where the battle took place was left in ruins with thousands of dollars worth of damage after a heated battle culminating the suspected Neos member ordering his Pokémon to murder the Rockets with Hyper Beam. He is wanted by police for multiple accounts of second degree murder and reckless endangerment as well as for questioning. Witnesses say that he gave his name as “Brian Xelbu” and that he can be identified by the Infernape with unnatural gold fur that he used in battle. Here is a police sketch of what witnesses say the suspect looks like.” the reporter continued with the screen flashing to a very poorly drawn picture of me.

    “Dude, you are totally screwed.” teased Eve. Instead of having an ‘oh shit’ moment like any normal person, I quickly fell into maniacal laughter at how soon I had been outed. This earned me blank stares from everyone, even Axel.

    I fail to see the amusement in this. We can’t show our faces in public anymore!” reminded the Infernape irritably. I slowly turned to him with a giggle still in my throat.

    “But Axel, you and I already agreed that this was best. Remember when Master Raiden brought up the subject before? Don’t tell me you’re backing out now.” I laughed.

    “That was before last night.” Raiden said. “There will be no repercussions for your actions, I just want to know what I am dealing with when I turn you loose next time.”

    “Dragon-Forme.” I answered simply. “I’m not lying when I say that I know very little about my strange power. I had some tests done that confirmed this fact and all I know so far is that I am in fact a Dragon-typed human, I can use Dragon Pulse and Dragon Claw, I can’t damage steel, and I am critically weak to the cold. On top of all that, I can’t control the transformation, and once I am in that Forme my aggression is through the roof. As you noticed I was like I wild monster last night. Oh. I also have accelerated healing.”

    “That was heavier than expected. If I hadn’t seen your startling display first hand I wouldn’t believe such a thing.” said Eve with a sigh. I was actually in the same boat as her. I have lived it for a week and it still feels unreal.

    “Well it explains the Dragon Fang incident.” Zack said lightly trying to make the revelation less intense. Chane then came up to me and gave me a hug.

    “Whatever you are, I still like you as long as you keep being you.” she said warmly.

    “Thanks.” I said patting her head.

    “Aw. You two make a cute couple.” taunted Eve with a snicker.

    “W-we are not a couple!” protested Chane blushing slightly.

    “That’s right. We’re friends who aren’t afraid to show our affections. It’s the same way with me and Axel.” I agreed.

    “Wow Chane. You just got compared to a monkey.” Eve giggled.

    “S-so? I-it’s true.” she stuttered defensively.

    “Then why are you still hugging him?” continued Eve unrelenting. Noticing the blonde was right, Chane quickly released me while taking a step back with an apology.

    “Brian. A Pokémon is only as strong as its trainer.” Raiden reminded. I remained silent to hear him out at what he was getting to. “You are weak. Being half a Pokémon means you must also become your own trainer. Train hard and learn to control yourself better. Leaving yourself uninhibited like this will only lead to your own destruction.”

    The way he said wasn’t stern like a lecture, nor was it a warning. In his own way Raiden was begging me not to do anything that could permanently ruin my life or end it. While he was aloof and normally inattentive, I could tell after how he dealt with Lt. Deter earlier and how he handled learning about Dragon-Forme that he really does care about our well-being.

    “Yes, my lord!” I accepted gratefully. “I won’t let my inner demon consume me. I’ll bend it to my will to make it a part of me.”

    Wait!” Axel cried suddenly. “If we’re still in the hotel, and reporters and police are everywhere, won’t we get caught?” I relayed the question to everyone else with equal concern. I was pretty mad I hadn’t thought about such a threatening issue sooner.

    “I took care of that.” said Zack reassuringly with pride. “I still have my Ranger ID for emergencies. When the police came to our door for questioning, I showed my ID and told them that ‘Yes, I helped in that battle, but because Team Rocket are practically Pokémon poachers which I am sworn to combat. I had no idea that the guy from Team Neos would take things so far. I would have arrested him, but he took off before I could.’ I then assured the cops that everyone else staying in my room were trustworthy individuals.” he explained. I high fived Zack for such a brilliantly audacious stunt.

    With that out of the way, Axel and I went to the kitchen to finally get our breakfast/lunch after nearly eighteen hours. All the while, I heard from Raiden how he and Charles had no problem dispatching Lambda’s guards in the tower and how Deter’s Arbok and Tyranitar detained the two while their trainer and Raiden went to the upper levels to eventually join with me. It also explained why Lt. Deter didn’t use Tyranitar during the fire to make uses of its Sandstream ability.

    Tyranitar then carried both of the Rockets to the lieutenant’s car where Dusknoir then watched them until presumably Deter left to drag them to where ever headquarters was for interrogation. Pretty sad that I still have no damn clue where HQ is for this organization.

    Next I finally changed out of my suit (I had slept in it) back into my usual attire. I then proceeded to pack everything up so that all I had on me was a single Item Ball that contained my backpack which had everything else in it.

    “Come on Raiden! Let’s go to Kanto already!” Zack persisted.

    “Why are you in such a hurry Zack? I thought you had a date tonight.” I asked in confusion. He looked down in defeat.

    “She just called me to say that she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend last night. The date’s off.” he said in disappointment.

    “Awwwww. Poor Zacky. The girl must have come to her senses after all.” Eve tormented sarcastically. Put that way I almost felt sorry for him.

    “If you really feel sorry for me, then give me the comfort only a woman can give.” he requested romantically embracing her.

    “I’ll comfort you with the pain only a man can feel. How about that?” she said nonchalantly sliding her hands down his torso to his crotch.

    “Point taken.” said Zack knowingly as hew released her. He didn’t want any repeats of last night’s abuse on his balls. Then again, who would?

    “Eve, you’re a hypocrite. You hate it when Zack touches you, and yet you enjoy touching him in naughty places.” I pointed out just to mess with her.

    “You’re simply too young to appreciate adult interactions.” she retorted. “If it means bending someone to my will, I’m even willing to do a strip tease.”

    “Please?” solicited Zack wide eyed reaching for her skirt.

    “Knock it off. You four better behave yourselves on the Magnet Train. It’s an hour and a half ride so try to be civil.” Raiden requested. The lecher retracted his hand, not just because Raiden said so, but also because Eve now had a Great Ball in her hand that most likely held an unpleasant punishment if he proceeded.

    “Since you are now a wanted man, you and Axel need to sneak out from the balcony. The rest of us will check out downstairs and meet you at the Pokémon Center.” the third seat instructed. I nodded and walked outside onto the terrace.

    “Ready Monkey?” I inquired.

    Let’s run like crazy Psycho Monkey!” Axel agreed. He jumped off the balcony first as he is more graceful at landing from two stories up. I jumped next into the Infernape’s open arms using him to break my fall. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly work as planned and hurt about as much as if I had done a barrel roll. “We need a new way of doing this.” he said sounding strained.

    “Indeed.” I acknowledged rubbing my ribs. We then ran for dear life so as not to be spotted. It would be pretty shameful to have come this far only to get caught now. Once we five humans (do I even count any more?) rendezvoused at the Center, we headed out to Goldenrod City to catch our train for Kanto.

    We are almost all caught up now! Ill post the last 'old' one later followed by the long awaited new one!
  40. I just realized your avatar is meant to be Brian. Cool.

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