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DPPt/HGSS Rate This Team, Please

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Wobbegong, Jan 19, 2008.

  2. Let me try my skills again.

    Lumineon@Damp Rock
    Hasty Nature
    -Rain Dance
    -Ice Beam/Psybeam

    Rain Dance and Surf are the key moves.
    Ice Beam gives you a chance to hit Grass-Types.
    U-Turn to get out of there.

    Ampharos@Damp Rock
    Modest Nature
    -Rain Dance
    -Signal Beam
    -HP Ice/Water (If your EVs work)/Focus Blast

    Rain Dance and Thunder again are the key area.
    Signal Beam for some coverage.
    HP Ice to hit Ground.
    HP Water gets its attack boosted.
    If you can't get those, use Focus Blast.

    Frosslass@Wise Glasses/Choice Specs
    Modest/Timid Nature
    -Shadow Ball
    -Ice Beam

    Really great coverage with this set.
    I personally don't like to keep on changing the weather that often. I'd stick with using Rain as your only one.

    Flygon@Life Orb
    Jolly Nature
    -Dragon Claw
    -U-Turn/Stone Edge

    Again, don't change the weather so often.
    Roost to get rid of damage caused by the Life Orb.
    Dragon Claw and Earthquake are for STAB.
    U-Turn to get in a free hit.
    Stone Edge to hit Ice-Types.

    Drapion@Scope Lens
    -Cross Poison
    -Night Slash
    -Ice Fang

    Cross Poison and Night Slash for STAB.
    Slash can be packed in as well, X-Scissor gives you more coverage.
    Ice Fang to Hit Ground-Types.

    Typhlosion@Wise Glasses
    -Focus Blast
    -HP Grass/Water/Ground

    Eruption is its most powerful move.
    Flamethrower for when Typhlosion gets hit.
    Focus Blast and HP Grass/Water/Ground are for coverage.
    Agian, don't change the weather all the time.

    Hope that helped.
  3. Thank you very much! Delicious suggestions. Although now it's back to the drawing board most likely as I try to balance the novelty of a weather-oriented team with min-maxer urges. *selfbonk*
  4. Since your flygon is sentimental, I recommend changing it for either steel or dark types, maybe steelix? I'm a bit new, but I recommend you change the flygon for something resisting to ground type...i'd say empoleon but you already have three water-ice pokemon. If you got rid of the lumineon, you could stick in a strong psychic/electric type [for variety]
    -Coco* :)
  5. Flygon has Levitate -- it's entirely immune to ground-type moves. I don't think it's necessary to change it if that's the main concern.
  6. Team without GROUND-type
    I weep great tears;
    death by pikachu.

    As sentimental as Flygon is, I'm under the impression that it's actually pretty good. Obviously, if I'm wrong, I'd like to know why. I could understand a recommendation to pick up a steel type, but not so much a dark-- Drapion is half dark, after all. And what are my three water/ice types? I count two: Lumineon (water) and Froslass (ice/ghost). And... I already have a decent electric type: Ampharos is no legendary, but it should hit pretty hard. The biggest gap I can feel is just not having a psychic-type for delicious STAB, but there aren't any psychics I haven't used before.

    Quick question, if anyone happens to know: Will U-Turn pass on Aqua Ring to the next pokemon to come out, or no?
  7. It won't, the only move that can do that is Baton Pass. U-Turn cancles it all out.
  8. Hrm, suspected that. Thanks, Plapti. *crosses THAT plan off the list of Insane Things To Try*
  9. It's not the main concern. I don't mean to sound stuck up, know that. :) I THINK the main concern is that there are 3 ice-water types w/o some variety in there. If you changed flygon with, say, Carnivine, you'd get levitate + the super-effective to ground moveset. (Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Grass Knot, Synthesis)
  10. Still confused as to why you're saying there's 3 ice/waters...
    Ampharos: ELC
    Drapion: DRK/PSN
    Flygon: DGN/GND
    Froslass: ICE/GHT
    Lumineon: WTR
    Typhlosion: FIR

    And as I attempted to indicate with my bastardized haiku, I'm not giving up having a ground type on my team, because I tend to get smushed into the carpet by any ol' electric type otherwise.

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