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Rayn's thread o' what ever

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rayn_Shyu, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Ehhhhhh, I think I'll just post some of my newer crud and just give links to my Photobucket for older crap.
    Siggies Drawins Photos Sprites.

    Uh, I got an emulator for Soul Silver, and I really enjoy the Pokemon being out with you. So I did my Totodile, who had a Naughty Nature.
    Rayn. More closer to shiny color for what ever reason I was thinking. MY EYES. But it is nice other than that methinks.
    Shyu. Flounder mouth! I like the sketch I did better. (Rayn and Shyu were done in SAI, which the trial expired for.)
    Me as a birdie. Vectors and junk. Go go Inkscape.
    Sailor Rayn. This is me on bored. 'Nother Inkscapee.
    Current wallpaper, made with Spiros and Clipping Masks in Inkscape! It is bigger for me BTW.​
    Me Deviantart. (Finally got one lawl.) I'll take requests with drawings and vectors and sigs and such. Give me a piccie, a subject and some colors and I'll probably be set.
  2. The birdie one made me laugh. The combinations of lines, lineless, and gradients were also visually interesting. I believe you should continue that style.
  3. Dia


    You've got some great stuff up here~! :D
    Love the various coloring/lineart styles and I absolutely LOVE all your pokemon art! they have some really great poses :>
    can't wait to see more!~

    over and out, Dia~​
  4. Wow Rayn, I really love your art ^^
    I especially love the Rayn and sailor Rayn one, they look amazing!
    I can't wait to see more! They are all so cute ♥
  5. Thanks guys.
    I haven't sigged in furever, so I did this little number for the SOW:
    For being a bit rusty, I like this one. Graphic Art class really got me to be better at fonts... TAUPE!​
  6. Confound those Ponies...
    Turning me into one!

  7. The Ponies have invaded 'Charms.

    That is all.
  8. [​IMG]
    Sprite for TCM. I haven't sprited in ages, and yeah. I don't plan on making a sprite thread really, unless I really get back into it and get my arms slathered in pixels.
    I named her Mearydith. It suits her, no?​
  9. *Crosses fingers that RX won't post some sort of amazing art in his thread right after this*
    If you guys have seen/understand my sig, you know I like the Beatles. So I made this:
    Yeah. Originally for my Graphic Arts class, so they were made in Adobe Illustrator rather than Inkscape. Ringo looks so cute.
    Oh, based off of this pic.
  10. Ah! Rayn that's awesome :D

    I love how shiny their hair is, and how you made them all look pretty even if they didn't in the photo :}
    Your style is one of my favorites. Everytime I see your new arts I gain more love for you ♥

    I hope to see more things like this in the future :)
  11. Gadash, Virgil you make me happy :D. I'll try ♥.
    Siiiiiiiiiince I don't like bumping w/o art...
    Ponies stole my soul. Punnet Pony.
    Go go vectors and recolors!​
  12. Hey look, something substantial!
    I found a brush on dA (the first one under "pencil brush search") and dorked around with the size in GIMP (on the brush pallet, who knew?) and I was able to get this. I love sketchier pieces so I'm really happy with this one. The normal brush would always make it look weird when I tried sketches, but this one is great! Yay, I can do lined stuff on my tablet now!​
  13. I like the use of that sketchy brush tool on this creation. However, is the head supposed to be that out of proportion with the body? It looks odd. Nevertheless, you did well, especially with the light shading.
  14. I honestly didn't notice the proportion until you pointed that out... I always have problems with it, especially if I'm drawing digitally, or with Rayn cuz of her crazy ears and whisker things. Not going to bother resizing and junk though :p. Thanks for being vigilant!

    Sig of the week:
    I like doing snowy looking ones :D.​
    Sooooooo if you've been in a previous thread of mine, you've seen this guy before. He's supposed to live in a slightly more modern setting than swords and shields but I had a craving to put this guy as a paladin. There's some more I could do with it, but I'm just glad I got it colored XP.His legs look kind of wonky to me. Oh, and the rocks are definitely screwed the crap up. BUT despite all of this, I'm semi-proud of this. Yeah.​
  16. The first thing I think when I see this is "What is up with the angle?" He seems positioned in an odd way, not shown by there being an incline in background.

    Other than that, I think this picture is intriguing. I like the use of the sketchy lining, and the gravity defying hair only reminds me of anime. XD
  17. Thanks for the comments Secad! BGs are hard... I made Tharros's hairstyle when I was going through a HUGE anime phase and it stuck. He just doesn't look right without ten inches of hair sticking out of his head.
    Hey look, something Pokemon related!
    I adore this pic. RX made a thread that was basically Pokecharms Mario Kart, and this was my idea. I thought it was so cute I had to draw it. I finally scanned it in and made the vector art of it. I'm very happy with the gradients (even if her head looks kind of flat). I had to get a real pic of a scooter and then overlay it on my design but it works I think. *Whew*​
  18. A scooter. XD I hope it takes the ramming on the racetrack well, because nothing's keeping her in.

    I have to say I adore the shading. It's lineless, making it visually intriguing, as my eyes have been trained to look for lines to judge boundaries. What program do you use?
  19. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I love those ponies, Rayn. (Yes, I watch the new My Little Pony show >>) The lines are so clean, as are the ones in your newest picture with the scooter, and the shading of the colors are splendid looking. You've really added depth to a lot of your work and I love it. ^^

    Also, that scooter design is just awesome. :3
  20. Secad: I'm using Inkscape, which is a free vector program. If people are interested, then I'd make a tutorial/school/whatevs thread type thing. Also, Rayn uses her Psychic powers to keep on.
    Red: Brony power! Thanks for teh comments, I try!

