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Razzle ? Dazzle {Sprite Shoppé}

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by RazzPixel, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Hmmm... I haven't posted here before have I? XD So here I am making my first post ever.

    Just before someone askes, I am RP, I go by RazzPixel on DeviantART, since DA doesn't decalare pkmn sprites actual sprites I'll come and post them here~

    I do take requests luv~ Just give me the reff to work with and I'll work with it, and I'll choose which ones I take up, but I'll usually take them up when I get bored~

    Trainer Sprites: Oldest to Newest​

    Black Hoodies: My friend made some cute black hoodies, so I chose to make a couple of use wearing them~ (Do not use)

    Lolita: Wa, Punk, Kodona (Two were requested by my friends so please do not use, and one is for my own personal use)

    My friend asked if I could edit the hair on hers to be more curly. I found it fun to do~

    Pokémon Mafia A small thing my friends and I made up XD;

    Gijinkas': Humanized PokéMon

    Finished Requests

    Pokémon: Oldest to Newest​

    Pokémon Splices

    Trainer Mugshots

    Fullbody: Something I did when I was bored~

    -----How to Shop-----
    No payment at all, just come by and ask, though I will pick the ones I like, but most of the time I will choose all, unless I get swamped by work.

    Trainer Sprites:
    Outfit: (A reff would be nice, but a plain description is fine too)
    Hair: (A reff would be nice, but a plaint description is fine too)
    Age: (Helps me to determin the body)

    Pokemon: (Only needs this)

    Trainer Mug Shot: I will most likely not take to many I might though.
    Sprite: (Helps me out a lot, give me the trainer sprite you want done)
    Age: (Helps me to determin the body)

    I will only take these types for now. So far the three are all open!
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  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I like them! There's a lot going on in the first two Lolita Sprites but your style makes it clear what they're wearing which is always a good thing.

    The only thing to be careful of is making your shading consistent. The third Lolita Sprite's hat doesn't matcch the shading on the rest of the sprite. Also, the shading on the clothes is almost too subtle, it took me a minute to realise that it was shaded at all.

    Other than that, top work :D very impressive.
  3. those are awesome, I love the hoodie ones, are you making sprites with them?
    well, anyway, can you make a girl with pale skin (not to pale),
    Brown hair, a little longer then shoulder length,
    baby blue eyes,
    and in a tom - boyish kind of outfit? like black baggy pants knee down, and a grey shirt (short sleece, like the girl sprites from emerald)

    sorry im so picky, i cant draw worth anything for a referance, srry
    I just love your sprites. Mostly because the hoodies look awesome and that I love Lolita clothing. But yeah, as El said, the top-hat on the Kodona Lolita looks kind of awkward looking. Maybe if it was a little tilted as well as El's suggestion in making the shading match with the sprite. Then again, what do I know?
  5. Ah, thank you all. Yeah, I'm not that good at spriting on small things yet, I'm more better on larger dolls, around small and medium, sometimes alright with large.

    But I do agree, I was gettin annoyed with the not dark enough shading, but by the time I noticed, I already saved them =w=;

    And yes Cujospup I'll get to work on your sprite~ (\=w=/)

    The tophat I know looks out of place, I got lazy and just left it how it was. >,>; And that umbrella also pisses me off to no end. >,>;


    Finished the request luv~

  6. Small update: I now do requests for Chaos, and trainer Mugshots~

  7. cant resist, my trainer wwas so good, could you try to make a mugshot for me? :)
  8. I have finished your second request~

  9. thnx so much, lol i was just surfin the sight when i noticed the pic on the latest post colemn, good thing i saw it, i was about to logout
  10. I hate you! XD
    I especially love the Wa lolita, black hoodies, and curly haired Punk lolita!
    Can I ask you to make a Spinda chao?
  11. Pffft. Well I hate you too! UB jk~
    I finished your Spinda's that you wanted~
  12. I made some Gijinka'd pokemon~ I love how they turned out~


    There are from the order I made them: Froslass, Swellow, Uxie, and Drifblim~ >w
  13. You're pretty awesome at spriting, Razzle ^^
    If I could, I'd like to make a trainer sprite request.

