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Rayn's thread o' verse

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rayn_Shyu, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. This is gonna be pretty random ^_^;. Here goes.

    [No title]
    I’m a nobody
    No one knows me
    But I have a boy with celadon eyes
    Sweet music’s going
    So I’m fine for tonight
    Even if no one cares

    These next two are about my dog, who is named Pancake. Yes, that's really his name.
    Pancake: When I Come Home
    When I come home
    And I open the door
    My dog comes to greet me
    Squee Squee Squee at me

    I push the buckets
    And let him out
    His tongue wipes my face
    Like some sort of dishrag race

    Pancake: A Ruckus

    The neighbor dogs are out ot play
    A walker passes along the way
    Row row row row
    They say

    A prick of the ears
    That's what it takes
    And Pancake hears
    bow says he

    pause bow
    After poking his head out the doggie door
    He joins in the ruckus

    This was a "To Be or Not To Be" parody for AP English:
    To Play or Not to Play (World of Warcraft)
    To play, or not to play; that is the question:
    Whether it’s more productive to do work
    And see my parents happy,
    Or to take flight through Kalimdor,
    And by ignoring work, end work?
    To play: to win; No more;
    and by win we mean to own
    The happiness of other players
    That they might ragequit,
    Smacking their keyboards with tears in their eyes.
    To play, to kill; To kill: maybe even to win:
    Ah, that’s the problem;
    For in that rush of victory
    When the Alliance have lost and the goal won,
    We have a chance to get more gear:
    There’s the grind
    That makes a cataclysm of every patch;
    For who would keep paying the subscription,
    After all the unbalance,
    The n00b stalker,
    The lag in Orgrimmar,
    The long GM ticket,
    The insolence of the PUGger and the taunts
    That the patient have to bear to get their gear,
    Without abusing kick member?
    Who would bear all that,
    To level alts under the threat of ganking,
    But that the dread of being nerfed,
    And left in the country of QQ
    No balance will ever be achieved
    And they make us get used to it instead
    Rather than battle forum trolls?
    The Dev Team makes fools of us all,
    And thus they gain our money
    While we are entertained with rewards
    And enterprises of teamwork and leadership
    With this in mind we forget the world
    And lose ourselves in Azeroth.

    Sorta makes sense...->-
    We'll stop here for now.

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