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DPPt/HGSS Rate My Team / Suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Jynx, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. This is mainly for competing with friends and In-Game.
    I'm working on reassembling a nice team for Battle Tower / Wi-Fi.
    So here it goes!

    Gengar @ ?
    Modest (+Sp. Atck., -Atck.)
    Shadow Ball
    Energy Ball
    Focus Blast

    Infernape @ ?
    Jolly (+Spd., - Sp. Atck.)
    Flare Blitz
    Close Combat
    Stone Edge

    Gyarados @ ?
    Bashful (Neutral)
    Ice Fang
    Dragon Dance

    Ninjask @ ?
    Jolly (+Spd, -Sp. Atck.)
    Aerial Ace
    Swords Dance
    Baton Pass

    Roserade @ ?
    Modest (+Sp. Atck., -Atck.)
    Energy Ball
    Sludge Bomb

    Magmortar @ ?
    Sassy ( -Spd, +Sp. Def.)
    Sunny Day

    I know this team is probably horrible, but I'd really like suggestions for it.
    Anything from move set help to switching Pokemon around is helpful!
    Thank you!
  2. Okay...

    Gengar @Wise Glasses/Focus Sash
    Modest/ Timid (+spd -atk)
    Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt/Focus Blast
    Sludge Bomb/Thunderbolt/Focus Blast
    Thunderbolt/Energy Ball/Focus Blast/Hypnosis
    Thunderbolt/Energy Ball/Focus Blast/Dream Eater

    Shadow Ball and sludge Bomb for STAB. Energy Ball, Thunder Bolt and Focus Blast for coverage. Hypnosis to make sweeping eisier. Dream Eater can heal are lot of damage (only use is using hypnosis also... but thats kinda obvious) If you are going for Hypnosis and Dream eater, replace sludge bomb or shadow ball with focus blast or thunderbolt so you don't get walled by steel types.

    Infernape @Focus Sash
    If you don't mind breeding you could use fire punch or blaze kick over flare blitz to prevent recoil.

    Gyarados @Expert Belt/ Icicle Plate (Ice Fang is kinda weak)
    Adamant (+atk -sp. atk)/ Impish (+spd -sp. atk)
    All his moves are fine. Stone Edge is really the only other good physical move for him... i think?

    Ninjask @Focus sash?
    He is fine.

    Roserade @Wise Glasses
    Modest (+sp. atk -atk)/ Timid (+spd -atk)
    Natural Cure
    Them moves are fine. If you wanted an olterative move to one of his original moves, you could give him extranseory (if you don't mind breeding that is).

    Magmortar @Wise Glasses
    Fine... An olternative could be psychic or focus blast.
  3. Adamant actually raises attack and lowers special attack. You may want to consider breeding for a new nature on your Roserade. Like Carlos said, Modest or Timid would probably be best.

    You also have a problem with overlapping types. Two fire types, two poison types, two flying types.
    Anything that can have both EQ and Thunderbolt will give your team a hard time.
    (Off the top of my head, that includes Dragonite, Snorlax, Slaking, Electivire, Magmortar.)
  4. I meant to put modest there. My bad. Thank you for posting that!
    Also, my Roserade does know extrasensory. (:
    Thanks to both of you for the help!
  5. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    Since Gyarados has significantly higher attack, Surf and Dragonbreath aren't very compatable. I think the moveset Jynx posted is fine the way it is but an Adamant nature is better. Besides Earthquake is an enormous help on Gyarados to help with Electric types. It's better for it than Stone Edge because EQ covers both Rock types as well. It is weak to Rock moves right?

    Same thing with Magmortar. It has higher Special Attack so Thunderpunch will have nothing on Thunderbolt and Firepunch and Flareblitz will have nothing on Flamethrower. Basically the Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Sunny Day/ Solarbeam moveset works. Focus Blast is a cool option too: I remember partnering up with a Battle Tower trainer who had a Focus Blasting Magmortar and it mowed down everything.

    You may consider taking out Infernape for another fighting type like Gallade or Lucario to help with the overlapping weaknesses. Both Pokemon are versatile and can help fill in any holes your team may have and can cover their own weaknesses as well.
  6. Firstly Mewgirl, you shouldn't give gyarados surf, especially with adamant nature. Also Gyarados can't learn Dragon Breath. I think you were meaning Dragon Rage, wich is pathetic. The moves that he had in the first place were fine.

    Roserade dosn't need solarbeam, when it can have energy ball. It saves using sunny day and the risk of a fire pokemon coming out.

    Magmortar: His special attack is far better than his attack, also having a modest nature. There is no need for physical moves.

    Also, you should give reasons for the attacks you've mentioned, so they know why you should give them it.

    Edit: Sorry for repeating what you have just said Carmen Lopez(in my own words), its becuaes when I went to reply, you hadn't posted... sorry.

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