    Gender: Female
    Outfit: Here. The upper left dress titled "Lily of the Valley."
    Hair: Long and black, similar to the Frosslass Gijinka you sprited, only her hair is down.
    Age: 19
  14. I have finished it luv~ =w=

  15. Yay ^^

    Thank you, it looks lovely~ I really like how you shaded the sprite.
  16. Aw, thanks luv~ >w> [​IMG]

    My brothers and I(only female is me~) As some kind of pokemon mafia family XD I was going to just put us in outfits similiar to what we like to wear out, then it turned into mafia XD *to lazy to choose more colour pallets =w=;*
  17. Another small update in the same day!? Razzle is on a roll! XD


    More mafia, this time my families(mafia lingo! >8D) hitwomen XD The both signed up at the same time for the pokemon mafia family I am starting up XD;
  18. Can you make me a trainer?
    Dark gray t shirt with white dunder mifflin writter across it in capitals, white long sleeve t shirt under it, medium blue jeans silver nikes with blue spaces and a neon green nike symbol
    shaggy brown longish hair
    white sailors bracelet and a blue armband
    thx in advance
  19. I'll get to work on it PyroBlade55, until then here is a small sprite/pixel dump~


    My first pokémon splice, I call it Mechula, it is Medicham, Chimeco and Luxray. It was supposed to look a lot different, but I went against it for it looking to creepy against my standards.

    And my newest icon on DevART.
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  20. Hello! ^_^ can i request a mughsot if you are willing to do one?
    Gender: Female
    Sprite: [​IMG]
    here is also another referance: http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll86/kawaiibrownii/JulesDeAlice.png?t=1266513514
    her choker is black, she has an eyepatch but you don't need to add it if you dont want to.. her eyes are the same color as the top part of her dress, reddish/burgundy (: also the rose on her tophat is a darker brown.
    thankyou if you can get this done there is no rush :)
  21. I have finished two request that you two wanted~

  22. [​IMG]
    I felt like making that mugshot I made a little while ago into a full body thing soo...

    Yeah =3=/) The foot on the ground pisses me off. =A=;
  23. oh my god. I love you. Not only are you great at spriting mugshots, but full bodies too! ;A;
    I can use the full body shot too, right? ; u ;
  24. Uggghhh I wanna punch you so much right nooowww ~
  25. Of course you can luv~ I did make it for you for your own personal use so go for it~

    [quote author=tunduli link=topic=7263.msg132626#msg132626 date=1266697367]
    Uggghhh I wanna punch you so much right nooowww ~
  26. Let's have a fight >w<
    Plus, Froslass + Drifblim are some of my fav Pogeymanz ~
  27. Finished your mugshot~ =w=/)

  28. Wowzers! ;D You are a great spriter! I wish I could sprite... but I can't do it that well...
  29. Why thank you darling~ I chose to do Tun's idea~ Gijinka of all pokemon! >8D


    They really don't look like there pokemon counterpart, but I was aiming more to a real looking person, and for bonus shiny and normal! Male and female! Bulbasaur doesn't have a lot of things to work with TuT; and I didn't want them to look to odd with flowers or whatnot on them too, so I chose to give them a really messed up colour scheme XD;

    Oh they have the propper ears, but they are hidden under the hats, so they can blend in with humans, other pokemon with obvious pokemon parts will keep them, like charmander or something XD;

    To add to real life twins I gave them the same hair colour and eye colour from child hood to adult hood XD Oh there names are Dylan and Adrean, female is Dylan, male is Adrean.

    Yeah, next up is charmander and them right? XD Let's see when I'll get them up XD
  30. Now onto Charmander evo line! \o3o/


    These two are an odd duo, since the own and work at a surfer shack, even though they can die if there tail flame goes out, but oh well.

    Ozzy and Dmitiri, Ozzy is female, while Dmitri is male.

    Did I forget to say what the Venusaur twins were? If so then they are cops, who get to wear different uniforms than the other cops XD;

    Next up is Squirtle and it's evo line right? XD

    Oh thank you Tun! >w
  31. Oh, no problem Razzle. x3 'Nd yah, you're working veeerryyy fast.
    (Plus, I think we're around the same track = I'm thinking of doing an evo-line a day, and maybe a few single extras. xD)

    Weeeeoooow, Those sprites are just oh. my. god. I'm lurving the hair, I gotta say - soft and shinyyyyy ~
  32. Erm, sorry Razzle. I wanted to ask for another request again ^_^;

    Gender: Female
    Outfit: Here.
    Hair: Above. If not, you can try this.
    Age: 16

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