    Giftarts! Yay practice/giving teh loves!
    Fi on a fireball. :D

    For Tunnie.

    I had way too much time today -.-;.​
  21. Fi and Tunduli look awesome there, Rayn!

    I love that sort of thing you have going there - however you did those in that sort of style, that's great! Keep it up ^^
  22. annghghannghhangn.

    I look in all the art threads whenever they're updateeeed, including this one, and I really should have commented earlier but I feel I'm obliged to comment now so nnghhgnh <333

    Raaayyyyn! Your Tunduli art is so adorably cute and pretty and hoowaawhoooh. I do love the way you do your lineless with the super shading and stuff, it's so pretty c: and the colours are just so perfect and nyaaan I love it and I love you and neen <3243421333

    And Fiiiiii~! Fi looks so cute and deadly I love the fire; it looks so cool without lines but with all the pretty shading and colours and hnnghh I'm just repeating myselfffff. I love it :'D

    Rayn on the scooter! That is one of the greatest pictures I have seen in a while |D I loooove scooters (Lambretta yaaaaay unless you like Vespas then Vespas are cool too!) and then Rayn looks so 'dorable and I love the scarf and the scooter just looks super cool. Suuuuuper coooool. SUPER COOL D:<

    I would comment on everything but that would take so long and I would just start going 'hngnhahwnhtnenhgnneeennnyanjkjnfkerokeronannghgh' after a while, so I don't think I'll do that!
    But I doooo love your arty-works, Rayn c: I'll be sure to comment in here mooooore :'D
  23. Holy crap, that's going to be my new avvie. Thanks, Rayn! I love it. It looks blindly fierce, as in "Get out of the way, losers!" Fear the gerbil!

    The Tunduli looks cute, but one can only tell that is a brush only after a bit of thinking. Perhaps you could insert a few lines separating the tufts.
  24. Tankku guys! I feel loved now.

    LoN coming back made me want to sig more.
    So I did.
    This is Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. Well, Simon Woods as Mr. Bingley I guess. Gaah, he's so cute. This actually took a few tries to get right, and I finally like it. Wee, lighting. Will I do Mr. Darcy? Probably.​
  25. Probably an "Ooooh, Mr. Darcy!" type sig, am I right? XD
  26. I'm an inspiration? :'D

    Good to see you back on it too~
  27. Well, after two weeks of Mr. Darcy sig not working, I finally did this today. (Tankku for the comments BTW)
    Yay vectors! Yay sparkle dresses! Yay OCs!

    I'm in an odd mood today.​
  28. Well, heard my mom disconnect the interwebs as we speak, so I won't be seeing you guys as often.
    Here's a vector I did of Aclessica. See you guys later!~
  29. Well, the internet isn't as gone as I thought... sorry for drama if you were paying attention.
    Le dragon. I don't have a good name for him yet... "Lezan" so far. Anyone have any ideas?
    Anywho, on this one I figured out the true purpose of the Pencil Tool in Vector programs, Line art! So yeah, this fool has nice clean lines. At the end of this, I didn't even care enough to shade... yay speckles and such.​
  30. It looks feline, reptilian, and bird-like at the same time. Because of this, I think Crovolis sounds like a good name.

    As for the shading, I think this picture needs it, even minimally. The legs look a bit flat, and without the lines, look strangely attached.

    Other than that, I like this idea. I see it swimming in an aquatic environment, eating all the whales and fishes. >:D
  31. *Roundhouse kicks Art forum*
    Secad, you're always good at making sure I stay good :>.

    Mebbe I'm going to have to start a sprite thread again :X

    I like the sketch of this one more, but it's good for what it is I guess. *Leshrug*​
  32. Well, if you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter, the saying goes. :p

    The sprite is fine, there is nothing especially notable about it, but it serves its purpose. Its shading is fine, pose is fine, and so on.

    I like the concept of the elf female. My only issue is that there is no notification of knees. Practically, this prevents the audience from seeing the proper proportions, and stylistically, I have no idea whether those are shorts or capris. :p

    This vector program with your style has really lent you a unique look. I would always suggest branching out into other forms, but this really seems to be your 'thing.'
  33. Guess who has a knee now!
    And a boyfriend*, and new eyes! And gradients!
    *Who has crappy shoes. That I'm not going to fix.
  34. [​IMG]
    Hey, it's Darkmoon!
    Do you guys even know Darkmoon? ... She's the dragon to the Rotak-Darkmoon dragon-rider combo. Yeah, Rotak's a dragon-rider, but it's slightly different in my little world place thing.
    Lol images look huge on the new forums -v-;
  35. [​IMG]
    Magnificent to the 33rd degree. XD
  36. Rayn I love you forever.

    That is all.

  37. Oh look, some artz.
    I drew this dude in church and then finished him at school. It's okay, I was mostly paying attention!
    Also done at school. I need to do a sketch folder in dA and upload all the sketches that I like better... I did the ears differently just that one time, I think it's cute though.
  38. [​IMG]
    Minus the fingers on his left hand, I think this is my favorite vector yet.
    Nose ♥
  39. [​IMG]
    I can't decide between Corvalan/Corvalen/Corvalin. The last syllable would be pronounced "ehn"... You guys could decide.
    Yeah, weird blobby things are fun to do all vectory.
    The only reason that I do these so fast is because I do these in class >.>;.

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