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Razzle ? Dazzle {Art Shoppé}

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by RazzPixel, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. I take sketch requests luv, of anything really. Though the anatomy may be a little off here and there, but 'tis sketches! Oh and you might get lucky and I might colour it with actualy linework, or something among those lines XD

    Since I have sketches lying aroung I felt like starting my own art thread for the fun of it~ =w=

    I had to resize my sketches so they wouldn't stretch the board XD;

    My cute 'lil craogunk Verma~ Ain't he lookin' all cute getting ready to poison jab you? o3o

    A random hoarsea and misdreavus under water in an adventure of somesort, wip form!

    Now random sketches~

    A pachirisu diva, Marilyn, singing on stage, yeah.

    Now time for my carnival/circus pokemon! My haunter Jody doing something, yeah. Her sister is comin' up.

    My gengar mumy, Maman, being the beast tamer she is, yeah. Her son is comin' up.

    My cute lil chibis~ Starting from left to right! Snowrunt Megan, Ghasly Fraust, Bulbasaur Lucas, and my Gligar Emmy~ All my cute lil circus kiddies~ XD
  2. *eye twitches*
    Gawd, you're amazing at spriting and drawing X3
    You are, like, the master of everything Pokemon-relateeeeddd ~
  3. Yeah I noticed the shapes are odd in some, 'tis sketches I'll fix maybe sometime XD

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention in the main posts, I do sketch requests of anything~ I may or may not do linework, who knows? I'm super lazy when it comes to colouring XD;

    So if you have a request come and request! XD; *since I have my drawin' program open at the moment XD;*

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