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DPPt/HGSS Rate my team for free cupcakes*!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Dragonman, May 29, 2007.

  1. *cupcakes may have expired. XD

    Yeah, I need help. Mostly for competitive purposes. If you want to help, please post.

    Currently need help with...

    Empoleon moveset
    Typhlosion moveset
    Sceptile moveset
    Blastoise moveset
  2. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    I think I can be of some help with two of your Pokemon.

    I recently posted help for a Luxray moveset and got some great ideas. That post is here http://forums.pokecharms.com/smf/index.php?topic=1850.0.

    Brick Break or Close Combat
    Flare Blitz
    Grass Knot
    damaging Rock type move

    As for Infernape I recommend ditching Mach Punch for either Brick Break or Close Combat. The latter is stronger but it lowers Infernape's defenses so watch how you use it. The former has decent power and will help with the many, many Pokemon that will use Reflect and Light Screen. And it doesn't lower Infernape's defenses. I also think you should replace Rock Smash with Flare Blitz. It's basically a fire type Double Edge so Leftovers would be a good hold item. Grass Knot can replace Strength. It can help gainst the Rock and Ground opponets. I think its a physical attack. And you could replace Flame Wheel with a good damage dealing Rock Type move to counter the flying type foes.

    I hope this is of some help.
  3. manaphy, aka rain-rest (don't look at me, i didn't name it. i saw it on serebii potw-dp)
    ice beam/grass knot
    rain dance
    item: damp rock ( i don't really know how a rock can be damp, but hey...)

    basically, the strategy with this manaphy is to rain dance, sweep, and rest when necessary. the rest will actually act as double-recover, because with manaphy's ability, it'll even get rid of self-induced sleep.

    staraptor suffers from 2-same-type-move syndrome, and so does empoleon.

    better moveset for empoleon:
    brine/surf (depends on how powerful it turns out to be. if it's really powerful in the end, brine. if not quite-so-powerful, surf.)
    flash cannon. (more powerful, takes advantage of stab, and empoleon's a special attacker anyways.)
    rain dance (to set up for manaphy, or for obvious gains)
    drill peck, or something to take care of grass types.

    i'd get rid of either manaphy or empoleon, iffin' i were you. 2 pokemon of the same type on one team? not wise my friend, not wise.

    i'd also replace giga drain with wood hammer, and replace cut with something else.
    maybe crunch?

    for staraptor, swap fly for close combat, and you've got it made. otherwise, listen to carmen.
  4. Thanks, I'll try these out in a little while. However in cases of tournament-wise battles (because they dislike Manaphy in those), I want to try and use an Alakazam, any suggestions for him?
  5. You cant really go wrong with him.I'd guess make sure he has calm mind,then try to give him decent moves of different types (all special,i think he has low attack)

    least i dont think you can,but dont use the old punch moveset,i think thats obsolete now that the punches are physical
  6. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    There's a new attack called Focus Blast and it's a special fighting type move. It has a base attack of 120 but 70% accuracy so it is a risk. However it could help defend it from dark pokemon. It utterly decimated my Weavile during my battle with Lucian.
  7. hehe, i know what you mean. even a level 80 weavile can't take that attack.

    actually, manaphy is perfectly legal in OU competition. (overused). as are jirachi and celebi. they all have 100 base stats across the board, and they are not considered uber, 00ber, or ubber. they are legendaries, but not uber.

    it may be frowned upon, but there's nothing they can do. and, if you do want to put in alakazam, the only 2 moves i can give you would be focus blast and psychic.
  8. i'd say add from what i can get from his available moves,give his shadowball and calm mind/charge beam and you should be fine

    Calm mind if u want the extra defense,Charge beam will raise your special attack and do some damage on the side i believe

    and yeah,seriously just use what you like the most
  9. Okay, I took some suggestions, and I've got my team down for now, comments once again please. I will be changing it when I

    Blast Burn
    Flame Wheel
    Close Combat
    Calm Mind

    Hydro Cannon
    Swords Dance
    Drill Peck

    Frenzy Plant
    Giga Drain


    Aerial Ace
    Close Combat
    Double Team

    Manaphy is still the same as before (He won't change until I beat the Master Contest)
  10. awww...crap, man. where do i start...

    infernape. blast burn = nono. blast burn + flame wheel = idiocy. flamethrower, or flame wheel, and then something else.

    empoleon. hydro cannon = nono. blast burn + brine = idiocy. surf, or brine, and rainy day.

    torterra. frenzy plant = nono. frenzy plant + giga drain = idiocy.

