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DPPt/HGSS Rate my team?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Flare, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Articuno- NeverMeltIce
    Careful Nature

    Mind Reader
    Sheer Cold
    Ice beam

    Heatran- Miracle Seed
    Brave Nature

    Fire Blast
    Magma Storm
    Solar Beam
    Flash Cannon

    Ludicolo- Leftovers
    Serious Nature

    Leech seed

    Palkia- Lustiorius Orb
    Hardy Nature

    Hyper Beam
    Spacial Rend

    Gengar- Silk Scarf
    Bashful Nature

    Destiny Bond

    Swampert- Soft Sand
    Lax Nature

    Hydro cannon
  2. *deep breath*

    in game? it's fine, i guess. nothing can really stand up to articuno to begin with, so...


    everything is wrong. heatran is generally banned from official comp. you will get bashed for using it. same for palkia.
    articuno is an okay choice, but give it icicle plate instead, get rid of blizzard, and give it hail, or something else.
    also, you might get in trouble for the OHKO moves. might wanna switch out mind reader and sheer cold, too.

    heatran? see previous statements.

    ludicolo, give it double team. you might get bashed, but only by the netbattlers, really. you could swap protect or attract for it, it's up to you.

    palkia, see previous statements.

    gengar, here's a better moveset that i use quite often, and btw, nightmare works on ALL pokemon, as long as they're asleep. and give it wide lens as an item.

    shadow ball (for those pokemon with insomnia)
    dream eater

    use hypnosis, nightmare, and dream eater until it's down.

    swampert, give it another item. period. lax nature, i'm not so sure about.

    hydro cannon: get rid of it for waterfall. swampert's a physical attacker.
    EQ: good move, keep it.
    counter: i suppose this could work, but i've never really used this move effectively before.
    endeavor: this is better suited for faster pokemon, like swellow. put in avalanche instead; swampert won't be outrunning anything.

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