    (seeing any patterns??!?!)

    luxray. discharge AND spark? stick with thunder fang. and put in swagger, or t-wave.

    staraptor. aerial ace AND fly? aerial ace, or brave bird. and another move.
  11. Not sure i get it...whats wrong with the hyper beams?They're not like the other attacks because they leave ure pokemon open to an attack.They'd be nice to have when u dont expect them to stand up much longer.
  12. Empoleon
    Bubble Beam
    Metal Claw
    Brick Break
  13. doesn't work. empoleon's a spec attacker, so metal claw and brick break are pointless.

    instead: flash cannon, maybe focus blast or rainy day.

    and bubble beam AND surf? just stick with surf, and put something else in instead of bubblebeam
  14. Luckily I didn't add those to my pokemon yet. Here are some movesets that I really like.

    Infernape (Physical Attacks)
    Mach Punch----->Brick Break
    Rock Smash----->Punishment
    Flame Wheel----->Flare Blitz
    Strength--------->Rock Slide
    I picked Punishment for when I go up against those annoying Psychic types that pop up to take him down, especially if they use calm mind on me, that's when it dishes out serious damage. Flare Blitz was my choice only because of Infernape's better use of phsyical attacks.

    Torterra (Physical Attacks)
    Giga Drain----->Wood Hammer
    Yeah, Synthesis should help counter the effects of Wood Hammer recoil, plus heal any given damage.

    Empoleon (Special Attacks)
    Aqua Jet------>Hydro Cannon
    Metal Claw---->Drill Peck
    Rock Climb---->Flash Cannon
    Brine--------->Rain Dance/? (Need suggestions)
    Yeah, Hydro Cannon deals pretty high damage, and when it's combined with Empoleon's high S. Attack, could cause for some great damage results. Even thugh Grass types deal normal damage to Empoleon, Drill Peck would also benefit when those fighting types try to come out. And it's a good thing I got all those blue shards from the underground. =D

    Luxray (Physical Attacks)
    Spark-------->Thunder Fang
    Charge------->Iron Tail
    Using Carmen's thread, I pieced this together and came out with this result.

    Aerial Ace------->Aerial Ace
    Double Team---->Double Team
    Fly------------->Steel Wing
    Agility---------->Close Combat
    Seeing as Starapator is pretty fast, I ditched Agility and replaced it with Close Combat.

    Tail Glow----->Rain Dance
    Waterfall----->Ice Beam
    Aqua Ring---->Aqua Ring
    Manaphy is great at healing, so combining Aqua Ring, Rain Dance and Leftovers, Manaphy can become one extremely annoying little terror.
  15. For the last moveslot on Torterra, you could go with Crunch... It's a strong physical attack it learns through level-up, so...
  16. On Staraptor instead of Fly you could put Steel Wing. Just in case you run into a rock type.
  17. Thanks! That'll definentaly help out.
  18. LOL GRAVEDIG!!!11!

    Okay, I'm messing around with pokemon right now, so I'm trying to find other pokemon I can use in the game.

    Right now I'm working on training my Absol, sableye and spiritomb. Any suggestions on movesets?
  19. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    You can use Absol as a sweeper and go with:

    Psycho Cut
    Night Slash
    Aerial Ace
    Sword Dance or some other physical attack.

    This one is fairly simple and I've seen other people use it. This moveset compliments Absol's high attack and Absol's Fighting weakness is covered. However if you're up against a Steel type obviously switch out. I can't think of any moves Absol can uses EFFECTIVELY to cover that one.
  20. Thanks again. Looks like I got a bit of leveling up to do to make that work. (20 more levels shouldn't be too hard)

    Anyway, I just need to know about Spiritomb and Sableye. Seeing as Spritomb has high special and normal attack, it really makes it a bit harder to work with. With Sableye's somewhat higher attack, I want to stick with a physical moveset with maybe one special move thrown in.
  21. Blar, extreme gravedig. >_<

    I need help once again... for my Empoleon. I'm sick and tired of Rain Dance, I need another move.

    Metal Claw
    Hydro Cannon
    Drill Peck

    Also, I'm want a good Typhlosion, Sceptile and Blastoise set. I always liked the 2nd gen starters best, and Blastoise > Feraligatr. Any suggestions?

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